In September 2018 India’s Supreme Court ordered the Government of Kerala to pay ISRO scientist Nambi Narayana Rs 50 lakhs as compensation for torture during interrogation and being wrongly accused of spying on India

In an excerpt of the book named ‘Ormakalude Bhramanapatham’ (Orbit of memories) published on on Wednesday, Narayanan paints the spy case as a conspiracy against him and the ISRO through the collective efforts of agents of the CIA in connivance with Indian police and intelligence officers.

The case was produced out of thin air in order to  stall India’s rapid advancements in the development of an indigenous cryogenic rocket engine, he alleges in the book. “My investigation showed that the spy case was the illegitimate child of the US-French agencies with the intention of burying me and the ISRO in the cemetery,” Narayanan writes.


Nambi Narayanan

“He (Siby Mathews), who headed the investigation into the ISRO spy case) told me that he was unknowingly pushed into the case by thenDGP Madhusudanan. He told me he did not intentionally try to trouble me,” wrote Narayanan in the book.Narayanan has sought reinvestigation into the spy case to uncover the people behind it

Beulah Sam

Besides the Nambi Narayan story there is a equally strange tale of Beulah Sam a woman in her 40s who was supposedly depressed but in November 21 2012 after staying for two days in a ISRO guest house used a fake passport to try and enter ISRO headquarters for nearly 4 hours in what a senior ISRO official described as a recce for bigger things See The Hindu Breaching security, woman enjoys ISRO hospitality

Many newspapers went out of their way to clarify the woman was mentally unstable and suffering from depression which is strange when you consider the preparation and initiative the woman displayed to do a recce of not one bit two ISRO sites Beulah is an name of Jewish origin and in the Indian context a person with that name is either Christian or Jewish

Was Beulah Sam an Indian version of the Israeli art students who seemed to be doing a recce on sites connected to 9/11? And if so did an even bigger breach of ISRO happen but was buried by the authorities?

The Director of National Intelligence of America Dan Coats is on record saying that he is shocked to hear that ISRO sent a 111 satellites into orbit in one rocket He goes on to add We cannot afford to be behind the curve in terms of development capacities we put up into space




Nambi Narayan himself was pretty explicit about who he believed was behind the whole fake case against him and why

“Today we are late by 15 years in cryogenic technology and the French and the Americans are its beneficiaries. Both of them could be involved or maybe it was neither of them. An investigation is essential to find this out.”

An excerpt from the book reads: “India entered into a deal to develop cryogenic technology with Russia at a time when NASA was planning to sell the services of cryogenic rocket. France was also planning to sell it. The deal would have hurt the selling prospects and the American government tried to nullify the deal. Due to the relation between India and Russia, they agreed to give the cryogenic hardware before the deal was nullified. America has worked against our cryogenic dreams.”

Narayanan also talks about Rathan Seghal, an IB  (Intelligence Bureau Indias internal spy agency) officer, and his relations with a female CIA spy in ISRO. The book states: “This officer was the head of the investigation team of IB looking into the ISRO espionage case. He was asked to leave from service  (Why an alleged CIA asset wasn’t arrested and tried for spying is another question) as they understood he was a CIA agent. The important thing is that Sehgal was with IB when the 1994 ISRO espionage case was investigated.”

Nambi Narayanan wasnt the first Indian scientist whose life had allegedly been almost destroyed by the CIA

It is generally believed that the lead scientist  of India’s nuclear program Dr Homi Bhabha was killed by the CIA to slow India’s three step thorium cycle program

Homi J. Bhabha died when Air India Flight 101 crashed near Mont Blanc on 24 January 1966. “Misunderstanding” between Geneva Airport and the pilot about the aircraft position near the mountain is the official reason of the crash.

The theory is so strong that national news channels openly discuss possible CIA links to Bhabha’s death


Bhabha paraphrased the three-stage thorium cycle approach as follows:

The total reserves of thorium in India amount to over 500,000 tons in the readily extractable form, while the known reserves of uranium are less than a tenth of this. The aim of long range atomic power programme in India must therefore be to  base the nuclear power generation as soon as possible on thorium rather than uranium…

The first generation of atomic power stations based on natural uranium can only be used to start off an atomic power programme…

The plutonium produced by the first generation power stations can be used in a second generation of power stations designed to produce electric power and convert thorium into U-233, or depleted uranium into more plutonium with breeding gain…

The second generation of power stations may be regarded as an intermediate step for the breeder power stations of the third generation all of which would produce more U233 than they burn in the course of producing power.

Bhahas death delayed Indias thorium cycle by decades

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  1. thestoker says:

    Very interesting. I had always wondered about technological stultification at GTE. The deliberate sabotage of the Indian research re:Thorium cycle makes sense since I had suspected that the Germans might have made, long suppressed, progress in that area during the 40-45 period to replace fossil fuels. It didn’t lead to bombs and that was all the west wanted so the Thorium route got nuked.

  2. FernandezIM says:

    Buelah is Protestant surname in the Indian context. So she managed to get cushy accommodation. But that is what all of us hope for when traveling. There are quite good pads if you know how to get them, in army establishments, estates, bishops’ houses and so on. I don’t see anything suspicious in the remotest.

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