The World Order adopted the Hegelian dialectic, . It functions on the principle of thesis, antithesis which results when the thesis and antithesis are thrown against each other for a predetermined outcome. Thus the World Order organizes and finances Jewish groups; it then organizes and finances anti-Jewish groups; it organizes Communist groups; it then organizes and finances anti- Communist groups.

It is not necessary for the Order to throw these groups against each other; they seek each other out like heat-seeking missiles, and try  to destroy each other. By controlling the size and resources of each group,the World Order can always predetermine the outcome.

THE WORLD ORDER A Study in the Hegemony of Parasitism by Eustace Mullins

Sabarimala is the second largest seasonal pilgrimage after Mecca in Saudi Arabia. An estimated 3.5 crore pilgrims visited the shrine in 2016 and the total revenue collection of the Lord Ayyappa temple for the 2016-17 festival season was Rs 243.69 crore, according to the government.

  • Indian Young Lawyers Association;
  • Dr Laxmi Shastiri; Prerna Kumari; Alka Sharma; Sudha Pal
  • State of Kerala;
  • Travancore Devaswom Board;
  • Chief Tanthri of Sabarimala Temple;
  • District Magistrate of Pathanamthitta;
  • Nair Service Society;
  • Akhil Bhartiya Ayyappa Seva Sangham;
  • Ayyappa Seva Samithi;
  • Ayyappa Pooja Samithi;
  • Dharma Sanstha Seva Samajam;
  • Nikita Azad (Arora);
  • D. V. Ramana Reddy;
  • K. K. Sabu;
  • Kantaru Rajeevaru;
  • Rekha Ratheethnam;
  • Athma Divine Trust;
  • Rahul Easwar;
  • Chetna Conscience of Women (Represented by Israeli asset Sai Deepak)
  • People for Dharma( Represented by Israeli asset Sai Deepak) 

In 2006, Indian Young Lawyers Association filed a public interest litigation petition before the Supreme Court challenging the Sabrimala Temple’s custom of excluding women.

On 18th August 2006, the Supreme Court issued notices to the parties. On 7th March 2008, the matter was referred to a three-judge Bench.

It came up for hearing eight years later, on 11th January 2016.

Just seven days later on 18th Jan 2016 the President of the Indian Young Lawyers Association Advocate Naushad Ahmed Khan filed an application to dismiss the main petition as he and the Advocate on Record Ravi Prakash Gupta were receiving a large number of threatening calls

The Court refused to dismiss the petition as by 2016 there were more intervenors and petitioners

At this crucial juncture in popped Ms. Indira Jaising  , a  former CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women)  member (2009-2012) and a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council appointed fact-finding Mission on Myanmar  representing a Rhodes scholar Nikita Azad Arora and the hashtag #HappytoBleed

Also part of the kosher mix is a (till now) virtually unknown lawyer named J Deepak Sai appearing for intervenor organization People for Dharma who “caught the attention of the nation'” with his celibacy argument He credits People for Dharma and Chetana (the two women’s groups he represents) as well as his team of lawyers with helping him put together a 122-page intervention in just three weeks

J.Sai Deepak  is an engineer-turned-litigator practising in the High Court of Delhi and Supreme Court of India. He is the founder of the legal blog “The Demanding Mistress”. Sai is a regular contributor to Swarajya, IndiaFacts and The Times of Israel blogs on cultural, social, political and legal issues. He is an ardent believer in an all-weather friendship between India and Israel who he sees as natural partners.

Source Times of Israel bio of Sai Deepak

Turns out J Sai Deepak’s birth name is Sai Deepak Iyer  Is there any particular reason for so many Iyer”s being Jew worshiping Shabbot Goys ? Could Iyers be another bunch of cryptos ?





On 20th February 2017, the Court expressed its inclination to refer the case to a Constitution Bench. Finally on 13th October 2017, a Bench comprising of Chief Justice Dipak Misra, Justice R. Banumathi, and Justice Ashok Bhushan ordered a Constitution Bench to pass judgement on the case. On 28th September 2018, the Constitution Bench delivered its judgment.

The Malayalam media outlets (which in highly literate Kerala are an important in creating perceptions) had reported that the petitioners were proxy for BJP/RSS to further a political agenda. The petitioners in turn sent legal notices to certain media outlets for allegedly spreading false rumors about them and their family members and maligning their reputation Some of the layers in fact stated that some of them and their families actually had links to Leftist organizations   No link to RSS, say Sabari petitioners

The history of Sabarimala and the Ayyappa deity is shrouded in mystery . The scholar Radhika Sekar in her book The Sabarimala Pilgrimage and Ayyappan Cultus says the myth and legends of Ayyappa are not found in any of the major Puranic texts.  “Ayyappa worship is not known further north than mid-Karnataka, where it was probably introduced from Kerala”, observes M.N. Srinivas in the book Religion and Society among the Coorgs of South India.

According to historian A. Sreedhara Menon, Sabarimala history is has more to do with Buddhism than with Brahmanism. For some scholars, Ayyappa is Nilakantha Avalokiteswara depicted in the Buddhist Puranas. “It has been mentioned in the Buddhist Puranas that the temple of Nilakantha Avalokiteswara was erected somewhere in the Sahya mountains,” M. Sreekala Nair writes in her chapter of Introduction to Kerala Studies. The posture of Ayyappa closely resembles the meditating stature of Buddha.

The most significant turning point in the process of Hinduisation is the Sabarimala arson case of 1950. It was portrayed not as an accident, but as a deliberate attempt to ravage the temple.

Hindu Mahamandal, an organization working for ‘Hindu unity’ called for a hartal in Thiruvananthapuram city on July 1. A ceremony to re-install the idol and purify the temple was was conducted on June 25, 1950 with strong religious appeal to all Hindus. Under the leadership of Akhila Bhartha Ayyappa Seva Sangam, an ‘Ayyappa Jyothi’ was ceremoniously taken around Kerala and Tamil Nadu by the devotees for the first time to generate public awareness, interest and involvement in the temple’s reconstruction.

The temple has undergone significant ritual changes after the 1950 incident.


The ban was enforced under Rule 3(b) of the Kerala Hindu Places of Public Worship (Authorisation of Entry) Rules, 1965.  Source Appropriation of Ayyappa Cult: The History and Hinduisation of Sabarimala Temple

The 1991 S. Mahendran vs The Secretary, Travancore (1991), [AIR 1993 Ker 42], Kerala High Court judgement is being cited by those upholding the ban on women entering the Sabarimala temple in Kerala made it clear that  young women in the reproductive age were not banned from entering the temple except during mandalakalam, makaravilakku and vishu seasons. This has been also evident from the former Devaswom (Travancore Devaswom Board) Commissioner Smt. S. Chandrika’s statement that “the entry of young ladies in the temple during monthly poojas is not against the customs and practices followed in the temple.”


See Indias crypto Jews

Rahul Easwar and Arnab Goswami

Rahul Easwar one of the intervenor in the PIL is the son of Easwaran Nampoothiri and Mallika Namboothiri who is the daughter  of Kandararu Maheshwararu, senior Supreme Priest of Sabarimala. He studied Global Leadership at the London School of Economics.

The London School of Economics is a breeding ground for NWO politicians and bureaucrats of the socialist persuasion .To put things in perspective Easwars graduation from LSE is akin to Mohan Bhagwat having passed out from JNU


The Indian Communist movement was started by Jewish Comintern brainwashed Indian communists many of whom were from Bengal Many CPI and CPIM founding members actually had Jewish handlers

Another intervenor in the Sabarimala PIL Nikita Azad Arora of the #HappytoBleed hashtag fame managed to secure a Rhodes scholarship.  The Rhodes scholarship is basically a Rothschild scholarship as Cecil Rhodes was just another Rothschild front . Nikitas lawyer was Indira Jaising member of the United Nations Human Rights Council appointed Fact-finding Mission on Myanmar

Among the many important Rhodes scholars is the former US President Bill Clinton

In reply to #HappytoBleed there’s now a #Readytowait hashtag by women devotees who say they are ready to wait till 50 to enter the temple


Once their minds and enertgy is nusy with useless cooked up controversies and mindless fake socio political divides along the lines of liberalism vs traditionalism etc they don’t start asking real questions about real issues affecting India like for example who is behind the smooth normalization of the porn star Sunny Leone and her jew pimp/husband Daniel Weber  or why a nobody like Rahul Easwar get so much media space and hype and why the Jain bania  owned media keeps peddling certain agendas

This technique has been successfully used in America with the aid and support of the media

Pictorially here is the thesis Anti  thesis and synthesis



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