On July 24 2015, President Park allegedly held an open lunch meeting with 17 chiefs of major conglomerates (Chaebols) in the presidential office, asking the participants to support the establishment of non-profit foundations for the purpose of boosting the popularity of so-called Korean Wave

After the opening event, Park allegedly held closeddoor meetings with seven of the participants, separately one by one, that continued through the next day. Among the participants were Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong, Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Chung Mong-koo and LG Group Chairman Ku Bon-moo.–Prosecutors reportedly found circumstantial evidence to support that President Park probably ordered the seven chaebol chiefs to make donations to the Mir and K-Sports foundations, or cultural and sports funds presumably controlled by Choi. Source Xinhua

Widespread coverage of this South Korean political scandal began in late October 2016.

Several news media including Chosun Broadcasting System and JTBC reported that Choi, who has no official government position, had access to confidential documents and information for the president, and acted as a close confidant for the president. Choi and President Park’s senior staffs including both Ahn Jong-bum and Jeong Ho-sung have used their influence to extort 77.4 billion (~ $75 million) from Korean chaebols—family-owned large business conglomerates—and set up two culture and sports-related foundations, Mir and K-sports foundations

On December 9, Park was impeached , and then Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn, became the acting president.


On Decmber 2016  Korean diplomat globalist Rothschild stooge and former UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon served out his term as the UN Gen Secretary and came   back in Korea hinting at presidential run

While stopping short of announcing a presidential bid, Ban confirmed he was considering a return to the domestic arena on Thursday.

“Many people have asked me whether I have a will for power. If ‘will for power’ means uniting a divided country into one and making it a first-class country again, then I have already said I am ready to burn my body in devotion to this and my mind hasn’t changed,” he said during a televised conference at Incheon International Airport.

The 72-year-old diplomat has completed a 10-year term as the head of the UN, and had previously served as foreign minister in South Korea between 2004 and 2006. He was never affiliated with any of the major parties. Many observers consider him one of the favorites to replace the embattled Park Geunhye as president and over the massive influence-peddling scandal gripping the nation. His time as the UN general secretary also boosted his popularity among the voters. Source Deutch Welle

In July 2015 there was a minor corporate skirmish in South Korean Samsung group Two Samsung group companies  Samsung C&T and Cheil Industries merged . The New York-based hedge fund Elliott Associates, which is owned and managed by Paul Singer, who is Jewish, had fought the merger. Elliott Associates was C&T’s second largest shareholder.

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 27JAN11 - Paul Singer, Principal, Elliott Management, USA and Co-Chair of the Governors Meeting for Investors 2011, speaks during the session 'Managing a

Paul Singer is a vile businessman who has been described as a “fundraising terrorist” for his persistence in successfully arm twisting Governments and companies across the world.  He lost out in Korea

In reporting on the proposed merger, at least two South Korean media outlets blamed Jews for attempting to block the deal. One publication wrote that Jewish power on Wall Street “has long been known to be ruthless and merciless.” A columnist wrote that “Jews are known to wield enormous power on Wall Street and in global financial circles” and “It is a well-known fact that the US government is swayed by Jewish capital.”

The day before the vote, Samsung C &T removed from its website cartoons attacking Singer, including one depicting him as a vulture and another showing him hiding an axe behind his back while taking money from a man in ragged clothes.


On January 2017 Reuters reported that the Samsung leader Jay Y Lee  had been quizzed for over 22 hours

Jay Y. Lee, center, vice chairman of Samsung Electronics, arrives to be questioned as a suspect in bribery case in the influence-peddling scandal that led to the president's impeachment at the office of the independent counsel in Seoul, South Korea, Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017. REUTERS/Ahn Young-joon/Pool

Jay Y. Lee, center, vice chairman of Samsung Electronics, arrives to be questioned as a suspect

Prosecutors have been investigating whether Samsung provided 30 billion won ($25.46 million) to a business and foundations backed by Park’s friend, Choi Soon-sil, in exchange for the national pension fund’s support for a 2015 merger of two Samsung affiliates.

Samsung has acknowledged making payments to two foundations at the center of the scandal, as well as to a consulting firm controlled by Choi, but has repeatedly denied accusations of lobbying to push through the controversial 2015 merger of affiliates Samsung C&T Corp and Cheil Industries Inc.

Now remember that SEVEN other Chaebols have been accused of influence peddling and corrupt payments

Yet only the Chairman of Samsung Korea’s largest Chaebol was questioned for 22 hours And only he was questioned about a SPECIFIC charge All others have been accused of bribing the Presidents friend merely to be in her good books There was no specific quid pro quo mentioned Jewish owned Reuters did make a special point to twice mention the C&T Crp CHEIL merger which was opposed by Paul Singer’s Elliot Associates

The prosecutors then clearly indicated that Lee and Samsung were the real target of the whole drama when they questioned Lee for  on whether Samsung improperly provided financial assistance to Choi Soon-sil ‘s daughter. Prosecutors have been investigating an allegation that Samsung provided 2.8 million euros ($3.1 million) to a company co-owned by Choi and her daughter, who was previously a member of the South Korean national equestrian team, Yonhap reported. Reuters

Despite the seven main Cahebols being accused of bribing Choi Soon Sil ‘s companies only the Samsung chief Lee who is involved in a corporate spat with Singer was targeted

South Korea with its massive Chaebols and their cost effective global brands like Samsung , Hyundai, LG etc give the global “western” corporates and brands a run for their money  Jewish parasites like Singer havent really managed to get a hold there

With UN Moon in charge all that will change  The massive Chaebols will have to play ball with the likes of Singer and co and South Korea will become another Zionist occupied Government and Country

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  1. bill carson says:

    Just wanted to ask you if you know anything about this guy, Ajit Pai, the new United States FCC commissioner . Wiki says his parents came from India. I am suspicious that this guy is a crypto Jew

  2. Bill Ajit Pai is a Goud Saraswat Brahmin …This Brahmin jati isnt crypto jewish though some are pro Jewish

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