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B’nai B’rith
Philip Klutznick (international president 1953-1959) | Jack J. Spitzer (international president) | Edmond Safra (board of overseers) | Max Fisher (board of overseers) | Edgar M. Bronfman (chair board of overseers) | Chella Safra (in Brazil) | Larry Silverstein (hosted a meeting for B’nai B’rith Real Estate in 2012 in the new 7 WTC building)
World Zionist Organization
Presidents: Theodor Herzl (1897–1904), Otto Warburg (1911–1921) Chaim Weizmann (1921–1931 and 1935–1946), David Ben-Gurion (1946–1956). Tibor Rosenbaum (chair finance committee)
Zionist Organization of America
Awarded: Pat Robertson (2002) | Nina Rosenwald (2003).
Jewish United Fund (Chicago)
Philip M. Klutznick (chair in the 1960s)
Jewish National Fund
Bernard Bloomfield (Canada), brother of Louis B. | Peter Munk (Canada) | Leonid Nevzlin (Israel) | Ronald Lauder
American Jewish Committee (AJC)
Count Otto Lambsdorff (advisory board of AJC’s Berlin Ramer Institute for German-Jewish Relations; non-Jewish, but highly respected in the Jewish community; also on the board of Khodorkovsky’s Menatep) | Elliott Abrams
American Jewish Congress (AJC)
Felix Frankfurter | Klutznick (involved in the 1970s and 1980s) | Maurice Tempelsman (trustee, vice president, chair, and chair of AJC’s Commission on International Affairs 1980s-1990s) | Phil Baum (chair) | Robert Lifton (president 1988-1994)
Anti-Defamation League (ADL)
Abraham Foxman | Ronald Lauder | Klutznick (vice chair national commission).Centennial celebration (2013): Henry Kissinger | George Shultz | Condoleezza Rice | Colin Powell | Madeleine Albright | Diane von Furstenberg | Elie Wiesel | Giancarlo Elia Valori.
Joint Distribution Committee, New York
Board members: Kissinger | David de Rothschild | Charles Bronfman | Edgar Bronfman | Alan Greenberg | Lord Weidenfeld | Ronald Lauder
Jewish Agency for Israel
Moshe Tov | Edmond de Rothschild | Tibor Rosenbaum | Simcha Dinitz (executive chair) | Mendel Kaplan (chair) | Max Fisher | Leonid Nevzlin | Mikhail Chlenov (governor 1998-2002; committee member since 2006) | Chella Safra (Brazilian representative to the Jewish Agency Board 1986-) | Natan Sharansky executive chair since 2009). Present at a meeting of Jewish Agency governors: Charles Bronfman, Edmond Safra.
World Jewish Congress (WJC)
Nahum Goldman (president 1949-1977) | Philip Klutznick (president 1977-1979) | Tibor Rosenbaum (former treasurer) | Edgar M. Bronfman (president 1979-2007) | Matthew Bronfman (chair governing board 2007-2009) | Eduardo Elsztain (became chair of the governing board in 2009) | Baron David de Rothschild (chair governing board since May 2013) | Chella Safra (treasurer since May 2013; sister-in-law of Edmond S.) | Rabbi Yaakov Dov Bleich (vice president since May 2013) | Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor (chair policy council since May 2013) | Yuri Kanner (vice president since may 2013) | Ronald Lauder (president since 2007) | Mikhail Chlenov (vice president) | Mark Shabad (general council member) | Avi Beker (secretary general) | Vladimir Gusinsky (elected vice president in 2000; had a meeting with Clinton at the WJC in September 2000; in June 2000 Clinton, while on his way to visit Putin, first called in to Gusinsky’s NTV network, angering the Russian president)
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, New York City
Bruce Slovin (chair) | Martin Peretz (long time trustee) | Baron David de Rothschild (guest of honor at a 2012 meeting)
American Zionist Emergency Council
Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver (co-chair) | Stephen Wise (co-chair)
Institute for Jewish Policy Research, London (moderate)
Jacob Rothschild (president)
Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) 1944
Sonneborn “Institute”/network
David Ben-Gurion | Rudolf Sonneborn (founder, married a granddaughter of Jacob Schiff) | Abe Feinberg | Louis Bloomfield
American Zionist Council (AZC)
Louis Lipsky (chairman 1950s) | Moses Epstein (vice chair 1950s) | Si Kenen (head of the Washington, D.C. branch 1951-1953)
American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)
Si Kenen (founder and head) | Larry and Barbi Weinberg (president and vice president) | Morris Amitay (executive director) | Indyk (deputy research director) | Robert H. Asher (president) | Nina Rosenwald (director) | Klutznick (known to have at the very least corresponded intensely with AIPAC between 1975-1985 and to be close to Asher) | Lewis Eisenberg (director 1998-2003; remained an ordinary member) | Patrick Clawson (director of research)
American-Israel Society
Morris Bram (founder) | Ambassador Abba Eban (1950s; ambassador to the U.S. 1950-1959; deputy PM 1963-1966; foreign affairs minister 1966-1974) | Klutznick (interaction between 1965 and 1990)
Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations (CPMAJO)
Nahum Goldman (key founder) | Philip Klutznick (key founder and president until 1961) | Malcolm Hoenlein | Ronald Lauder | Mortimer Zuckerman (chair 2001-2003)
Benjamin Blumberg | Rafi Eitan | Arnon Milchan (billionaire Hollywood movie producer, including Once Upon a Time in America, Under Siege, JFK and Fight Club; recruited as an agent by Peres; helped acquire uranium for Israel)
Rothschild Foundation (England) / Yad Hanadiv (Israel)
Jacob Rothschild (chair/patron since 1989)
Israel-America Chamber of Commerce 1965
Jerusalem Foundation
Teddy Kollek (founder, also US and UK trustee; ran Haganah/Mossad operations in the US with Reuven Shiloah) | Dan Meridor (international chair) | Mark Sofer (president) | Charles R. Bronfman (Canadian president, later honorary) | Neri J. Bloomfield (Canadian trustee) | Harry J. F. Bloomfield and Evelyn Bloomfield Schachter (Canadian trustees) | Alan Hassenfeld (US chair; CEO of Hasbro toys) | Max Kampelman (US chair emeritus) | Alan Greenberg (US director) | John Whitehead (US director, later emeritus) | Frans Alting von Geusau (Dutch chair, later honorary; SMOM) | Lester Crown (US trustee) | Robert de Rothschild (US trustee ) | John Deutch (US trustee 1990s) | Michael Ledeen (in the 1980s he spent time in Israel with financial aid of the foundation) | Lord Weidenfeld (UK trustee). Desmarais family (among the Canadian financiers)
Canadian Zionist Federation (CZF)
Bernard Bloomfield (president), brother of Louis B. | Neri Bloomfield (first female president) | Thomas Hecht (vice president)
European Council of Jewish Communities (ECJC)
Vadim Rabinovich (vice president since 2008)
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
Benjamin Netanyahu (contributor to studies; PM) | Gen. Uzi Dayan (contributor to studies; nephew of Moshe Dayan) | Gen. Moshe Yaalon. Nina Rosenwald (member).
Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA)
Winifred Weiselman (founder) | Nina Rosenwald (director).
Solntsevskaya Bratva (Zionist-Russian oligarch mafia)
Reported leaders: Sergey Mikhailov | Viktor Averin | Semion Mogilevich. Very closely connected to these leaders (often accused of being members): Robert Maxwell | Edmond Safra | Vadim Rabinovich | Pyotr Aven | Mikhail Fridman | German Khan | Oleg Deripaska | Alisher Usmanov | Andrei Skoch | Lev Kvetnoy | Roman Abramovich | Anatoly Chubais | Michael Cherney | Yury Luzhkov | Vladimir Yevtushenkov | Evgeny Novitsky | Xavier Magnee (named as a Russian mob intermediary; lawyer for Mikhailov, Marc Dutroux, VdB, BdB, various strategy of tension and Agusta scandal figures; also good at promoting disinfo). (Rothschild family is close to various people in this list)Closely related: ATLAS dossier link between Boris Nayfeld, Riccardo Fancini, Mike Brandwein and Maurice Tempelsman. Also: reports of historical ties to the mafia of Lester Crown and the Bronfman family.
Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies
Among two dozen listed co-founders: Lester Crown | Charles Bronfman | Baron Edmond de Rothschild | Cyrus Vance. The boards of the institute are completely staffed by Israelis. Also: Martin Indyk (visiting scholar) | Shimon Shamir (staffer)
Jewish Policy Center (JPC)
Decter | Kristol | Ledeen | Medved | Daniel Pipes | Podhoretz | Shoshana Bryen
Republican Jewish Coalition (formerly: National Jewish Coalition)
Sam Fox (chair) | Lewis Eisenberg (director) |
Ir David Foundation
Elie Wiesel (chairman)
UJA Federation of New York
Klutznick (general chair United Jewish Appeal until 1961) | Edgar Bronfman | Edmond Safra | Max Fisher | Larry Silverstein (chair in the 1990s and listed as a honorary director today) | Rupert Murdoch | Alan Greenberg (life benefactor, along with his wife). Also: Baron David de Rothschild (chair of United Jewish Appeal France)
European Jewish Congress
Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor (president since 2007) | Vladimir Slutsker (vice president in 2005)
Zionist Forum (Soviet Jewry Zionist Forum)
Natan Sharansky (founder)
Israel Council on Foreign Relations
David Kimche (Ex Mossad Chief founder and president until his death in 2010) | Avi Primor (president) | Dan Meridor (president 2014-) | Indyk (speech in 1997): Speakers: James Wolfensohn | Karel Schwarzenberg | Victor Yushchenko | Frans Timmermans | Jimmy Carter | Joschka Fischer.
“Mega Group” / “Study Group”
Members: Edgar Bronfman, Sr. | Charles Bronfman | Lester Crown | Max Fisher | Michael Steinhardt | Leslie Wexner | Steven Spielberg | Harvey Meyerhoff | Laurence Tisch | Leonard Abramson | Charles Schusterman | Marvin Lender.
Israeli Policy Forum (IPF)
Directors: Peter Joseph (chair) | Robert Lifton (president) | Charles Bronfman. Advisory council: Thomas Dine | Marshall Breger | Edward Walker, Jr. | Robert Pelletreau. Program director: David Halperin.
Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies
International advisory board, Canada and England (2002): Thomas Hecht (founder and chairman – still in 2014) | Robert Hecht (still in 2014) | Marion Hecht (still in 2014) | Neri Bloomfield | Sir Robert Rhodes James |International advisory board, United States (2002): Gen. Alexander Haig | Sen. Daniel Moynihan | Brian Mulroney | Eugene Rostow | Sen. Joseph Lieberman (still in 2014) | Robert Lifton (still in 2014) Brian Mulroney (still in 2014)International Academic Advisory Board: John J. Mearsheimer (2002) | Eliot Cohen (2014).International advisory board , Israel (2002): Yuval Neeman | Gen. Ori Orr | Yitzhak Shamir | Gen. Dan Shomron | Moshe Arens (still in 2014) | Shlomo Hillel | Gen. Mordechai Hod | | Gen. Daniel Matt
Middle East Forum
Daniel Pipes (president) | David Steinmann (treasurer) | Ziad Abdelnour | Elliott Abrams (Signatory of a 2000 report urging action against Syria) | Nina Rosenwald
Shalem Center
Yoram Hazony (founder; Netanyahu’s ghost writer) | Natan Sharansky (fellow) | Gen. Moshe Yaalon (fellow)Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies (2007) : Sheldon Adelson (financier of $4.5 million) | Natan S. (founder and chair until 2009)
Peres Center for Peace
See liberal establishment-Israel relations section. Extremely high level.
Russian Jewish Congress
Directors from 2003 list: Vladimir Gusinsky (president 1996-2001) | Leonid Nevzlin (president 2001-2003) | Vladimir Slutsker (president 2004-2005) | Viacheslav Moshe Kantor (president 2005-2009) | Yuri Kanner (president) | Mikhail Fridman | German Khan | Yakov Urinson | Andrei Rappoport | Leonid Melamed | Alex Knaster | Igor Linshits | Vitaly Malkin | Vitaly Mashitsky | Mikhail Mirilashvili | Vadim Moshkovich | Henri Reznik | Vitaly Ginzburg | Pavel Feldblum | Gennady Khazanov | Mikhail Chlenov | Mark Shabad | David Yakobashvili | Alexander Chigirinskiy | Yevgenia Albats | Andrey Kozyrev | Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt | Mikhail Simonov | Yuri Kanner | Viktor Chernomyrdin (speech in 1997) | Sam Nunn (present in 1997)
International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT)
Shabtai Shavit (co-founder and chairman; former Mossad head) | Danny Yatom (former Mossad head) | Carmi Gillon and Amy Ayalon (former Shabak heads) | Daniel Pipes (conference visitor and speaker) | Gen. Danny Rothschild (conference visitor)
All-Ukrainian Jewish Congress (UJC)
Vadim Rabinovich (chair since 1998) | Rabbi Yaakov Dov Bleich (conflicted with Rabinovich along with other Jewish leaders in Ukraine) | Victor Pinchuk (financier)
Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI)
Co-founders: Col. Yigal Carmon (Israeli military intelligence) and Meyrav Wurmser (Israeli-born, American political scientist). Directors and advisory board members: Oliver Revell (former FBI C-I chief) | Elliott Abrams | Elie Wiesel | Hayden | Rumsfeld | Jose Maria Aznar | James Woolsey | Bolton | Ashcroft | Ehud Barak | Mortimer Zuckerman | Norman Podhoretz | Deborah Lipstadt (Holocaust researcher) | Yehuda Bauer (holocaust researcher) | Christopher DeMuth | Paul Bremer | Lord Weidenfeld | Herb London | Holbrooke | Jack Kemp | Kirkpatrick | Irving Kristol | Max Kampelman.
United Jewish Communities (UJC)
“Lunch with a Legend” guests: Larry Silverstein | Charles Bronfman | Lester Crown.
United Jewish Community of Ukraine
Vadim Rabinovich (president 1999-2009; vice president since then) | Igor Kolomoisky (president since 2012)
E.U.-Israel Forum
Lord Weidenfeld (vice chair since 2002, later chair). Speakers: Shimon Peres | Silvan Shalom | Joschka Fischer
Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia
Mikhail Chlenov (president since 1992) | Roman Abramovich (trustee chair)
Taglit – Birthright Israel
Founders and key financiers: Charles Bronfman | Michael Steinhardt. Others key financiers: Edgar Bronfman | Sheldon Adelson | Daniel Och | Lynn Schusterman | Israeli government (25%).
Fondation pour le Mémoire de la Shoah (FMS), Paris
Simone Veil (honorary president; Auschwitz survivor) | Baron David de Rothschild (president) | Eric Rothschild (board member)U.S. Shoah Foundation: Susan Crown, daughter of Lester C. (chair)
Herzliya Conference (IPS)
Gen. Danny Rothschild. 2007 conference speakers/panelists: Aznar | Matthew Bronfman | Nicholas Burns | Newt Gingrich | Rudolph Giuliani | Lord Guthrie | Malcolm Hoenlein | Robert Hunter | Bruce Jackson | Ronald Lauder | John McCain III | Dan Meridor | Benjamin Netanyahu | Ehud Olmert | Shimon Peres | Richard Perle | Thomas Pickering | Mitt Romney. 2012 conference speakers/panelists: Ehud Barak | Robert Blackwill | Kissinger | Niall Ferguson | Jacob Frenkel | Francois Heisbourg | Ban Ki-moon | Vyacheslav Nikonov | Karel Schwarzenberg | Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan | James Woolsey | Zakheim | Zoellick.
One Jerusalem
Co-founders: Douglas Feith | Natan Sharansky | David Bar-Illan | Baroness Cox | Nancy Montgomery | Michael Siegal | Ron Silver
World Congress of Bukharian Jews (WCBJ)
Lev Leviev (president) | Ben Binyaminov (vice president) Visitors: Lev Nektalov, Raphael Nektalov, David Gurevich, Avi Miel.
Michael Cherney Foundation 2001
Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC)
Alexander Mashkevitch (founder; president 2002-2011; Kazakh-Israeli nationality; billionaire natural resources explorer) | Mikhail Chlenov (founding secretary general) | Vitaly Mashitsky (vice president) | Mark Shabad (vice president) | Rabbi Pinkhas Goldschmidt (vice president) | Yuri Kanner (present at meetings)
Jihad Watch
Robert Spencer (head; appears to be a Catholic Jew from the Intelligence Summit)
Jerusalem Summit
Key founders: Michael Cherney and John Loftus. Paul Vallely (speaker in 2004).1st summit participants, 2003: Ehud Olmert | Benyamin Netanyahu | Avigdor Lieberman | Dr. Uzi Landau (Israel’s Minister for the Strategic Cooperation between US and Israel) | Congressman Eliot Engel | Richard Perle | Daniel Pipes | Alan Keyes (religious leader and former ambassador) | Avi Beker (secretary general WJC) | Mike Evans (president Jerusalem Prayer Team) | Frank Gaffney | Sergei Filatov (president Congress of Russian Intelligentsia)2nd summit, Nov. 2004, Jerusalem’s King David Hotel: Daniel P. | Xu Xin (Center for Jewish Studies, China ) | Gen. Mansour Abu Rashid, former head of Jordanian intelligence | Amb. Sonmez Koksal, former Turkish intelligence chief | Ana de Palacio, Spanish foreign minister in Aznar’s government | G. Parthasarathy, former Pakistani high commissioner to India | Shabtai Shavit, former Mossad head | vice premier and foreign affairs minister Silvan Shalom | Gen. Isaac Ben-Israel (IAF) | Gen. Yaacov Amidror (IDF) | Jerusalem mayor Uri Lupolianski.
Intelligence Summit
Key founders: Mikhail Cherney and John Loftus. Robert Katz (executive director). Clare Lopez (vice president). Advisory council 2005: Gen. Paul Vallely | Gen. Thomas McInerney | James Woolsey | John Deutch | Pauline Neville-Jones | Yoram Hessel (“former Senior Mossad Officer”) | Col. Oded Shoham (IDF). Others: Richard Marcinko | Robert Spencer | Mossad, CIA, MI6 people. 2005 INTELCON advisory board: Robert Baer | Jamie Gorelick | Slade Gorton | Michael Ledeen | Daniel Pipes. Speakers: Conrad Black | Frank Gaffney
2004 (+/-)
Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET)
Founders: Edgar Bronfman, Sr. | Leonard Abramson | Michael Steinhardt | Israeli Foreign Ministry (founding co-financier) | Malcolm Hoenlein (founding consultant) | Abraham Foxman (founding consultant). Advisory board: Ariel Cohen | Frank Gaffney | Daniel Pipes | Jeane Kirkpatrick | James Woolsey | Dr. Meyrav Wurmser | Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld | Alex Grobman | Ambassador Yossi Ben-Aharon | Ambassador Yoram Ettinger.
World Holocaust Forum
Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor (founder and chair). Present at founding: Putin, Moshe Katsav, Cheney. Second meeting: Viktor Yushchenko.
European Jewish Fund
Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor (founder and chairman) | Mikhail Fridman | German Khan
Institute for National Security Studies (INSS)
Frank Lowy (co-founder and founding chairman) | Martin Indyk (founding director) | Mortimer Zuckerman (founding trustee) | Nina Rosenwald (director)
Genesis Philanthropy Group, Moscow
Founders: Mikhail Fridman and Pyotr Aven | Alexander Knaster (chair) | Benjamin Netanyahu and Natan Sharansky (both helped in setting up Genesis Prize in 2009)
Tomorrow: The Israel Presidential Conferences
Founder: Shimon Peres. Trustees 2009 conferences: The Jewish Agency for Israel (co-chair) | Aharon G. Frenkel (co-chair) | Victor Pinchuk (co-chair) | Daniel Abittan | Daniel Abraham | Alfred Akirov | Philippe Amon | Jo Benhamou | Pierre Besnainou | Alexander Bronshtein | Nochi Dankner | Dan David | Lev Leviev | Baron David de Rothschild | Shlomo Eliyahu | Vladimir Gusinsky (also trustee of the 2008 conference) | Maurice Hatchwell Toledano | Marcos David Katz | Berl Katznelson Foundation | Yossi Maiman | Alexander Machkevitch | Antonio Moura Santos | Leonid Nevzlin | Marc Rich Foundation | Sami Sagol | Leslie Wexner | Chaim Zabludowicz.Speakers 2008: Yaakov Amidror, Jose Maria Aznar (also in 2009), George W. Bush, Ehud Barak (also in 2009), Tony Blair, Matthew Bronfman (also in 2009), James Wolfensohn (also in 2009 and 2011), Martin Indyk (also in 2009 and 2011), Mikhail Gorbachev (panel member 2008), Rupert Murdoch (2008 panel member), Dominique Strauss-Kahn (2008 panel member), Henry Kissinger (panel member and speaker in 2012) | Leonid Kuchma (also in 2009), Edward Luttwak (also in 2009), Marlies Leegwater (coordinator Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and coordinator here of internationalisation higher education since 2010), Benyamin Netanyahu (also in 2009 and 2011), Susan Rice (also in 2009), Baron David de Rothschild (also in 2009), Mortimer Zuckerman (also in 2009).Speakers 2009 (extra): Elliott Abrams (also in 2011), Tony Blair.Speakers 2011 (extra): Meir Dagan (also in 2012), Jacob Frenkel (also in 2012), Niall Ferguson (also in 2012), Abraham Foxman, Lord Peter Goldsmith, Malcolm Hoenlein (also in 2012), Larry Summers, Robert Wexler.Speakers 2011 (extra): Richard Haass
European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR)
Moshe Kantor (co-chair) | Jose-Maria Aznar | Igor Ivanov
European Jewish Union (EJU)
Founded by: Vadim Rabinovich (vice president) and Igor Kolomoisky (president since 2012)
Gatestone Institute
James Woolsey (founding chair) | Nina Rosenwald (founding president; anti-Muslim financier; brought anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders to the U.S. in 2008) | Eli Wiesel (director; holocaust survivor) | Daniel Pipes (“contributor”; participated in a conference) | Douglas Feith (“contributor”) | Steven Rosen (“contributor”; AIPAC director) |
2011 (+/-)
European Jewish Parliament (EJP)
Founded by: Vadim Rabinovich (co-chair) and Igor Kolomoisky
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8 Responses to THE NETWORKED JEW …..ZIONIST NGOS FROM 1843-2012

  1. The Hateful 88 says:

    Oy Vey! You furshlugginer goyim pizda vill neffer learn! You haff to pay us reparations forever for vot ve suffered, already! Every year ve create new NGOs to fuck mit your vallets! Learn to liff mit it!

  2. 4orse says:

    when it comes to organized crime, there is no underestimating jusPlain Organized

  3. Obie says:

    And remember there’s no such thing as world Jewish conspiracy.

  4. ninestreams says:

    Don’t forget AVAAZ, which includes the 1/2 jew 1/2 Indian Patel as one of the founders. Low lifes pushing for no-fly in Iraq and Syria, and World Communist Government through Global Warming Scam.

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