Arielle’s paternal grandparents were Jewish immigrants from Poland and Germany; they arrived in New York in 1937, after a long boat trip across the Atlantic. Arielle’s father was born just a few months after they arrived in America, but after growing up in New York immigrated to France, where he met and married Arielle’s mother.

Arielle Kandel, a past Fellow of JPPI holds a Masters Degree in Law
from the University of Aix-Marseille III (France) with a specialization
in Humanitarian Action and International Law as well as an MA from
Ben-Gurion University in Middle East Studies. As a young student, she
volunteered for several months in northern India and immersed herself
in Indian culture and politics. Together, they created a great team and
following visits to India and extensive interviews with a long list of experts
they created this volume. Source JPPI Website

As the founder and CEO of New Women New Yorkers (NWNY), Arielle Kandel is making a big impact on the lives of many immigrant women — and helping bring her family history full circle.The granddaughter of European immigrants, Kandel grew up in Paris…………..Kandel then volunteered in India to work with Tibetan refugees. ……….After living in Israel for several years, where she worked with African asylum seekers *(she actually worked for JPPI a body working for Jewish Civilization) , Kandel and her Israeli husband, Yoav, moved to Manhattan, which Kandel had always dreamed of. Source  NWNY website

Notice how the part about teaching Tibetans comes out in the NWNY website but not the JPPI site It seems JPPI doesnt want to publicize the fact that Kandel the coauthor of  Emerging super powers of non-biblical traditions no. 1″ which deals with steps to get Israel and China closer was working with Tibetans

Forget the International Jew we now have the International Jewess with ancestors and residency in Poland, Germany, New York,France, Israel, India (a few months) ,America again …….

The Jewish People Policy Institute (JPPI) is an independent professional policy planning think tank incorporated as a private non-profit company in Israel. The mission of the Institute is to ensure the THRIVING OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE and the Jewish CIVILIZATION by engaging in PROFESSIONAL STRATEGIC THINKING AND PLANNING on issues of primary concern to WORLD JEWRY . Located in Jerusalem, the concept of JPPI regarding the Jewish People is global, and includes aspects of major Jewish communities with Israel as one of them, at the core.

As coauthor of the JPPI produced book”Emerging super powers of non-biblical traditions no. 2″ she and her coauthor Shalom Salomon Wald interviewed 200 persons in India Israel and America with the ostensible aim of optimizing the  Indo Israeli relationship


Arielle is a 2015 Agents of Change of the Centre for Social Innovation in Chelsea,

The Centre for Social Innovation is a social enterprise based in Toronto, Canada, that specializes in the creation of shared workspaces for people or organizations with a social mission. It has three locations in Toronto, and one in New York City It was founded in 2004 by Tonya Surman of the Commons Group The Commons Group was founded in 1998 by Jews Mark Surman and Tonya Surman whilst they were married . It was active until 2007.Mark went on to lead, at the Shuttleworth Foundation, and he’s now Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation.

Arielle also is a 2016 Fellow of PresenTense NYC,

Established in 2005 as a magazine, founders Ariel Beery and Aharon Horwitz realized that their friends sought to not only write about what it meant to be a Jew in the 21st century but to take action to create a more vibrant Jewish world

Two years later, PresenTense ran its first accelerator program in Jerusalem, which was met by great demand. Since then, PresenTense has supported nearly 650 social entrepreneurs who have participated in 52 programs across the globe, with an estimated 300,000 individuals impacted by way of the 630 accelerated ventures. Ventures include nonprofits, for-profits social businesses, and intrapreneurial ventures, as well as community projects. They operate in Jerusalem, New York, Denver/Boulder, Philadelphia, Boston, Detroit, Washington, D.C., Beersheva, Haifa, the Negev, Riga, and more

Thus one could say the New Women New Yorkers (NWNY) group helping immigrant women in New York is a Jewish accelerator project with a Jewish agenda What could that agenda be?

Arielle also was selected as a 2018-2019 Fellow of Coro’s Immigrant Civic Leadership Program.

Coro was founded in 1942 in San Francisco at a time when leaders feared that democracy as a form of government was under threat by the rise of communism and fascism. The founders believed that to allow democracy to flourish, they would need to cultivate a new generation of leaders.The Fellows Program in Public Affairs is the flagship program of five Coro centers (LA , New Yotk, San Fransisco, Pittsburgh , St Louis )

When Arielle works with immigrants in NY or interviews Indian leaders in India or teaches Tibetans in India is she working  for the good of immigrant women, the Indian people and Tibetans or is she working to ensure the THRIVING OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE and the Jewish CIVILIZATION by engaging in PROFESSIONAL STRATEGIC THINKING AND PLANNING on issues of primary concern to World Jewry  ????



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  1. drbhelthi says:

    It is also obvious that MOZILLA is no longer independent, but is now an element of the Jewish People´s Policy Institute. No doubt the secretive programming of FACEBOOK is incorporated increasingly in FIREFOX.

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