“Phoenix” is an occult metaphor. Out of the destruction, the ashes of the old world order, the New World Order will rise like a Phoenix!

In 1988 the Rothschild owned Economist had come up with a 30 year prediction Get ready for a Global Currency The Economist named this future hypothetical one world currency the Phoenix

The phoenix zone would impose tight constraints on national governments. There would be no such thing, for instance, as a national monetary policy.The world phoenix supply would be fixed by a new central bank, descended perhaps from the IMF. The world inflation rate – and hence, within narrow margins, each national inflation rate- would be in its charge. Each country could use taxes and public spending to offset temporary falls in demand, but it would have to borrow rather than print money to finance its budget deficit.

Ten years down the line ie in 1998 there was the Economist again with another title on One World Currency called One World One Money


Weighing all this, most economists conclude that the 11 countries that are about to adopt the euro are not in fact an optimal currency area. The world as a whole is not even close. So what has changed? The main thing is the current global emergency. This is so serious a crisis that it is likely to prove a paradigmshifting event, though straws were in the wind already. But what does that leave? Let’s see. Pure floating is no use. Semi-fixed is no use. So there are two possibilities. One is to turn back the clock on financial integration: then pure-floating or semi-fixed systems might once again be used successfully. Otherwise, it seems, the remaining course is to combine increasing integration with perfect fixity of exchange rates—meaning currency union.

On January 1 1999 the Euro was born It was a limited version of the glonal currency union envisaged


The euro (sign: ; code: EUR) is the official currency of the eurozone, which consists of 19 of the 28 member states of the European Union: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain.

Within the European Union area itself three nations UK , Denmark  and Sweden refused to accept the Euro

In 2016 theres an article about how in UK One in seven Brits no longer carries cash In 2015  2015Denmark moves closer to a cashless society In 2016 The Guardian (another Rothschild newspaper) informs us almost gleefully that Sweden leads the race to become cashless society  Thus all three of the countries that refused to convert to a common currency the Euro have had their national currencies almost rendered redundant by plastic money or digital money

In May 2007 nearly 20 years after the first Economist article one of the main Globalist Think Tanks came up with this

2The author was Ashenazi Jew Benjamin Steill

Global financial instability has sparked a surge in “monetary nationalism” — the idea that countries must make and control their own currencies. But globalization and monetary nationalism are a dangerous combination, a cause of financial crises and geopolitical tension. The world needs to abandon unwanted currencies,(I suspect thats a polite way of describing currencies the Jews dont control) replacing them with dollars, euros, and multinational currencies as yet unborn.  Source CFR


In 2008 twenty years after the first One World Currency article there was the Financial Crisis of 2008  crash caused in large part by Subprime lending  Growth of the housing bubble  and Overleveraging  The Paradigm shifting event the 1998 article spoke of was here on us


One of the giants and mainstays of the digital economy is VISA This is what Sarah Perry Director VISAnStrategic Investment Program had to say on VISA and a Single Global Currency

“When VISA was founded twenty-five years ago, the founders saw the world as needing a Single Global Currency for exchange. Everything we’ve done from a global perspective has been about trying to put one piece in place after another to fulfill that global vision.”— Sarah Perry,Director of VISA’s Strategic Investment Program.2001 Source The Single Global Currency (Single Global Currency Association, 2006), p.7.


There can be a new form of  Global digital money transfer systems whose main players will gradually coalesce into a handful of quasi monpolistic digital pay systems

Ownership of VISA Mastercard and smaller digital payment gateways is anyway securely in the hands of Globalists Smaller national payment gateways can always be bought out or financially destroyed

Another important aspect of a cashless or a digital economy is the use of smart phones The operating system used by 85 % of smart phones is Android  which is a proprietary software developed by Google As of July 2013, the Google Play store has had over one million Android applications (“apps”) published – including many “business-class apps” that rival competing mobile platforms– and over 50 billion applications downloaded.

Its this Android platform and its apps which will drive the so called cashless economy in countries like India China and other Asian and African countries

Once digitized money takes root the national currency will be used a lot less People will touch see and feel these notes a lot less too Your salary will come directly to your bank ac Businessmen will keep less money at hand

People will lose touch and any sense of connection to the national currency Once that happens they wont care who controls its supply or where the notes are printed or who controls the interest rates



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  1. Greg Bacon says:

    What could go wrong with private bankers taking total control of the world’s money supply? Just look at how it turned out in the USA! If or when that happens, the world will see looting of us peons on an industrial scale.

  2. Saiful Rimkeit says:

    When I attended public school in 1966, our California History professor mentioned he spotted a small storefront in the San Francisco district of Richmond where he lived. I and another student were asked to verify what he saw. When we arrived at the near empty storefront, we were greeted by two low level technocrats who handed us info pamphlets on how a new World monetary system was going to be electronically managed from Central Command. They explained a card carried individually would replace paper and coin money. In 1966, the money was going to be known as “energy exchange units”and no debt would be allowed by citizens. If the units would be exhausted, too bad for an individual. They also explained the 40 hour work week would be reduced and Nations would be dependent on a Central Bank.
    We debated this in class and came to the same conclusion as Greg Bacon posted December 24, 2016: “…the world will see looting of us peons on an industrial scale.” As young students, we did not quite understand the full meaning what an electronic system was at the time, but we did understand that manipulation of monetary values could be easily implemented at will from a central geographic location using such an “electronic” tool.
    It appears to me that this scheme to have one monetary system in place has been designed to be implemented in place before I was born in 1947.

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