Arvind Kejriwal started his social activism with the RTI Movement His rise to political power and the formation of the Aam Aadmi Party however was closely associated with a samll time Maharashtrian activist Anna Hazare and the India against corruption and Jan LokPal Movement BOTH Hazare and Kejriwal and their backers hijacked the IAC and Jan Lok Pal movements using devious unscrupulous means


India against Corruption was actually founded way back in 1924 It was affiliated to the Hindustan Republican Association and one of its founding members was  Sachindranath Sanyal .


Sachindranath Sanyal

April 1973

On 17 April 1973, the moribund ‘India Against Colonialism’ body was revived and renamed as India Against Corruption for purposes of filing a petition before the Allahabad High Court by HRA leader, the late Raj Narain.

Oct 13-15 2006

The current IAC (“India Against Corruption”) was again revived by anti-corruption and transparency activists who met between 13.Oct.2006-15.Oct.2006 at New Delhi . These included many eminent persons associated with the National Campaign for Political Reform in India which was formed in 2002.

21 Feb 2007

This pioneering anti-corruption people’s movement was thereafter reconvened by Sarbajit Roy on 21.Feb.2007 when he had received information about Kejriwals RTI movement outside the Headquarters of the Central Information Commission (“CIC”) at New Delhi.


Photos of IAC  in its new avtaar on Feb 26 2007 Members present include Kejriwal Sisodia and Veeresh Malik

26 Feb 2007

The name “India Against Corruption” was adopted on 26.Feb.2007 outside the CIC office in presence of many NCPRI activists . Roy proposed that the permission to use the IAC name for a movement to monitor accounts of Common Wealth Games 2010, already initiated by Veeresh Malik, would be obtained from the “Hindustan Republican Army” (action wing of HRA) who were known to him.


Accordingly, IAC began filing a series of coordinated Right to Information (RTI)) requests to elicit information from the Government bodies and Games Organising Committees. This took place between 2007 and 2010 and over 11,000 pages of highly damaging information was gathered by a crack team of national activists headed by Roy and Veeresh Malik from Delhi and Pune known as the “HumJanenge” (We shall know).



The Movement which was generally apolitical and not too popular was invaded by frontal organizations of the RSS and RSS men People like RSS friendly gurus like Baba Ramdev and Sri Sri and other individuals with right wing leanings and Magsaysay awards under their belts like Kiran Bedi started getting associated with Hazare and IACHowever the main IAC still had many individuals and small groups which had a socialist backgrounds like Yogendra Yadav  and some even had Congress Party links It was during this time that people with corporate backgrounds and agendas like “journalist Shivendar Singh Chouhan joined the movement

2010-2011 RSS Govindacharya brings together Hazare Kejriwal Sri Sri and Ramdev


Admitting his role in the Lokpal agitation for the first time on Monday, RSS ideologue K N Govindacharya claimed that he is the “common thread that binds” Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal.Govindacharya’s Rash-triya Swabhiman Andolan is believed to have played a crucial role in bringing together Hazare, yoga guru Ramdev, and Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. “I am with all anti-corruption movements that seek to rewrite the rules of the political game,” he said.

2 Oct 2010

On 2 Oct. 2010, “IAC-HQ” communicated to Sarbajit Roy their in-principle nod that its revolutionary banner of “India Against Corruption” could also be used for a wider popular movement against the excesses of Congress misrule. Accordingly, IAC leaders sponsored some NGOs to promote andolans to spread IAC’s research in public domain

18 Oct 2010


On 18 Oct. 2010, it was announced at a public meeting that the Delhi based NGO “Public Cause Research Foundation” (“PCRF”) a Trust having Arvind Kejriwal, and Manish Sisodia as its founding members Trustees could act as common “Secretariat” for the diverse andolans and to coordinate with media and for public relations etc.

Nov 2010


“Team Anna” with the fake CWG FIR filed in a Delhi Police Station

On 14 Nov. 2010, at a public meeting it was announced an “FIR” had been lodged in Parliament Street Police station on behalf of “India Against Corruption” against the CWG scams.This too was false as the SHO had refused to take cognizance as the offenses came under a special law (PCI Act) A retd. Chief Justice (Justice D.S.Tewatia) then suggested another complaint delivered to the Anti-Corruption Bureau (SP-CBI) that very day. This was quickly put together and was very badly xeroxed by Arvind to make it unreadable. The shoddy complaint was dismissed by the Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Amit Bansal on 26 Nov.2011 who also directed in another matter that a FIR be registered against Kiran Bedi for duping various police organization. IAC which was then holding over 7,000 pages of hard evidence, had refused to share any information with PCRF due to mounting mistrust over the direction the andolan was taking. Thus the CWG scam for which the IAC had ostensibly been started was conviniently dumped down the drain   This  pump and dump pattern was to be followed  with Jan Lok Pal too

9 Dec 2010

The right of  usage of IAC name was withdrawn on 9 Dec. 2010 to Team Arvind when they proposed to use it for a Jan Lokpal Bill campaign.

Jan 2011 First Time IAC talks about the Lok Pal bill


Elderly members of the Gaandhian Satyagrah Brigade agitating for LokPal Bill in 2010

For a long time another organisation “Gandhi Sewa & Satyagraha Brigade – GSSB” was agitating for Lokpal Bill as well as the return of “BlackMoney to India and the confiscation of “black” assets in India. Under deceitful circumstances, GSSB’s Lokpal Bill indefinite fast since 1 Jan. 2011 was broken up by so-called “Team Anna”, whereas their ” Return Black Money to India” andolan was somehow subsumed into Baba Ramdev‘s “Bharat Swabhiman Trust” due to old age of the Gandhians

Jan 2011


IAC has no association with the meeting, organised by Kiran Bedi and Agnivesh, which took place on 30 Jan.2011 at Delhi’s Ram Lila grounds by misusing IAC’s banner of “India Against Corruption” which their Secretary had been previously repeatedly instructed not to use. IAC came to know the entire show at Ram Lila Grounds was sponsored by the ‘Times of India’ media chain with whom the event organisers had signed agreements as far back as 16 Nov. 2010 to conduct their fake protest in name and style of “India Against Corruption” and “Bhrastachar ke Khilaf JanYudh (People’s war against corruption)”.

March 2011

In March 2011 the RSS’s core committee the Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha meeting at Puttur (Karnataka) gave its tacit support to Ramdev’s andolan.

April 2011

On 02 Apr. 2011, the RSS announced the formation of an anti-corruption front, with Baba Ramdev as its patron and K.N. Govindacharaya as its convener . On 8 April 2011 a letter from Suresh (“Bhaiyya”) Joshi pledging RSS support to Anna was publicly delivered to Anna at his fast venue by Ram Madhav and Ors.

May 2011

On 12 May 2011, the RSS student front organization (ABVP), floated an organization called Youth against Corruption for Baba Ramdev and again misused IAC’s name. A week later RSS’s Suresh Joshi directed every swayamsevak to render all possible cooperation to Shri Baba Ramdev. This was followed up by VHP’s Ashok Singhal issuing a similar circular.

Nov 08 2011


Ninety year old Gandhian Shambhu Dutt conned by Team Anna

 The GSSB (like HRA) publicly protested that they were deceived and betrayed by Team Anna..

April 2012


Once it started becoming apparent in early 2012 that HRA and not dance to their tune and would be taking over the fake IAC campaign to shut it down, Subramanian Swamy and Baba Ramdev started another fake body Action Committee Against Corruption in India (ACACI) on 2 Apr. 2012 . Today the ACACI Facebook page is used by Swamys trolls to peddle Sangh Propganda on present day issues not even remotely linked to corruption

May 25 2012

Rifts appeared in Team Anna yet again . In a letter to Arvind Kejriwal, Shivendra Singh Chauhan has openly accused the former revenue services officer of systematically trying to steal Hazare’s thunder by promoting himself for personal gain. Source

Sept 2012

By Sept 2012 Team Anna had split up Hazare and Kejriwal agreed on 19 September 2012 that their differences regarding a role in politics were irreconcilable. Kejriwal had support from some anti-corruption movement activists, such as Prashant Bhushan and Shanti Bhushan, but was opposed by others such as Kiran Bedi and Santosh Hegde.

Oct 2012

On 2 October, 2012 Kejriwal announced that he was forming a political party and that he intended the formal launch to be on 26 November Incidentally by 2012 the media was blindly associating IAC with the united Team Anna completely ignoring the real origins of IAC

Nov 06 2012,

Admitting his role in the Lokpal agitation for the first time on Monday, RSS ideologue K N Govindacharya claimed that he is the “common thread that binds” Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal. Govindacharya’s Rash-triya Swabhiman Andolan is believed to have played a crucial role in bringing together Hazare, yoga guru Ramdev, and Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. . Source

26 Nov 2012

Aam Aadmi Party is born with Kejriwal as President

Jan 31 2013

The andolan formerly known as India Against Corruption will henceforth be organised under the banner of Jantantra Morcha , veteran activist Anna Hazare said on Wednesday.Source

 15 Oct.2013


Shivendra Chauhan, Gaurav Bakshi, Mahesh Geiri join BJP  to promote Narendra Modi’s campaign.


Shivendra S Chauhan

Beside the not so well hidden RSS/BJP ties to team Anna there is another more sinister force behind it . This is the corporate Global NWO possible foreign agency links represented by a perfect behind the scenes operator called Shivendar Singh Chauhan

In a May 2011 interview  Shivendra says it was mid-November 2010  when he thought about the IAC campaign. “I met Arvind and his team. WE (KEJRIWAL & CHAUHAN) WORKED HARD AND ARRANGED A RALLY AT INDIA GATE ON JANUARY 3 (Semi literate Army truck driver Anna Hazare might have been tehe public face of the IAC & Lok Pal Movement but the real drivers were Kejriwal Chauhan the RSS and other corporate NWO forces ) Shivendra says it was mid-November when he thought about the IAC campaign . More than 30,000 people were there, it was unexpected for Arvind ji but not for me.” “Though we don’t support pseudo–revolutionaries, but if government will not pass Janlokpal Bill in this parliamentary session, we will TURN THE RED FORT INTO TAHRIR SQUARE ON AUGUST 15.”

By May 2012 Kejriwal and Chauhan were publicly fighting By November 2012 Kejriwal had formed AAP and by Oct 2013 Chauhan had joined the BJP IN MAY 2014 CHAUHAN JOINED RELIANCE INDUSTRIES 

Heres his Linked In Ac  and this is his bio in brief Shivendra Singh Chauhan  previously led the online strategy for India Against Corruption (IAC), and joined Reliance Industries as its New Media strategist. Chauhan is quite the activist: he has also been the director of mobilization at Greenpeace India, and a consultant with Awaaz.org. He was Deputy News Editor at Times Internet Limited, and has previously worked at CNBCTV18, as Associate Producer, from December 2002 to March 2005.

Many had questioned whether the Hazare movement is really as spontaneous as its leaders would like the public to think, or whether it is more manufactured.Journalist  Poornima Joshi even wrote that Hazare’s support base had two steel  frames – Ford  Foundation-funded  NGOs and RSS-backed activists.’

Main Source  http://www.indiaagainstcorruption.org.in/#tocanchor1

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