Edward Snowden the second of Lon and Elizabeth “Wendy” Snowden’s two children, was born on June 21, 1983, in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

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In May 2004 he did what many under-employed 20-year-olds do: he joined the army. He had enlisted in the army’s “18X” program, as a Special Forces recruit.Soon after arriving in Georgia, he broke both his legs in a training accident and, in September, he returned to Maryland, where he found a job at the University of Maryland—as a security guard.  Then the seemingly impossible happened.

In mid-2006, barely 18 months later,  he was hired by the Central Intelligence Agency as a computer engineer . Snowden himself could scarcely believe it. “I don’t have a degree of ANY type,” he wrote on Ars Technica that May. “In fact, I don’t even have a high school diploma . , and my co-workers have BSs, MSs, and ten to fifteen years of experience. Employers fight over me. And I’m 22.” SOURCE VanityFair


Snowden was hired not as a spy but to maintain the computer system’s network security. The job required him to have a top-secret security clearance  In early 2007, after barely nine months on the job, Snowden was transferred to Geneva , for which he was given diplomatic cover at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations.  He traveled extensively (as a CIA employee) —to Bosnia, Romania, Spain

In February 2010 Snowden resigned from the C.I.A. Its extremely difficult to just “resign” from the CIA Its far easier to pretend to exit the CIA to work undercover elsewhere Remember Snowden had a high security clearance .Two senior American officials, speaking on background, told The New York Times  that he had received a derogatory comment in his personnel file from a supervisor who said he had suspicions that Snowden was trying to break into unauthorized computer files and that, as a result, he had been sent home. (The day after the story ran, the C.I.A. issued a statement denying this account.)

Could it be that Snowden was actually caught stealing secret files at this point and turned /blackmailed and kept ready as a Manchurian Candidate for his future fantasy role by kosher CIA interests ?

In early 2009 he got  a job with Dell in Tokyo . In addition to making computers, Dell managed computer systems for hundreds of corporations and more than a few government agencies. In Japan, Snowden worked at the Yokota Air Base, outside Tokyo, where he instructed top officials and military officers on how to defend their networks from Chinese hackers. There he also designed a highly sophisticated data backup system called EPICSHELTER. It used an advanced technology to place a shield around every N.S.A. site in the world. The N.S.A., in fact, was one of Dell’s most important and secretive clients.

Snowden wasn’t employed directly by the N.S.A.—he worked for its contractors, first Dell and then Booz Allen Hamilton. In the summer of 2010, Dell promoted him to focus on clients other than the N.S.A., and he was eventually transferred back to Maryland, where he led a team of experts in designing cloud-computing platforms and supercomputers for breaking passwords . There he lived with his girlfriend, Lindsay Mills.

Back in the U.S., Snowden was assigned a new job at Dell, as a high-level systems administrator—or “sysadmin”—at an N.S.A. facility in Hawaii  Much of what is known of his life during the year he spent there, from April 2012 to May 2013 , comes via Mills’s Internet postings..In his new job, Snowden worked at the N.S.A.’s Kunia Regional Security Operations Center (known as “the Tunnel,” because it’s underground).

IT WAS A DELL EMPLOYEE THAT SNOWDEN STOLE MOST OF THE SECRET FILES Jew owned Dells role in the whole Snowden saga has been deliberately kept hidden

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Greenwald was born in New York City to Arlene and Daniel Greenwald both  Jewish . Shortly after his birth, Greenwald moved with his family to Lauderdale Lakes, Florida He graduated in law in 1994

Greenwald practiced law in the Litigation Department at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz (1994–1995); in 1996 he co-founded his own litigation firm, called Greenwald Christoph & Holland (later renamed Greenwald Christoph PC). One of his higher-profile cases was the representation of white supremacist Matthew F. Hale.

In February 2007, Greenwald became a contributing writer at Greenwald left on August 20, 2012 for The Guardian. The Guardian is closely associated with the Rothschilds

Acc to  VanityFair from December 2012, Snowden after having downloading  tens of thousands  of secret documents from secure NSA servers first contacted gay Jewish journalist Glen Greenwald who works for the Rothschild controlled Guardian . He then approached Laura Portais a film director and producer who in turn approached another Jewish Journalist Barton Gellman of the Washington Post Gellman is based at the Century Foundation, where he is a senior fellow He was the Jerusalem correspondent of the Washington Post between 1994-1999

On the side, in 2002, Greenwald  started a consulting company, Master Notions LLC, with his friend Jason Buchtel, a Los Angeles film producer. The company had an entertainment arm that operated an online retailer called “StudMall,” for sexually explicit gay DVDs. In 2015 when Snowden allegedly said that Mossad was behind ISIS it was Greenwald who first rushed in to deny that comment

Contrary to his public persona of a patriotic American here is what Greenwald had to say on Pollard and NSA spying on Israel  ……………Greenwald agreed that the Snowden revelations are relevant to Pollard’s case. It’s proper to raise Pollard’s case in the context of U.S. spying on its Israeli ally, he continued, because that underscores the hypocrisy of what the U.S. itself is doing.The U.S. government, Greenwald charged, does exactly what it accuses its enemies of doing, and no country has the right to say other countries shouldn’t do something while it is secretly violating that very same taboo.Asked about the U.S. government’s claim that the purpose of the eavesdropping is to fight terrorism, he responded by citing the documents’ revelations that the NSA EVESDROPPED ON BOTH German Chancellor Angela Merkel AND ISRAELI OFFICIALS  , asking, Does the U.S. government think Angela Merkel is a terrorist? Or that democratically elected Israeli officials are involved in terror?  Source

On 20 May 2013 Snowden came to Hong Kong , his luggage filled with laptop computers and thumb drives containing tens of thousands of secret documents he had stolen from the U.S. government from the NSA actually

AFTER the story broke NSA came up with a cover story on how Snowden had been able to download so many secret files : he had been given a special assignment to copy millions of files from the central N.S.A. computers on the mainland onto servers in Hawaii, “building up stockpiles of data there that the island could use,” says Ledgett, in the event of a power outage or a cyber-attack. In retrospect, it seems astounding that a single person—and an outside contractor at that—would be given such power to root through the country’s national intelligence archives

It seems equally astounding that the Chinese made no attempt whatsoever to capture such a supposedly massive treasure trove of US information On the contrary Snowden was allowed to pass on 10000 plus supposedly sensitive documents to Greenwald and Gellman One of the local persons who did help Snowden during his month long stay in the US was a Chinese lawyer named Albert Ho Chun-yan chairman of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China and was chairman of the Democratic Party from 2006 to 2012. The Hong Kong Alliance group is rumoured to be a CIA front .

NSA undertakes Signals intelligence (SIGINT)while the CIA work is HUMINT (Human Intelligence )  There is no love lost between the CIA and the NSA They compete for resources and more importantly they compete for Black Ops Money  NSA was supposedly using its superior technology to spy on Israeli Officials (see video above) It did suit the CIA to bring the NSA down a peg or two especially if no really important data was “exposed” The Israelis  wanted the NSA to stop its electronic spying on their officials . Like in 9/11 the interests of both groups coincided

Snowdens or as we must now say Greenwalds  “secret documents” (since he is supposedly the one with the only set of documents) have not said a word on

9/11 attacks

The Kennedy Assasinations

The USS Liberty incident

Operation Gladio

The Jew Mafia in the US

The CIA Fronts like Ford Foundation

The CIA Assassinations all over the world

The theft of US nuclear material by Zalman Shapiro

In short as far as the CIA was concerned all the data Snowden (and later Greenwald ) had was just fluff While the public may not have known what Greenwald published all other agencies probably knew

On June 22 2013 Snowden flew to Moscow from Hong Kong

Snowden said he GAVE ALL of the CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS he had obtained TO JOURNALISTS he met in Hong Kong , before flying to Moscow, and did not keep any copies for himself. He did not take the files to Russia “because it wouldn’t serve the public interest,” he said. Source New York Times


The whole set up seems to have been done with two goals in mind Take charge of  all the NSA documents and tarnish the NSA for its constant spying How the NSA spying stacks up against against similar SIGINT electronic spying by other agencies especially Mossad and its notorious Unit 8200 is anybody’s guess I wont expect Greenwald to ever do an expose on Unit 8200


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  1. says:

    It is all making sense now. Europe has declared him forgiven and kosher as a truth teller. That gets him a pass out of Russia. It was all most likely planned in advance.

  2. Nobody seems the least interested in asking Greenwald and friends to account for the thousands of documents in their possession .The only thing thats still uncertain is whether the CIA took back possession of the 10000 odd “secret documents” Snowden supposedly stole or whether they are too insignificant to matter

    Assuming everything Snowden and Reuters said is true and Greenwald actually possesses THOUSANDS of genuine stolen CIA documents legally he wld be a fair target for the C IA and it could have easily obtained arrest warrants against Greenwald .The very fact that the CIA seem least interested in arresting him says a lot about this saga

  3. Ced lo says:

    He would have thought that. So the whole thing was farse the media made it look like the nsa was just spying on americans. Come to find out they was just trying to keep tabs on Israel.

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