Vaz and Modi

On June 7 2015 the Rupert Murdoch owned Sunday Times came out with a story called Vaz helped Indian Tycoon The Vaz in question was Leicester East MP and senior Labour Party leader of Indian origin Keith Vaz ,the Indian Tycoon disgraced former IPL(Indian Premier League) chief  Lalith Modi who at the time in question (and even now) is wanted by the Enforcement Directorate for forex violation cases amounting to Rs 1,700 crore.

The bulk of the story had come from leaked emails from Modis and Keith Vaz’s email accounts The story also mentioned (almost in passing) and again from another hacked email that Sushma Swaraj Indias Foreign Minister had spoken and written to British authorities asking them to give Modi travel documents to travel to Portugal


Lalit Modi in a TV interview introduced a stunning twist to the row, saying the emails detailing her friendly intervention for him were leaked by media tycoon Rupert Murdoch.Referring to  the trail of emails charting the way he secured travel documents with the help of Swaraj and British Labour Party leader Keith Vaz, Modi said the publication of the entire cache was the handiwork of the Australia-born tycoon . Times of India Rupert Murdoch leaked Sushma Swaraj’s emails, Lalit Modi says

Rupert Greene Murdock is a ardent Zionist and rumored to be a CryptoJew himself, his mother (whose surname was Greene) supposedly being Jewish .The reason Murdoch leaked the story according to Modi was he was angry with Modi over a failed telecast deal between one of his channels and the IPL Management lead by Modi

A senior Indian Journalist Coomi Kapoor (who happens to be Subramanian Swamys sister in law)had another source for the leaks She said the emails were hacked by an Israeli Security firm Lalit Modi is believed to have put a former BCCI functionary under surveillance and he, in turn, hired an Israeli security firm to hack Modi’s emails . The emails were making the rounds for some time through intermediaries. Till The Sunday Times expose on Keith Vaz brought matters to a head. Source Coomi Kapoor Indian Express

Lalit Modi himself had in 2009 hired Israeli security expert Joseph Draznin for his personal security who in turn advised him to hire the Israeli security firm Sdema


N Srinivas

According to the newspaper DNA The ‘leaked correspondence’ which revealed how British parliamentarian Keith Vaz cited foreign affairs minister Sushma Swaraj to grant British travel papers to ex-Indian Premier League chief Lalit Modi may well be part of an email trail led by a SPY AGENCY allegedly hired by ex-BCCI chief N Srinivasan to spy on members of the board. The spy agency was apparently paid a sum of Rs 14 crore to tap phones and hack emails of members of the board and that of Modi.

Does Mossad do commercial freelance work for a few extra shekels or did DNA mean a security company which engages in spying professionally when it spoke of a spy agency ?

From the two articles its clear that an Israeli spy agency or an Israeli security company based in London was paid 14 crores by N Srinivasan, (possibly Arun Jaitley as he is/was a ranking BCCI  member and Srinivasans close  associate)and the BCCI to spy on Modi and hack his emails and phone calls

For some reason the otherwise well connected Keith Vaz who has moaned and groaned about his email being hacked doesnt seem to want prosecute the Israeli company which did it Neither does Modi

So whats the name of the Israeli company which hacked Modis and Vaz’s emails and which charged the BCCI and Srinivasan 14 crores for it? And why are Vaz and Lalit Modi afraid to prosecute it? Why is the kosher Indian media including that pedantic joker Goswami afraid to expose it? Was current FM Arun Jaitley a close associate of Srinivas in the know about the Israeli company hired to spy on Modis emails?If so who really leaked the hacked email to The Sunday Times ? Was it N Srinivasan  or Arun Jaitley was it the unnamed Israeli company   ?

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