The Modi Govt is trying to push a bill called the Human DNA Profiling Bill 2015 quietly during the mansoon session of Parliament.Given the oppositions silly noise over some non issues and the media attention that gets it gets , its no surprise that the Human DNA Profiling Bill 2015 has had little if not no mainstream media attention

In all fairness it was  the Globalist Manmohan Singh’s Govt which had first initiated the bill in 2007 . The bill was originally proposed in 2007 and in 2012 drafting of the bill began.The draft bill was prepared by the Department of Biotechnology. The bill proposes to form a National DNA Data Bank and a DNA Profiling Board, and use the data for various specified purposes.

The bill proposes to set up a national DNA data bank and a number of state or regional data banks that will feed into the national data pool. Every data bank will have six categories under which DNA profiles will be filed – crime scene index, suspects’ index, offenders’ index, missing persons’ index, unknown deceased persons’ index, and volunteers’ index. The DNA profiling board will have the power to include more categories. In the offendersindex, the DNA information will be linked to the name of the person from whom it was collected. All others will be linked to a case reference number. Source Scroll in Article


Given the massive amounts of corruption in Indian Police investigations framing a person whose DNA is in the database is a piece of cake

Law and poverty expert Usha Ramanathan and Centre for Internet and Society executive director Sunil Abraham, who are members of an expert committee on DNA profiling constituted by the government, have written dissent notes against the final draft of the Human DNA Profiling Bill. Ramanathan notes that one of the biggest challenges of a DNA database is function creep – the gradual widening of the use of a technology beyond the purpose for which it was originally intended.

The CDFD ( Hyderabad-based Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics) is using the CODIS software bought from the US’s FBI and compatible with their systems


The bill does not clarify under what circumstances someone’s DNA will be collected for the database with or without consent . While countries such as the US and the UK permit collection of DNA without consent, their laws are clear about when it can be done. Whether the Indian Constituion allows the state to take DNA without consent is something that will certainly be decided by the Courts The Bill does not set a limit to how long someone’s DNA will kept on record . In the UK, DNA data of a recordable offence can be kept for only six years. The bill even allows the creation of population statistics, identification research, parental disputes, issues relating to reproductive technologies and migration. These provisions could one day allow the government to PUSH CIVILLIANS TO PROVIDE DNA DATA .

The draft Bill  involves collection of “intimate body samples” of living persons from “the genital or anal area, the buttocks and also breasts in the case of a female”. DNA swabbing in Western countries is usually done by swabbing the mouth The Bill has no specific statutory safeguards on how  store , retrieve or who can access potentially huge database of the most private and intimate kind

The UID database already has biometric information for most Indians. If any government in future decides to link the UID database with the DNA database , it would place in the hands of the government and its agencies all personal details about millions of citizens. Will the information be made available for research?

There is very little clarity on custody of the DNA samples collected and the data stored. If this custody gets privatized and given the few Indian private companies with the ability to maintain such data in a few years time American European or Israeli private companies could easily have access to this huge databank. If it somehow gets passed on to their home spy agencies the CIA and Mossad , the potential for those two agencies to use the DNA data to frame  blackmail & trap  thousands of innocent Indians is very high


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  1. mothman777 says:

    When they know who all the people are with no Jewish DNA, they will know exactly who to target in various ways. Since the foolish Modi is so well in with Israel, and Israel is already given all intelligence files by Jewish puppet governments in America and the UK already about their own populations, with no reciprocal sharing of files about Israelis, then India may well follow suit, and certainly, Israel will simply just hack all the Indian DNA files anyway to get that information, as they attempt to hold files on everyone they can in all countries around the world, ready for the time when they have world government centered in Israel, and can fully implement the Noahide Laws to rid the world of all Gentiles, exactly as their insane religion of hate demands; “Even the best of Gentiles should all be killed” (Talmud)
    Think in terms of the Bolshevik Red Revolution in Russia in 1917 when non-Jews were butchered by the millions. Jews think only in terms of ALL non-Jews being Amalekites by extension, who must all be killed ‘from the beginning to the end’.

    The Jews in Israel anticipate the coming of their messiah very soon indeed, and prophecy states that either when he comes, or just after, there will be chaos in the world such as the world has never known before, and that when he comes, all Gentiles on the Earth will be exterminated and sent to hell under the Angel Duma (from the Zohar, commentary on the Torah). So yes, those files on Indian DNA will be very valuable to the Jews to enable precision killing of all non-Jews.

    The US 1991 Noahide Laws state that all non-Jews who are ‘idolaters’ must be executed, with ALL Christians being classed as idolaters, and the idolater category would apply to all Hindus and other non-Jewish groups in India. That law can be fully effected in the US at any time, just as soon as the puppet POTUS Obama decides or is told by his Chabad Lubavitcher masters to suspend the American Constitution, and then the slaughter can begin.

    That the American people can allow Jews to pass such ‘laws’ in preparation to butcher them all, exactly like they did in Russia earlier is staggering, and now Putin, another Jewish puppet, is putting anyone in prison for 5 years in Russia who dares to deny that 6 million Jews died in the alleged holocaust. The Chabad Lubavitchers control him too, and they want to have Noahide Laws in every country in the world, or the equivalent enacted in one way or another, so when the Israeli Jews get Indian DNA details, that will be just what the Jews want, more intelligence files for their criminal terrorist world government.

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