Its now clear that Hilary Clinton is not well ………physically that is .

Hilary Clinton has been PREVIOUSLY HANDPICKED by the Elite who pretty much control the USA and she will in all probability fairly or unfairly  win the Presidential Elections unless Trump makes a last minute deal with the controlling elite

There are strong signs that Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson’s Disease

This Medical Report speaks of Impaired Efficacy of Cough in Patients With Parkinson Disease

IF TRUE 69 year old Hilary Clinton with Parkinsons Disease will simply mean the next four years will need someone to do a LOT more of backseat driving. Of course as former President Bill Clinton will do a lot of backseat driving

But Be Prepared seems to be as much a Talmudic Motto as that of the Boy Scouts

If Clintons symptoms get worse and uncontrollable and public she will have to step down and America ( and the the world )will  be stuck with President Kaine

Which leads to the question WHO is Timothy Kaine ?

Once you get past the fluff pieces some important facts stand out about Tim Kaine

He studied in an  all boys Jesuit High School. He zipped through college in three years and headed to Harvard University Law School. There he heard “a small, still voice” asking him why he was in such a hurry. “Something in me said to take a year off.”

But, as biography, it’s not merely unsatisfying. It’s unlikely.

A 21-year old Harvard Law School student spending 1981 in Honduras as a Jesuit volunteer is as absurd as an English tutor parachuting before D-Day into Normandy to teach French children when to use “their” and when to use “they’re.”

While Kaine was in Honduras a whirlwind descended on that little-visited country: a huge American military presence which ballooned overnight— courtesy of the Reagan Administration— determined to turn the tide of leftist revolutionaries in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

While Kaine taught a handful of students carpentry and welding, United States military aid to Honduras went from $4 million to $282 million in just a few years.


Perhaps not coincidentally, Honduras became known as the Lebanon of Central America, the biggest drug marketplace the world had ever known. The man at the center of the circus was US ambassador John Negroponte, who arrived in Honduras while Tim Kaine was there. Negroponte is generally acknowledged to be a leading CIA man


Tim Kaine saw nada. Was he busy teaching welding? Or was something else going on?

By the time Kaine arrived in Honduras, the Jesuit mission in El Progreso was focusing its work on labor issues and the welfare of plantations laborers and their families.  Jeff Boyer, an anthropologist who did fieldwork in rural Honduras around the time Kaine was in El Progreso, says that the Jesuits “consistently endeavored to be thorn in the side” of the company, they had “no qualms going after United Fruit.”Source Tim Kaines unlikely biography  and Eat Pray Starve What Time Kaine didnt learn during his stay in Hondurus

Tim Kaine could easily have been the embedded CIA man in the Jesuit camp

 Soros son Alexander dined with Hillary running mate Kaine


5 Reasons Tim Kaine Will Be the Jewiest Vice President Pick for Hillary Clinton

Kaine has also been a friend to the Jewish community for about as long as he’s been in public service. During his various campaigns, Kaine has repeatedly reached out to the Jewish community, conducted interviews with Jewish leaders and spoken about America’s relationship with Israel.

“He made himself very available to the Jewish community,” said Ron Halber, the executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington. “He took the Jewish community very seriously as a constituency,” even though it only represented a small portion of the Virginia electorate.

The Jewiest Vice President with a CIA Flavour Is it any wonder that the Powers that Be arent too worried about their pick Hilary’s health?



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2 Responses to PRESIDENT KAINE?

  1. Senatssekretär Freistaat Danzig says:

    Reblogged this on behindertvertriebentessarzblog and commented:
    Sie ist doch sicher verchipt? Kann keiner deren Puls abrufen? Siehe, des Germann´s Enigma!

  2. ostrewk says:

    hi gentile
    i have to disagree on this one all signs indicate Donald trump is likely to get elected as president
    Hillary is now incapable to run as presidential candidate trump leads popular votes , trump will eventually declare another war just like bush did.

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