Atomic spies” or “atom spies” were people in the United States, Great Britain, and Canada who are known to have illicitly given information about nuclear weapons production or design to the Soviet Union during World War II and the early Cold War. Exactly what was given, and whether everyone on the list gave it are still matters of some scholarly dispute, and in some cases, what were originally seen as strong testimonies or confessions were admitted as fabricated in later years. Their work constitutes the most publicly well-known and well-documented case of nuclear espionage in the history of nuclear weapons. There was a movement among nuclear scientists to share the information with the world scientific community, but it was firmly quashed by the U.S. government.



    • Morris Cohen –   aka Peter  Kroger an American, “Thanks to Cohen, designers of the Soviet atomic bomb got piles of technical documentation straight from the secret laboratory in Los Alamos,” the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda said. Morris and his wife, Lona, served eight years in prison, less than half of their sentences before being released in a prisoner swap with the Soviet Union. He died without revealing the name of the American scientist who helped pass vital information about the United States atomic bomb project.


Klaus Fuchs

    • Klaus Fuchs – the German-born British theoretical physicist who worked with the British delegation at Los Alamos during the Manhattan Project. He escaped the charge of espionage because of the lack of independent evidence and because, at the time of the crime, the Soviet Union was not an enemy of Great Britain.In December 1950 he was stripped of his British citizenship. He was released on June 23, 1959, after serving nine years and four months of his sentence at Wakefield prison. He was allowed to emigrate to Dresden, then in the German Democratic Republic.



Harry Gold

    • Harry Gold – an American, confessed to acting as a courier for Greenglass and Fuchs. He was sentenced in 1951 to thirty years imprisonment. He was paroled in May 1966, after serving just over half of his sentence.


David Greenglass mugshot.png

David Greenglass

    • David Greenglass – an American machinist at Los Alamos during the Manhattan Project. Greenglass confessed that he gave crude schematics of lab experiments to the Russians during World War II. Some aspects of his testimony against his sister and brother-in-law (the Rosenbergs, see below) are now thought to have been fabricated in an effort to keep his own wife, Ruth, from prosecution. Greenglass was sentenced to 15 years in prison, served 10 years, and later reunited with his wife.


Theodore Hall (Theodore Holtzberg)

    • Theodore Hall (Theodore Alvin Holtzberg) – an American, the youngest physicist at Los Alamos who  gave a detailed description of the Fat Man plutonium bomb, and of several processes for purifying plutonium, to Soviet intelligence. His identity as a spy was not revealed until very late in the 20th century. He was never tried for his espionage work, though he admitted to it in later years to reporters and to his family.


Koval george 2.jpg

George Koval

    • George Koval – the American-born son of a Belorussian emigrant family that returned to the Soviet Union where he was inducted into the Red Army and recruited into the GRU intelligence service. He infiltrated the US Army and became a radiation health officer in the Special Engineering Detachment. Acting under the code name Delmar he obtained information from Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Dayton Project  about the Urchin detonator used on the Fat Man plutonium bomb.His work was not known to the west until he was posthumously recognized as a hero of the Russian Federation by Vladimir Putin in 2007.


    • Irving Lerner – an American film director, he was caught photographing the cyclotron at the University of California, Berkeley in 1944. After the war he was blacklisted.


Ethel and Julius Rosenberg

    • Ethel and Julius Rosenberg – Americans who were involved in coordinating and recruiting an espionage network that included Ethel’s brother, David Greenglass. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were tried for conspiracy to commit espionage, since the prosecution seemed to feel that there was not enough evidence to convict on espionage. Treason charges were not applicable, since the United States and the Soviet Union were allies at the time. The Rosenbergs denied all the charges but were convicted in a trial in which the prosecutor Roy Cohn said he was in daily secret contact with the judge, Irving Kaufman. Despite an international movement demanding clemency, and appeals to President Dwight D. Eisenhower by leading European intellectuals and the Pope, the Rosenbergs were executed at the height of the Korean War. President Eisenhower wrote to his son, serving in Korea, that if he spared Ethel (presumably for the sake of her children), then the Soviets would simply recruit their spies from among women.



    • Saville Sax – an American, acted as the courier for Klaus Fuchs and Theodore Hall.



Morton Sobell

  • Morton Sobell – the American engineer tried and convicted along with the Rosenbergs who was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment, but released from Alcatraz in 1969, after serving 17 years and 9 months. After proclaiming his innocence for over half a century, Sobell admitted spying for the Soviets, and implicated Julius Rosenberg, in an interview with the New York Times published on September 11, 2008.

Almost all the Atomic Spies were Russian Jews ie Jews who had supposedly escaped Tsarist Russian “Antisemitism”  to emigrate to the US .The moment the Jew controlled Bolsheviks took over Russia these same Jews without any sense of loyalty to their new motherland calmly switched loyalties to the new Jew lead Bolshevik Russia   (as opposed to the Tsarist Christian lead Russia they had left ), and spied on and betrayed the USA just as  the Cold War begun


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  1. Sweet Jewseus….they is everywhere….

  2. rehmat1 says:

    A good list of Jew traitors – but you missed two famous ones – British-born Col. Rudolf Abe (Steven Spielberg’s film, ‘Bridge of Spies’ glorifies him), and Dr. Zalman Shapiro, former head of NUMEC laboratory, who helped Israelis in diverting 741 pounds of highly enriched uranium suitable for weapons production to the Zionist entity.

  3. What do you make of this?

    return to updates
    The Bikini Atoll Nuclear Tests
    were Faked

    Vivek you left me this once. Have your views changed any? I am curious. I don’t know either way.

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  5. Robert says:

    This behavior of these traitors is part of a larger pathological pattern. See the following link for an in depth examination of some relatively unknown history:

    • thestoker says:

      Lovely, tah. Very valuable doc. These clowns are fully strategically aligned with the business plan and will always be valued and rewarded. Academia reeks of their rubbish.

      “When in 1999 I was in Oxford, they did not let me into their home. They lived in an affluent Victorian town house overlooking the beautiful, verdant district in this academic city. Their neighbors thought of them as staid retirees who came here from Poland in the early seventies. Here, they were the respected Mister and Madam professors. He, Włodzimierz Brus, was an economics professor, who also taught Russian and Central European philology at Wolfson and St. Anthony’s College. His wife, Helena Wolińska-Brus, was a frequent participant in the academic symposia, but, even more so, she was an ardent socialite.

      Seven decades after her crimes, this bloody Stalinist prosecutor became the inspiration for Paweł Pawlikowski, and a heroine of his Oscar winning motion picture “Ida,” which is gaining acclaim around the world. ”

  6. Connie says:

    Awesome website..Thanks…. I just discovered you a few days ago..

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