Asher Karni is the quintessential International Jew or Wandering Jew . Born in Hungary , he went to Israel and from there ended up in South Africa

Asher Karni was born in 1954 in Hungary, near the Slovakian border. In 1957, Karni, his older sister Bracha and their parents moved to Ashkelon and then to Bnei Brak. He was 10 when his father died suddenly, and 16 when his mother got run over by a car .From then on, Karni remained  affiliated with the Bnei Akiva religious Zionist youth movement
Upon completing yeshiva, Karni got a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, became a major in the IDF artillery corps – where he commanded a gun emplacement – and received an MBA from Tel Aviv University while serving in the career army. During his army service, Karni married Shuli, a kindergarten teacher from Ramat Gan. Two of their three daughters are now married and living in Israel.

According to court documents, Karni served as an officer in the Israeli Occupation Army “from 1971 to 1985.” That’s 14 years of military expertise

In 1989, Karni left his official religious duties to take a job with Eagle Technology, a firm owned and run by one of Cape Town’s leading families, Alan and Diana Bearman and their son, Nathan. With an M.B.A. from an Israeli university, and his military background, Karni was a good fit for the job.

It specialized in obtaining sophisticated electronic, optical, and other sensitive equipment, originally for the South African military during the long years of the country’s apartheid government, and later for a wide variety of clients in the “new” South Africa. These items became Karni’s specialty.

Karni’s problems  began in the fall of 2001, when his coworkers at Eagle began to sense something amiss. Given the sensitivity of Eagle’s line of work, such behavior elicited suspicion. The company hired a private detective. The detective found he was meeting and helping Marisa Kirsh a recently fired Eagle employee . Karni was helping Kirsh make deals with Eagle Technology clients by underbidding .Karni had also by now set up his own firm called Top Cape Technologies

There were hints he was depositing some of the profits from his sales in offshore accounts. Karni’s email traffic revealed odd behavior: He’d send messages from his office at Eagle to his Top-Cape address, then delete them from his office computer. By October 2002, the company had a dossier of Karni’s outside deals, and had evidence he was competing with Eagle’s own import business. There were hints he was depositing some of the profits from his sales in offshore accounts. His deals had the potential to tarnish the company’s good standing inside South Africa. Alan Bearman, Eagle’s chief executive, confronted Karni, accused him of being in competition with his employer, and fired him.

Things might have gone on as usual had Karni accepted the job loss and moved on ……..He however did not.He hired a Jewish lawyer Peter Kantor and filed a suit for wrongful dismissal  Eagle Technologies hired its Jewish lawyer Michael  Bagraim

The hearing commenced in late September 2003.  The proceedings concluded  with a settlement in which Karni withdrew his demand for a year’s back salary, and the company apologized for any distress his firing might have caused.

Throughout the summer of 2003, as Karni prepared to face Eagle in the hearing room, he was simultaneously negotiating with Pakistani contacts to cement a deal to supply them with triggered spark gaps. The negotiations were not as private as Karni presumed.

THE ANTAGONISM THE LABOR dispute had engendered between Karni and the Bearmans had forced open the portals to Karni’s business deals through Top-Cape.Even as Michael Bagraim was amassing evidence of past misbehavior, including reams of old emails pried from Karni’s Eagle Technology computer, Karni’s current email correspondence to and from Top-Cape was being intercepted, and those emails spelled out an ongoing plot with sinister ramifications. In July and August, some individual who was surveying Karni’s every step—the “anonymous tipster”—began feeding the plot’s details to the U.S. Commerce Department’s Office of Export Enforcement.

June 11: Karni, in Cape Town, receives a fax from a company called Polytec, the French subsidiary of Humayun Khans company Perkin Elmer, stating that he will need an export license from the United States to fill his order for spark gaps.

June 12: Karni emails Humayun Khan in Islamabad, forwarding the Polytec letter and declining to pursue the deal.

June 17: Karni receives Khan’s reply: “I know it is difficult but that’s why we came to know each other, please help to renegotiate this from any other source. We can give you an end user information as it is genuinely medical requirement.”

Nine hours later: Karni sends a two-word response: “WILL DO.”

Karni arranged the deal through a U.S. intermediary in Giza Technologies Secaucus ( in all probability another Jew like Karni maybe another Sayanim) , who placed the order from within the United States and arranged to have the devices sent to South Africa in three shipments of 66 or 67 triggers each. Karni’s office informed Giza that the end user would be Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto, the biggest public hospital in Africa.

No media report makes it clear who approached whom first ie did Giza approach the US Govt or did the US Govt approach Giza first .Giza Technologies was never investigated for similar deals in the past One reason for that is it could be a Mossad front or a CIA front

October 6: First shipment of 66 triggers arrives in Cape Town by DHL.

October 21: Same triggers arrive in Islamabad via Dubai, by DHL, from Cape Town.

What neither Karni nor Humayun Khan knew was that the triggers just received by Pakistan were utterly useless for any purpose, peaceful or warlike. As part of a sting operation orchestrated out of the Commerce Department, they had been rendered inoperable by PerkinElmer, which agreed to go through with the transactions Karni requested, using disabled triggers. Karni’s deal had been tracked every step of the way; now the authorities were ready to close the net.

December 11: A team of investigators from the Crimes Against the State division of the South African Police Service, accompanied by U.S. investigators, descends on Karni’s home office at Ocean View Drive. As Karni watched, the police went upstairs to his Top-Cape office and carted away more reams of computer records and files. He called his attorney, Peter Kantor, and several days later paid him a visit. “I sat across from him at this table,” Kantor told me as we sat in his study, its wall lined with law books and its door opening onto a tree-shaded yard. “He didn’t seem concerned, and I said, almost flippantly, ‘Asher, you should talk to the Americans in Pretoria. Because if there’s a problem, then you could just disappear and never come back.’”

Amazingly despite being raided Karni took a trip to the US with his family

ON NEW YEAR’S DAY 2004 ,as he stepped off the plane with his wife and a teenage daughter at Denver International Airport, U.S. Customs agents arrested him on charges of violating American export laws. Specifically, he was accused of exporting, without the proper license, quantities of a device known as a triggered spark gap.

Yet, despite all of the above, Karni was granted bail of $100,000, on Jan. 28, 2004, by Chief Judge Thomas F. Hogan.

There was something bizarre going on . As far as the Kosher Media was concerned, the case of “USA v. Asher Karni” hardly existed. For example, the “Washington Post,” the “Washington Times” and the “Baltimore Sun,” had all ignored it, despite its wider, lethal implications. The wire services, however, like AP’s Matt Kelley, “Israeli Man in Nuke Triggers Case,” 01/28/04, picked it up, as did Karen Abbott, “Rocky Mountain News,” (01/13/04), “Israeli Goes Free on Bail.”

Although he pleaded guilty and faced 25 years in prison, he only got three – quite the light sentence for a guy who had succeeded in selling blacklisted nuclear components on at least 17 other occasions . He had even tried to carry on black market deals while in custody in the U.S

The Jewish media tried to pass on the lie that Karni believed the end user was a hospital . Given Karni’s 14 year army background and his many years selling arms in the black market in apartheid S Africa Karni would have to be a moron to believe the hospital story

His long military record and his Zionist background made Karni a prime candidate to be a Mossad asset or at least a Sayanim (helper)

Mossad and Israel most probably knew of the deal In fact Karni with his 14 years service at IDF  was probably a Mossad spy if not that at least a Sayanim.They thus betrayed not one but two supposed “allies” the US and India

They did not inform the US It took a fortuitous anonymous emails to alert the Americans If not for those Pakistan would have had its 200 nuclear triggers Coming after the Kargil conflict the danger levels just shot up Given Pakistan’s inability to manufacture nuclear triggers its many nuclear weapons and the small number of manufacturers Pakistan may still have a mismatch between weaponized stock and triggers



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    Thanks for article wag. It makes you realize the international talmudists are in every country creating strife and destruction to satisfy their cult programming. There used to be a website in the US. called the bilzerian report. He reported on the Jewish mafia and their power, like you do. But last year his site disappeared and you can’t get his articles. He had one article titled ‘Is racism plaguing professional sports’. And it was about how like 6 of the 7 commissioners in all US National sports were jews. Also, it listed how the NBA had a majority of owners who were all jews. In this sense they can ‘corner the market’ and I’m sure professional sports is a great way to launder money.

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