Charlottesville is a small town somewhere in Virginia If the Global Media is to be beleived 5000 -6000 groups of “White Nationalists” are about to capture the Republic of America and destroy all that is good and glorious about it  There are a bunch of brave liberals from the Antifa and Black Lives Matter movement fighting them bravely


All very Nobel and Historic and Grand

Except for the fact that both the the whole sordid affair is yet another Jewish Drama and the relatively small crowds OF BOTH GROUPS are just lead /instigated by Jewish Agent Provocateurs and probably CIA/FBI agents/assets

The man who organized the march is named Jason Kessler

The surname Kessler is or  Germanic and Jewish origin

Given the number of Jews in the Alt Right movement it wont be surprising if Jason Kessler is Jewish or part Jewish

The Alt Right (like Trump) are covertly Jewish controlled  while Jewish control over the Liberal Hollywood schmoozing movement is a bit less opaque

The foot soldiers on both sides are made up of borderline idiots and naive youth

If the so called White Nationalists still beleive in the Jewish crypto turd Trump they are either retarded or paid shills


Yet the media gives incessant coverage to it

Three persons are re[ported to have died two policemen in a helicopter crash and one woman #HeatherHeyer  was killed by a car deliberately driven into the crowds by a young man called James  Fields who has a mother named Samantha Lea Bloom who seems to be related to two persons with the surname Meyer making his mother a Jewess and him a Jew

Pretty careless of the media to release the details without sanitising it …..or maybe they are too arrogant to care

The  whole thing has a LOT of similarities to another “White Nationalist” (only they went under the Nationalist Socialist name then) which came to be known as the Skokie Affair

In 1977 Frank Collin,(a Jew with the birth name of Josph Cohen)  the leader of National Socialist Party of America(Nazi)  , announced the party’s intention to march through Skokie, Illinois. a predominantly Jewish community.

That itself should have alerted any authority to check out if Collins was an Agent Provocateur or not

The Jews went to court seeking a ban on the march Now heres where things get interesting

On behalf of the NSPA, the ACLU challenged the injunction

issued by the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois that prohibited marchers at the proposed Skokie rally from wearing Nazi uniforms or displaying swastikas. The ACLU was represented by civil rights attorney Burton Joseph. The challengers (Jew cintrolled) ACLU argued that the injunction violated the First Amendment rights of the marchers to express themselves.

Besides the Nazi Party of America Burton Joseph represented everyone including the porn industry Somehow he never got round to criticizing the criminalizing of any work which opposed the official  Holocaust narrative

On June 14, 1977, the Supreme Court ordered Illinois to hold a hearing on their ruling against the National Socialist Party of America, emphasizing that “if a State seeks to impose a restraint on First Amendment rights, it must provide strict procedural safeguards, including immediate appellate review… Absent such review, the State must instead allow a stay. The order of the Illinois Supreme Court constituted a denial of that right.”On remand, the Illinois Appellate Court eliminated the injunction against everything but the swastika. The Illinois Supreme Court heard the case again, focusing on the First Amendment implications of display of the swastika. Skokie attorneys argued that for Holocaust survivors, seeing the swastika was like being physically attacked.

The actual march itself was a pathetic dud with a few hundred men following Cohen in strutting about in Skokie

The Jews got their Victimhood Drama

Check out the Jews and other Minorities unite against Fascism placard

That may very well be the agenda in 2017 too

It was a big media event The Jews milked some victimhood

This time theres no overt Jewish link to the Charolettesville event 

The more discord and racisl animosity there is the lesses the likelihood of White (or Black) people thinking about the The Jewish Question

All very Goebbelian  and Talmudic



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  1. chu33 says:

    It was one big plot. After Charlottesville, donations to the ADL spiked 1,000% from major corporations and others. The ADL must have been lobbying corporations for this money weeks prior. and note ‘The ADL declines to share dollar-amounts of its donations.’

  2. TheZOG says:

    IndianGentile, I just made a comment containing a url on this page but it went straight into your spam box because it contains an anchor link.

  3. Cld be an issue with Akismet If prob persisits I’ll change the settings

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