August Belmont Sr. (1813 –1890) was a German Jewish-American politician, financier, foreign diplomat, and party chairman of the Democratic National Committee during the 1860s, and an apprentice and agent of  the Rothschild banking firm in America

The young August would sweep floors, polish furniture and run errands for the Rothschilds  while studying English, arithmetic, and writing.He was promoted to confidential clerk in 1832 and later general  agent of the Rothschilds in America

Caroline Slidell Belmont   daughter of Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry and Jane Slidell Perry  sister of John Slidell married August Belmonte agent of  the  Rothschild’s

John Slidell, an uncle of Belmont’s wife, was a U.S. Senator from Louisiana and later Southern secessionist who served the Confederate States government as a foreign diplomat and potential minister to Great Britain and French Emperor Napoleon III. He was controversially removed in late 1861 from the British trans-Atlantic steam packet ship Trent, off-shore from Havana, by the Union Navy warship USS San Jacinto. Slidell made Belmont his protégé. Slidell  was born to merchant John Slidell and Margery Mackenzie in 1793. Slidell was in the mercantile business in New York before he relocated to New Orleans. He practiced law in New Orleans from 1819 to 1843 His wife, Maria Deslonde Mathilde, was from an influential Creole family whose ancestors emigrated from Brest, France, in the seventeenth century. Slidell was the Ambassador of the Confederate States of America at the court of Emperor Napoleon III.

John Slidell

On November 8, 1861, the USS San Jacinto, commanded by Union Captain Charles Wilkes, intercepted the British mail packet RMS Trent and removed, as contraband of war, two Confederate diplomats – James Murray Mason and John Slidell. The envoys were bound for Britain and France to press the Confederacy’s case for diplomatic recognition and to lobby for possible  financial and military support.


As a delegate to the Democratic Convention of 1860, he himself supported Stephen A. Douglas, who subsequently named Belmont the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee the same year in Baltimore. Belmonte energetically supported the Union cause during the Civil War as a War Democrat, conspicuously helping Missouri Congressman Francis P. Blair raise and equip the Union Army’s first predominately German-American regiment. Belmont also used his acumen with European business and political leaders on behalf of the Union Cause,  dissuading the Rothschilds and many other bankers from providing the Confederates with loans, and meeting personally with the British Prime Minister Lord Palmerston and various members of Napoleon III’s French government.


John was one of a large family of children. His older siblings included Thomas Slidell (later chief justice of Louisiana’s state supreme court),  Alexander Slidell Mackenzie a US naval officer, most famous for his 1842 decision as captain of the US warship USS Somers to execute three suspected mutineers , including Philip Spencer, the 19-year-old son of the Secretary of War John C. Spencer. For some reason Alexander decided it would be prudent to have the Scottish sounding surname of Mackenzie (his mothers surname ) instead fo his original surname of Slidell

Alexander Slidell Mackenzie


Commodore Matthew C. Perry and Jane Slidell Perry had 10 children—

In 1852, Perry sailed from America at the head of one of the largest peacetime fleets His mission to force the opening of Japanese ports to American trade, through the use of gunboat diplomacy if necessary Perry finally reached Uraga at the entrance to Edo Bay in Japan on July 8, 1853. Perry refused Japanese demands to leave, or to proceed to Nagasaki, the only Japanese port open to foreigners.Perry attempted to intimidate the Japanese by  firing blank shots from his 73 cannons Perry presented a let—–ter to the Japanese with an ultimatum—— to open up or else He promised to come back within a year for the reply

Perry returned on 13 February 1854, after only half a year rather than the full year promised, and with ten ships and 1600 men. After negotiations lasting for around a month, the Convention of Kanagawa was signed on March 31, 1854.

Living in his adopted home of New York City, Perry’s health began to fail as he suffered from cirrhosis of the liver due to heavy drinking. He may have realized he had been used by his son in law Rothschild /agent He died in 1858


Thomas Blake Glover


Thomas Blake Glover  born in Scotland rumored to be a Free Mason was a Rothschild agent via Jardine Matheson. In 1859, five years after Perrys antics  Glover crossed from Shanghai to Nagasaki and worked initially buying Japanese green tea.Pretty soon he was selling arms to both the Japanese Govt and the Japanese Nationalist rebels In 1868, Glover made a contract with the Nabeshima clan and began to develop Japan’s first coal mine at Hashima Island, Takashima. He also brought the first dry dock to Japan.

Glover was a key figure in the industrialisation of Japan, helping to found the shipbuilding company which was later to become the Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan.

Frédéric Émile, Baron d’Erlanger (born 1832 in Frankfurt am Main; died 1911 in Versailles) born as Friedrich Emil Erlanger, was a German banker and Consul.  Frédéric Émile Baron d’Erlanger was born to banker Raphael Erlanger and his young wife, Margarete Helene Albert. Just prior the birth of his eldest sister Susanne Adolphine , his father converted from Judaism to Christianity

Frédéric Émile, Baron d’Erlanger

On 3 October 1864, Baron d’Erlanger married the American Marguerite Mathilde Slidell , the daughter of John Slidell Emile Erlanger & Co.  was known for its cotton bonds issued to support the Confederacy in 1863.


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  1. thestoker says:

    Ahhhh WAG you’ve parked another beauty out here. Kalergi always had me wondering, as I tooled around the Yokohama area looking for the NOAHide compliance in my fellow train riders, about “merchant” houses/estates in the Kanagawa/Yokohama/Yokosuka area that were now open to the public/tourists. In every country these places have the same “ambience” like no one truly human ever lived there. Just Turing fails

    Mitsubishi, mmmmmm, that would have me looking at Hungnam.

    Well done. Keep up the good work.

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