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Ironically the author of the book Final Judgement,Michael Colins Piper  supposedly died alone in a hotel on June 1 2015 Inciodentally he was forced stay in a Hotel after his house mysteriously “burnt down”

According to Gordon Duff of Veterens Today I believe Piper was likely murdered.  Moreover, I also believe his heart condition was induced as well.  I believe this for reasons, reasons like Michael Hastings and John Wheeler and John O’Neill and Serena Shim and Mike Ruppert and Gary Webb and Roland Carnaby.It is best to assume Piper was murdered.  He was a target, he was living in a hotel in Idaho, he had been living in a cabin but it was “accidentally” burned down.  This put him in a hotel where his body could be conveniently found.

The Tie That Binds: What  All of the Most Commonly Accepted JFK Assassination Theories Have in Common— The Never-Mentioned Israeli Connection

Who killed John F. Kennedy? That question has plagued the world for a generation. What is it that we do know about The JFK murder that ties all of the differing theories together? What is it that all of the theories have in common? The blame for the assassination has been placed on numerous power groups, perhaps working independently or together. Most often named have been the CIA (or rogue elements thereof), organized crime and the anti-Castro Cuban network.

Yet, one power in particular—Israel and its spy agency, the Mossad—links all of these forces together . Israel , however , is the central player whose role has been consistently ignored.


Off With His Head: A Mossad Plot to Kill an American President

bush snr

Would Israel’s Mossad actually consider assassinating an American president perceived hostile to Israel? A former Mossad agent says “yes.” According to ex-Mossad man Victor Ostrovsky, the Israeli spy agency hatched a plan to kill President George Bush.


A Bad Habit: Israel’s Use of “False Flags” in Global Terrorism—Pointing the Finger of Guilt Elsewhere

false flag girl

Researchers in the JFK assassination controversy have repeatedly pointed out the false leads that continue to appear.

Most believe that Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin, was indeed what he claimed to be—the patsy—and that false clues had been laid by the real conspirators to make it appear a s though Oswald was an agent o f Fidel Castro or the Soviets or both.

The use of such “false flags” by Israel’s Mossad to cover up its own role in worldwide assassination conspiracies and other criminal activity has been documented time and again. “Arabs,” “the Mafia,” “right-wing extremists,” and others have repeatedly taken the fall for crimes committed by the Mossad or carried out under its coordination.


 No Love Lost: JFK, Meyer Lansky, the Mafia & the Israeli Lobby

There was a long history of bitter enmity between John F. Kennedy and his powerful father Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy and organized crime boss Meyer Lansky, stemming in part from the senior Kennedy’s deals with the underworld.

This, however, did not stop the Kennedy family from cutting deals with the crime syndicate when it came to winning elections. The Kennedy family’s alleged anti-Semitism didn’t do anything to improve JFK’s relations with Israel and its American lobby either. Kennedy’s intervention in the issue of Algerian independence from France also drew sharp criticism from the Israeli lobby as well.

Yet, when John F. Kennedy sought the presidency, he was willing to cut deals with the Israeli lobby—for a price. By the end of his presidency, however, Kennedy had reneged on his deals, not only with Israel’s Godfather, Meyer Lansky, and his henchmen in the Mafia, but also with the Israeli lobby.


Genesis: JFK’s Secret War With Israel

The history books have told us of John F. Kennedy’s epic struggles with Fidel Castro and the Soviets in the Bay of Pigs debacle and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Yet, only in recent years have we begun to learn of Kennedy’s secret war with Israel. Much of the conflict stemmed from Israel’s determination to build a nuclear bomb.This is a hidden history that helps explain in part the dynamic forces at work resulting in Kennedy’s assassination.

By mid-1963 Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion hated Kennedy with a passion. In fact, he considered JFK a threat to the very survival of the Jewish State.


The Coming of the Messiah: Lyndon Johnson Rushes to Israel’s Rescue; U.S. Middle East Policy Is Reversed


Within weeks of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, Israel was perhaps the most immediate primary beneficiary of Kennedy’s death—although this was not something that the controlled media told the American people.

The most immediate individual beneficiary of JFK’s death was, of course, Lyndon Johnson who was a political favorite of Israel and its allies in Meyer Lansky’s Organized Crime Syndicate.

It was Johnson who promptly reversed Kennedy’s Middle East policy and who, for all intents and purposes, according to one historian, established Israel as America’s 51st state.


Israel’s Godfather: The Man in the Middle Meyer Lansky, the CIA, the FBI & the Israeli Mossad


If it had not been for international crime boss Meyer Lansky there might not be a state of Israel today. This is something that Israel would rather be forgotten. Israel was established as a state, in major part, through the political, financial and moral support of Meyer Lansky and his associates and henchmen in Organized Crime .

Lansky’s interests and Israel’s interest s were almost incestuous . In fact , Lansky ‘ s chief European money laundering bank was an operation run under the auspices of a high-ranking, long time officer of Israel’s Mossad.

Lansky ‘ s intimate ties with no t only American intelligence (including both the CIA and the FBI) made the Jewish mobster the “untouchable” leader of the global organized crime syndicate.


Thick as Thieves: A Dangerous Liaison— James Jesus Angleton and the Unholy Alliance Between Israel, the CIA and the Meyer Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate

00angletonCec1FILE--Former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, shown in this May, 1991 file photo, a staunch opponent of land-for-peace agreements with the Arabs, announced ,Tuesday, Dec, 26, 1995 that he will not run for parliament in the 1996 general elections. (AP Photo/File/Nati Harnick)

James Jesus Ahgleton and Yitzak Shamir

By 1963 John F. Kennedy was not only at war with Israel and the Meyer Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate, but he was also at war with their closely in the international intelligence underworld—the CIA. That was a deadly combination. The CIA and Israel had forged a close-working strategic alliance in the previous decade. Their joint enterprises around the globe tied the CIA and Israel together inextricably. Israel’s interests—and the CIA’s interests—were often one and the same, perhaps too often. Likewise with the Meyer Lansky crime network.

Yitzhak Shamir – headed the Mossad’s assassination squad at the time of the JFK assassination. A former French intelligence officer has charged that Shamir himself arranged the hiring of JFK’s actual assassins through a close ally in French intelligence.

“In the sixties the Counterintelligence Staff, for example, had its very own secret slush fund, which Angleton tightly controlled.In short, according to Peter Dale Scott, Angleton “managed a ‘second CIA’ within the CIA”262 and one, as we shall see, that was collaborating all

As part of the plot against Castro the CIA established its now infamous ZR/Rifle Team, incorporating a wide array of foreign assassins The ZR/Rifle Team, in fact, was one of Angleton’s pet in-house CIA projects which he ran in conjunction with his CIA colleague, William Harvey.274 This, in the long run, gave Angleton and his Israeli allies access to the “talent” necessary to achieve a successful operation in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas on November 22,


A Little Unpleasantness: JFK’s War With Israel’s Allies at the CIA


JFK’s battle with the CIA over the Bay of Pigs debacle was just the beginning. By November of 1963, JFK was not only fighting the CIA’s Israeli allies over the nuclear bomb, but he was also resisting efforts by the CIA to involve the United States more deeply in Southeast Asia.

In fact, JFK planned to dismantle the CIA entirely—a move that would threaten Israel’s power base in official Washington.

At the same time, the CIA and the Mossad were also engaged in efforts to undermine French President Charles DeGaulle. In the end, the intrigue against DeGaulle would prove to play a little-known but critical part in the JFK assassination conspiracy.


Little Man’s Little Man: Meyer Lansky & Carlos Marcello— Did the Mafia Kill JFK?

Meyer-lanskyCarlos Marcello

Mayer Lansky  and Carlos Marcello

Meyer Lansky’s Louisiana front-man, Carlos Marcello, has become a favourite target for JFK assassination researchers who like to claim that “The Mafia Killed JFK.”

The fact is that Marcello’s most formidable chief accuser, G. Robert Blakey , staff director of the House Select Committee on Assassinations, had been on the payroll of a key figure in the Meyer Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate. Marcello was only one cog in the Lansky Syndicate. His key placement in New Orleans—scene of much of the pre assassination planning—makes him the perfect fall guy.

Marcello also had ties to Israel’s allies in the CIA. There’s a lot more to the Marcello story than meets the eye.


Cuban Love Song: Meyer Lansky, the Mafia, the CIA and the Mossad and the Castro Assassination Plots

Sam giancanaSanto Traficante Jnr

Sam Giancana Santo Traficante Jnr

Three top “Mafia” figures—Sam Giancana and Johnny Rosselli of Chicago and Santo Trafficante, Jr. of Tampa— were key figures in the CIA-Mob plots against Fidel Castro and often linked to the JFK assassination.

Although the three Italian-American gangsters were major mob players, evidence shows they also were—like Carlos Marcello— subordinates of Meyer Lansky.

Amazing new evidence demonstrates Giancana (and Rosselli) were actively collaborating with the Mossad, essentially mere ‘front men” for Meyer Lansky’s little-known Chicago partner-in-crime, Mossad-connected Hyman Larner, the real ‘boss” of the mob in the Windy City.


 An Opiate for the Masses: The Lansky-CIA-Southeast Asian Drug Pipeline and the Mossad Connection


Tampa, Florida Mafia boss Santo Trafficante, Jr. has frequently been mentioned as a possible mastermind behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The media has also portrayed Trafficante as the prime mover behind the international heroin racket operating out of Southeast Asia. However, the truth is that it was Meyer Lansky who was the primary architect of the global drug operations. Trafficante was his immediate underling.

The Lansky heroin pipeline was conducted through the CIA-backed French Corsican Mafia in Marseille and used the CIA’s covert activities in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War as a cover for its operations. In fact, all the evidence suggests that the drug smuggling was a joint CIA-Organized Crime venture.

What’s more, Lansky’s chief drug money laundering bank in Switzerland was a Mossad operation. Thus, the Lansky Crime Syndicate/Mafia connections with Israel’s allies in the CIA are even deeper and more intimate than we have been led to believe.


 Israel’s California Connection: Mickey Cohen and the JFK Assassination Conspiracy


The role of Meyer Lansky’s West Coast Henchman — longtime Israeli loyalist Mickey Cohen—in the JFK assassination conspiracy is one of history’s little-known stories. Cohen — who was one of Jack Ruby’s idols — apparently had a direct hand in the initial stages of Israeli machinations against J ohn F. Kennedy.

Ev idence suggests also that the death of film actress Marilyn Monroe was linked, in fact, to the Israeli connection in the JFK assassination conspiracy.


The Errand Boy: Jack Ruby Was More “Mossad” Than “Mafia”

kenny's sideshow: JFK, Oswald, Ruby, the CIA and the Mossad

Jack Ruby’s connections to the criminal underworld are well-documented. However, what is almost always ignored is Ruby’s integral link to the Meyer Lansky Crime Syndicate—not “the Mafia. And while there are occasional references to Ruby’s CIA connections, his equally profound ties to Israeli intelligence are strictly ignored.

A complete examination of the real Jack Ruby—not the Ruby of legend—points further toward the likelihood of Mossad involvement in the assassination of President Kennedy.

JFK researcher A. J. Weberman has revealed the little-known fact that Ruby traveled to Israel in 1955

Meyer Lanksys personal courier Jim Braden was on the scene in Dealay Plaza and was actually arrested but soon released . Jim Braden had visited the same Dallas office of the H. L. Hunt Oil Company that Jack Ruby visited on November 21, 1963—and at approximately the same time.That one of Meyer Lansky’s chief couriers would be in Dallas and moving in Ruby’s sphere of operations is evidence of a direct link between Lansky and Ruby.

What may, in the end, be most telling about Ruby’s Mossad connections came out as late as 2003 when William F. Pepper, longtime attorney for Martin Luther King’s alleged assassin, James Earl Ray, published his book An Act of State. In that book Pepper asserted that in 1963 Ruby was involved in an international arms smuggling operation—based in part in Texas—which involved “a senior Mossad agent working in South America who acted as a senior liaison to the U.S. military and CIA.”‘

After Ruby shot Oswald it was Lansky’s West Coast henchman, Mickey Cohen’s long time friend—and attorney—Melvin Belli who stepped forward as Jack Ruby’s defense attorney.


The Twain Shall Meet— The Permindex Mystery: Israel, the CIA, the Lansky Crime Syndicate and the Plot to Kill John F. Kennedy


Central to understanding the joint Mossad-CIA-Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate nexus in the plot to assassinate John F. Kennedy is to recognize the importance of a little explored corporate entity based in Rome and known as Permindex. New Orleans businessman Clay Shaw, indicted by Jim Garrison for conspiracy in the JFK assassination, served on the Permindex board of directors. Many assassination researchers have contended that Permindex was a covert CIA money laundering operation. Shaw, of course, did have ties with the CIA. .

All of the firm evidence indicates Permindex was an Israeli operation—with close CIA connections—and tied inextricably with the Meyer Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate. Unraveling the mystery of Permindex explains the web of intrigue that ties all of the key players in the conspiracy .The Permindex connection is also the famous “French connect ion” to the JFK assassinat ion. And as we shall see, the French connection is, actually, the Israeli connection.


 Double Cross in Dallas? What Really Happened in Dealey Plaza ? James Jesus Angleton, E. Howard Hunt and the JFK Assassination. The Truth About the “French Connection”


CIAs Mossad spy James Angleton and E Howard Hunt

It was in a little publicized libel trial conducted in Miami in 1985 that veteran Kennedy assassination investigator Mark Lane proved to the satisfaction of a jury that the CIA played a part in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Lane’s groundbreaking best seller, Plausible Denial, published in 1991, told the whole incredible story.

Evidence from that trial also points toward Israel’s connection to the assassination through the offices of Israel’s CIA ally, James Jesus Angleton . It was Angleton who assisted in the cover-up of his favorite foreign nation’s central role alongside the CIA in the murder of JFK.

There is also strange new evidence that there was much more happening in Dealey Plaza in Dallas than even many of those involved in the events surrounding the JFK assassination really knew.

As part of the plot against Castro the CIA established its now infamous ZR/Rifle Team, incorporating a wide array of foreign assassins .This, in the long run, gave Angleton and his Israeli allies access to the “talent” necessary to achieve a successful operation in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas on November 22 The names of the actual hit men will probably never be known

Yitzhak Shamir headed the Mossad’s assassination squad at the time of the JFK assassination. A former French intelligence officer has charged that Shamir himself arranged the hiring of JFK’s actual assassins through a close ally in French intelligence.


They Dare Not Speak Out: The Media’s Silence— Why Israel’s Role in the JFK Assassination Could Not Be Exposed

The influence of Israel and its lobby over the American media would have made it difficult for anyone who even suspected that Israel had a hand in the JFK assassination to get the word out.

The media promoted the conclusions of the Warren Commission and savaged its critics. And when the media did place the blame it was on Fidel Castro.

The reporting of syndicated columnist Drew Pearson and the sensational Oliver Stone film JFK are classic case studies of how Israeli-linked media sources have manipulated public perception of the murder of President Kennedy.


The Heir to the Throne The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy Israel, Iran, Lansky & the CIA

WK.0103.Getty.08 -- Boris Yaro (born 1938), Robert F. Kennedy Shooting (close-up), Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles 1968. American. Gelatin silver. Photograph. On display at the Getty Center in 2007.

WK.0103.Getty.08 —  Robert F. Kennedy Shooting (close-up), Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles 1968.

The murder of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, younger brother of the slain president, was vital to the continuing cover-up of the truth about the JFK assassination.

If RFK had made it to the White House he would finally have had the power to bring his brother’s killers to justice.

The slaying of Robert F. Kennedy links not only Israel and its allies in the CIA and the Meyer Lansky Organized Crime Syndicate, but also SAVAK, the secret police of the Shah of Iran.


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  1. Ivan says:

    Jake Ruben, alias Ruby grew up on the wrong side of Chicago. A low class Jew like him was unlikely to have any kind of affection for a Catholic, let alone the famous son of Joseph P Kennedy. The elder Kennedy is a stock antisemite, for the Jews in the US, right up there with Lindbergh and Henry Ford. Yet somehow this pimp was all teared up at the death of JFK and wanted to spare Mrs Kennedy the trauma and so had to kill Oswald. Epic inconsistencies abound in the Kennedy assassination.

  2. Greg Bacon says:

    RFK was murdered by the same SOB’s who killed his brother, almost on the anniversary of the savage Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, by a Palestinian, no less.

    On the anniversary of the treacherous Israeli attack on the Liberty, when some might of been asking what happened, the nation was in mourning, shocked again over the brutal murder of another Kennedy.

    That Sirhan was portrayed as a Palestinian gave Israel a two for one deal; and both nations have been going downhill ever since, with the same malignant parasite destroying both.

  3. Speaking of the Liberty ive read for the first time that the US military might have gotten its revenge The Israeli sub Dakar sank with all hands aboard in 1968 just one year after USS Liberty

    Yes using Sirhan Sirhan was brilliant Micheal Piper believes he was a SAVAK asset SAVAK in turning being totally in CIA Mossad pockets

    The real lesson of the Kennedy(s) assassinations was how high ranking Crypto Jews in strategic positions can control a nation In this case I’m talking about Lyndon Johnson and Angleton

  4. Chu says:

    Don’t forget the entire JFK assassination happened to be filmed by Abe Zapruder – A Soviet Jew (born in Ukraine) and a supposed ‘freemason’, but likely a Bolshevik Zionist at heart.

  5. Chu says:

    This Dimona documentary ties some of the JFK puzzle to Dimona nuclear reactor. Most of the relevant info is past minute 25.

    Kennedy stated his demands in a letter to Levi Eshkol dated July 5, 1963, less than ten days after Eshkol became prime minister of Israel. The document is in the Israel State Archive, and is online at the National Security Archive, in a section titled Israel and the Bomb.

    2.Kennedy assassination November 22, 1963

    And Jack Ruby (born Jacob Rubenstein, Orthodox Jew) killed Lee Harvey Oswald, because Dallas needed to “redeem” itself in the eyes of the public, and that Oswald’s death would spare “…Mrs. Kennedy the discomfiture of coming back to trial.“, never made sense.

  6. Tnks for the video Chu Speaking of Zapruder I cant help but wonder if he wasnt a Mossad Sayanim documenting the event like the 5 dancing Israelis of 9/11

    The positioning of the camera was eerie to say the least It didnt just capture JFKs head being blown up (utterly destroyed as the Holy Torah puts it) but it conveniently left no trace of the assassins

  7. Chu says:

    I’d say he was. And notice how Zapruder doesn’t even wiggle the camera when the US president is shot. I’d say most people would recoil in some way, but he was cool & steady, as if he were expecting the gunshots.

  8. Just put up the Zapruder tape so ppl will know wht the hell we r talking about. BTW there were two more films the Muchmore and Nix films

  9. C. Moore says:

    Yes, JFK tried to stop Israel from developing nuclear weapons; that alone was motive enough
    for Mossad to assassinate him. Another motive was his support for the return of the 750,000
    Palestinians the Zionists expelled in 1948. LBJ was in on the plot because he lusted to be President; he was a Zionist; he wanted the war on Vietnam which JFK planned to end. Oswald
    was a patsy and Ruby the Zionist assassin to close his mouth. I knew all this instantly at the time.
    I also knew that Mossad & elements within the CIA did 9/11 – so obvious! Anyone who took high school physics would know that two 104 floor steel framed buildings could not fall down in 10
    seconds, even with multiple planes striking them. Anyone looking at Bush reading “My Pet Goat”
    KNEW he was culpable. It was like the play within the play in Hamlet, exposing the murder of
    the deposed King.

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