The Miliband family are originally Polish Jews Ed Miliband‘s paternal grandfather had grown up in the impoverished Jewish quarter of Warsaw, Poland. Samuel Miliband had been a member of the socialist Jewish Labour Bund in Warsaw.

In 1922, they were among the Polish Jews who migrated westward, to Brussels in Belgium, after the First World War.It was here that Miliband’s paternal grandparents Samuel(a craftsman) and Renia(a hat seller)  first met, and they married in 1923. Their son Ed Milibands father (Adolphe) Ralph Miliband , was born in Brussels in 1924. In 1939, aged 15, he became a member of Hashomer Hatzair (“Young Guard”), a socialist-Zionist youth group.When Germany invaded Belgium in 1940 the Miliband family,  decided to flee This is The remarkable story of how Ed Miliband’s Paternal aunt and grandmother survived the war Side by side you can read the miraculous tale of how Milibands Mother and Grand mother escaped the Holocaust TM  Both fairy tales were written by an Islamophobic Jewish journalist with a very appropriate surname Robert Mendick


Miliband Fairytale journalist MenDick

Besides Mendicks fairy tales the Miliband family has some interesting baggage Ed Milibands grand father  Samuel Miliband, reportedly fought with the red Army. (Ralph Miliband : Biography) Samuel had a cousin in Warsaw named Osip Miliband. Osip’s son, also called David Miliband, travelled to Moscow, before the Russian Revolution of 1917. The Moscow David Miliband’s daughter is Sofia, the ‘spooky’ Russian code-breaker.

International Jew cousins Sofia Miliband and David Miliband

Learning to speak English, Ralph gained a place at Acton Technical College (now Brunel University)in west London with the help of the League of NationsCommission for Refugees in January 1941.After completing his course there, he gained the help of the Belgian government in exile to study at the London School of Economics (LSE) . The Belgian  Govt in exile consisted of Paul Henri Spaak a Rothschild agent and Camille Guttstein the Jewish Minuster of Finance. Not one  Christian Belgian refugee got a  LSE seat during WW2  Ralph (Adolfe) became a naturalized British subject on September 1948. which means the Miliband family has “become naturalized  British” just 67 years ago


The Milibands David (centre) and Ed, with their mother Marion, their aunt Hadassa and father Ralph in Scotland, 1987

Note in a short span of 26 years the Milliband family had three nationalities  Polish Belgian and English Like almost all Jews Milliband Senior found AntiSemitism in UK after coming there. Note that the precious Jewish Homeland Israel already existed All Miliband Snr had to do was take his Chosen Family to the Chosen Land  He did no such thing though he did marry a Polish Jewess He said this of Britain  ‘The Englishman is a rabid nationalist. They are perhaps the most nationalist people in the world . . . you sometimes want them almost to lose (the war) to show them how things are.

Millibands mother Marion Kozak b 1934  emigrated to the United Kingdom in the 1950s.Kozak was the daughter of wealthy Jewish parents, Bronislawa (Landau) and Dawid Kozak, in the Polish town of Częstochowa.In 1939 when the Germans took control, the Kozaks’ factory was commandeered and transformed into a munitions plant.

eddies benefectors

Eddies Sugar Daddies

Born in London, Ed Miliband graduated from Corpus Christi College at the University of Oxford, and the London School of Economics.In 1992, after graduating from Oxford University, Ed Miliband began his working career in the media as a researcher to co-presenter Andrew Rawnsley in the BBC Channel 4 show A Week in Politics. In 1993, Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Harriet Harman approached Rawnsley to recruit Miliband as her policy researcher and speechwriter.Harriet Harman thus got the Ed Milliband into UK Labour politics Harriet Harman’s National Council of Civil Liberties once had links to a pedophile group called PIE. After Labour’s 1997 landslide victory, Ed Miliband was appointed as a special adviser to Chancellor Gordon Brown from 1997 to 2002. Gordon Brown is close to the Rothschilds and was once rumored to have driven gold prices down to help the Rothschilds and AIG  Gordon Brown is also generally believed to be a pedophile and so very susceptible to blackmail

During his chequered political career Ed Miliband took a break of two years where he taught in Harvard where he  was friends with John Cohen Kerry. During this time, he was granted “access” to Senator John Kerry and reported to Brown on the Presidential hopeful’s progress

Brother David Miliband started out in 1989 in the IPPR (the Institute for Public Policy Research) which was a successor of  of the old CPRS (which was disbanded by Margaret Thatcher some years back). The chairman of the IPPR’ s board of trustees is Baroness Tessa Blackstone, formerly an aide to Victor Rothschild at the CPRS, and the co-author of Inside the Think Tank. David Miliband is also registered as member of the Israel Hasbara Committee


Miliband the Hasbara

The director of the IPPR is James Cornford. In the 1974- 75 period, while a professor at the University of Edinburgh, Cornford was a key British member of the “Task Force on
the Governability of Democracies” of David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission . The final report of the task force was entitled The Crisis of Democracy. Its main theme was that democratic societies were rapidly becoming “ungovernable”. Source  In 1994 David Miliband became Tony Blair‘s Head of Policy and was a major contributor to Labour’s manifesto for the 1997 general election. After Labour’s victory in that election, Blair made him the de facto Head of the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit, a position which he held until the 2001 election. Since Tony Blairs maternal grandmother is probably Jewish (surname Lipschitz) Tony Blair would technically be Jewish .

Thus Ed Miliband was rocketed up the labour party by Gordon Brown while David Miliband’s godfather was Tony Blair . Both are Zionists and close to the Rothschilds


Love is in the Air

The Labour Party was initially formed as a means for the trade union movement to establish political representation for itself at Westminster. The Labour Party is supposed to be a party of the Labouring class and Trade Unions Neither brother has done any manual work for even a day in his life They have never lead any trade union nor lead any trade union movement in any capacity

kinnock benn

Eddies endorsers Neil Kinnock & Tony Benn Were they open to “kiddie blackmail”?

On 23 May, former Labour Leader Neil Kinnock announced that he would endorse Ed Miliband’s campaign, saying that he had “the capacity to inspire people” and that he had “strong values and the ability to ‘lift’ people”. Other senior Labour figures who backed the younger Miliband included Tony Benn and former Deputy Leaders Roy Hattersley and Margaret Beckett. By September, Miliband had received the support of six trade unions, including both Unite and UNISON, 151 of the 650 Constituency Labour Parties, three affiliated socialist societies, and half of Labour MEPs.



Had the extremly popular Robin Cook lived he would have been the odds on favourite to lead the Labour Party or he would have stood a good chance of leading it .His mysterious death during a hiking holiday cleared the path to Ed Milibands taking over

As can be seen a British Party supposedly created by working class British workers found no one but two Jewish brothers of Polish origin good enough to lead them Unless the Milibands have magic pouring out of their Chosen Orifices I highly doubt that result was without some highly organized networked,media savvy  and most importantly very very well funded group pushing pulling bribing  and maybe ahem ……blackmailing the eligible Labour Party voters into the desired results

jacob and nat roth indexn

The Hidden Persuaders The London Rothschilds and Lord Mendelson Labour Partys Mr Moneybags

Either that or the other candidates Diane AbbottEd BallsAndy Burnham were completely worthless retards not merit deserving any opportunity For the record the losing Miliband David has crossed the Atlantic and is working in another NGO International Rescue Committee  which is linked to the CIA .Thus while Ed is the “Labour Government” face of the Milibands ,David will be the CIA ,Mossad ,MI5 link . On 30th April 2015 IRC was kicked out of Ukraine after being accused of spying on pro Russian rebels

So why is the tribe so eager to have overt Jewish leadership of the Labour Party as opposed to the conventional covert control ?

Maybe because the Liberal Labour parties have traditionally sided with the Palestinians and the Chosen State needs Leaders It Can Count On

Or maybe because although most Labour and Liberal leaders play ball occasionally there springs forth some leader from the ranks like the late Robin Cook who doesn’t just play ball and who isnt very susceptible to blackmail either  “Taking care”of troublesome leaders like Robin Cook can be tiring

Maybe the pedophile blackmail route of keeping gentile politicians in line just isnt working

Or maybe there is need for someone from the tribe to manage the coming financial meltdown originating in the City Of London

The Conservative Party “Lords” are big time Hypocrites ,quite a few are gay and most are easily susceptible to blackmail . They have to keep up appearances and are extremely closely tied to Jewish Money Many have intermarried into Old Jewish Families, like the present PM David Cameron whose great great grandfather  Emile Levita was Jewish


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