Micah Xavier Johnson is the alleged shooter  in the Dallas shoot out where 12 (white) policemen were shot at and five died

Almost all initial reports spoke of two or more shooters shooting in tandem and creating a kill zone

Heres the Dallas Police Chief repeatedly referring to SHOOTERS plural repeatedly . The RT (Russian TV) report also spoke of two snipers

Two (or more) snipers makes sense too So many kill shots from a high place targeting white officers in a mainly black rally  had to logically involve more then one shooter

When the police did finally manage to corner Johnson it bombed him dead If as the Chief of Police was serious about unraveling all facts about the shooting , he would have personally ensured or at least tried to see the cornered suspect was taken alive

Of course the police are human and  the  revenge motive  could have trumped their common sense  Which made it doubly important for the Police leadership to go to the place the suspect was and at least TRY to bring him in alive Johnson also very conveniently told the police negotiating with him that he was acting alone

Which brings us to the Robot with the Bomb “We saw no other option but to use our bomb robot and place a device on its extension for it to detonate where the suspect was,” Dallas Police Chief David Brown told a news conference Friday. Such police robots have in the past been used to deliver a flash or smoke grenade to incapacitate the suspect and take him in Why it wasnt in this case is a question journalists arent asking

Assuming there were more then one shooters theres no reason the police would go out of their way to protect such conspirators if they belonged to some Black Power group .No Black Group has the power or pull to bury such an investigation

We all know which group can and routinely does manipulate criminal investigations

A well known paper like the Washington Post had accused George Soros  of funding Black Groups which were behind the Black Lives Matter Movement  The Daily Mail made the same accusation

If Soros and his team were trying to escalate the situation using Johnson (assuming Johnson really was the shooter) there would be a trail A live Johnson would lead to the second (and maybe more) shooter/s If even one of these shooters had any link to Soros there would be a whole lot of coverup to stage manage.

Conversely  if Johnson was framed and was captured alive, he and his legal team could have proven his innocence Which would immediately lead to the logical question If not Johnson who? If Soros was looking to escalate his Race War Project he could hire the same set of people involved in the Maidan False Flag in Kiev which involved Snipers firing on BOTH sides

Micah Johnson’s death means all such questions will remain unanswered

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  2. chu33 says:

    Reds Exploiting Blacks: The Roots of Black Lives Matter – January 2016

    The Black Lives Matter movement (BLM) casts itself as a spontaneous uprising born of inner city frustration, but is, in fact, the latest and most dangerous face of a web of well-funded communist/socialist organizations that have been agitating against America for decades.

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