The Pawar  family is one of India’s leading political dynasties They are the most powerful family in the state of Maharashtra (which houses Mumbai) and has a population of more then a 100 million people

Sharad Pawar

Sharad Pawar is its patriarch and tuns a family based political party called the NCP (Nationalist Congress party) which is basically run by Pawar his nephew Ajit Pawar and his daughter Supriya Sule . Put simply the Pawars are the Nehru’s of Maharashtra

Pawar has a brother named Pratap Govindrao Pawar  who runs the Sakal Group which is an important Marathi based media house with smaller English and Marathi  newspapers Goa The Sakal group was founded by a journalist Narayan Bhikaji Parulekar and later taken over

Pratap Pawar took over Sakal in 1985 The Pawar family turned the paper into a public limited company in 1989, and Pratap G. Pawar (younger brother of Sharad Pawar) became Managing Director.

Abhijit Pawar

Prataps son Abhijit Pawar (Sharad Pawars nephew) has taken over the Sakal media group and also a foundation known as the Delivering Change Foundation (DCF)

Among Delivering Change’s more interesting  partners and participants are the Clinton Global Initiative (Clinton Foundation) , the World Bank and the International Finance Corp

Pawar is the head of another NGO named AP Globale and the improbably named Skilling & Education, Impact Funding, Media, Advisory & Consulting, Community Transformation, Events and Special Projects/ SPVs (SIMACES)

The Palladium Group (also known as “Palladiums Holdings” or “Palladium International”) is an international advisory and management business representing the combination of seven prior companies: GRM International, Futures Group,Palladium, the IDL Group, Development & Training Services, HK Logistics and CARANA Corporation.As of October 2016, Palladium Group employs over 2,500 persons operating in 90 countries

Palladium has over 50 years of experience delivering development programmes, . It has a global network of 35,000 technical experts. Palladium has worked in India in 10 states, with both national and state governments, to bring about changes that meet the needs of local communities

Palladium and AP Globale have created a joint venture in India to implement their shared vision Palladium India

Palladium recently designed, and will now implement, the world’s first health-focused development impact bond (DIB), which aims to reduce mother and baby deaths in Rajasthan,

Palladium seems to be some sort of organization that “manages” public debt in developing nations

DCF has three sub groups

The Young Inspirators group has a 15,000 member(active and growing) youth network formed for the age group between 18 to 24.YIN organizes a LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (LDP) – A one-of-a-kind initiative in which more than 1.6 million Students participated & voted to create a Student’s Cabinet Ministry!

The Tanishka Foundation is a Woman’s group It has a tie up with the Mexican Groupo Salinas funded The Woman’s Project

The Global Inspirators Network (GIN) is an exclusive peer-to-peer network of youth and young working professionals (In the age group of 18 to 35) across a region.

The SMG (Sakal Meda Group) has reached out to 70 lakh women(7 million) across the State through the Tanishka Women’s Dignity Forum.

Simultaneously, 16 lakhs students (1.6 million)  from 4,000 colleges are also connected with the group through Young Inspirators Network (YIN).

Over 10 lakh farmers are connected with the SMG. DCF can solve their problems as these sections are directly participating in its projects,” he said. Source

In 2015 Tel Aviv announced on Monday an agreement to assist in creating “Smart Cities” around India, in partnership with the Mumbai-based NGO Delivering Change Foundation.The initiative would start in the cities of Pune, Nagpur and Nashik in Maharashtra, according to The Jerusalem Post.

In partnership with Vital Capital, the largest Impact Investment Fund in the world, Abhijit Pawar has launched a joint impact investment fund in India. The fund was launched in December 2016 and it will target the development of Smart Villages in Maharashtra.The Delivering Smart Villages Project will be implemented in select villages in Maharashtra, in association with companies from Israel.

Although Vital Capital is based in Zurich its principals and co founders Eytan M. Stibbe and Alexander Oppenheim are Israeli Jews who have “invested” in Sub Saharan Africa which is really an euphemism for Israelis who have extracted precious African mineral wealth in collusion with corrupt African leaders

Delivering Change Ventures (part of Delivering Change Foundation) are committed to provide a platform to the Israel Startup Eco System to expand their market in India. This will help the Israeli startups to expand their business in India and Indian consumers will have access to new product and service innovations. This will also provide local Startups to access the Israel Eco System including technology, funding & more.

Pawar (uncle Sharad) was a shoe in to be Prime Minister after Rajiv Gandhi’s death but was upstaged by the complete outsider Narasimha Rao

Pawar has learnt the importance of good  NWO connections Come 2019 they might be very useful

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