A blog about the ONGOING  TALMUDIC INVASION OF INDIA and a wider view of the TALMUDIC MATRIX OF LIES AND DECEIT   around the globe by an  Indian Gentile who has woken up and is now SOMEWHAT AWAKE

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  1. Great that you’re keeping us posted on Culpritic happenings in India.

  2. Are you sure you are a European-American gentile,? The comment has distinct Kosher odur I may be wrong but the intent seems to be to get me to rail and rant against the racist white pig posting the comment Aint doing to happen Mr Jewey Mc Jew ………………………..The “never ending swarm of Indians” went there MAINLY because of one factor THE COST FACTOR Most Indians in the US are higly educated leading to a BRAIN DRAIN in India So Indians too did not and still aren’t too happy about doctors and engineers getting a SUBSIDISED education in India and then running off to the US If you really are a white gentile PERMAMNANTLY UNEMPLOYED (that sounds rather improbable ) because of SWARMS of Indian immigrants your initial anger would be understandable but with time I think most American gentiles would have adapted and got gainfully employed at least the professionals the low wage Indians displaced

    • Lila Rajiva says:

      Hi, keep trying to post but comments don’t go through.

      • Lila Rajiva says:

        It went through this time. Thanks. I have been writing about Judaist exceptionalism since 2004. Was officially labeled an anti-Semite by Prof. Falk in 2005, got my own troll and agent provocateur brigade in 2006, three Wikipedia deletion attempts, multiple blog hacking and vandalism or alteration of articles, cyberstocked and defamed as CIA by multiple CIA trolls and 3-4 large blogs, attacked by right-wing and left-wing “libertarians,” delinked or banned on several forums, uninvited to conferences, surveilled in my own home, personal communications hacked, subjected to petty harassment in public places, experienced two car accidents, one near fatal, in which one driver was related to the military and the other to the financial mafia, experienced business problems as never before, have been subjected to Google manipulation and blog readers being intimidated from posting.
        Question: how are you able to survive on WordPress without deletion of your blog and harassment? I dare not move from a paid site, even though I have not blogged in a year, and I still experience unusual bot activity apparently intended to shut the blog down.

      • Lila Rajiva says:

        Correction: cyberstalked, not stocked….typing on the run here. So, in brief, how do you stay viable on the net?

      • Lila Rajiva says:

        Cyber-stalked, not stocked. Typing on the run. Anyway, is WordPress.com safe for a dissident site?

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  4. Paladin Justice says:

    I’m adding your site to my blogroll.

  5. rubbishcrap says:

    Indian Gentile, Can you write a blog post about why India is targeted by Zionists jews? What is the significance India holds in their plan for dominance and subjugation of the masses in the world? I am unclear about why they would target India. You can write series of posts on this topic if one post would be too long. Thank you.

  6. rubbishcrap says:

    Indian Gentile, I am not jew but I genuinely asked your analysis of situation about why they would be interested in India. I didn’t mean to troll. I liked your posts but I couldn’t get clear picture, hence my earlier post. Thank you.

  7. Well if you arent Jewish troll the reasons are all there.With the end Cold war World politics has changed with China becoming a big player and India a smaller one The Talmudic manipulators need some lever of control over these 2 countries Read NYT Israel Increasingly Courting China as an Ally dated November 12, 2013 Sometime later when I MYSELF undertsand things better will do a writeup on Indias role in the new scheme of things Till then ill just watch and report what i see Just remember Talmudic Manipulations ARE LONG TERM Dont ever forget that

  8. Reuben D says:

    Great work, timely articles.
    I appreciate your blog.

  9. Lalit Bhardwaj says:

    Good job Indian Gentile….I am also a geopolitical researcher from delhi….like to get in touch with you…give me ur contact sir….

  10. AflaAlex says:

    Awesome work you are doing. I really request you to completely unmask the zionist shills working in our country and ZOGOI (Zionist Occupied GOI) to push us further into the NWO.
    Also, though I am not a muslim or religious, I would strongly recommend you to watch Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein’s videos on Youtube if you already haven’t. He gives an amazingly perfect explanation of how the events of the world are taking shape and how we are fast progressing towards WW3. Your vision would be crystal clear and then you could connect the several pieces in the puzzle and give us information in Indian context.
    I mentioned him because, Islam is the focal point of this coming 3rd WW as Albert Pike in his letter to Mazzini on 15th August 1871 wrote about 3 WWs out of which the 3rd is to be provoked by taking advantage of the differences caused by the agentur of the illuminati between the political zionists and leaders of the Muslim Arabic world. The war must be conducted in such a way that political zionism (the state of Israel) and Islamic arabic world mutually destroy each other.

    Kindly refer and expand the horizons of your wonderful blog.

  11. Murugan says:

    A Rockstar blog! Fantastic, lead us from darkness into light.
    Well done.

  12. ted says:

    You should investigate the Indian media and Bollywood.Since Jews always gravitate to these two areas it should prove to be a “goldmine” of crypto Jews.Naturally they will be parasitising Indian finance..Identifying crypto jews in one area can help unearthing them in other areas.

  13. You are right Ted . WRT Media Rupert Murdoch Greene Crypto Jew already has a foothold here However thankfull most other Indian media r owned by Indian businessmen who dont seem to be cryptos

    Journalists is a diff matter Although almost all r Indians (not cryptos) they can be easily influenced https://wideawakegentile.wordpress.com/2014/04/24/indian-media-alumnis-one-week-honeymoon-in-israel/

    As for Bollywood see https://wideawakegentile.wordpress.com/2014/08/05/kosher-kapoors/ As to whether the three Khans are Pathans (who some say are Crypto Jews ) is unclear But an Indian porn star Sunny Leone whos trying to go mainstream in Bollywood def has Kosher connections https://wideawakegentile.wordpress.com/2015/04/12/sunny-leones-jews/

  14. IGP - International Goyim Party says:

    do you pay money for wordpress ??? How did you do the navigation menu on the top ??? It´s not working on my wordpress…..and i don´t pay……

  15. IGP You can change your blogs appearance from the settings tab, no need to pay any fees

  16. Indian nationalist says:


    Thanks for opening our eyes.

    I have a suggestion for you: back up all posts that you have made on this site, along with citations, documents etc.., because if you don’t and if your site is hacked by them, then it’ll be real tragedy.

  17. Thank you Indian Nationalist As for your suggestion yes some of my posts are backed up Tnks for the reminder will back up the rest

  18. Rosemarie says:

    This is an awesome blog, I lived in India for 2 years and it was sad to watch, yet nobody realized what was going on… even I only woke up recently, thanks to being able to watch the parallels in India to what has happened in the West, if you know what I mean. Btw are you familiar with the Greatest Story Never Told? It would be great you could spread the word in India about WW2 as well. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  19. Thank you for the kind words Rosemarie

  20. pk says:

    Can you please share information on Rothschild

  21. Robert says:

    Very informative website. The article about LBJ’s jewish roots was particularly interesting. It certainly filled in some blanks regarding his treasonous betrayal of the USS Liberty.

    This link involves the usual suspects and might be of interest to you: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/india/12184154/US-accuses-India-of-barring-its-religious-freedom-monitors.html

  22. Thank you for quoting my article entitled “The Big Short is the Big Lie”
    Please contact me so we can communicate directly.

  23. Connie says:

    Thank You for this excellent Blog..I will learn all about your country and YOU..IM sorry to say IM so naive and uninformed regarding India..I loathe secular israel etc the mossad as you do..I think you have one of the best Blogs I have seen regarding them… You are VERY Brilliant..again Thanks

  24. abdl27kareem says:

    All are very much knowledgeable and useful.

  25. Hello,

    Your blog is very informative, content includes things which the newspapers never tell Indian public. BTW, have you researched the new taxation system GST. I read an article which i found very alarming…! As far as i know, GSTN which handles the IT backbone of GST, is a private “for-profit” entity(51% private stake). Are foreign entities in play here. I have posted two links at the end.

    Bangalore-based IT major Infosys had in September last year bagged a Rs. 1,320 crore contract to build GST network system.

    “Some senior officials in the Finance Ministry have expressed reservations about the future of the GSTN as some of these entities have up to 75 per cent investment from Foreign institutional Investors (FIIs) and believe giving such a valuable national asset to private companies may not be desirable”

    “The Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) is the special purpose vehicle that was formed to create the information technology backbone to the roll-out of the new, nationwide tax that will replace myriad local levies. In the GSTN, the government of India holds 24.5 % share. State governments, including NCT of Delhi and Puducherry, and the Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers, together hold another 24.5%. Balance 51% equity is with non-government financial institutions.”

    “The GSTN was set up as a not-for-profit private limited company in 2013 to provide Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and services to the central and state governments, tax payers and other stakeholders for implementation of the Goods and Services Tax-a single indirect tax which will be levied on goods and services across India.”

    “About Rs 145 crore has been released by the government to the GSTN since its inception. Further, an amount of Rs 515 crore has been sought as a loan by the company for meeting its expenses. The Department of Expenditure has expressed its reservations over the expenses, the sources said.”



  26. Hello,
    Now they are forcefully evicting Adivasi’s from Nallamala forest in Andhra under the guise of ‘Tiger Conservation’ to conduct diamond mining operations for De Beers. They are being paid 10 lakh per family and asked to leave the forest by the Govt.

    Project Tiger may evict Chenchus

    De Beers India allotted 2,000 sq. km. land

    De Beers ventures into forests illegally?

  27. Hi Lila ur comments sld automatically be posted after the first comment is approved Not sure why ur comments r being blocked Cld be an issue with Akismet As for WordPress being safe well Id say it is as safe as any free blogging site Yes attempts have been made at hacking this site
    As for bots once any ip shows bot like activity simply block it

  28. Tom says:

    Very astute observations. I studied Indian culture and history and have even read the Vedas. So I must point out the Jewish invasion of India is nothing new. I believe the Moghuls first invited them to India many hundreds of years ago. And they never left…

    I think an enhanced understanding of how Trump is reacting (including reaction to the Putin-Netanyahu-Erdogan deal) and will react can be found in the following:



    Resorts International, Roy Cohn, Meyer Lansky and Likud…these are “other” factors.

  29. qamar anwar says:

    How can I share a particular blog or particular piece of information / article …….I suggest at the end of every blog or article you should add whattsapp or Facebook or a share symbols for conveniences.

  30. Bernard says:


    Reposted an article and added your site to blog roll


    Bernard Weckmann


  31. Hi, Do you know if there is any jewish connection with the Gupta’s and state capture in South Africa?

  32. If the Guptas had any jewish connection would they have had such a (((bad press)))??

  33. jack donovan says:

    Sir can you please write more about the RSS and its alleged Nazi roots and its degradation now to being israel owned.This is a request sir.May God be with you in the fight against the world elements.

  34. Helen says:

    Hi Indian Gentile.
    I am a researcher.
    I was expelled from the university because of my researches about Terror.
    I have been following your great articles for years.
    I want you to do something.
    There was a great website.
    It was blocked.
    You can find a VK page about it.
    There were great articles and videos on this website but it was blocked.
    Can you prepare an article about BWN Argentina Blogspot, please.
    May be they can read your article.
    There was a great article on their website.
    It was about Rothschild Family Fortune.
    This article was exposing all the Rothschild owned companies around the world.
    I did a very deep research about this and found that.
    There are some companies around the world. They are owned by Rothschild Family. And these companies have shares EVERYWHERE!
    These companies are:
    1- The Vanguard Group, Inc.
    2 – BlackRock Fund Advisors
    3 – Fidelity Management Co
    4 – Northern Trust Investments, Inc.
    5 – Capital Research & Management Co.
    Especially pay attention to “The Vanguard Group, Inc.”
    You can see this company in EVERYWHERE.
    You can check this.
    There is a great website.
    In this website you can find a lot of information about companies.
    For example Intel.
    Type the name of the company into the search engine on the website.
    And click the “Company” section.
    And check the “Shareholders” part of the page.
    You can see “The Vanguard Group, Inc.” EVERYWHERE.
    This Rothschild owned company has shares in Intel, AMD, Micron, Sony, Toyota, Canon, Nikon, Ford, Nike, Adidas…………………………..
    I noticed more than 700 companies on earth.
    And there are hundreds more.
    I want you to prepare an article about this.

  35. Goldbergstein says:

    if you want to see who is benefiting from the current world setup, just see who walks away with all the shekels

    a parasitic overclass

  36. zafarsharif says:

    it is not only pakistan china and other neighbouring countries but self hating indians who hates india but let us see what naseeruddin says he is saying that his children is atheist if someone ask what his religion his they could answer neither and he is taking whether the life of police officer is valuable as compared to cow the policeman is the real nationalist he gave his life this fools must kick themself pseudo nationalist zionazi fucker

  37. Helen says:

    Hello Indian Gentile.
    Take care of you and follow your great work.

    WordPress-Related Vulnerabilities Tripled in 2018


  38. Dino says:

    Hi Indian Gentile,

    I need to ask you to remove a post of mine that came with the wrong name. Can you pls let me know how I can contact you in private (email or any thing else) thanks

  39. Helen says:

    Hi Indian Gentile.
    Be careful.
    “Roughly 90 percent of all the hacked content in 2018 were WordPress sites.”

  40. Anonymous says:

    Wrong wrong wrong. Good facts but biased analysts.

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