index 123 Arvind Kejriwal was born in 1968 to a middle-class family in the Hisar district of Haryana. His father, Gobind Ram Kejriwal, is a retired electrical engineer and rumoured to have Sangh links .  Kejriwal attended a Christian missionary school in Sonipat .

In 2000 Kejriwal covertly formed (as Govt servants cant form organizations) an organization called Parivartan but registered it in the name of  Sampoorna Parivartan In its own words Parivartan is a society registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 in the name of “Sampoorn Parivartan“. All donations made to Parivartan are tax exempt under section 80 G. Parivartan is also registered under section 12A of Income Tax Act.  Source http://web.archive.org/web/20020402040840/http://www.parivartan.com/

According to the Annual Report of  Ford Foundation Sampoorna Parivartan (Parivartan) received a a grant of 80000 $ from Ford Foundation In 2004 using RTI Kejriwal supposedly exposed World Bank manipulation in a scheme to privatize Delhi’s Water Supply which would involve massive tariff hikes After demonstrations the project was indefinitely stalled not scrapped Strikingly enough the World Bank (exposee) wrote a nice write up extolling the works of the exposer (Parivartan /Kejriwal) http://www.worldbank.org/socialaccountability_sourcebook/Regional%20database/Case%20studies%20on%20s

It was based on this article that Kejriwal got his Magsaysay in 2006 …………. Magsaysay’s are never awarded to any one who “exposes”a world bank scheme ……….How did Kejri get his in 2006 ?

In 2005 Kejriwal decided to quit the IRS and become a full time activist  In 2011  Kejriwal  had to return over Rs 9 lakh in dues under protest after the government claimed that he had violated bond rules by quitting the service before completing the mandatory three years after going on a study leave on full pay.

The NGO Kabir which was founded in 2005 was  as per Kabirs own website founded after SPLITING  from the NGO Parivrtan/Sampoorna Parivartan  which by its own accounts was linked to Kejriwal .Old internet webpages from Parivartan /Sampoorna Parivartan exposes Kejriwals repeated statements that he didn’t break Service Rules by working for an NGO while still technically  in Govt employ  See http://web.archive.org/web/20071220235851/http://www.kabir.org.in/whoweare.htm

1 Kabir

In 2007 NGO Kabir was given 197000 dollars(1.2 crores) grant by Ford Foundation The Rockerfeller Brothers Fund incidentally also funds Ford Foundation.in 2011 it got a further 200000 $ grant from Ford Foundation Thus Ford Foundation has granted Kejriwal/Sisodias NGOs Kabir and Sampoorna Parivartan /Parivartan a total of 197000+200000+80000 dollars= 477000 dollars =Rs 2.86 crore

Kejriwal has also won the Ashoka Fellowship in 2004 The Ashoka Fellowship is not an Indian award its an American Award The Ashoka Movement was started in 1980 by Americans linked to the State Department. Ford Foundation funds two Dutch organization called HIVOS which funded Kejriwals Parivartan/Sampoorna Parivartan & PSO   which funded Kabir



Theres the strange Shimrit Lee who is supposed to be a New York University student She is doing a thesis on International Women’s issues and the Middle East neither of which had anything to do with Kabir or Kejriwal Yet she did do a four month stint in Kabir and Parivartan Shimrit is  Jewish American and Shimrit Lee is now worked in Israel (see pic)Who is this strange woman linked to Kejriwal/Sisodia ‘s NGOs?  See 50 percent of all Mossad spies are women   …..Tamir Pardo 


VIVEKANAND KENDRA (VIVEKANAND FOUNDATION ) index In 2008 Vivekananda Kendra affiliate/founder of Vivekananda International Foundation gets 100000 dollars(Rs 60 lakhs) grant from Ford Foundation . The Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF) is an Indian public policy think-tank affiliated to the Vivekananda Kendra, which is in turn a charitable organisation affiliated to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). The massive crowds at the India Against Corruption rallies were from the RSS Baba Ramdevs supporters or Sangh supporters The RSS was perfectly happy building up the Anti corruption Movement as it  gelled perfectly with its Congress Mukt Bharat

Now a bit on the between special links Vivekananda Kendra and the RSS After being anointed as the chief of the RSS, Golwalkar infused some of the ideals of the Ramakrishna Math into the RSS system. Hedgewar’s “man-making” mission got a facelift with the institutionalisation of the pracharak system, which relied on renunciation and sacrifice. The RSS projetcted Vivekananda as the icon of Hindu nationalism.Building on this image, Golwalkar conceived the idea of an organisation dedicated to Vivekananda, which would not be directly controlled by the RSS and yet would maintain a close fraternal and ideological relationship, supplementing the RSS mission.This was the Vivekananda Kendra.It was this Kendra which founded the Vivekananda International Foundation It was this Vivekananda Foundation which played a large role in the India Against Corruption Movement Source

KIRAN BEDI Bedi is also a Magsaysay Awards Winner and in the 2015 Delhi polls joined the BJP as a member in December 2014 and was made the BJP Chief Ministerial Candidate a few days later The inexplicable parachuting of Bedi over long term BJP leaders was one of the main reasons the BJP was wiped out in Delhi Rumors abounded  that the BJP top leadership deliberately destroyed the BJPs chances in Delhi by parachuting Bedi and allowing the internal fighting to fester .If true the only reason Modi/Shah would be doing it was to follow some plan by people who control or  manipulate them


Hazare is a retired Army truck driver who came back to his backward village Ralegan Siddhi in Maharastra  and set it straight He has since then gone on fasts over many local issues Kejriwals promise to Anna was simple  “Instead of the Gandhi of Maharashtra, we’ll make you the Gandhi of India.” Who  Kejriwl meant by “we” hasnt been made clear Hazare also won the Magsaysay award .From this article in Caravan  it seems Kejriwal and Sisodia were effectively Hazares Handlers even though in public they kowtowed to the simple old man and said he was their Guru



By the end of October 2010 , Kejriwal had begun to circulate a draft of the Lokpal bill he had drafted with the help of the Bhushans (Prashant and his father Shanti both well known lawyers) among “like-minded people” —and to work with those who responded positively, including Kiran Bedi, another  Magsaysay awards winner and the Baba of Ralegan Siddhi Anna Hazare.The group now called itself India Against Corruption They sent then then PM Manmohan Singh a draft Lok Pal After several months passed without any response from the government, Kejriwal and Bedi flew to Maharashtra in February to meet Hazare.

Hazare and Kejriwal sat and planned the fast-unto-death Hazare would stage in April at Jantar Mantar; they deliberately selected a date that would fall between the end of the Cricket World Cup and the start of the Indian Premier League.

The IAC popular protest movement began in a year when there were ALSO MAJOR PROTESTS AGAINST CORRUPTION  in countries such as Russia (sometimes called the Snow Revolution) and the US (Occupy Wall Street).

Very importantly Kejriwal has continuously and repeatedly made socialist ,leftist comments despite receiving large amounts from foreign NGOs and more importantly Indian Corporates . The aim seems to be to position Kejriwal and AAP in the left of center political space The right wing reactionary communal forces (Sangh Parivar) are strongly pro US and pr Israel What is needed is a kosher controlled opposition

The Anti Corruption Movement hasnt really changed anything whether it be big ticket corruption or regular daily corruption that affects the Aam Aadmi All its done is create a party which has won in a metro area and seems intent on remaining Delhi bound or a metro /large city centered party again something that would suit the Ford Foundations and Kosher Think Tanks  just fine. Kejriwal has NEVER spoken at length on arms deals corruption or the massive thorium scam

With sneaky Kejri plonked in the middle left/socialist platform the US and Israel have CREATED A CONTROLLED OPPOSITION IN THE SPACE THAT IS MOST OPPOSED TO THEM, the Congress(Center/left of Center) and the CPI/CPIM (Communists) The  four percent votes AAP took from the Congress and the Left Parties probably had a deep impact on them leading to the  miserable number of Parliamentary seats they got

The fact that Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav are being pushed out of AAP now after the resounding win is not just politics If it was just politics Kejriwal could and would have grinned and borne it and not risked tarnishing his and AAPs image .The fact is the ouster of the two has to be for some SPECIFIC reason like donations being swindled or their ouster   HAS BEEN ORDERED BY KEJRIWALS HANDLERS


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  1. Mula says:

    Hi Indian Goy,

    Wonderful article. It’s clear that BJP is Pro ~ Israel party. It also appears that AAP is a controlled opposition, both are dangerous for this Nation, as we can see from recent policies by the New central govt that the idea is to prepare Indian’s to accept the NWO, in fact the existing govt is trying best to do so in the shortest possible time.

    However, I somewhat do not agree with you when you indirectly try to convey that Congress & CPI / CPI (M) were or are not infiltrated by Zionists. I have observed that Congress top Brass did have pressure from the Global Puppet Masters & to a great extent they also bent in front of that pressure. However, there were many things of national interest where Congress didn’t compromise upon. It’s like obeying foreign forces yet not allowing a complete Loot of the Nation.

    CPI/CPI (M) got plenty of Anti~National elements, some of them are direct Zionist shills. I have always considered Smt. Indira Gandhi & Rajiv Gandhi as true patriots, & they had to pay the price for this love for the country. You are well aware why & how RG was assassinated, ( the unofficial version ). I feel IG was assassinated for Nationalizing corp. banks & much more she had planned for the Nation. I’m not fond of Gandhi, Nehru, SG & Rahul. Again, when it comes to SG & Rahul, I feel they were under tremendous pressure. Unlike many others who call Rahul as stupid, I don’t think he is a fool, but have noticed his helplessness to do something, for obvious reasons. If you can’t tow the line you got to be eliminated.

    when it comes to Hinduism, none of the parties has done any gr8 job to maintain communal harmony. i don’t see the existing regime too, as messiah for Hindus, what they are doing is just creating an atmosphere of Communal hatred.

    So What are the options left to an ordinary citizen ? ?
    ( i would have said common man, but realized AAP holds a copyright over aam admi now).

    it will take many many years before majority of the Indians wake up to whats happening. I fear it will be too late by then.


  2. Never said Congress or Communists were not infiltrated See https://wideawakegentile.wordpress.com/2014/03/07/congress-partys-shabos-goys/ & https://wideawakegentile.wordpress.com/2014/03/20/the-third-front-shabos-goys/

    The Congress and Left are the parties that OVERTLY at least oppose the state of Israel and SOME of its members are aware and act against the Talmudic Problem

  3. Mula says:

    Oh thanks for the links to those articles, had missed them earlier.

  4. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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