The ruling Kim dynasty in Korea was started by Kim Ill Sung

His real name was not Kim Il-sung but Kim Sungkye. He was born in 1912 into a Presbyterian family that was comfortably off; his father was a teacher and elder in the church. In 1920, like many other Koreans, they moved to Manchuria to escape famine or Japanese rule. His father died in 1926; he attended the Yuwen Middle School in Jilin from 1927 to 1930, when he was arrested for subversion and imprisoned for several months. South China Morning Post

Kim’s father died in 1926, when Kim was fourteen years old. In October 1926, Kim founded the Down-With-Imperialism Union. Kim attended Whasung Military Academy in 1926, but when later finding the academy’s training methods outdated, he quit in 1927. From that time, he attended Yuwen Middle School in Jilin  (China/Manchuria) to 1930, where he rejected the feudal traditions of older generation Koreans and became interested in Communist ideologies; his formal education ended when he was arrested and jailed for his subversive activities. At seventeen, Kim had become the youngest member of an underground Marxist organization with fewer than twenty members and was jailed for several months.

He joined various anti-Japanese guerrilla groups in northern China, and in 1935 he became a member of the Northeast Anti-Japanese United Army, a guerrilla group led by the Communist Party of China.

In 1935, he joined the anti-Japanese guerilla war. His greatest moment came in June 1937, when the unit of 200 men he commanded captured a small Japanese-held town in Korea for a few hours. By the end of 1940, the Japanese had killed his fellow commanders and many of his men; those who remained crossed the Amur river into the Soviet Union.

Sent to the army base near Khabarovsk, he was retrained as a captain in the Red Army. He remained there until the war ended on August 15, 1945. His eldest son, Kim Jong-il, was born there in February, 1941;

When the Red Army invaded Manchuria on August 8, 1945, Stalin needed someone to head a puppet regime and asked Lavrentiy Beria,(rumored to be crypto Jewish) the head of the NKVD secret police. Beria had interviewed Kim Ilsung several times and recommended him as young, obedient and having no ties to the native communist movement in North Korea. Stalin met him and gave him the job.

Another version says he was picked up by  Grigory Mekler a Sovietspin doctor‘ to head the Korean Soviet regime  Mekler had met Kim Il Sung in 1944, when the Korean was training at a Soviet army camp for Chinese and Korean guerillas near Khabarovsk in the Russian Far East Stalin himself had asked Mekler to pick up a leader for the new Communist State if Korea .The Seoul Times  4

Mekler is a Jewish surname . Source 1 Source 2  A Mekler who was a Soviet Spin Doctor would almost certainly be Jewish

Beria and Mekler the Soviets who created the Kim Il Sung larger then life persona


Kim’s dramatic rise to power is described here

Kim Sungs reign had some glaring contradictions

Kim was supposedly picked by the Soviets because he was not nationalistic but within a couple of years he had created the concept of Juche (a Korean version of Nationalist Socialism)

Another strange contradiction is how KimIl Sung  the son of a Korean Presbyterian Elder  was picked up by Soviets to lead a client state

The Korean War and Kim Sungs rule may have lasted for a few months instead of four decades if Gen McArthur was given a free hand in Korea and allowed to go upto the Yalu river ( Sino Korean boundary) John Foster Dulles  the Pentagon and the CIA all supported a push to the Yalu River  Instead President Truman fired him

Truman ‘s action was the foundation of the 6 decades long Kim dynasty

Like Patton McArthur was popular in America and might have considered a Presidential run His possible political career was however destroyed after adverse comments by General Omar Bradley at a Senate hearing  Bradley was a Freemason ,  a member of the West Point Lodge #877, Highland Falls, New York until his death.


Kim Sungs son and successor Kim Jongil was born Yuri Irsenovich Kim in Russia Kim Jong-Il, reportedly studied English at the Universty of Malta and frequently visited then Prime Minister Dom Mintoff. Source The Independant   Mintoff  went to Oxford as a Rhodes scholar. There for much of the Second World War he worked as a civil engineer on loan to the British War Office.Was Mintoff some sort of conduit between Kim Jong and the Kim familys real controllers ?


Kims Sung’s grandson  the current Absolute Ruler of N Korea Kim Jong Un attended the International School of Berne. While Kim was at the English-language school, he befriended the children of American diplomats and learned French and German , according to the Swiss weekly L’Hebdo. He reportedly left the school at age 15 to return to North Korea, and little about his life there is known to the outside world.Washington Post 

North Korea  secretive and controlled society closely resembles the Jewish Shetls of the 19th and 20th centuries

The mode of exercising control over society resembles the tactics used in  shetls by the Levites and Cohens One of the most feared tactic used in North Korea is the jewish shetl tactic  of keeping a “guard on the guard” The use of family members to spy on each other is also another common tactic

Both South Korea and Japan are’nt exactly Jew friendly places


So having a captive dummy state is very useful

Its kept Japan and South Korea on tenterhooks by playing nuclear chicken with them Both Japan and S Korea are just a srewdriver’s turn away from having nuclear weapons

Its aided Pakistan in its nuclear programme



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  1. tedcar says:

    Douglas MacArthur was Definitely 101% kosher…..his nickname early on in WW2 was “Dougout Doug” which arose from his preference for remaining under cover during battle.
    So what exactly is going on here…..why is MacArthur being cast as a “good guy”.Cursory examination of his civilian life tells you he was also corrupt.
    His job in Japan was most likely to install a crypto Jewish Japanese elite….or Freemasons.Luckily hardly any Japanese knew what the Emperor actually looked like.
    This MAY explain why the Japanese royal family have very unjapanese curved noses…they have interbred with the nemesis of humanity…..the JEW.
    Incidently…the Prime Minister of Australia is a Jew….AND so is the Deputy PM….!!.
    An Australian billionaire (who is actually an Israeli) was involved in the 9/11 attack…and other Jews like James Packer control Australia’s version of Las Vegas.
    Packer has hooked up with Israeli criminals…The Packers are involved with Jewish organised crime in Australia….infact a Jew Abe Saffron introduced organised crime into Australia. (He travelled to Las Vegas in the sixties).
    The Jews are like a contagious virus spreading around a body….if the disease is checked in one area it metastasizes to other areas.
    Your MacArthur stuff needs to be redone…the prick was yet another crypto Jew….helpfully…he looked it!.

    • ozziethinker says:

      I had the same view as you, though I feel the information presented here is extremely useful. That Australian billionaire currently owns Westfield’s Corporation, I am led to believe.

      For the writer of this article, I have been “informally” informed that Japan’s Fukushima disaster was caused by US (that’s right!) warheads “hidden” underneath the comercial enetgy facility. Those warheads were designated for IRAN, so that event “changed history” (that’s “one of the reasons” why so many ET’s were sniffing around the site).

      North Korea’s arsenal (if any exist – don’t believe the pictures you see on your TV, they’re all part of the Zio-syn-op) is “insurance” against CHINA.

      The cheeky kosher’s don’t trust their mothers!


  2. Catherine II & Hitler Forever says:

    A very unusual and perculiar Jewish feature of North Korea is their portrayl of themselves as vulnerable victims, a highly unnatural thing, and proof of Jewish influence in this puppet plaything. Central to Juche is the concept that North Koreans are weak, vulnerable, in need of protecting. This mirrors the victim narrative Jews use to hold their society together.

  3. Catherine II & Hitler Forever says:

    All the evidence I have suggests East Asians really like Jews. They all study Torah in school to learn how Jews have become so successful. They see Jews as having good business sense. In WWII Japan refused to comply with Hitlers requests regarding Jews as they admired the Jews so much, probably why Japan got off so lightly. East Asians,see Jews small size and control over larger populations as a good thing and sign of success. They wont think it is success when Jews havr finished with them. East Asians are happy to have Jews as permemant fixtures in Aryan nations but not their own, this id why we cant count on them as reliable allies in this struggle against Jews.

  4. Tired says:

    President Harry S. Truman,even after the Soviets became a nuclear power, sought to curb military spending. However, he did not reject the recommendations of NSC-68 out of hand, instead of returning it to circulation and asking for an estimate of the costs involved. In the ensuing two months, little progress was made on the report. By June, Nitze had practically given up on it. But on June 25, 1950, North Korean forces crossed the 38th parallel north. [16] With the Korean War begun, NSC-68 took on new importance. As Acheson later remarked: “Korea… created the stimulus which made action.”

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