This is UNVERIFIED information from a blog called Six Sides green http://www.sixdegreesnews.org/

The source is  http://www.sixdegreesnews.org/Trickle-Down-Economics-in-India-Whats-common-between-bureaucrats-salaries-business-persons-tea-and-farmer-suicides


Gautam Adani and Kuok Khoon Hong (CEO of Wilmar)

M/s Adani had formed a Joint venture with Wilmar company of singapore last year for marketing of food products in india. Adani Wilmar Ltd, is the producer of fortune brand food products in India. The JV company aimed to collect agri produces on large scale from farmers in major pulses producing states.

They could not do it as there was a cap on mass collection and storage of food items. Last April, Adani could manage to get that cap on three pulses Arhar, Moong and Urad removed thru a government order.


And since then the company started collecting  tons of pulses every day @Rs30/kg (0.5 USD). They accumulated more than 100 lakh tons of pulses in their large scale warehouses. Perhaps the entire seasons produce from three states were collected by the company.

The result. In the market only Adani Wilmar was having stock.

The wholesale and retail prices was decided by them.

They sold the pulses @Rs220/Kg (3.5 USD). Which was collected @Rs 30 (0.5 USD).

Ok now for some simple math

They accumulated more than 100 lakh tons of pulses in their large scale warehouses.

10000000 tons (Seven zeros) just so we dont lose track or 10 million tons

Thats 10000000*1000 Kilos=10000000000 (10 zeros) or 10,000 million kilos

Purchase price =30 Sale price = 220

Profit per Kilo = 190 /kilo

Now Adani has a 10,000 million or 10000000000 kilos

Adanis profit = 10000000000*190= 1900000000000=190000 Crore


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7 Responses to A 190,000 CRORE HIDDEN ADANI SCAM?

  1. Kapil Agarwal says:

    Can you also write about the total production of pulses and in storage.
    Otherwise this story has no basis. Just shoot and scoot.

  2. For the purpose of this story if the purchase and sale price by a monopolizing business is known its enough Look at the unverified disclaimer on top .This is not a blog about agricultural statistics or Dalal hoarding tactics You being an Agarwal sld be an expert on those

    The Modus operandi of the scam was outlined by India Today ………they just didnt name the hoarder Now stop trolling

    • Kapil Agarwal says:

      If the numbers are not verified i am sure you are shooting in the air, just to make noises.
      By the way i am agarwal and catch a slimy liar specially in food grains market. That is the expertise i got in my DNA. This will be reported.

  3. You are a retard The article did come with a disclaimer in the first line itself That itself sld have been enough You read it on an as is basis or go eff yourself

    The remark on Agarwals was uncalled for and I apologise to all honest Agarwals

    Given the way uve taken personnel offense it you seem like an Adani employee No more tripe from you on this blog Now shoo off

  4. Why publish unverified things and create a flutter.This is as good as rumour mongering.

  5. Fabricação de produtos, funcionamento de serviços, etc. http://psfk.tumblr.com

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