Ruth Smeeth is a Labour MP who happens to be Jewish On 29-6-16 she raised a hue and cry about being subject to “traditional Antisemitic slur”

Before becoming a Labour  MP Smeeth worked in the pro Israel PR agency British Israel Communications and Research Centre (Bicom).Source

Starting in 2005, Smeeth did a stint as director of public affairs and campaigns as BICOM, the British Israel Communications and Research Centre. There she was reportedly charged with strengthening the group’s relations with the “Foreign Office, party leaders, think-tanks and academia.”

Formed in 2000, BICOM’s links have historically included some in the right-wing of the Labour party, including former CEO Lorna Fitzsimons.

The group arranges for influential figures such as journalists to take trips to Israel. These have included trips to the Herzliya conference, a major “security” event at which powerful business and political figures discuss how to reinforce Israeli occupation and apartheid. Smeeth herself is listed on the conference’s website as having attended in January 2007 , apparently in her BICOM capacity. Source

Surely that is  not the bio of a shrinking violet who bursts into tears because someone accuses her of colluding with the Telegraph against Corbyn


The  former Israel PR agent Smeeth is sitting with the two men whose faces are circled The one on the right is heard saying something about Anti Semitism (27 second)  The older man is John Pienaar a British journalist who is currently Deputy Political Editor for BBC News, and presenter of Pienaar Politics on BBC Radio 5 Live. Smeeth is never seen crying or even teary eyed at any point in the video When she leaves at the end of the video Pineear follows her

The MP had up to this point not uttered a word about anti semitism All she screeched was How dare you how dare you Again nowhere in the entire video is she “tearful” as the media kept on repeating


Marc woodsworth

This is Marc Wadsworth the man who allegedly uttered  “vile conspiracy theories about the Jewish people”,actually said. The video above confirm his comment




And this is what the former Israel PR employed MP turned it into ……A “traditional “antisemitic slur and a vile conspiracy theory against the Jewish people   Its no wonder she did not dare put out the exact words said Whats more to the point no one in the press asked her that simple question

Only a lying ,devious,duplicitous PR spinmaster like Smeeth could turn QUOTE “I saw the Telegraph hand over a a copy of a press release to Ruth Smeeth MP so you can see who is working with whom” ENDQUOTE into a “Traditional anti semitic slur”  or into the Goebbelsian “vile conspiracy theory against the Jewish people”

Speaking of AntiSemitism this video featuring an ex Israeli minister Shulamit Aloni  clearly explains how ‘AntiSemitism” is used to tarnish people the Israelis and All Judaan dislike (In Smeeth’s case the target being Corbyn)

Lets hope her constituents remember this next election and throw out the lying former Israeli PR agent out

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    All they do is theatre, however the golden thread is setting everyone up for their benefit after the chaos they create in their tint minds. Labour has been destroyed by the freaks just as everything that UKabos were due to take control of got trashed by them. They are working on a “Europe full of bigots” storyline with examples created out of nowhere as a background noise, to cover their asses as they move over to ChiComm favourite pet mode.

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