Aznar, born in Madrid in 1953, was the son of Manuel Aznar Acedo, army official, journalist and radio broadcaster. He studied law at the Complutense University of Madrid, graduating in 1975, becoming a Spanish Tax Authority inspector in 1976.

As a teenager he was a member of the Franco linked fascist student body FES After the death of Francisco Franco and the restoration of democracy, Aznar joined Alianza Popular (AP) in January 1979 He became Assistant Secretary General in February 198. In 1989 he was elected head of his party which had by now been renamed as the Partido Popular (People’s Party, or PP).  In 1996 the PP won and Aznar became PM

Immediately after becoming PM Aznar (albeit following the previous Govts policy) made the Euro Spain’s official currency ‘He also started a privatization program  His second term is remembered for Aznars whole hearted support for the Iraq War despite the overwhelming majority of Spaniards opposing it

After leaving office Aznar  made a series of pro Israeli moves which more or less confirmed the rumors that he was a Marrano the name Spaniards use to describe Crypto Jews

In 2010, Aznar founded the Friends of Israel Initiative, with the stated goal to “counter the attempts to delegitimize the State of Israel ” In 2014, in an address at the British House of Commons Aznar said Israel is needed by the European Union. He said his report recommends that due to its Western culture and the benefits it brings the European Union, Israel should become a full member of the EU without pre-conditions. He is on the board of directors of News Corp owned by another crypto Jew Rupert Murdoch . He has termed Israel the centerpiece of Western Civilization He is also a AIPAC attendee

Three days before the 2004 general election, 10 bombs killed 191 people in the 11 March 2004 Madrid train bombings.The Madrid bombing investigation and trial failed to identify the planners and masterminds  behind the bombings.There was also theory that this was a Mossad False Flag as it bore their hallmarks  The motive being to whip up Islamophobia and break the pro Palestine anti Israel tilt of many Spaniards



In 2004 he  didnt stand for a third term but appointed a handpicked successor José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero

Zapatero has told the Israeli Hebrew language newspaper Maariv that his family were Marrano Jews (crypto Jews)Spanish langauge link who publicly “converted ” to Catholicism but privately continued to practice Judaism  The word Marrano literally means swine in Spanish just as the German word for Crypto Jews is surprisingly similar Juden Schwine (Jew pig)

Among the pro Jewish agenda Zapatero took forward in a strongly Catholic country were

the legalization of same-sex marriage;

reform of abortion law;

the increase of Spanish troops in Afghanistan;

the idea of an Alliance of Civilizations, co-sponsored by Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan;

The first two measures were strongly opposed by the Catholic Church in Spain Zapatero finally relinquished office in 2011


Theres an even more interesting character in the mix during the fifteen year period or rather in the eight years of Aznar  Rafael Bardaji is executive director of Friends of Israel Initiative. He served in 19962004 as Spain’s National Security Advisor for Prime Minister Jose’ Mari’a Aznar. He is an advisor to the Special Operation Forces HQ at NATO and since 2004 has worked as director of Foreign Policy at the Foundation for Analysis and Social Studies (which is a Partido Popular founded think Tank which also happens to be pro Israeli).  Mr. Bardaji has provided consultancy work for NATO military commands, the Spanish armed forces, the Spanish intelligence service and defense contractors(All this despite never having served in any armed unit in his life). A member of the Atlantic Council of the United States Strategic Advisory Group, he is the author of books and articles.

He now works as a Writing Fellow for Daniel Pipes notorious  War monger and Islamophone Israel first-er and very possibly a Mossad asset Another expose  of Pipes is found here



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  1. pau says:

    hi from Spain, I would like to clarify some points from your article:

    – Aznar is not a crypto-jew. He is a souless man with no integrity, drived by ambition. He just sold his soul to the best buyers, the jewish lobby. His daughter married a jew man, Agag, who has been his figurehead/frontman in all shady businesses (arms dealing, comissions for public contracts, etc…).

    – Aznar did not handpicked Zapatero as successor, they are from different parties and they hate each other.

    – Zapatero in did said he came from a marrano family, but I dont think he sympathized much with Israel. His grandfather was a notorious freemason, he is probably too and thats where his anti-catholic politics come from.

    – There other spanish politicians with more links to Israel. For example Felipe Gonzalez, the president of Spain before Aznar, lived a whole year in a Kibbutz in Israel. From his same party (PSOE) Josep Borrell married a jew and sent his son to a Kibbutz too.

    The catalonian party CIU, that dominated that region for most part of the last 4 decades… Pujol the ex-president had 4 sons living in Kibbutzs. Artur Mas, the actual president, is married to a jewish woman.

    The Herzog jewish family, one member controlls UPyD, another was a minister with PSOE

    Gallardon, his grandfather was jew, he was justice minister with PP and he is the one who passed the law to give the spanish nationality to all sephardim jews. His cousin, Trinidad Jimenez was minister with PSOE (she is a Bilderberger and the one who convinced Zapatero to run for president, she was the puppetmaster).

  2. Tnks for the updates Pau Have updated on Zapatero . Felipe Gonsalez in a Kibbutz makes him a bit of Spain’s Greet Wilders

    As for Aznar his antics after losing the PMs post show that he was and is a committed Zionist Zapaterro’s legalizing of gay marriage and change in aborion laws also makes him a committed crypto

    Haretz calls the Herzog’s Spain”s Kennedy’s .Of course they dont face the assassinations the Kennedys suffered

    Catalonia’s main regional party is controlled by cryptos …..Well in that case I guess the media will be very favourable to Catalonian Independence

  3. rehmat1 says:

    Israel is against the independence struggle of Catalonian from Spain. Catalonia is the main Muslim settlement in Spain numbering nearly 180,000 or 15% of region’s total population. In Catalonia, 60% of Muslims have Pakistani origin followed by Senegalese (33%).

    Michael Hamilton Morgan in book, Islamic Civilization, said: “I hope that non-Muslims can gain greater respect and deeper understanding of their Muslim cousins than current headlines and policies would suggest and that today’s Muslims can see how Islam was once applied in a way to support creativity, invention, tolerance, and diversity of thought and behavior in both society and in individual lives.”

  4. pau says:

    rehmat1 I hope you have better arguments that Israel dont want catalonian independence because there are muslims in Catalonia. There are muslims in the whole country.

    First of all… there are 7.5 million inhabitants in Catalonia of which 500,000 are muslims. Thats around 7% of the population. Your figures make no sense, it just proves you have no idea of what you are talking about,

    secondly, all the catalanist political elite are openly zionists… Pujol, Mas, Borrell, Rahola, Laporta, etc…

    Third, the Catalonian CIU government has already designed parallel institutions with the help of Mossad

    Fourth, even Israeli media openly supports the independence

    Fifth, Israel and Catalonia are openly collaborating, Israel recently opened a consulate in Barcelona

    sixth, jews in catalonia openly support the independence in the streets

    and finally, you can just google about it… to see the links between israel and catalonia pro-independence parties.

    • chu33 says:

      I’d heard someone from Madrid call Catalunyans the Jews of Spain. Sounds correct based on your posts, but also meaning they are very into their money and themselves.

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