Henry Alfred  Kissinger (birth name Heinz Alfred Kissinger) was born in Kissinger was born Heinz Alfred Kissinger in  Fürth, Bavaria, Germany, in 1923 during the Weimar Republic, to a family of German Jews. The surname Kissinger was adopted in 1817 by his great-great-grandfather Meyer Löb, after the Bavarian spa town of Bad Kissingen. .

In 1938, fleeing Nazi persecution, his family moved to London, England, before arriving in New York on September 5.

Kissinger spent his high school years in the Washington Heights section of Upper Manhattan as part of the German Jewish immigrant community that resided there at the time. Following his first year at George Washington High School, he began attending school at night and worked in a shaving brush factory during the day.

Following high school, Kissinger enrolled in the City College of New York, studying accounting. His studies were interrupted in early 1943, when he was drafted into the U.S. Army at age 20.

Remember Kissinger was born and brought up in Germany for 15 of his 20 years . Japanese who had been born and brought up in the US were interned or arrested Strangely no one seemed to doubt the loyalty or allegiance of the former German Jew

This is where Heinz Loeb meets his  Jewish fairy Godfather Fritz G  A  Kraemer and becomes Henry Kissinger

Kraemer’s induction into the Pentagon was facilitated by General Alexander Bolling

Kraemer was born in Essen, Germany, the eldest child of Jewish parents Georg Kraemer  and Anna Johanna (Jennie) Kraemer, née Goldschmidt and studied at the London School of Economics[1] before earning a doctorate in law at the University of Frankfurt in 1931 and a doctorate in Political Science at the University of Rome in 1934. During most of the 1930s he was Senior Legal Advisor to the League of Nations at the League’s Legal Institute in Rome. In 1933, he married his wife, Britta Bjorkander, a Swedish citizen. In 1939 Kraemer left his wife and son in Germany and fled to America He was  drafted  in 1943 in the 84th Division

Why the Army would draft a 40 plus lawyer is not really explained by the Telegraph in its credulity stretching obituary After fighting in the Battle of the Bulge, Kraemer was captured Germans. He nonetheless persuaded the German commanding officer that an Allied victory was inevitable and the town duly surrendered. For this, he won a Bronze Star and a battlefield commission. Same Telegraph Obituary

The Guardian came up with an even nuttier explanation as to how lawyer Kraemer became military expert Kraemer Remember Kraemers two PHDs were in Law and Political Science not Military Strategy or even International Diplomacy

Unless we beleive in fairy tales cooked up by the Telegraph or the Guardian its clear that INTERNATIONAL JEWRY HAD WORKED HAD TO PLANT ITS AGENT KREAMER IN THE PENTAGON 


After the war Kraemer “retired” from the military and from  1951 until his retirement in 1978 , he worked in the  Pentagon as a senior civilian counselor to defense secretaries and top military commanders.

From 1951 until his retirement in 1978, he worked in the Pentagon as a senior civilian counselor to defense secretaries and top military commanders. His son, Sven, a Pentagon official, said that Mr. Kraemer’s title often changed but that he occupied the same map-covered office Source New York Times

Besides Kissinger, his some of his better known proteges included General Alexander Haig, General Creighton Abrams, Lieutenant General Vernon Walters, the polyglot intelligence expert, and Major General Edward Lansdale.Incidentally Landsdale was rumored to be involved in Kennedy assassination

Kissinger served with the 84th infantry division in France and Germany and then when his  division reached Germany he was moved to the G2 section of the intelligence section. He worked in the intelligence section – G2 section – for about a year.

Maybe Kissinger’s contempt for military men arose from his interactions with his “fellow soldiers” at this time


Given that Bernad Baruch died in 1965 and was an influential “Presidential Advisor” till his death its very probable that the Kraemer selected Kissinger was being pushed up by Bernard Baruch and Bernard Baruchs sponsors and higherups

Henry Kissinger received his AB degree summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa in political science from Harvard College in 1950, where he lived in Adams House and studied under William Yandell Elliott.[25] He received his MA and PhD degrees at Harvard University in 1951 and 1954, respectively

To recap this was the 1950s and Jewish control over Harvard was still tenous at best It was  practically impossible for a poor German Jew with an accounting degree to get into Harvard  without major Big Jew influence Henry Kissinger had been hot listed for a “Presidential Advisory” role and he now had the entire financal political and media might of Global Jewry behind him

In 1952, while still a graduate student at Harvard, he served as a consultant to the director of the Psychological Strategy Board. which was renamed the Operations Coordinating Board  created in 1953 by President Eisenhower’s Executive Order 10483. The board, which reported to the National Security Council was responsible for integrating the implementation of national security policies across several agencies. The Operations Coordinating Board was abolished by President Kennedy on February 19, 1961.

Kissinger remained at Harvard as a member of the faculty in the Department of Government and, with Robert R. Bowie, co-founded the  Center for International Affairs in 1958 where he served as associate director. In 1955, he was a consultant to the National Security Council’s Operations Coordinating Board. During 1955 and 1956, he was also study director in nuclear weapons and foreign policy at the Council on Foreign Relations . From 1956 to 1958 he worked for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund as director of its Special Studies Project.

Outside of academia, he served as a consultant to several government agencies and think tanks, including the  Operations Research Office, the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, Department of State, and the RAND Corporation.

Kissinger became foreign policy advisor to the presidential campaigns of Nelson Rockefeller, supporting his bids for the Republican nomination in 1960, 1964, and 1968. After Richard Nixon won the presidency in 1968, he made Kissinger National Security Advisor.

Kissinger served as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State under Nixon , and continued as Secretary of State under Nixon’s successor Gerald Ford. On Nixon’s last full day in office, he advised Ford that he felt it was very important that he keep Kissinger in his new administration, to which Ford agreed.

According to notes taken by H. R. Haldeman, Nixon “ordered his aides to exclude all Jewish-Americans from policy-making on Israel” Documents show that Kissinger delayed telling President Richard Nixon about the start of the Yom Kippur War in 1973 to keep him from interfering.

Under Kissinger‘s guidance, the United States government supported Pakistan in the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. Henry Kissinger had also come under fire for private comments he made to Nixon during the Bangladesh–Pakistan War in which he described Prime Minister Indira Gandhi as a “bitch” and a “witch”. He also said “The Indians are bastards”, shortly before the war.

He’s been “advising Presidents” since

Kissinger left office when Democrat Jimmy Carter defeated Republican Gerald Ford in the 1976 presidential elections. Kissinger continued to participate in policy groups, such as the Trilateral Commission, and to maintain political consulting, speaking, and writing engagements.

In 1982, with the help of a loan from the international banking firm of E.M. Warburg, Pincus and Company, Kissinger founded a consulting firm, Kissinger Associates,

In 2006, it was reported in the book State of Denial by Bob Woodward that Kissinger met regularly with President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney to offer advice on the Iraq War In February 2000, then-president of Indonesia Abdurrahman Wahid appointed Kissinger as a political advisor.

Kissinger Associates is linked with APCO International which has close ties to Israeli spy agency Shin Beth It also has ties to Hakluyt & Company, which has ties to British spy agency MI6  It also has ties with The Blackstone Group,]an investment and advisory firm which has 311 billion dollars Assets under management and Covington & Burling, the international law firm, founded i 1913 with offices worldwide

Like Baruch and Kraemer Kissinger has pushed out many Jewish Proteges of his own

One day one of these will become an eminent “Presidential Advisor” to multiple Presidents


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    Why is he still alive? Periodical organ transplants and regular blood transfusions of infant’s blood maybe?

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    Kissinger was a KGB operative whilst serving in Germany with US Army as an instructor in counter intelligence. Totally documented in book Henry Kissinger “Soviet Agent” by Frank Capell 1974. I read it that year & am still waiting for him to die now. His legal firm Freeport Macmoran owns largest copper mine in Indonesia. His betrayal of the West is unequaled.

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