The founder of the Hambro dynasty a Levite named Calmer Hambro was born Calmer Joachim Levy in 1747 in Rendsburg, in Denmark, later acquired by Prussia in 1864. He grew up Hamburg, Germany, which is considered to be his hometown.He changed his name to Hambro upon moving to Copenhagen in 1778. Hambro took over his father-in-law’s business in Copenhagen in 1779. He later became a banker to the King of Denmark.Hambro married a cousin, Thobe Levi, the daughter of Isach Joseph Levi, in Copenhagen in 1778.They had a son, Joseph Hambro.

Joseph Hambro was a  merchant and banker. In 1800, he joined his father’s bank and renamed it C. J. Hambro & Son. Under his leadership, the bank gave loans to the Danish government from 1821 to 1827. Hambro became an advisor to Johan Sigismund von Møsting, who served as the Danish Minister of Finance. He was married to Marianne von Halle (1786–1838), the daughter of Wulf Levin von Halle (a Levite), a merchant from Copenhagen .They had a son, Carl Joachim Hambro, who moved to London, England, where he founded the Hambros Bank in 1839.



Carl Joachim Hambro was born in 1807 in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 1814, aged seven, Carl Hambro was sent to live with Danish zoology professor Johan Reinhardt and his wife. In 1822, Hambro, who was born into a Jewish family, was baptised and confirmed into the Christian religion at the behest of his foster parents. He left school in 1824 and worked in Le Havre, Antwerp and Bremen as well as North America. He returned to Copenhagen in 1829 and  in 1832, they moved to London and in 1839 established Hambros Bank there . During the 1850s he was responsible for arranging various British Government loan stock issues enabling the bank to prosper. He was made a Baron by King Frederik VII of Denmark in 1851. In 1833, he married Caroline Gostenhofer and together they went on to have three sons: Percival Hambro, Everard Hambro and Charles Hambro.


Everard Hambro

Everard Humbro started his career at the family business, Hambros Bank, in 1869. He served on the Board of Directors of the Bank of England from 1879 to 1925. He helped save Barings Bank in 1891. iN 1898 Baron Everard came to Indian and  tried (but failed ) to create an Indian Central Bank with Alfred Rothschild in 1911


Everards grandson  Charles Jocelyn Hambro, son of Everards son  Charles Eric Hambro,( 1897 – 1963) was a merchant banker and intelligence officer.At the start of the Second World War he was asked by Ronald Cross to join the  Special Operations Executive.From November 1941 he was deputy leader of SOE for 5 months.His first major action as head of the SOE was to meet with Colonel William Joseph Donovan, the head of the OSS and his opposite number. A disagreement over actions in the Middle East led Charles to resign in 1943. For the rest of the war he acted as head of the “British raw materials mission” in Washington ; a cover for exchanging information and technology between Britain and the United States which led to  Manhattan Project.

peter hambro

Peter Humbro

Peter Charles Percival Hambro (born 1945) is the great great grandson of Charles Joaquim Hambro founder of Hambros Bank via his son Percival Hambro  founder of Petropavlovsk plc, (formally Peter Hambro Mining), formerly one of the largest gold mining businesses in Russia.He then briefly worked at Hambros Bank before moving on to Smith St Aubyn, From 1985 to 1990 he worked at the old money Jewish bullion house Mocatta & Goldsmid, where he became a Deputy Managing Director.

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  1. Nick Dean says:

    The first pic is a later Carl Joachim, a Norwegian pol known as CJ, not Carl Joachim founder of Hambros in London – there were several in the family.

  2. Nick Dean says:

    Turns out CJ was behind the evacuation of Norway’s gold reserves of 50 tons during WWII. It is said that Norway did eventually receive back 10 tons in the 1980s, whether they did or this is just a partial save-face is anyone’s guess.

  3. Tnks for heads up on the wrong pic Nick Hopefully this is the correct Carl .
    If you have any links about the evacuation of Norways gold during WW II pls post

  4. Nick Dean says:


    does not mention Hambro at all, and yet his own wikipedia page gives him sole credit for ‘saving’ not just the gold, but the royal family, the government and other major pols, with just minutes to spare before the dread Nazis arrived:


    Hilarious! The scriptwriters at studio wiki need to conference more.

    Hambro’s version of events was given in short order, I SAW IT HAPPEN IN NORWAY, 1940 (at least 5 US prints in that year alone): http://www.fp-bookworks.com/?page=shop/flypage&product_id=5186

    Some of the tale: http://www.gometra1925.it/2/gold_transfer_journey_3490889.html

    “Hambro was too concerned with the fate of the precious cargo to spend much time with the crew of Gometra, either in port or while at sea.” (I’ve tidied up the english, there)

    Almost as if it were his own …

  5. Tnks for the links ……Speaking of Wikipedia watch this

    They want to ensure its BALANCED AND ZIONIST in nature ….. lol

    Heres a nice Levitical fairy tale from one of the links ——— In 1939, the advance of the Nazi army in northern Europe was constant and the invasion of Norway imminent. The head of the Norwegian Parliament Carl J. Hambro then devised a plan to rescue the royal family, members of the government and the country’s gold reserves. First move made all the gold in the north escaping the Nazi raids by dividing the load over more land convoys, trains and even small vessels. Later when it was clear that there would not remain safe areas, gold was transferred to England where, however, remained for a short time………………….. Fortunately, the cargo was not intercepted and had no incidents along his journey. Come to Halifax gold was stashed in Canadian banks while Gometra was discharged in the port of Halifax where Charles Rawling and William J. Roue found her. WHHHAAAT A PATRIOT OUR LEVITE CARL WONDER WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT GOLD IN CANADA

  6. Nick Dean says:

    Be thankful there wasn’t a movie!

  7. thestoker says:

    Reblogged this on The Stoker's Blog and commented:
    During the late 1930s there was a strong drive within Norway to disarm and make Norway wide open to USSR annexation, sorry liberation.

    Another part of the jigsaw falls into place.


  8. https://dublinsmick.wordpress.com says:

    I will reblog when I get a chance. Bear in mind however Anthony47 left this on my blog.

    There just happened to be multi site exercises planned for Paris on November 13th.

    As in London on 7/7 the emergency services just happened to be in place at the right time and simply went live.

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