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NSO Group Technologies is an Israeli software company founded in 2010 by Niv Carmi, Omri Lavie, and Shalev Hulio It is reported to employ around 200 people and is based in Herzliya near Tel Aviv Annual revenues were said to be around $40 million in 2013 and $150 million in 2015.It is involved in hacking hi tech supposedly secure mobile phones of private citizens

Its former chairman of the board of directors was retired general Avigdor Ben-Gal, previously head of Israel Aircraft Industries in the 1990s.The founders are  ex-members of Unit 8200,(Israel’s equivalent of the American NSA) the Israeli Intelligence Corps unit responsible for collecting signals intelligence; The company’s start-up funding came from a group of investors headed by Eddy Shalev, a partner in the venture capital fund Genesis Partners. In 2014, the American private equity firm Francisco Partners bought the company for $130 million It was reported in 2015 to be seeking to sell the company for up to $1 billion.


NSO Co founders (Unconfirmed pic)

Thus its a company started and managed by (supposedly) former members of Israels Intelligence

In August 2016 the Wall Street Journal wrote that NSO had  exploited previously unknown bugs in Apple Inc. ’s smartphone software to help foreign governments spy on their citizens.

Given that Francisco partners wants to sell it off for a billion all of this media blitz could just be puff pieces to hype up the hacking product

The researchers at Citizens Lab say the surveillance software was the work of NSO Group Technologies Ltd., which sells primarily (not exclusively) to government agencies.

(Note Its perfectly reasonable to believe the said technology can and is being sold to rich billionaires for whatever purpose they choose or even to criminal  networks )

The researchers, at Citizen Lab, a group that investigates surveillance technology, and at mobile-security firm Lookout Inc., say they discovered the software in a link sent earlier this month to the phone of Ahmed Mansoor, a human-rights activist in the United Arab Emirates.

NSO Group’s software takes advantage of three previously unknown flaws in iOS to install itself on an iPhone, where it then transforms the phone into a surveillance device , tracking its movements, logging messages and downloading personal data.

An NSO spokesman said the company had no knowledge of Mr. Mansoor’s case. The spokesman said NSO doesn’t operate its systems, and requires customers to use them lawfully and only “for the prevention and investigation of crimes.”

The company has been thought to be capable of installing unauthorized software on Android, BlackBerry and iPhone devices, but Thursday’s report provides the first in-depth look at its capabilities.“We’re a complete ghost,” NSO co-founder Omri Lavie told Defense News in a 2013 interview. “We’re totally transparent to the target, and we leave no traces.”

Mike Murray, Lookout’s vice president of security research, said the NSO software, called Pegasus, is “the most professional piece of spyware that I’ve ever seen.” He said the software operates stealthily, ensuring that it doesn’t quickly drain the battery and speeding  up its data transfer when it is on Wi-Fi networks so that it doesn’t get noticed.

Source Startup Manipulated iPhone to Allow Government Spying, Report Says

Surprisingly the group which  exposed the software The Citizen Lab is an interdisciplinary laboratory based at the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, Canada.The school was founded and funded by Peter Munk rich jewish businessman who’s  also a Rothschild agent

Not once in this article did WSJ care to mention that the founders of NSO are (former??) Israeli spies

Israeli companies spawned by former Unit 8200 members are notorious for keeping hackable electronic ‘backdoors” in their software which enables them to transfer data back their Israeli creators

Pegasus targets victims via a link sent in a text message, a process known as the “one-click” variant. The link opens to a site which automatically downloads the software onto the victim’s iPhone, allowing it to harvest the data from, and control, virtually every function of the device, from phone calls, location tracking and email, to the camera and apps, without the user or the phone realizing it. Source


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3 Responses to UNIT 8200 IN YOUR iPHONE

  1. Richard Braverman says:

    Isn’t that the primary purpose of the internet and smartphone technology. Before they needed their army of apparatchiks to spy on neighbors and friends. Now we simply provide the information ourselves directly to governments and their coporate cronies. Our government will not share direcuptive technology with the public unless 1) their cronies are in position to reap finacial rewards from the technology; 2) owners of obselete technology are protected and provided for; 3) they can use that technology against us.

    In the same way old technologies/business models are protected. Consider oil and diamonds, we have got a world full of oil and diamonds, but through artificail shortages and constant manipulation we always pay more.

    The first step is to wake up. Second get organized. Third well you know ………..

  2. Mudasir says:

    Please send about the Israiel back on Indian ministry.

    Wide Awake Genti

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