The “Tribe” has come to India . And when it does it covers its bases It comes with a  “revolutionary, pro Sanghi” face and it comes with a “liberal” face Point is ALL Socio Economic Political bases are covered

Besides the better known increased Govt to Govt cooperation and big business deals there  two “sets” of Jews who have shown a sudden interest in India and have been in the spotlight for some reason or the other

Heres a small sample of five tribesman and a NGO funded by them  ………and their agendas


David B Cohen Modi Sarkar and “Hindus at large”

david b cohen

(David B. Cohen served in the administration of President George W. Bush as U.S. Representative to the Pacific Community, as Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Interior,

In short a political nobody suddenly becomes one of Modis main cheerleaders in the US Very likely to have gotten a nice fat cheque from APCO to shill for Modi The Hindu Is India about to elect its Reagan? and the Times of India Ridiculous to deny Modi US visa — like Reagan, he faces bias: David B Cohen both gave this insipid nothing a large stage to troll for Modi

25.siOh yes hes not just a Modi fan he’s now a defender  of Hinduism too Indian Sanghis love him

Richard Benkin Bangladeshi Hindus

Creepy American/Israeli Jew Conman Rapist Loser,actually met Modi when he was CM and  struts about with the Bengal Unit of the BJP (see video above) Indian Sanghis love him After associating with a Bengali conman called Chowdary Benkin now moves with a hatemongering creature called Tapan Ghosh Subramanian Swamy actually released a book supposedly written by this conman A Quiet of Ethnic Cleansing: The Murder of Bangladesh’s Hindus

“Dr” Phyllis Chesler and Kashmiri Pandits

Chesler is another puerile loony disturbingly psychotic dual citizen Jewess who is really just looking out for new Isalmophobic allies She probably likes her chances with KPs Incidentally she has never spoken on the rampant Patriarchy and Anti women traits in Judaism Naturally Indian Sanghis love her




Founded by Jews Irving Strasmich and Dorothy Rabinowitz, Greenpeace has its own agendas Indian liberals love it .The issues they take up are put in black and white terms and often reduce environmental issues to Development Vs Environment without any attempt at arriving at a consensus

Wendy Doniger

wendy doniger

Doniger looked in Hindu scriptures and she found loads of sex misogyny and Anti Dalitism Of course she picked and chose the scriptures she wanted to come to the conclusions she wanted After years of strong research on Hinduism the core principle Doniger found was  Krishna mounting a horse of naked Gopis  The book was not banned but the publisher refused to publish it Indian Liberals at once came to her support

Leslee Udwin


Leslee Udwin has created a lot of hype and buzz with her “Rapists Agenda” The constant carping on India’s record on women’s rights just found its poster girl Indian liberals immediately took up her cause

The point is all five have set up “causes” Cohen Modi and demonizing India’s secular liberals —Benkin Bangladeshi Hindus and demonizing Bangldeshi Muslims —–Chesler Kashmiri Pandits &demonizing Kashmiri Muslims ——- Doniger the right to ridicule Hinduism and traditional Indians  ——-Leslee Udwin the right to ridicule Indian Men and wrongly turn India into some crazy version of Misogyny Central

What real ties and connections do these people have with India ? What agendas do they carry ? The ones carrying “opposing agendas ” like Cohen and Udwin or Cohen and Doniger never criticize each other. Cohen may mock Indian Liberals all he wants but he’ll never mock Doniger or Udwin. Udwin or Doniger will similarly never speak of people like Cohen

The Jews in America have gotten the locals all tied and twisted in silly “issues”to keep them from asking the important question How is it that 2 percent Jews exercise so much influence in America


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  1. AflaAlex says:

    This is a fairly elegant piece. I see your posts becoming refined with each article. This one, in particular, precisely sums up the modus operandi of the international Jew – they control both sides of any equation. And India is Israel’s most strategic ally in the World, second only to US, perhaps more so by now !!
    And this is all happening for the agenda laid out in Albert Pike’s letter to Mazzini on 15th August 1871 in which he planned 3 WWs out of which 3rd is due which is Islam vs Zionism (Israel) and hence enemy of an enemy is a friend = Hindu-Jew bhai bhai !!
    The rapid zionization of Bharat is only bound to increase in the days to come till the point where the Hindutva sentiment touches the boiling point consolidating all Hindu factions of the country which would manufacture consent for war with Pak so as to denuclearize it and dismantle it into 4 parts.

    P.S. – Pak is the only nuclear muslim state and hence the only one that can defend arabic world therefore a threat to Israel, so pretty obvious Israel wants it wiped out of the way and what better tool than India !!

    • Mula says:

      Hi Alex,

      The Zionists never consider anyone as Bhai Bhai . They are the one’s who have injected poison into holy scriptures of almost all the religions. It would be foolish to think that they truly mean to help Hindus or Hinduism, as also evident from this post.

      They are like dangerous blood sucking Parasites, latch on a host and won’t leave till they have sucked most of the blood, and then when they do they still leave behind a few eggs (stooges) to be hatched later on , should a country revive from their impact.

      Its difficult to predict exactly what these guys plan as they keep various options open & use them as & when the need arises, However the ultimate goal is NWO. They created Pakistan to counter India ( with never ending kashmir dispute) & Russian influence. For many decades Pakistan met their purpose & then it was discarded partially. Later the growing super power China realized the geopolitical importance of Pakistan & starting arming it against India.

      Now as the zionists are nearing their ultimate Goal i.e the NWO, It does appear that they want to break Pakistan into many parts. Why?

      * Most of the Sunni dominated Islamic world is weak (military), some Islamic govts are mere puppets & Iran is Shia dominated. So they feel that nuclear Power Pakistan might come pose a threat in war against Islam. However, this is not a big deal for them. What really matters is-

      *By dividing it into various independent states, they can easily set up puppet democracies in at least a few of these areas & can make their own permanent bases.

      *China wants to increase its influence in the Gwadar coastline area ( part of Balochistan), The Gwadar region can be used to put a check on the shipping route into and out of the Persian Gulf, especially the Oil trade from Iran & also the influence of Indian Navy in Arabian Sea.

      *A Northern Independent state carved out of part of Afghanistan & northern Pakistan can be used against Russian influence too.

      Since they have already looted much of America’s Economy now its India’s turn to play a host, but will the Zionists do good to India. Never, they were the owners of British East India company .The Red corridor menace is funded by them using Xtian missionaries & many Indian Social Activists on the payroll of zionists, partially by China in eastern India. They are trying hard to fan the flames of communal hatred by various means including but not limited to micro-level false flag attacks on Churches, temples, Mosque’s etc & tear apart the Social fabric of India.

      They are doing same thing almost everywhere & won’t stop till they succeed. After all they don’t lose money in creating wars, they make money out of wars.

      A World war 3 resulting in the collapse of Global economy & destruction everywhere, shall be their biggest achievement.

      • Sunny says:

        The Jews “Worst Enemy” Is Now Ours!! It’s The Khazars! 😮

        …just sharing.

      • AflaAlex says:

        Yeah I know all this buddy. They have poisoned all religious scriptures. I meant “Bhai Bhai” in the sense that they are merely using gullible Hindutva fanatics and Susu Swamy’s “Virat Hindus” as puppets for their political motives and will use gentile Hindu army folks as cannon fodder in a war with Pak with the sole aim to denuclearize and break it up into bits and pieces.

        And yeah they are fanning communal flames by various micro false flags on temples, churches etc. Their main aim is to infuriate the Hindutva sentiment to boiling point and erect Hindus as a consolidated force in alliance with Israel against Islam…thats the bottomline. Expect this in the coming 1-2 yrs. Simultaneously they are now bringing in a Republican war President (Jeb Bush or John McCain) in US in 2016 for war with Iran.

  2. Tnks The agenda is simple Hunt with the hounds and run with the hares …….and keep cooking up as many vacuous agendas as possible .

    WRT Pakistan the foll points r relevant Churchill the Crypto was a strong supporter of Pakistan and some say the joint founder of Pakistan along with Jinnah Also the pro US tilt towards Pakistan in the 80s could have happened without the Jews lobbys covert OK …….

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  4. CrissCross says:

    Breaking Free From The Hare Krishna Movement And Other Slave Cults Such As Mormonism-Jim Jones-David Koresh-Jehovah’s Witnesses-Catholicism Etc. 😮

  5. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  6. Dublinsmick says:

    The captain is not a big fan of Modi. Yes at times he can go out on a limb but overall the man is genius. Some of his pronouncements such as Jesus and his 12 German Khazar disciples cause me to chuckle a bit.

    Great blog you have here and I added it on.

  7. Oh I do read the good captains Google owned blog, The captain does write some good stuff and is certainly interesting and very entertaining ………… until that is he starts to write stuff like this ———–
    Namboodiri Mohammad ( of Namboodiri Maha Madam ) propounded Allah as god which cannot be picked up by the 5 human senses . This is the same ADVAITA as what Namboodiri Adi Shankaracharya propounded in 2000 BC …….

  8. Dublinsmick says:

    Sometimes we just have to stick our fingers in our ears!

    This site and Ajit are great entities to subjects that are worthy of discussing..

    I will say the captain has taught me LOT

  9. bhai says:

    i want to know your opinion on gandhi..i think he is also agent of british

    • AflaAlex says:

      oh yeah he definitely was…though indirectly and probably unconsciously !!
      But he too was manipulated to fit into the zionist British agenda…

    • Dublinsmick says:

      Definitely a British agent. The British did not want to fight their way out of India. They wanted to march out peacefully and leave their plants behind.



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