BlackRock is an Asset Management company. Its now ordinary AMC though, as beneath this particular Black Rock manages the largest pool of assets in the world …….. 4.77 TRILLION dollars worth of assets .That means Black Rock has invested in shares bonds derivatives and other more exotic assets which together are worth 4770,000,000,000 dollars That amount is more then the GDP of most nations in the world except for the US ,EU,China and Japan .

6c4oHlp3_400x400So who runs it? This behemoth larger in economic size then almost all nations in the world is run by three Principals Its Chief Officers are  Laurence D. Fink (Chairman & CEO) Robert Kapito (Co-President) Charles Hallac (Co-President) All three are Jewish

In 1988, Kapito left First Boston along with Fink and founded BlackRock under the umbrella of the private equity firm Blackstone Group where they joined as partners. In 1992, BlackRock was spun out from Blackstone and became an independent company. Pete Peterson of the The Blackstone Group  called the group the Blackstone Financial Management.

In 1992, due to internal confusion, the decision was made to change their name from Blackstone Financial Management to BlackRock. In 1995, Schwarzman (Black Stone Managing Partner)and Fink had an internal dispute over equity. Fink wanted to share equity with his employees. Schwarzman did not. They agreed to part ways, so the BlackRock partners, (Sue Wagner) orchestrated a deal with PNC Financial Services Group.

In 1995, BlackRock closed the deal with PNC Financial Services Group, while continuing to be managed independently. In 1998, PNC’s equity, liquidity, and mutual fund activities were merged into BlackRock. BlackRock went public in 1999 at $14 a share.

211The bulk of BlackRock “Investors” are Institutional Investors  Typical Institutional  investors include banks, insurance companies, retirement or pension funds, hedge funds, investment advisors and mutual funds. Their role in the economy is to act as highly specialized investors on behalf of others. For instance, an ordinary person will have a pension from his employer. The employer gives that person’s pension contributions to a fund. The fund will buy shares in a company, or some other financial product.

Many of the larger Banks Insurance Companies Pension Funds are managed by Jews like Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein Gary D. Cohn  Third Point’s Daniel S. Loeb Elliot Management Corps  Paul Singer SAC Capital Advisors Steven A. Cohen .These groups direct individual retail money towards BlackRock This money in turn is used to buy blue chip companies and control them

20131207_FBC894           20131207_FBC893

BlackRock is the largest shareholder in many blue chip companies which are part of our daily life like Apple, Exon Mobil ,Microsoft ,GE ,Chevron,JP Morgan Chase , P&G , Shell and Nestle . Its also the second largest shareholder in many other companies (see chart)

What does this massive 2 trillion dollars shareholding mean? It means among other things that Boards howsoever strong and independent they may be will always be wary of BlackRock and Fink Kapito and Hallac  In fact Fink Kapito and Hallac probably have a large say in how the board is constituted

Fink in particular played a big role in the post 2008 financial meltdown recovery  At the height of the disaster, when the American economy was on the brink, it was to Fink that Wall Street’s C.E.O.’s—turned for help and counsel. As did the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

BlackRock has a very intimate relationship with Barclays bank . That bank, by the way, took first place in a ranking created by the Institute of Technology in Zurich. The Rothschild-led Barclays Bank also held some staggering positions during the global financial crisis. Suffice it to say that in 2007, Barclays was the biggest institutional investor in some key Wall Street banks, such as Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, and Bank of New York Mellon.  BlackRock was as a major shareholder in those same banks as well (although not as significant a figure as Barclays). It could also be seen that BlackRock and Barclays seemed to work in tandem , but their codependence was not easy to establish.

It can be difficult to figure out which end is the dog and which end is her tail and who is controlling whom. Is Barclays directing BlackRock or is BlackRock running the bank? But most experts are inclined to believe that it is BlackRock that is dominating the famous Barclays bank, which has always been associated with the Rothschild family. Source

Theres another interesting piece of information about BlackRock Its called Aladdin In the words of BlackRock it is an  “an operating system for investment managers that connects the information, people and technology needed to manage money in real time.” Comprised of 25m lines of code , Aladdin does everything from analyzing risk to managing portfolios. And it doesn’t just do it for Blackrock. It also acts as the central risk and portfolio system at 60 other firms , which together handle $14tn worth of assets – or 7% of all the shares, bonds and loans in the entire world. 

Close to Rothschild’s ,CEO Fink  likes to work in the shadows ,strange software platform handling 14 trillion dollars


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