Below is a list of the largest sales of “art” with the names of the buyer and seller The top two sales are for 300 million dollars
Record art sales

Sold for 300 million          Sold for 300 million              Sold for 272 million

pollock  no6 

Sold for 200 million                  Sold  for 186 million

A look at the top sales shows certain names cropping up repeatedly Theres Jewish businessman David Geffen and the Quatari ruling House of Thani (owners of Al Jazeera  TV) Steven  Cohen, Steve Wynn,

 geffensac cohen

David Geffen Jewish (Velvet Mafia)                    Steven Cohen Jewish (Securities Fraud)

AL THANI                                    WYN

Al Thani (Owner of Al Jazeera)                                            Steven Wynn Jewish Casino King

Many 100 million plus sales include Jewish names David Martinez Robert Simon Dmitry Rybolovlev, Leon Black, Ronald Lauder, Roman Abramovich,  Walter H. Annenberg ,

The largest known ‘art trade” was in September 2015 when Geffen “sold” and Kenneth Griffin “bought” 2 paintings Nine years back back in 2006 the same buyer and seller had transacted in a 80 million dollar sale of another painting Geffen is gay and a member of the infamous “Velvet Mafia”a Hollywood assortment of gay directors producers which controls Geffen has been described as a  a lowlife sans pareil. who runs a “meat market” of young gay men

The so called ‘art market” is a manufactured market, manufactured to move large sums of money around without regulation and without suspicion.”Art” has no intrinsic value not even scarcity value

As the New York Times puts it . Roll up a canvas and it is easy to stash or move between countries; prices can be raised or lowered by millions of dollars in a heartbeat ; and the names of buyers and sellers tend to be guarded zealously , leaving law enforcement to guess who was involved, where the money came from and whether the price was suspicious.

It is hard to imagine a business more custom-made for money laundering , with million-dollar sales conducted in secrecy and with virtually no oversight. What this means in practical terms is that “you can have a transaction where the seller is listed as ‘private collection’ and the buyer is listed as ‘private collection,’  ” said Sharon Cohen Levin, chief of the asset forfeiture unit of the United States attorney’s office in Manhattan. “In any other business, no one would be able to get away with this.”

That is what actually happens if you scroll up and review the most valuable “art sale” list Quite a few have no listed buyer or seller sometime both buyer and seller are unlisted

Now I may not be sufficiently “artistically inclined” to appreciate and “value” art but one look at this set of “modern art” sales and I know those things just cannot be worth what was supposedly paid for them


ALL such deals need a middleman or at least have to claim to have a middleman not to sound completely fake These middlemen are the Art Dealers ,Art Critics ,Museum Directors, Professional Auctioneers etc And here’s wheres the Chosen Ones thrive and in some places totally monopolize these trades The top Art dealers Critics Museum Directors mainly Jewish

    • Arne Glimcher,  GLIMCHERGlimcher is the founder of The Pace Gallery and is widely known as one of the art world’s most powerful dealers. The Pace Gallery represents contemporary artists including Chuck Close, Tara Donovan, David Hockney, Maya Lin and Kiki Smith. It also represents the estates of several artists, including Pablo Picasso, Agnes Martin, Ad Reinhardt, and Alexander Calder.
    • Edith Halpert  HALPERT  (died 1970) Halpert was born in 1900 in Odessa, arrived in the U.S. as a penniless Russian Jewish immigrant and grew to become a pioneering New York City art dealer, transforming the landscape of Modern art. Her establishment The Downtown Gallery, one of the first in Greenwich Village, introduced and showcased many modern art luminaries.
    • Klaus Perls, CLAUS PERLSPerls (1912–2008)  was born and raised in Berlin. He was forced to finish his education in Basel, Switzerland, as the Nazis were no longer allowing degrees for Jews. He ran Perls Galleries for over 60 years. Shockingly he was sued for fraud and selling fakes by the estate of his client artist Alexander Calder

Today,” wrote Gerald Krefetz in 1982, “… Jews enjoy every phase of the art world: as artists, dealers, collectors, critics, curators, consultants, and patrons. In fact, the contemporary art scene has a strong Jewish flavor. In some circles, the wheelers and dealers are referred to as the Jewish mafia since they command power, prestige, and most of all, money.” A few important members of the Jewish mafia in recent decades included dealers

castelli krause ben heller

Leo Castelli                                                             Ben Hiller

hilton kramer   clement greenberg

Hilton Cramer                                     Clement Greenberg

Leo Castelli (birth name Leo Krausz) , Ben Heller, and Larry Rubins (as well as Rubins’ brother, William, a curator at the Museum of Modern Art), free lance art critic Clement Greenberg and Hilton Kramer (long time art critic for the New York Times, Henry Geldzahler (curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Art), among many others. “This group is a formidable power,” noted Krafetz, ” in forming tastes and promoting some schools of art to the exclusion of others.” [KRAFETZ, p. 161]

ezra and davod nehmadgiesspe nemhad

Ezra and David   Nahmad                                                      Giuseppe Nahmad

The worlds ” single biggest buying force” according to Wikipedia are the Nahmad family consisting of three brothers  David , Joseph (Giuseppe) and Ezra who are Lebanese Jews This old article in Forbes on the Nahmad family better explains their clout in the art world Outside the art world the Nahmads are scarcely known. Within it they are admired and feared, and viewed variously as powerful, greedy and sharpelbowed. Yet, over 45 years they’ve become influential megadealers of modern and impressionist works by a stable of well-known names, from Monet and Matisse to Renoir and Rothko. Christopher Burge, honorary chairman of Christie’s New York, says: “The Nahmads have sold more works of art than anybody alive.” If you exclude auctioneers, that statement is probably true. Joseph and Ezra work from Monaco, and David from New York. They are also in the currency business (Art & Currency = Money laundering heaven )

The son of one Ezra Nahmad Helly Nagmad was arrested for a year for indulging in money laundering of 100 million dollars using high stake gambling and works of art

There are are some who beleive all transactions in modern art are nothing but money laundering operations That is however incorrect

Art works were and still are bought and sold for tax breaks . The Sataachi brothers (Jewish) did it regularily according to art dealer John Weber Many other accountants probably advise their clients how to do it too

The only people who can and do “value art” are the art dealers , collectors, critics, curators, and consultants and many of these are Jews





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5 Responses to THE “ART MARKET ” SCAM

  1. thestoker says:

    Reblogged this on The Stoker's Blog and commented:
    Indeedee. Add the “footballers” esp. UK. Then property “development”. Inflating prices and laundering money though is only half of the project. Denial of “access” for those who are considered animals is the prime agenda so that they die off by “market” forces. It all comes down to publishing as much money as they want. If they can do that then every economic action as a criminal act by commission or omission all disguised as economics and market movements. Another part of this weapon system is the “charity” device. Soft kill.

    Eventually all land, resources and essentials to life are stolen by this “religious gangsterbanksterscam”.



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  4. The most influential corrupt link in this chain are the foundations authenticating the works and having the last word. It’s a greedy cartel for billionaire Jews and no one can deny it’s a brilliant scam, it’s harmless and all concerned make money without exploiting the poor.

    The son of David not Ezra’s is the one who got busted for the gambling racket both cousins are named Helly after their grandfather.

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