The (New?) Jewish plan for the Middle East now involves breaking up Syria and Iraq and the creation of two new client puppet states ……Kurdistan and Iraqi Sunnistan (whatever its official name will be ) . The sudden rise of the virtually unknown ISIS by a virtual media blitzkrieg which has to have Jewish media support was all part of the plan .  This will accompany the already existing plan to break up Iraq .

With it becoming increasingly  clear that  that Assad will  win the civil war raging in Syria with Russian help the plan to takeover Syria and let it break it self like Syria seems to have been modified to breaking up Syria in the “interests of peace” using NATO or US troops or airpower because Syria cannot survive as a single state  . As if the ghouls who started the Syrian Civil war ever cared about Syria or peace

Whether this was the original plan all along or its just the modified plan after Russian intervention isnt clear Whats clear is the Jews want a Kurdistan as a bulwark against all the Arab states Netanyahu has made that amply clear in 2014 and 2015

On achieving the dream of the Kurds to form a state of their own, Netanyahu said, “The Kurdish people are fighters, as they save their promises of political commitments, they are worthy of independence  . 2015 Source

The Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has voiced support for Kurdish statehood, taking a position that appears to clash with the US preference to keep sectarian war-torn Iraq united. Pointing to the mayhem in Iraq, Netanyahu on Sunday called for the establishment of an INDEPENDENT KURDISTAN as part of a broader alliance with moderate forces across the region, 2014 Source



Here’s Michael Herzog  idea of what sld happen to Syria Brig. Gen. (IDF ret.) Herzog, formerly head of strategic planning for the IDF and chief of staff to Israel’s minister of defence, is a Senior Visiting Fellow at BICOM and an International Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.


Michael Herzog

Successfully defeating ISIS would almost certainly involve the need for greater NATO commitment and GROUND TROOPS . However, this is not another Iraq war, is far from mission impossible and the alternatives are worse.

In reality, given the bleak picture described above it is hard to see SYRIA REUNIFIED AS ONE FUNCTIONING POLITICAL ENTITY in the foreseeable future. Defeating ISIS is a pre-requisite to a solution in Syria, (if there is one to be had), rather than the other way round, while the likelihood of currently securing an agreement that will be implemented by the stakeholders is very slim.


It is time for the west – the us and its major European allies – to adopt a different strategy towards ISIS directed at defeating it on the ground, based on an international COALITION  IN SUPPORT OF KURDISH AND SELECT SUNNI TRIBAL FORCES.

KURISH MILITIA forces together WITH select SUNNI TRIBAL forces could serve as the core ground force for such a coalition. Kurdish combatant forces in Syria are estimated at around 25,000 . To them must be added several thousand select Sunni tribal forces (some of which already cooperate with the Kurds), who will ultimately have to GOVERN LIBERATED SUNNI AREAS SUCH AS RAQQA. SOURCE

And heres what an American Neocon Warmonger  (probable crypto Jew ) Michael Bolton has to say on Syria


Today’s reality is that Iraq and Syria as we have known them are gone. The Islamic State has carved out a NEW ENTITY from the post-Ottoman Empire settlement, mobilizing Sunni opposition to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad and the Iran-dominated government of Iraq. Also emerging, after years of effort, is a de facto INDEPENDENT KURDISTAN .


If, in this context, defeating the Islamic State means restoring to power Mr. Assad in Syria and Iran’s puppets in Iraq, that outcome is neither feasible nor desirable . Rather than striving to recreate the post-World War I map, Washington should recognize the new geopolitics. The best alternative to the Islamic State in northeastern Syria and western Iraq is a new, INDEPENDENT SUNNI STATE .



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  1. rehmat1 says:

    Herzog also asserted that ISIS is a terrorist group, but it doesn’t pose any threat to Israel. He said the real ‘existential’ threat to Israel is Hizbullah which has nearly 100,000 rockets and shares common borders with Israel. He also claimed that as result of the US-Iran nuclear agreement, Hizbullah has been further emboldened.

    “Israelis judge developments in Syria first and foremost in the context of the danger posed by the Iranian-led axis – including Hizbullah and its 100,000 rockets aimed at Israel – which continues to pose by far the greater strategic threat to Israel, and is emboldened by the nuclear deal,” Herzog said.

    “ISIS is not focused on Israel, and is therefore not considered by Israelis to be a direct and immediate strategic threat to them. From an Israeli perspective, the gravest strategic threat still comes from the Iranian-led axis,” Herzog added.

    Herzog, as a coward, cannot face the reality that Israeli army posses nuclear-equipped submarines, F16s, tanks, US-financed Iron Dome, 177,000 soldiers and 445,000 military reserve. Israel has an annual military budget of $17 billion not to include $3 billion US military aid. Contrary to that Hizbullah has no jet, no tank, no naval boat, and less than 5,000 fighters and total operational budget of less than $180 million. But Hizbullah still beat the hell out of Jewish army in 2000 and 2006.

  2. RV says:

    Cultural Marxist Left and Islam Alliance are Jewish Tools of Divide and Conquer!!!

    (supporting article ;-))

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