In 1970, some two-thirds of the Jordanian population was Palestinian. After the Arabs’ defeat in the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, or Six Day War, Palestinian militants took part in the War of Attrition against Israel The Jordanian king had not been keen to fight the 1967 war, nor was he eager to keep letting Palestinians attack Israel from his territory.

The Jordanian Army was the only professional Army in the Middle East after the destruction of the Ottoman Empire This force originally known as the Mobile Army later became the Arab Legion and in 1939 John Bagot Glubb, better known as “Glubb Pasha“, became the Legion’s commander, with Major General Abdul Qadir Pasha Al Jundi as his deputy commander. Together they transformed it into the best-trained Arab army.

When Israel was formed the Arab Legion was its most potent enemy force

Back to 1967 That year Pakistan sent a training mission to Jordan lead by a then Brigadier Muhammad ZiaulHaq  In the late 1960s, the Fatah faction of the PLO had set up a state within a state, inside Jordan. . The aligned Palestinian organizations carried out a series of deadly attacks against Israel, from Jordanian territory.  On September 1, 1970 a failed attempt on Hussein’s life was made while he was on his way to the Amman airport. Within a few days, Palestinian groups hijacked planes on multiple international flights. The Jordanian king quickly lost control of his kingdom.

On September 15, King Hussein declared martial law. The next day, Jordanian tanks (the 60th Armored Brigade) attacked the headquarters of Palestinian organizations in Amman; . Since the King could not trust Jordanian officers to lead the charge against the PLO the then the head of Pakistani training mission to Jordan, Brigadier Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq (, took command of the 2nd division.

Arfat was later to claim that 10000-25000 Palestinians were killed by the Zia UL Haq lead Jordanian Army

After the Operation Black September, Gen Zia became most favourite person to the state of Israel. At that time, Zia was the only figure in Pakistan Army whom Israel could trust and could make good political and military relations with his country. In Afghan war, Israel was one of the most important countries that assisted Pakistan in weapons and training to the Afghan Mujaheddin. Israel’s intelligence agency MOSSAD assisted Pakistan in training Afghans near the Pak-Afghan border. Source  Pakistan’s Military Cooperation with Israel   Blogs Times of Israel Feb 7 2016

Years later in 1970  on Feb 29, 1976 Pakistan’s COAS Tikka Khan was retiring and the President Zulfikar Bhutto needed to appoint a new Army chief Amazingly Bhutto superseded SEVEN senior Generals to appoint Israels favorite Zia Ul Haq

Why Bhutto did it will never be known Whether there was any foreign (American) influence will also never be known

In 1979 then then Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan Zi Ul Haqs ties with Israel just grew  In Afghan war, Israel was one of the most important countries that assisted Pakistan in weapons and training to the Afghan Mujaheddin. Israel’s intelligence agency MOSSAD assisted Pakistan in training Afghans near the Pak-Afghan border.

Operation Cyclone was the code name for the American CIA to arm and finance Afghan Mujaheddin prior to and during the Afghan/Soviet war. American CIA and Pakistani ISI worked shoulder to shoulder against the Soviet Regime. The USSR was the number one financier of  the PLO. Pakistan’s ISI had established professional relations with Israel’s Mossad and had secretly passed on intelligence data to Mossad.

The Russian weapons which captured from PLO in Lebanon by Israel Defence Force (IDF) were given to Pakistan and ISI supplied all weapons to the Mujaheddin against the USSR. Israel has accomplished many missions along with Pakistan because Pakistan and Israel are both good allies of the US. General Zia likewise, surprised many observers in March 1986, when he called on the PLO to recognize the Jewish state. Source Times of Israel

Saudi Arabia was a major backer of the military regime of General Zia ul-Haq, which embarked upon an Islamization campaign throughout Pakistan and was also a key U.S. ally.

“Sharisation” or “Islamisation” was the “primary” policy, or “centerpiece”of the government of General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, the ruler of Pakistan from 1977 until his death in 1988. Zia has also been called “the person most responsible for turning Pakistan into a global center for political Islam”

Zia established separate Shariat judicial courts and court benchesto judge legal cases using Islamic doctrine. New criminal offenses (of adultery, fornication, and types of blasphemy), and new punishments (of whipping, amputation, and stoning to death), were added to Pakistani law.Zia bolstered the influence of the ulama (Islamic clergy) and the Islamic parties, whilst conservative scholars became fixtures on television.10,000s of activists from the Jamaat-e-Islami party were appointed to government posts to ensure the continuation of his agenda after his passing.Conservative ulama (Islamic scholars) were added to the Council of Islamic Ideology

Within a couple of years Zia had transformed a relatively secular nation into a fundamentalist Islamic dictatorship that had, ironically, strong ties to the United States.

The ties Zia had established between Israel and Pakistan or more importantly between ISI and Mossad have flourished long after Zias death

ISI had intercepted information that Israeli civilians may be targeted in a terrorist attack in India during September and November 2008. It was reported by Wiki Leaks that Pakistan’s Lieutenant-General Ahmad Shuja Pasha was in direct contact with Mossad. In 2013, Britain’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills revealed that: “In 2011, Israel allegedly exported military equipment to Pakistan via Britain; this equipment apparently included electronic warfare systems and aircraft parts”. However, Pakistan & Israel, both denied these claims.Source Times of Israel

Shuja Pasha is the ex head of the ISI during the Mumbai attacks of November 26 2008

In his latest book ‘Playing to the Edge’, Michael Hayden, the former CIA Director, expressed his deep frustration of the “duplicity” of the Pakistani leadership Referring to the Mumbai terrorist attack, Mr. Hayden, who was the CIA chief till 2009, said it was very clear that there seemed to be so many Pakistani fingerprints on the atrocity.Pasha admitted that these unspecified [and still uncaptured] retirees may have engaged in some broad training of the attackers, but he was characteristically vague about any detailed direction the attackers had gotten during the attack via cell phone from Pakistan,” Mr. Hayden wrote in the book.Shuja Pasha admitted ISI’s role in Mumbai attack: ex-CIA chief

To recap Pakistan’s ISI chief Shuja Pasha was in constant touch with Mossad He warned Mossad that terrorists could target Israelis in Mumbai and he did acknowledge that elements from the ISI were involved in the Mumbai attacks

In Pasha’s own words‘ Log hamaray thay, operation hamara nahin thha’,”  Translated that  means The people were ours the operation was’nt

In the end the operation did result in the death of Hemant Karkare the Chief of the anti terror unit of Maharashtra police who was investigating Hindutva terror and its links to Israel

India and Pakistan came near to full scale war especially after a strange intriguing fake phone call from Pakistan

The investigation into any Israeli links to Indian terrorists especially ex millitary men who were planning a coup fizzled out with Karkares death

India has begun to use high tech equipment military software from Israel which is susceptible to hacking and malfunction Given Israels history of spying and electronic hacking and  ISI Mossad ties such dependence borders on rank stupidity

Theres the strange episode of Asher Karni where an Israeli Jew based in America and South Africa nearly sold Pakistan nuclear triggers

Given Israels loud shrill claims of doing anything to stop an”Islamic bomb” their antipathy and lack of energy in blocking Pakistans nuclear plans is strange to say the least

Ditto for the Jewish lobbys seeming lack of interest in using its State Department shills to block American arms deals with Pakistan

The Land of the Pure and Gods Chosen people make one strange couple

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  1. drbhelthi says:

    Coupling the “deep state” of the US with the two makes an even more strange trio.

  2. Zia, Jordan, Palestinian massacre… my goodness, so much makes sense now…. they’ll take their psychopaths from anywhere they find them it seems…..

  3. Arindam. says:

    ‘Within a couple of years Zia had transformed a relatively secular nation into a fundamentalist Islamic dictatorship that had, ironically, strong ties to the United States.’

    Pakistan was never ‘relatively secular’ – it was an Islamic state from the outset, born amidst the genocide of non-Muslims – and went on another genocidal spree (also with Islamic motives – see Tariq Ali’s Clash of Fundamentalisms for details) in 1971. All that Zia did was to take the founding ideology of Pakistan more seriously than his predecessors.

    And there is certainly nothing ‘ironic’ about the US having close ties to fundamentalist regimes – one need only look at American relations with Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, the Manichean mindset of Washington’s Cold Warriors was perfectly mirrored in Islamic theology.

    Nonetheless, the article was certainly informative.

    (Regarding Israel’s apathy regarding Islamabad’s nukes, I’d recommend taking a look at the nuke lies side of

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