Alfreda Frances Bikowsky (Silverstein)  (born 1965) is a career Central Intelligence Agency officer who has headed the Bin Laden Issue Station (also known by its code name, Alec Station) and the Global Jihad unit. Bikowsky’s identity is not publicly acknowledged by the Agency, but was deduced by independent investigative journalists in 2011.In January 2014, the Washington Post  named her and tied her to a pre-9/11 intelligence failure  and the extraordinary rendition of Khalid El-Masri. The Senate Intelligence Committee report on CIA torture, released in December 2014, showed that Bikowsky was not only a key part of the torture program, but also one of its chief apologists resulting in the media giving her the moniker “The Queen Of Torture”

Bikowsky is potrayed by by Jessica Chastain  in the movie 2012 Hollywood movie Zero Dark Thirty which got five Oscar nominations but is generally acknowledged as just more Hollywood fiction Bikowsky is referred throughout the film by her code name Maya

Its actually a good joke the code name Maya, if you understand the Hindu philosophical concept of Maya

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Fiction and Reality Jessica Chastain as Hollywood Bikowsky and the real Bikowsky

Bikowsky, a former CIA Soviet analyst, succeeded Michael Scheuer as the head of Alec Station in 2003 and remained its chief until the station’s closure in 2005. She had been with Alec Station since its formation in 1996. Until 2011, Bikowsky reportedly was the head of the CIA’s “Global Jihad” element. Bikowsky was vetoed for the position of CIA station chief in Baghdad in 2007. The reason for the decision was apparently Bikowsky’s inability to work amicably with co-workers.

The media has been reticent to expose Bikowsky. It is clear that Bikowsky and her assistant at Alec Station, Michael Anne Casey, ordered FBI liaison agents Doug Miller and Mark Rossini not to share information with FBI headquarters and its chief counter-terrorism agent John O’Neill, about the arrival from Malaysia in San Diego of two of the future 9/11 hijackers, Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi . Both future hijackers were financially supported during their stay in California by the Saudi embassy in Washington then headed by Bandar bin Sultan, also known as “Bandar Bush” because of his close links to the Bush family. Details of this link between the Saudi embassy and the two hijackers are contained in the still-classified and redacted 28 pages from the Senate Intelligence Committee report on 9/11 failures.


Maureen Baginsky

The head of  NSA Signals Intelligence Division prior to 9/11 was Maureen “Mo” Baginsky who just so happened to miss alerting on two September 11, 2001 intercepted messages that concerned the attack planned for the following day . Baginsky also took no action to concentrate NSA’s pre-9/11 surveillance capabilities on al-Mihdhar’s phone number in San Diego, which it maintained in its database, and the switchboard for an Al Qaeda safe house in Yemen. Maureen Baginsky (Baginsky is a Slavic surname but she could be a Russian Jewess ) left the NSA and the Govt sector is currently working for the prison managing  company Serco

One can now point to Baginsky and Bikowsky as the two primary females in the intelligence infrastructure responsible for the 9/11 intelligence failure. However, were they merely “fumbling females”or  AGENTS – OF -INFLUENCE PLACED AT BOTH AGENCIES IN SENIOR POSITIONS TO SCUTTLE AND CHANCE OF RECOGNIZING THE ATTACK BEFORHAND?

The White House, as with the Senate Intelligence Committee chaired by Senator Dianne Feinstein, has been absolutely averse to providing information about Bikowsky

Richard Silverstein Alfreda Bikowski's husband

The South Garland High School, Texas alumni lists Bikowsky’s address, as of 2012, in Alexandria, Virginia. Her second surname is listed as Silverstein. Bikowsky is said to have graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree and from Tufts Fletcher School for Law and Diplomacy. She married Tufts classmate David Silverstein , who has written for the neo-conservative Heritage Foundation. Silverstein currently works for the neo-conservative Foundation for the Defense of Democracies Here he is shilling for another War For the Jews The Iraq War

Incidentally many kosher media persons including the wonderful man of truth  Glen Greenwald  did write about Bikowski  Here is Greenwald’s  lengthy article on Alfreda Bikowski  Not once did he or the other kosher press persons  speak of her ties to a Zionist Neocon like David Silverstein

How can someone married to an active Zionist warmonger like Silverstein  fail to see the world at least partly with his crazed Talmudic eyes ? And how many such ranking non Jewish Zion planted CIA officers exist ? How American is the CIA or more importantly how Talmudic has it become?



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  1. zerojr says:

    Is she related to the jew who leased the WTC ?

  2. Her maiden surname was Bikowski and she might not even be Jewish; So shes def not related to WTC’s Silverstein

    Her Neocon Jewish husbands surname is Silverstein Not sure if he is related to WTC Silverstein

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  4. 0jr says:

    also in osama’s first video he stated that he was trained in germany by the cia presumibly in terrorism and fought in yugoslavia against the christian serbs with us backing and safe passage in and out of romania and serbia and even was issued a bosnian passport.At what point did all that change and why? Also on 911 all planes were grounded except for bin laden’s private planes why?

    • BornFREE says:

      You are very right. The story is credible as Romania is strongly influenced by American and Israeli jews who were brought in by their brethren after the fall of the Ceausescu dictatorship (which they may have plotted as well). This means they can bring from and through Romania any person of interest.
      Germany too. It’s a country which after losing the WW2 has been systematically controlled by American Jewish interests, thus I can totally see it possible for the CIA to use Germany as a playground for their new dirty plans.

  5. William says:

    A reply to this article will automatically label the writer as anti-Semitic. Many people are so afraid of being labeled as such that they will not post any response in support of this article. Agreement with this article would result in the end of ones career or loss of ones job, so voices in agreement will probably be limited to people like me who have no career and no job to lose.
    I am not anti-Semitic and I definitely would like to see a discussion of how many zealously pro-Israel agents are embedded in the NSA and CIA. The present situation where most U.S. govt. agencies are staffed with Israel firsters or dual citizen Israelis is dangerous to both the U.S. and to Israel. The bought and paid members of congress are guilty of such gross stupidity and ignorance that their actions amount to treason against the U.S.

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