The ground for the formation of an émigré Communist Party of India was prepared by The Second World Congress of the Communist Third International (1920). The Comintern Executive committee (ECCI) set up a sub-committee, the ‘Small Bureau’, to begin the process. The Bureau organised the First Congress of the Peoples of the East at Baku in September 1920, specifically aimed at fighting imperialism in Asia. This was followed by the formation of the Communist Party of India on 17 October 1920 at Tashkent. The seven members were M. N. Roy, Evelyn Roy-Trent, Abani Mukherjee, Rosa Fitingov, Mohammad Ali, Mohamad Shafiq and Acharya.

Shafiq was elected as the secretary of the party, Roy as secretary of the party’s Bureau based in socialist Turkestan and Acharya as the chairman who signed the minutes.

At the first meeting on 17 October, the organization adopted its name as the ‘The Indian Communist Party’. The inaugural meeting also adopted the principles of the Comintern and decided to work out a programme of the CPI that was ‘suited to the conditions of India’

M.N. Roy, as the principal organiser of the party, was keen on and successfully recruited young ex-Muhajir students from India. Roy and Evelyn Roy-Trent, his wife and comrade at the time, played a key role in bringing Mohammad Shafiq, Mohammad Ali and other ex-Muhajirs into the fold of the nascent communist party. The former Muhajirs (Muslims on self-imposed exile from colonial India) were losing their faith in Pan-Islam and enthusiastically joined the early CPI as its founders and earliest members. They had started their journey from India as Muhajirs  and joined the process of hijrat, or religious exodus from the land ruled by the infidel (British colonisers).

.Source CPI(M) site

March 2, 1919, was the opening day of the International Communist Conference (Comintern) , attended by 52 delegates from nations all around the world

Basically the story of most of the founders of the communist party of India is more or less the same

Almost all started out as anti British revolutionaries looking for arms and money forom the Germans to fight the British  (many associated with Bhaga Jatin /Jatindranath Mukherjee) and after the German defeat falling for the  Jewish Soviet “anti imperialism” spiel and becoming socialists

Whether they genuinely believed in the Soviets or sold out isn’t clear What is certain is once in they did join the Soviets they  become kosher assets

The Comintern was founded at a Congress held in Moscow on 2–6 March 1919 against the backdrop of the Russian Civil War. There were 52 delegates present from 34 parties. They decided to form an Executive Committee with representatives of the most important sections and that other parties joining the International would have their own representatives. However, such a bureau was not formed and Lenin, Leon Trotsky and Christian Rakovsky later delegated the task of managing the International to Grigory Zinoviev as the Chairman of the Executive. Zinoviev was assisted by Angelica Balabanoff, acting as the secretary of the International,

Both Zioniev (born Hirsch Apfelbaum) and Balabanoff were Jewish


Angelica Balabanoff visiting David Ben Gurion in Tel Aviv, 1962


Thus the CPI was founded and running on principles of a body whose daily functions were run by two Jews with one of the Jews Balabanoff being an unabashed Zionist

The two leading and founders of the communist movement in India were M N Roy (Manabendra Nath Roy born Narendra Nath Bhattacharya,) Abani Mukherji, and M. P. T. Acharya

Four of the top Communist Party founders and leading communists of India

Incredibly three our of four were married to Jewesses


M N Toy Manabendra Nath Roy , born Narendra Nath Bhattacharya case was the strangest of the lot Sent to Java Indonesia  in 1914 by Bagha Jatin born (Jatindranath Mukherjee ) to Germany to get arms and money he failed in getting either  Moving from Indonesia Japan and China he finally ended up in San Francisco

There he met Evelyn Trent M.N.Roy married Evelyn Trent in 1917  in USA. and separated in 1925 and she came back to USA

In those 8 odd years she managed to turn M N Roy from an Indian Nationalist into a kosher communist ……………. Roy wemt to Mexico in July 1917 with Evelyn. There he founded the Mexican Communist Party (Spanish: Partido Comunista Mexicano)

Trent also played a part in the founding of the Indian Communist Party in Tashkent in 1920

There Trent introduced him to Michael Borodin (real name Gruzenberg the Jewish Bolshevist From there Roy or Bhattacharya  got an to to the 2nd World Congress of the Communist International, held in Moscow during the summer of 1920A few weeks before the Congress, Vladimir Lenin personally received Roy with great warmth Commissioned by Lenin to prepare the East – especially India – for revolution, Roy founded military and political schools in Tashkent. In October 1920, as he formed the Communist Party of India,

It seems Roy was being groomed to the the Mao Tse Tung of India by the Jewish Bolshevist movement

After  Evelyn Trent left him M N Roy married or rather remarried the jewess Ellen Gottschalk Born in Patis to a Jewish family she was educated in Cologne Frsit World War aroused her anfer against what she called the ” the absurdities of hostile patriotisms’

Ellen Gottschalk



Abani Mukherji was born in Jabalpur (in the present-day Madhya Pradesh state). In 1912, he was sent to Japan and Germany to study weaving. In Germany, he encountered socialism.

In 1914, Mukherji met Rash Behari Bose and joined the revolutionary movement. In 1915, he was sent to Japan to acquire weapons for the revolutionaries. According to British intelligence reports, he was active in the Hindu–German conspiracy. In September 1915, while on his return journey to India, he was arrested in Singapore he escaped in the autumn of 1917.managed to reach Java in the Dutch East Indies, where he stayed until the end of  the war In Java, he was in contact with Indonesian and Dutch revolutionaries and became a communist. He also traveled to Amsterdam and back. In Amsterdam, he met S.J. Rutgers, who recommended him as a delegate to the Second Congress of the Communist International.

In 1920, while in Russia, Mukherji met Rosa Fitingov, who was then an assistant to one of Lenin’s private secretaries, Lydia Fotieva. Of Russian-Jewish origins, Rosa Fitingov had joined the Communist Party in 1918. They married] and had a son called Gora and a daughter named Maya. Gora died in the battle of Stalingrad.

Rosa was later one of the founding members of the CPI and acted as M.N. Roy’s interpreter.


M.P.T. Acharya

M.P.T. Acharya was born in 1887 in Madras to a family of Aiyangar brahmins.In 1907, he left for Britain via Columbo and Paris

He ended up at India House in London with the help of a fellow Tam Bram VVS Iyer It was at India House that Acharya was introduced to Vinayak “Veer ” Savarkar. the homosexual Chitpavan behind Gandhis assassination

In the aftermath of  the Wyllie assassination  by Madan Dhingra India House was liquidated Acharya moved to Paris where he was “introduced” to socialism by bone other then Jean-Laurent-Frederick Longuet Karl Marxs grandson.

Karl Marx’s grandson

Acharya became extensively involved in the socialist movement. The publication of a manifesto by the Soviet Union declaring support for colonies against imperialism was attractive to the Indian nationalists. With the end of WW1 the Berlin committee was dissolved and a large number of the Indian revolutionaries were turning towards communism and the Soviet Union.

In December 1918, , Acharya left for Petrograd, where they worked with Russian Propaganda center with Troionovsky


Magda Nachman

Magda Nachman was born in Pavlovsk (a suburb of St. Petersburg), Russia to wealthy Jewish family. She met Acharya during his time in Bolshevik Russia between 1919–1921, Acharya met Magda Nachman, a German-born artist of Jewish descent. The two married in 1921.

In 1922 Acharya and Mafda  returned to Berlin, working with the Indian independence committee and subsequently with the League against Imperialism. They remained deeply critical of the Communist International They remained in Berlin till the early days of Hitler’s rise to power In 1935 the British lifted he ban on Acharya and he and Magda  returned to Bombay


Karol Sobelsohn “Trust me Goyim ” via Getty Images)

The Communist University of the Toilers of the East (KUTV) (also known as the Far East University) was a revolutionary training school for important Communist political leaders. The school operated under the umbrella of the Communist International and was in existence from 1921 until the late 1930s.

Prominent alumni of the KUTV include:

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