Hungary entered the 20th century as a part of the Austria Hungarian Empire

Hungary’s population rose from 13 million to 20 million between 1850 and 1910. In the mid-1800s, Hungary’s middle class consisted of a small number of German and Jewish merchants and workshop owners who employed a few craftsmen. By the turn of the century, however, the middle class had grown in size and complexity and had become predominantly Jewish.  By 1910 about 900,000 Jews made up approximately 5 percent of the population and about 23 percent of Budapest‘s citizenry. Jews accounted for 54 percent of commercial business owners, 85 percent of financial institution directors and owners, and 62 percent of all employees in commerce.Source

Put simply Jews controlled the purse strings and the means of production of Hungary with ethnic Hungarians providing the labour

An important intellectual and political  institution in Hungarian Jewish politics was the Galilei Circle Karoly (Karl )Polanyi the son of Jewish businessman Mihály Pollacsek who “made his money in railroads” and Cecília Wohl the daughter of the senior  rabbi at the Vilna rabbinic seminary Osher Leyzerovich Vol Polanyi co founded the “radical” Galilei Circle (with his brother Mihaly (Michael) Pplyani)while at the University of Budapest,Their close associates included György Lukács, Oszkár Jászi, and Karl Mannheim. all Jewish Another close associate was the “Austrian British” philosopher of science Karl Popper

In 1919 Hungary probably became the second nation after Russia (other then ancient Israel and Khazaria) to have a Jew ruling it

Bela Cohen (Kun) a Jewish journalist became the head of a short lived 4 month long Hungarian Soviet Government Kun fought for Austria-Hungary in World War I, and was captured and made a prisoner of war in 1916 by the Russians. He was sent to a POW camp in the Urals, where he became interested in communism. That at least was the cover story The truth could have been that he had been handpicked and pre selected for his role in Hungary

In March 1918, in Moscow, Kun co-founded the Hungarian Group of the Russian Communist Party (the predecessor to the Hungarian Communist Party). Sándor Garbai was the President and Prime Minister but real power rested with Foreign minister Bela Kun Mátyás Rákosi later joked that the revolution’s Jewish leaders took the gentile Garbai in so that they would have somebody to sign the death sentences on Shabbat.

In the Russian Civil War in 1918, Kun fought for the Bolsheviks. During this time, he first started to make detailed plans for a communist revolution in Hungary. In November 1918, with at least several hundred other Hungarian Communists and with a large sum of money provided by the Soviets, he returned to Hungary.

During his stay in Russia he had formed ties with fellow Jew revolutionaries

He travelled widely, including to Petrograd and Moscow. He came to know Vladimir Lenin Umberto Terracini Mátyás Rákosi), Grigory Zinoviev and Karl Radek;to a man all his associated were Jews

Instead of Lenin’s pragmatism, Kun and co espoused and advertised the politics of “revolutionary offensive by any means“. Lenin often called them “kunerists“.

Béla Kun then went into exile in Vienna, then controlled by the Social Democratic Party of Austria. He was captured and interned in Austria, but was released in exchange for Austrian prisoners in Russia in July 1920. He never returned to Hungary. Once in Russia, he rejoined the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Kun was put in charge of the regional Revolutionary Committee in Crimea

The Jewish butchers of Crimea

About 50,000 prisoners of war and anti-Bolshevik civilians subsequently were executed, on Kun and Rosalia Zemlyachka‘s order, with Lenin‘s approval.after having been promised amnesty Between 60,000 and 70,000 inhabitants of the Crimea were executed in the process. Zemlyachka was an Ukranian jewess

Kun and Zemlyachka reportedly personally killed thousands in psychotic orgies of murder Kun indulged in a lot of raping too Thankfully during the Great Purge of the late 1930s, Kun was accused of Trotskyism and arrested on 28 June 1937. Little was known about his subsequent fate beyond the fact that he never returned

From 1920 to 1946 the Austro Hungarian Empire was replaced by the so called Kingdom of Hungary (1920–46) with a regent serving  as the head of state in the absence of a monarch, while a prime minister served as head of government. Miklós Horthy de Nagybánya was the regent between 1920-1944 István Bethlen a Hungarian aristocrat was Prime Minister from 1921-1931 Bethlen was also able to unite the two most powerful factors in Hungarian society, the wealthy, primarily Jewish industrialists in Budapest and the old Magyar gentry in rural Hungary, into a lasting coalition

What this basically did was keep out middle class Viennese Jewish psychopaths like Kun out of the Government

The Horthy and Bethlen model was basically followed uptil WW2 with Bethlen’s successors til 1946 more or less following the same basic policy

However the Government of Hungary sided with  Germany during WW2 and this resulted in Hungary being invaded bu the Soviets once again The Yalta Conference effectively sealed the fate of Hungary and much of Central Europe with America and UK deciding to let Stalin take over Eastern and Central Europe

Once again Hungary fell into the clutches of another set of psychotic Viennese “Hungarian” jews

These were Mátyás Rákosi and Ernő Gerő Rakosi being described by American journalist John Gunther as “the  most malevolent character I ever met in political life” and Gero having earned for himself the sobriquet of the “Butcher of Barcelona ” for his purges against Trotskyist groups in the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil war

Erno Geros birth name was Erno Singer and Maytas Rakosis original name was Maytas Rosendfeld

Both Rosenfeld and Singer were associates of Bela Cohen

The no 3 and 4 in the Hungarian Communist regime Mihaily Farkas and Joseph Revai “just happened ” to be Jews

Mihály Farkas  Hermann Lőwy was Minister of National Defence from 9 September 1948 to 2 July 1953. He was one of the main instigators during the Rákosi era.In 1956 he was expelled from the party and convicted. He was released from prison in 1961 and spent his last years working as an editor in Budapest, where he died in 1965.His son Vladimir was a colonel of the security police during the Rákosi regime.

József Révai (born József Lederer; was one of the founders of the Communist Party of Hungary (Kommunisták Magyarországi Pártja; KMP) in 1918. He lived in the Soviet Union between 1934 and 1944. From  1945 to 1953 Révai was a member of the High National Council. Between 1945 and 1950 he was chief editor of Szabad Nép (“Free People”). He controlled all aspects of Hungary’s cultural life from 1948 until 1953; from 1949 he was also the Minister of Culture. After 1953 his influence decreased

The secret police was in the hands of Jew Gábor Péter (born as Benjámin Eisenberger i Between 1945 and 1952 he was the absolute leader of the State Protection Authority (Államvédelmi Hatóság) which was responsible for much cruelty, brutality and many political purges. During his early years he worked as a tailor. He took part in the labour movements from the early years of the 1920s. In 1931, he joined the Hungarian Communist Party. At this time he was also a lover of Litzi Friedmann the future first wife of Kim Philby, a member of the Cambridge Five.

Gabor Peter

Originally Gero had been widely perceived as being the one to lead the Hungarian communist party (and the state )  but Stalin picked out Rakosi over Gero Gero however seems to have been the real power behind the throne with Rakosi being the strutting peacock with the personality cult

Source Austria-Hungary & the Successor States: A Reference Guide from the Renaissance to the Present (European Nations)by Eric Roman page 479

Approximately 350,000 officials and intellectuals were purged under Rákosi rule, from 1948 to 1956. Rákosi imposed totalitarian rule on Hungary

In August 1952, he also became Prime Minister (Chairman of the Council of Ministers). However, on 13 June 1953, to appease the Soviet Politburo, he gave up the premiership to Imre Nagy, he retained the office of General Secretary.. On 9 March 1955, the Central Committee of the MDP condemned Nagy for “rightist deviation On 18 April, the National Assembly unanimously sacked Nagy from his post. Rákosi  (as the Communist Party General secretary) and Nagy’s successor, András Hegedüs, quickly put the country back on its previous Stalinist course.

Rákosi was then removed as General Secretary of the Party under pressure from the Soviet Politburo in June 1956 (shortly after Nikita Khrushchev’s Secret Speech), and was replaced by his former second-in-command, Ernő Gerő.

One Jew replaced by another Jew It was at this point that the Hungarian people revolted aginst what most Hungarians saw as jewish rule The “Western media” faithfully put out the propaganda lie that the 1956 revolt was an anti communist revolt when in reality it was a revolt against overt jewish rule


On 25 October 1956, a mass of protesters gathered in front of the Parliament Building. ÁVH units (many with Jew officers) began shooting into the crowd , some in the crowd started shooting back.

The attacks at the Parliament forced the collapse of the government. Communist First Secretary Ernő Gerő and former Prime Minister András Hegedüs fled to the Soviet Union; Imre Nagy became Prime Minister and János Kádár First Secretary of the Communist Party.

Neither Nagry nor Kaidar were Jews

When Nagy decided to withdraw Hungary from the Warsaw pact the Soviet Union sent in tanks on November 4 During the early hours of 4 November, Ferenc Münnich announced on Radio Szolnok the establishment of the “Revolutionary Workers’-Peasants’ Government of Hungary“. With most of Budapest under Soviet control by 8 November, Kádár became Prime Minister of the “Revolutionary Worker-Peasant Government” and General Secretary of the Hungarian Communist Party.


The János Kádár Government lasted for 30  years till 1986

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  1. thestoker says:

    Ah yes….khazikreeps wandering around doing sod all, Never having to worry about bed and board so long as they spurted the bankster line and spouted whatever khatekhizm was required. BTW the Weiss family who ran the tank factory on the Budapest island got to swan off to Portugal before the reds turned up in 44. Thanks for filling details in of the names I ran across reading Card M’s autobiography earlier this year, Mindszenty didn’t have to do anything other than describe the traits and mannerisms of the clowns to ID them.


  3. FernandezIM says:

    Popper, and the Polyanis were against the Communists as far as I can tell. Popper’s own work on ‘falsification’ had the effect of undermining Marxism, then the looming totalitarianism of that time. One has to take into account that there were significant differences among the Jews themselves. They are not a monolith, and as often happens the ‘good guys’ have to carry the can for the ‘bad guys’. The story of the Communist Jews in Eastern Europe would not be complete without taking into account the fact that Stalin deliberately used disaffected ‘cosmopolitans’ to reduce the elites in the Eastern Europe, before chucking them to the Gulag in their turn.

    John von Neumann’s mother was reported to have said the activities of such as Bela Kun, was bound to redound as an ill wind on the Jews themselves. Hungarian Jews were in fact the most sympathetic of all Jews towards Christians, specifically the Roman Catholics, since most of them found the Austro-Hungarian monarchy benign. The story is a complicated one.

    Your readers may wish to read ‘In My Brother’s Image’ by Eugene Pogany, to see the tragedy and complexity of it all.

    • Goldbergstein says:

      >John von Neumann’s mother was reported to have said the activities of such as Bela Kun, was bound to redound as an ill wind on the Jews themselves.

      that’s what really matters – How will it effect the jews?

      its okay to kill Gentiles, the problem is how to make sure the jews suffer no ill effects

  4. Clay Matthews says:

    Very good research. Does anything ever change with the chosenites? I swear Judahism is nothing but a death cult, now you know why they want the guns.

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