The “SPICE” (Smart, Precise Impact, Cost-Effective) is an Israeli-developed, EO/GPS-guided guidance kit for converting air-droppable unguided bombs into precision guided bombs.

In 2011, Greece awarded Israeli company ‘Rafael Advanced Defense Systems’ a contract worth about €100 million for 300 SPICE 1000 weapons – amounting to almost $480,000 unit cost IAF’s requirement of PGMs in the NEXT DECADE

Given the Israeli ability to sell India American reverse engineered weapons at stiff rates (after bribing all and sundry of course) we can safely assume the SPICE 2000s cost more then half a million dollars per pack

Here is Michael Sheldon a Digital Forensic Research Associate at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab (@DFRLab). on why

India’s Airstrike on Pakistan May Not Have Hit its Target

Indian fighter jets carried out airstrikes against targets inside undisputed Pakistani territory, but open-source evidence suggested that the strike was unsuccessful.

The most identifiable photo was of the fins, which closely resembled those on the Israeli-produced SPICE-2000 precision-guided munitions (PGM). SPICE uses INS/GPS coordinates for autonomous navigation and electro-optical seekers for target identification and terminal navigation. According to Rafael, the manufacturer of the SPICE series of PGMs, the electro-optical sensor matches the scene with pre-loaded imagery for accurate target acquisition and homing.

The video posted on social media showed a valley similar to the one appearing in the video shared by the Pakistan Armed Forces spokesperson. A single cluster of buildings was visible on top of the mountain ridge. Imagery posted by Uppsala University Professor and UNESCO chair Ashok Swain on Twitter showed a closeup of this building, allowing for a clearer view of the area.

Using this more detailed imagery, DFR Lab was able to confirm conclusively that this strike did, in fact, take place near Jaba Top. A comparison between tree clusters and the buildings visible in the imagery provided a positive match.

Using this information, DFR Lab was also able to verify the initial imagery from the Pakistan Armed Forces spokesperson as being from the same location. In the graphic below, the video footage would have been taken from structure number two as marked in the satellite imagery and ground-level imagery.

Retired Indian Colonel Vinayak Bhat seemed to agree with this assessment in an article written in the immediate aftermath of the attack, showing satellite imagery of the same location.

The blue roof combined with the half roof covering the road and the side road on the right all contributed to a high-confidence conclusion that these structures were the same.

Damage assessment

Another video from the main point of impact allowed DFR Lab to better survey the extent of the damage. The video showed a large patch of wooded area affected by the bombing, but no sign of damaged structures or personal injury.

Viewing satellite imagery from Planet, a small change in the affected area was visible, indicating the point of impact. Imagery from February 26 was not available, but a comparison from February 25-27 was possible, allowing for a reliable before and after comparison of the target location.

The change visible in the imagery indicated only impacts in the wooded area, with no damage being visible to the surrounding structures.


Using open-source evidence and satellite imagery, DFR Lab was able to confirm the location of the Indian airstrike to be near Balakot, rather than inside it, and firmly within Pakistani territory. The target was supposedly a JeM-led madrassa, but DFR Lab was unable to confirm that any bombs reached buildings associated with it.

The SPICE-2000 is a precision-guided bomb that should not miss its target by the approximately 100 metres that the impact craters were from the nearest structures. The autonomous nature of the SPICE-2000 adds mystery to why the bombs seemed to miss. Satellite imagery did not suggest that any damage was inflicted to nearby buildings. Vegetation and low imagery resolution could hypothetically obscure structural damage, but this remains highly improbable. Something appears to have gone wrong in the targeting process – exactly what, however, remains unclear in the open-source  ====END QUOTE


There are other experts who seem to agree with this assessment including the famous Jane Information Group

“What they hit is speculation for now — they say they hit a terrorist camp, but a lot of intelligence sources say those camps in Pakistan had been cleaned out in recent days,” Mr.Rahul Bedi an analyst at the London-based Jane’s Information Group said. “This is more political symbolism than anything else. Mr. Modi had to show some demonstrable action on India’s part, ahead of elections.” New York Times

Analysis of commercially available satellite imagery by the International Cyber Policy Centre in Australia has questioned the government’s claim that the strikes on Balakot were successful. According to Nathan Ruser, the author of the report, “Satellite imagery, acquired by Planet Labs Inc. on the morning of February 27 and accessed by ASPI” calls the government of India’s claim “into question”.

No evidence of damage to the facility or nearby areas is visible on the images,” the report says. Mr Ruser also mentions that local media have published “multiple small craters in the vicinity” indicating that the IAF missed its targets. Source NDTV

The Ait Force after extensive preparations flew trusting the expensive kosher precision guided bombs to do their job ……… from most accounts they didn’t

The Indian Air force did its job but the expensive kosher bomb kits were duds

The superb J spin machine however didn’t miss a beat Its horde of spin meisters got to work

The chubby kosher Sun Tzu Iyer Mitra was busy peddling his “war expertise”Here is a great example of how the Israeli echo chamber of shills works



Looks like Vishnu Som will be getting a Project Interchange invite soon

Update Another joke of an attempt at explaining why the structures are still standing after supposedly being hit by the kosher Spice-2000 guided bombs by Shiv “Studio General” Aroor and Gaurav “Hold my Dick” Sawant

Looking forward to seeing both in Israel for Project Interchange 2020 especially if Modi Sarkar falls and the “Cobrapost exposed josh packets” end

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