Seeking to build its global community of post-collegeage Jews and attract a wider spectrum of Jewish young adults, Moishe House is bringing together and empowering its millennial Jewish leaders to strategize new ways to expand and redefine their community.

From its inception until 2008, Moishe House was solely funded by Morris Bear Squire . In 2008, when Squire could no longer support the organization on his own, Cygielman secured non-profit 501(c)3 charity tax status for Moishe House and the organization was then able to start receiving tax-deductible donations and grants.

There are more than 100 Moishe Houses in 25+ countries with over 300 residents. Administratively, there are 50+ staff members around the world and three central Moishe House offices:

On the Board of Directors of Moshe House is Dottie Bennet Past Chair, National Council AJC; President, Project Interchnge

Since January 2006, when it started opening Moishe Houses that support Jewish young adults who live together and host Jewish programming for their friends and community, the nonprofit organization has grown to more than 110 houses in 27 countries (including six in Los Angeles, one in Orange County and two in San Diego County), according to its website. It also provides support for leaders of peer-led retreats and a program called Moishe House Without Walls. Last  May, Moishe House said that during the previous year more than 50,000 young adult Jews were active participants in its programs, which drew a total annual attendance of more than 200,000

Which leads us to Morris Bear Squire the man who started it all

He is a conman who had to fork out 4 million as restitution for Medicare fraud

Squire was the owner of Forest Hospital in Des Plaines, Illinois in 1996 when the psychiatric hospital was accused by two former employees of Medicare fraud.

Carol Figurski, 35, a registered psychiatric nurse from Hanover Park, and Suzanne Rospappa, 43, a certified nursing assistant from Streamwood, accused Forest, saying Medicare was routinely billed for what amounted to no medical treatment.Rospappa said the programs preyed on patients who didn’t know what was going on, such as those with Alzheimer’s disease or who couldn’t hear well or speak English.

Morris Squire, “frequently said, `These people had Medicare stamped on their heads, go out and get them and bring them into a program,’ ” both Figurski and Rospappa recalled

Forest Hospital paid $4 million to settle the civil Medicare fraud case, the payment was made when the hospital was sold in 1997. The hospital was sold for 10 million Morris Squire remained with the remaining 6 million

Morris Squire?s only son Ari went one better then dad He murdered an innocent 20 year old boy to try and fake his own death and have his wife collect on a 5 million dollar personal insurance claim

Ari Squire

Lake County authorities say Ari Squire, 40, lured Justin Newman, 20, to his home in February 2008 on the pretext of offering him a construction job. Authorities said he then murdered Newman, switched clothes with him, stuck his own wallet and identification on Newman, set the body on fire and dropped a heavy diesel truck on it

Justin M. Newman


There was a $5 million life insurance policy on Ari Squire, payable to Denise Squire, Joseph Vaccaro of Santa Barbara, Calif., and Ari’s sister, Shana Majmudar. Police believe he wanted the money to start a new life, after having been convicted of Medicare fraud.

The coroner had trouble identifying the body, due to damage to the face and fingerprints, but was later able to confirm it through a DNA test.

Meanwhile, FioRito had reported Newman, who lived with her, as missing.

Ari Squire was later found at a Missouri hotel, using Newman’s debit card, cell phone and car. He shot himself before police could get in his room.




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