Paul Singer is a Jewish businessman who has been described as a “fundraising terrorist” for his persistence in successfully arm twisting Govts and companies across the world.

He buys Govt debt way below par taking advantage of political social or financial unrest Then he arm twists the Governments to repay the Bonds in full or at a premium

Paul Singer is known for pursuing his investments to the ends of the earth.

And since the beginning of June (2015) he has decided that he will no longer play nice with one of the richest families on the planet – South Korea’s Lee family – the family that, through its massive Samsung empire, controls 17% of their native country’s economy. Source

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 27JAN11 - Paul Singer, Principal, Elliott Management, USA and Co-Chair of the Governors Meeting for Investors 2011, speaks during the session 'Managing a

Paul Singer

 For three generations the Lee family has built a sprawling $270 billion empire of companies – not just electronics-maker Samsung. Its affiliate, holding company Cheil Industries, contains within it a bunch of businesses raging from textiles to entertainment.In South Korea this structure is known as a chaebol. It is a complex way of putting together a vast network under one main leader of one powerful family.

Singer in time honoured and long standing Jewish business tradition wants to buy out the holding company break up the Chaebol and sell of the parts for a huge profit and then just move on ………leaving the long standing business house and the brand name Samsung a mere shell

Naturally the Lee’s oppose having their massive business and proud name destroyed by a scheming jew So they’ve fought back with all of their  considerable power

But Singer has All Judaan  behind him The Jewish media presented the case rather differently See the July 2015 article in Forbes  Victory For Samsung Heirs, Blow For U.S. Hedge Fund — Yes Vote Solidifies Their Grip On Empire

Ever since Singers spat with Samsung All Judaan’s most powerful tool its media has been used  to snipe at Samsung and its products The media has always anyway sided with Apple in the Apple Samsung smart phone battle
Samsung phones vulnerable to cyber attacks because of software bug  ABC 17 June 2015 (This During Singers takeover bid ) Samsung TVs appear less energy efficient in real life than in tests Oct 1 Guardian Former workers pressure Samsung over deadly illnesses  Financial Times27-Oct-2015 Samsung’s smart fridge could be used to steal your Gmail login 24-Aug-2015 Fortune

But it was in 2016 that All Judaan really stuck back Samsung’s new successful Galaxt Note 7 suddenly faced the problem of “exploding batteries” In September 2016 Samsung recalled Galaxy Note 7 worldwide due to exploding battery fears”.  According to an unnamed Samsung official that spoke earlier to Yonhap, the vast majority of Note 7 phones should be unaffected, despite the sweeping recall. “Products installed with the problematic battery account for less than 0.1 percent of the entire volume sold,” said the official. “The problem can be simply resolved by changing the battery, but we’ll come up with convincing measures for our consumers.” Source CNET  The ((media)) however made out as if all the Note 7s were exploding on touch The batteries that cause the problems

Singer wanted Samsung to dish out a huge dividend of 26 billion  US dollars  from its reserves  In effect such a huge payout would destroy Samsung as it exists today

Its to be noted that during the Singer Lee dispute the entire gamut of Korean Government Financial Institutions threw their lot solidly behid the Lee family President Park Geun-hye, was South Korea’s president at that time

Korean Media however was perfectly aware of Singers tactics “Elliott and other hedge funds have a history of unscrupulous profiteering, whatever the cost,” said the English-language Korea Times in an editorial headlined, “Vote on vulture fund,” published the day before the shareholders’ meeting. The editorial alleged “Their usual strategy is to raise the stock price of a target firm even if it hurts its long-term interests, and then make a quick exit along with a large amount of profit” Source

The Jewish Media regularly targets only Samsung and its corrupt practices though all Chaebols engage in similar practices–

Nine chaebol chairmen that made “contributions” to the Mir and K-Sports Foundations are appearing on Dec. 6 before a special parliamentary audit committee to investigate allegations of government interference by Choi Sun-sil and other non-elected figures. A second-generation example of government-business collusion resulted in the largest number of top-ranked chaebol chairmen ending up at a hearing.–

Mr and K sports are the NGOs belonging to the Presidents friend which were allegedly used to channel funds to the Presidents friend (and the President)


Bloomberg admitted that the while other Chaebol heads are being questioned over the Presidential bribery scandal Samsung is also being investigated for bribing Public bodies which held shares in Samsung and backed the Lees against Singer in the Cheil Samsung CT merger which effectively locked out Singer from Samsung

In the case of Samsung, investigators have focused on whether the company made payments to win the backing of Korea’s national pension fund for a controversial merger between Samsung affiliates. The deal, involving Cheil Industries Inc. and Samsung C&T Corp., was approved in 2015 and made it easier for Lee to gain influence over the sprawling conglomerate.

Prosecutors this week indicted Moon Hyungpyo, former chairman of the pension service, for perjury and abusing his authority. Moon acknowledged that he pressured NPS officials to support the Samsung merger, investigators said last month. Bloomberg

The special prosecutor’s office has focused on Samsung Group’s relationship with Park, accusing Lee in his capacity as the head of South Korea’s largest conglomerate of pledging 43 billion won($37.7 million) to a business and organizations backed by Park’s friend, Choi Soon-sil, in exchange for support of a 2015 merger of two Samsung companies.Reuters


The Supreme Prosecutors’ Office of the Republic of Korea (SPO) is a governmental prosecutor organization in South Korea and is run under the Ministry of Justice. 47.1% of South Koreans surveyed in 2009 didn’t think positively of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office and the credibility was scored low at 4 out of 10. Overall general consensus amongst the Korean media rates the Prosecutors’ Office of the Republic of Korea as having very low credibility.

The Special Prosecutors are susceptible to bribes and blackmail

Since June 2015 Samsung and its “Crown Prince” Lee Jae-yong also known as Jay Lee have faced a series of strange problems .Lee is rarely seen in public and avoids publicity. He has three younger sisters, Lee Boo-jin, Lee Seo-hyun and Lee Yoon-hyung  who committed suicide in 2005 aged 26 Lee has two children and is divorced

On 17 February 2017 Lee was arrested

The charge of bribery against the public officials for receiving bribes to support the Cheil Samsung CT merger seems to be with the intention of nullifying the merger

If that happens with Lee in jail Singer and his Korean stooges could make a second attempt and break up Samsung according to Singers plan

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