Aron Aronite seems to be a Jew who seems to have a fascination for all things Hindu
He even ran a blog called Hindu World Vision in 2011

His Linked in profile gave his occupation as a “Director” at Hindu World Vision

The incongruity of a site called Hindu World Vision being run by someone who is patently not a Hindu seems to escape him

Hindu World Vision is an older WordPress blog with gems like Colonisation of Space by Hindu Jewish Civilisations – Existential Imperative

He also has a twitter handle @aronitethinking  which says he is in Bangalore WHAT he does in Bangalore is very unclear Given the large number of Israeli companies in Bangalore he could be doing some free float work there …or just free floating in Manali Goa Mumbai or Delhi  



He also uploads YouTube videos as Aron Aronite

The weirdo who seemed drunk when making this video seems a bit put off by PM Modi for his  “Dumb Ass” speech in Brussels


Aron the Hasbara Jewish loon also writes  for a website called the Hindu Sentinel which seems to be associated with that kosher toady Gautam Sen

On June 24 a 25 year old girl S Swathi was brutally hacked to death with a sickle in the early hours at about 6.30 AM

Just a day later Aron Arohite already knew it was a Jihadi attack

Marc woodsworth


In his words

Swathi is an upwardly mobile Hindu Girl living the Indian dream, working for Infosys.

But all her dreams would be shattered that Friday morning by a knife wielding entity that is familiar to hundreds and thousands of Hindu Girls victimized and destroyed, known as the Love Jihadi. The media’s job is to deny his hand.

The Pattern here is clear- to terrorize Hindu Girls as to what will happen if they refuse the advances of a Jihadi?

The net result of both Ruling and Opposition parties wooing Islamist groups is what we have begun to see since few years- headstrong youth armed with sharp weapons, brutally hacking to death Hindu outfit leaders and workers in cold blood.

All along when Islamists were targeting and murdering one by one Hindu leaders, the State authorities were denying any involvement of Islamists at all. The motive of each of these gruesome murders, often done in public in view to instill Terror in true Islamic fashion-  was asserted as to do with some personal animosity or feud but not Jihad. So this latest murder too is bound to be denied as Jihad murder attack. Source Chennai- Brutal ISIS Style Cut Throat Murder of Infosys Girl, to terrorize other Love Jihad Victims?

Turns out her killer was a Tamil Hindu named Arun Kumar from Thirunelveli

The Kosher drivel was repeated ad nauseum by Right Wing trolls and even regular twitter handles who fell for the growing lie

It was reprinted in

This is just the tip of the kosher iceberg of lies

There  are entire teams running sites and handles using the word Hindu spewing Islamophobia without being remotely connected to Hinduism

Which is not to say there are no Hindus running such sites Most such sites handles FB Acs are run by genuine Hindus who hate Muslims

But just be aware that not ALL such sites are run by Right Wing Hindus

Like Aron Aronite’s online presence shows some  are just pure kosher drivel

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