In September 2018 India’s Supreme Court ordered the Government of Kerala to pay ISRO scientist Nambi Narayana Rs 50 lakhs as compensation for torture during interrogation and being wrongly accused of spying on India

In an excerpt of the book named ‘Ormakalude Bhramanapatham’ (Orbit of memories) published on on Wednesday, Narayanan paints the spy case as a conspiracy against him and the ISRO through the collective efforts of agents of the CIA in connivance with Indian police and intelligence officers.

The case was produced out of thin air in order to  stall India’s rapid advancements in the development of an indigenous cryogenic rocket engine, he alleges in the book. “My investigation showed that the spy case was the illegitimate child of the US-French agencies with the intention of burying me and the ISRO in the cemetery,” Narayanan writes.


Nambi Narayanan

“He (Siby Mathews), who headed the investigation into the ISRO spy case) told me that he was unknowingly pushed into the case by thenDGP Madhusudanan. He told me he did not intentionally try to trouble me,” wrote Narayanan in the book.Narayanan has sought reinvestigation into the spy case to uncover the people behind it

Beulah Sam

Besides the Nambi Narayan story there is a equally strange tale of Beulah Sam a woman in her 40s who was supposedly depressed but in November 21 2012 after staying for two days in a ISRO guest house used a fake passport to try and enter ISRO headquarters for nearly 4 hours in what a senior ISRO official described as a recce for bigger things See The Hindu Breaching security, woman enjoys ISRO hospitality

Many newspapers went out of their way to clarify the woman was mentally unstable and suffering from depression which is strange when you consider the preparation and initiative the woman displayed to do a recce of not one bit two ISRO sites Beulah is an name of Jewish origin and in the Indian context a person with that name is either Christian or Jewish

Was Beulah Sam an Indian version of the Israeli art students who seemed to be doing a recce on sites connected to 9/11? And if so did an even bigger breach of ISRO happen but was buried by the authorities?

The Director of National Intelligence of America Dan Coats is on record saying that he is shocked to hear that ISRO sent a 111 satellites into orbit in one rocket He goes on to add We cannot afford to be behind the curve in terms of development capacities we put up into space




Nambi Narayan himself was pretty explicit about who he believed was behind the whole fake case against him and why

“Today we are late by 15 years in cryogenic technology and the French and the Americans are its beneficiaries. Both of them could be involved or maybe it was neither of them. An investigation is essential to find this out.”

An excerpt from the book reads: “India entered into a deal to develop cryogenic technology with Russia at a time when NASA was planning to sell the services of cryogenic rocket. France was also planning to sell it. The deal would have hurt the selling prospects and the American government tried to nullify the deal. Due to the relation between India and Russia, they agreed to give the cryogenic hardware before the deal was nullified. America has worked against our cryogenic dreams.”

Narayanan also talks about Rathan Seghal, an IB  (Intelligence Bureau Indias internal spy agency) officer, and his relations with a female CIA spy in ISRO. The book states: “This officer was the head of the investigation team of IB looking into the ISRO espionage case. He was asked to leave from service  (Why an alleged CIA asset wasn’t arrested and tried for spying is another question) as they understood he was a CIA agent. The important thing is that Sehgal was with IB when the 1994 ISRO espionage case was investigated.”

Nambi Narayanan wasnt the first Indian scientist whose life had allegedly been almost destroyed by the CIA

It is generally believed that the lead scientist  of India’s nuclear program Dr Homi Bhabha was killed by the CIA to slow India’s three step thorium cycle program

Homi J. Bhabha died when Air India Flight 101 crashed near Mont Blanc on 24 January 1966. “Misunderstanding” between Geneva Airport and the pilot about the aircraft position near the mountain is the official reason of the crash.

The theory is so strong that national news channels openly discuss possible CIA links to Bhabha’s death


Bhabha paraphrased the three-stage thorium cycle approach as follows:

The total reserves of thorium in India amount to over 500,000 tons in the readily extractable form, while the known reserves of uranium are less than a tenth of this. The aim of long range atomic power programme in India must therefore be to  base the nuclear power generation as soon as possible on thorium rather than uranium…

The first generation of atomic power stations based on natural uranium can only be used to start off an atomic power programme…

The plutonium produced by the first generation power stations can be used in a second generation of power stations designed to produce electric power and convert thorium into U-233, or depleted uranium into more plutonium with breeding gain…

The second generation of power stations may be regarded as an intermediate step for the breeder power stations of the third generation all of which would produce more U233 than they burn in the course of producing power.

Bhahas death delayed Indias thorium cycle by decades

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Global debt has hit another high, climbing to $247 trillion in the first quarter of 2018, according to a report published Wednesday. Of that figure, the non-financial sector accounted for $186 trillion.

The debt-to-gross domestic product (GDP) ratio has exceeded 318 percent, marking its first quarterly rise in two years, the report by the Institute of International Finance (IIF) said. This is amid record levels of corporate and household debt in many mature markets.

“The corporate sector is highly leveraged and could be very vulnerable to higher interest rates,” he warned, explaining in a research note that a primary reason corporate debt-to-GDP is so high is thanks to interest rates being historically low due to quantitative easing and forward guidance.

“Firms (Companies) have used artificially low rates to borrow in the capital markets and only buy back stock in the equity market,” LaVorgna said. “The inherent instability of debt over equity financing suggests that the  next downturn could hit investment spending unusually hard.”

Non-U.S. borrowers and emerging markets (countries like India ) are also looking at particular risks, according to the IIF report, especially as yields and interest rates rise, making refinancing and repaying dollar-denominated debt significantly more expensive.

Source CNBC

Once you strip off the corporate veil there will always be human bond holders (creditors) and human debtors the question is


Gross world product in 2018 is projected at $87.51 trillion, its GDP (PPP) is forecasted at $134.98 trillion. Global economy is 1.54 times greater in PPP terms PPP terms compare to nominal terms.


All that massive corporate and household debt in “mature markets” an euphemism for Jew controlled western markets was created by near zero interest rates . Now rates are rising and  repayment of debt is becoming harder

But repay the companies and households must So if they cant do in in money terms they have to surrender real wealth ie land realty gold houses etc



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Brazil seems heading for a second round between the Kosher Clown (and very possibly crypto jewish ) Jair Bolsanaro and Fernando Hadadd

The only reason Bolsanaro the kosher clown is a  front runner is because Brazils sold out judiciary has worked extra hard to keep out the “beloved socialist” Lula Silva from the Presidential race

Lula who’s Finance Minister  for 5 out of 8 years pf his Presidency (2003-2011) was the Jewish Guido Mantega, is a a great shabbos goy  himself

It’s impossible to deny the Holocaust,” Brazil’s president said at a ceremony held in the oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere.

President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was, at his request, the main speaker at Wednesday’s Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony at the Kahal Zur Israel synagogue in Recife.

“Nobody has the right to ignore the extermination of the Jewish people,” Lula said. “I showed Iran it’s impossible to deny the Holocaust.”

Lula with Rabbis Lula with his jewish finance minister

That tweet ( according to google translate) translates  as Thank you for the force Alvaro Garnero

Eduardo Bolsanaro is the son of Yair Bolsanaro . Alvaro Garnero is the son of Mario Garnero . Mario Garnero is an Brazillian front /lowly associate of  Jacob Rothschild

So that tweets amounts to saying Thank you for the force Yacob Rothschild

Bolsanaro is a loud personality who has a room full of controversial quotes


June 2011 — “I would be incapable of loving a homosexual son,” Bolsonaro said in an interview with Playboy magazine. “I won’t be a hypocrite: I prefer a son to die in an accident than show up with a mustachioed guy. He’d be dead to me anyway.”

For a man who hates homosexuality the man seems incredibly stupid  about who is peddling the homosexual agenda Anyone with average intelligence and an internet connection can see who is peddling the homosexual agenda in America Europe and elsewhere but our goofy agent provocateur  cant

Here he is telling a fellow female Senate lawmaker that she is too ugly for him to rape her




Jair was stabbed by a supposedly homeless crazy man named Adélio Bispo de Oliveira in what could be a false flag attack The stock market soared after the stabbing on the expectation that it would bolster Balsanaro’s electoral chances

Political opponents who normally rake their opposition with sharp personal attacks in the final stretch (and Bolsanaro was just a gold mine for such attacks with his speeches and actions) found their hands tied against a man supposedly recuperating in a hospital bed Any personal attack could give him sympathy votes

After a short stint at a Government hospital ,Bolsanaro was taken to the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo

The Einstein hospital was  founded in 1958 by a group of Jewish community members in São Paulo  named Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Albert Einstein (SBIBAE)  on land donated by Ema Gordon Klabina member of the Lithuanian jewish Klabin family. The hospital was inaugurated on 28 July 1971.

Bolsanaro who was wearing a bullet proof vest at the time of the incident has turned his hospital bed into a media center bambozzling the Brazillian public with his weepy videos and hammy TV appearances


 Brazil’s present President Temer and Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles both globalist kosher clown have appointed an Israeli Jew Ilan Goldfajn as the President of its Central bank Meirelles spent 40 years (all his professional life with BankBoston  28 of them in America and 12 in Brazil as head of BankBoston Brazil

Brazil’s creepy kosher klown’s Michel Temer and Henrique Meirelles (R) July 13, 2016. REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino


BankBoston was created by the 1996 merger of Bank of Boston and BayBank. The merged BankBoston was short-lived, being acquired by Fleet Bank in 1999. In 2005, FleetBoston was purchased by, and merged into, Bank of America See Brazilian police looking at Itaú, BankBoston in corruption probe

Itau Unibanco bank is owned by Itaúsa the largest private financial group in Brazil controlled by the Setubal and Villela and Camargo families. Odds are one if not all three of the families are cryptos


Can Bolsanaro be even more servile then the fabulous duo of Temer/Mireles?

Or will a relatively less globalist Haddad wim? Stay tuned

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The resistance encountered in this war caused the planners to resolve that in the future, wars would be managed as precisely as any other business operation. Their philosophy of Hegelian determinism called for setting up two opposing forces, thesis and anti-thesis, which would be thrown against each other in conflict to produce an outcome, synthesis.

The World Order also rules by the principle of1984” – no groups of two or more people are allowed to gather unless the World Order has a representative present. If you start a club of dandelion fanciers, the Order will send someone who will be quietly helpful, avoid taking the front position, and who will offer to pay the rent of a meeting place or the printing of the minutes. In more radical groups, the Order’s representative will be the first to suggest dynamiting a building, assassinating an official, or other violent action.

The international terrorism of the Communist Party originated in a small club of German and French workingmen in Paris, dedicated to quiet reading and discussion, until Karl Marx joined. It was then converted into a revolutionary group. This one example explains the Order’s determination to allow no group, however insignificant, to remain unmonitored

The World Order adopted the Hegelian dialectic, . It functions on the principle of thesis, antithesis which results when the thesis and antithesis are thrown against each other for a predetermined outcome. Thus the World Order organizes and finances Jewish groups; it then organizes and finances anti-Jewish groups; it organizes Communist groups; it then organizes and finances anti- Communist groups.

It is not necessary for the Order to throw these groups against each other; they seek each other out like heat-seeking missiles, and try  to destroy each other. By controlling the size and resources of each group,the World Order can always predetermine the outcome.

In this technique, members of the World Order are often identified with one side or the other. John Foster Dulles arranged financing for Hitler, but he was never a Nazi. David Rockefeller may be cheered in Moscow, but he is not a Communist. However, the Order always turns up on the winning side. A distinguishing trait of a member of the World Order, although it may not be admitted, is that he does not believe in anything but the World Order.

Another distinguishing trait is his absolute contempt for anyone who actually believes in the tenets of Communism, Zionism, Christianity, or any national, religious or fraternal group, although the Order has members in controlling positions in all of these groups. If you are a sincere Christian, Zionist or Moslem, the World Order regards you as a moron unworthy of respect.

THE WORLD ORDER A Study in the Hegemony of Parasitism by Eustace Mullins

Thus far we have had the Axis and the Central Powers and the Allies and the Axis powers mercilessly pitted as THESIS and ANTITHESIS by a bunch of psychopaths who would make Atilla the Hun Genghis Khan et all seem like babes in the woods in the mass murder sweepstakes . The end result was more then 100 million dead including large numbers of European elite These tow World Wars certainly helped “utterly destroy” the “Old European Order” and replace it with two grand European Shtetls ………..”The European Union” and “Eastern Europe” The World Wars were also instrumental in creating the Jewish state


These same psychopaths then concocted the thesis and antithesis of The Cold War Capitalism(America) and Communism(Russia)  The synthesis as always has been very rewarding to the psychopaths

Osama Bin Laden Anti Soviet warrior Jihadi Antithesis and World Order pawn

Sometimes patsies used in one decade for one particular purpose like for example “Anti Soviet warrior Osama Bin Laden  putting his army on the road to peace” can a decade later become the poster boy of Islamic terror

The “Green Islamic terror” replaced “Red Soviet terror”  with the smoothness of a knife slicing butter and all the benefits from the fake “War on terror” and “Clash of Civilizations” were realized. The puppet masters of the Novus ordo seclorum will probably dump “Islamic Jihadi terror” as the great new Satan or the Antithesis some time in the future after slowly but surely taking away the rights of the plebs and the increasingly brain freeze afflicted  middle class

In his book The Best Enemy money can buy  Antony Sutton shows how US companies helped the Soviet Union become a military superpower Sutton however doesn’t even consider that the whole thing is part of the cold calculated Hegelian dialectic game but passes it all off as greed based treason or communist ideological infiltration

The reality however was Antithesis (Soviet Union) had to be somewhat equal (militarily at least) to the Thesis (Capitalist America) until the desired synthesis was reached

Agents in the CIA or KGB who realized the Hegelian reality of the Cold War met with  untimely deaths

The political “left” and “right” are pitted against each other in order to achieve a synthesis that suits those in hidden positions of world power. In the United States, for example, the right side was in power until several aims were accomplished, such as the War on Iraq and the War on Terror benefiting Israel and Big Oil and the Surveillance State . Then, when all that could be done by that side was accomplished, the left came into power claiming to bring about change.They bought in gay marriage transvestites in bathrooms and most importantly for the NWO refugees

There’s Fascism and Liberalism

Feminism and Male Chauvinism

Pro and Anti abortion

Liberals and Rightists

Communists and Capitalists

The cartoonishly insane Antifa and Alt Right


These supposedly conflicting concepts are packaged and marketed by the World order owned corporate media with one and only one agenda


Both “Right and Left” wing politicians are peddling World Order agendas The same is replicated almost to the t in Europe

In the name of fighting evil moooslim terror Americans Europeans Asians Africans pretty much the entire world has seen their privacy rights completely destroyed at airports  via body checks x ray scanning body searches etc But World Order assets like Israeli owned ICTS which provides airport security continues merrily providingsecurity” at airports despite this



A new military /economic counterpoint antithesis to America will be needed (at least till the Novus ordo seclorum implode or explode America into another bigger version of the UK That will probably be China

There’s a new physical cash (thesis) vs digital cash like bitcoin (antithesis) with the synthesis probably being something like this





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The following is the operative part of the Aadhaar Judgement

In view of above discussions, we arrive at following conclusions:

1) The requirement under Aadhaar Act to give one’s demographic and biometric information does not violate fundamental right of privacy.

Taking this logic to its logical conclusion the top court may soon decide that Aadhaar linking to DNA profiles doesn’t violate the right to privacy either 

(2) The provisions of Aadhaar Act requiring demographic and biometric information from a resident for Aadhaar Number pass threefold test as laid down in Puttaswamy (supra) case, hence cannot be said to be unconstitutional.

The three fold test in Putaswamy

The first requirement that there must be a law in existence to justify an encroachment on privacy is an express requirement of Article 21. For, no person can be deprived of his life or personal liberty except in accordance with the procedure established by law. The existence of law is an essential requirement.

Second, the requirement of a need, in terms of a legitimate State aim, ensures that the nature and content of the law which imposes the restriction falls within the zone of reasonableness mandated by Article 14, which is a guarantee against arbitrary State action. The pursuit of a legitimate State aim ensures that the law does not suffer from manifest arbitrariness. Legitimacy, as a postulate, involves a value judgment.Judicial review does not reappreciate or second guess the value judgment of the legislature but is for deciding whether the aim which is sought to be pursued suffers from palpable or manifest arbitrariness.

The third requirement ensures that the means which are adopted by the legislature are proportional to the object and needs sought to be fulfilled by the law. Proportionality is an essential facet of the guarantee against arbitrary State action because it ensures that the nature and quality of the encroachment on the right is not disproportionate to the purpose of the law

(3) Collection of data, its storage and use does not violate fundamental Right of Privacy.

Neither does the selection of CIA .Mossad linked companies to work in the UIDAI project it seems

(4) Aadhaar Act does not create an architecture for pervasive surveillance.

Forget the Indian state Wikileaks says the CIA already has the whole data base

QUOTE WikiLeaks published reports on Thursday that claimed to “expose” that CIA is using tools devised by US-based technology provider Cross Match Technologies for cyber spying ……Cross Match Technologies also provides biometric solutions to the Unique Identification Authority of India, the statutory  body for Aadhaar leading to claims of possible data leakag  END QUOTE  Times  of India

(5) Aadhaar Act and Regulations provides protection and safety of the data received from individuals.

Aadhaar security breaches:FirstPost

App-based flaws A French security researcher pointed the flaws in the Aadhaar app that is available on the Google Play Store OnePlus  leaves a backdoor in its devices in the form of ‘EngineerMode’ apk; allows root access with simple command

Government Website There have been multiple instances of Aadhaar data leaking online through government websites. The most recent case was when an RTI query pushed UIDAI to reveal that about 210 government websites made the Aadhaar details of people with Aadhaar, public on the internet.

Third party leaks There have been a number of leaks when it comes to demographic data. Sometimes the leak happens because of a picture is tweeted to showcase the infrastructure such as the time when Aadhaar card application of MS Dhoni leaked on the internet.

(6) Section 7 of the Aadhaar is constitutional. The provision does not deserve to be struck down on account of denial in some cases of right to claim on account of failure of authentication.

Section 7 The Central Government or, as the case may be, the State Government may, for the purpose of establishing identity of an individual as a condition for receipt of a subsidy,benefit or service for which the expenditure is incurred from, or the receipt therefrom forms part of, the Consolidated Fund of India, require that such individual undergo authentication,or furnish proof of possession of Aadhaar number or in the case of an individual to whomno Aadhaar number has been assigned, such individual makes an application for enrolment:

Provided that if an Aadhaar number is not assigned to an individual, the individualshall be offered alternate and viable means of identification for delivery of the subsidy,benefit or servic

(7) The State while enlivening right to food, right to shelter etc. envisaged under Article 21 cannot encroach upon the right of privacy of beneficiaries nor former can be given precedence over the latter.

Again mere words without any directions amounts to useless wishful thinking

(8) Provisions of Section 29 is constitutional and does not deserves to be struck down.

Section 29. No core biometric information, collected or created under this Act, shall be— shared with anyone for any reason whatsoever; or be used for any purpose other than generation of Aadhaar numbers and authentication under this Act.

2 The identity information, other than core biometric information, collected or created under this Act may be shared only in accordance with the provisions of this Act and in such manner as may be specified by regulations.

3 No identity information available with a requesting entity shall be— used for any purpose, other than that specified to the individual at the time of submitting any identity information for authentication; or disclosed further, except with the prior consent of the individual to whom such information relates.’

4 No Aadhaar number or core biometric information collected or created under this Act in respect of an Aadhaar number holder shall be published, displayed or posted publicly, except for the purposes as may be specified by regulations

(9) Section 33 cannot be said to be unconstitutional as it provides for the use of Aadhaar data base for police investigation nor it can be said to violate protection granted under Article 20(3).

(10) Section 47 of the Aadhaar Act cannot be held to be unconstitutional on the ground that it does not allow an individual who finds that there is a violation of Aadhaar Act to initiate any criminal process.

Sec 47 No court shall take cognizance of any offence punishable under this Act, save on a complaint made by the Authority or any officer or person authorised by it.No court inferior to that of a Chief Metropolitan Magistrate or a Chief Judicial Magistrate shall try any offence punishable under this Ac

(11) Section 57, to the extent, which permits use of Aadhaar by the State or any body corporate or person, in pursuant to any contract to this effect is unconstitutional and void. Thus, the last phrase in main provision of Section 57, i.e. “or any contract to this effect” is struck down.

Sec 57 Nothing contained in this Act shall prevent the use of Aadhaar number for establishing the identity of an individual for any purpose, whether by the State or any body corporate or person, pursuant to any law, for the time being in force, or any contract to this effect:

Provided that the use of Aadhaar number under this section shall be subject to the procedure and obligations under section 8 and Chapter V

(12) Section 59 has validated all actions taken by the Central Government under the notifications dated 28.01.2009 and 12.09.2009 and all actions shall be deemed to have been taken under the Aadhaar Act.

Anything done or any action taken by the Central Government under the Resolution of the Government of India, Planning Commission bearing notification number A-43011/02/2009-Admin. I, dated the 28th January, 2009, or by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology under the Cabinet Secretariat Notification bearing notification number S.O. 2492(E), dated the 12th September, 2015, as the case may be, shall be deemed to have been validly done or taken under this Act.

(13) Parental consent for providing biometric information under Regulation 3 & demographic information under Regulation 4 has to be read for enrollment of children between 5 to 18 years to uphold the constitutionality of Regulations 3 & 4 of Aadhaar (Enrolment and Update)Regulations, 2016.

Taking the fingerprints of children and justifying that with parental consent is incredibly immoral and a great way of creating little steeple who are already programmed to blindly follow the Government when they grow up

(14) Rule 9 as amended by PMLA (Second Amendment) Rules, 2017 is not unconstitutional and does not violate Articles 14, 19(1)(g), 21 & 300A of the Constitution and Sections 3, 7 & 51 of the Aadhaar Act. Further Rule 9 as amended is not ultra vires to PMLA Act, 2002.

(15) Circular dated 23.03.2017 being unconstitutional is set aside.

The presence of the PMO and UIDAI reps in the meeting to practically force DOT to issue such a notification is disturbing and suggest a conspiracy to force mobile service providers to force users to link aadhaar to mobile connections

(16) Aadhaar Act has been rightly passed as Money Bill. The decision of Speaker certifying the Aadhaar Bill, 2016 as Money Bill is not immuned from Judicial Review.

(17) Section 139AA does not breach fundamental Right of Privacy as per Privacy Judgment in Puttaswamy case.

(18) The Aadhaar Act does not violate the interim orders passed in Writ Petition (C) No. 494 of 2012 and other Writ Petitions.

In result, this batch of cases is decided in following manner

All the Writ Petitions filed under Article 32 as well as Transfer Cases are disposed of as per our conclusions recorded above.

End of Judgement


What the Judges ought to have done is declare the any section of the Act COMPELLING Indian citizens to use the card as unconstitutional and void The Judgement should have centered on making the whole card OPTIONAL

It would admittedly create a new unfair caste system of the illiterate poor and their privacy invading card and the better off with their non bio metric privacy compliant cards

If any poor illiterate person wanted a non privacy invading smart card he should have been entitled to it

This judgement willy-nilly plays into the globalist hands

The sold out media sings praises of the judgement The middle class cares about their bank accounts mobile phones and school admissions


The judgement has rather cleverly upheld a patently unconstitutional law in the name of “protecting the interests of the poor” The  truth is neither the rich nor the poor are protected by this globalist flimflam

The interest of the poor would have been much better served by an name, address and photograph SMART CARD like the Indian Army has done albeit on a much smaller scale

The ex-servicemen department of the ministry of defence (MoD ..has started issuing smart cards to the veterans, containing  ..their medical history, medicines prescribed and other details for a quick reference At least 15,000 veterans and their family members in the city have so far received their smart card which will serve as a one-point access to avail ECHS benefit ..

Such a smart card is used in other countries and doesn’t require bio-metrics

The whole bio metric idea was pushed by globalists in the Manmohan Sigh Govt and then pushed even harder by globalists in the Modi camp



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Anyone watching Indian television just cannot escape this guy Abhinav Kumar an employee of Trivago whose ads seem to pop up every other minute  with a persistent tagline


Indian media described Trivago as a “German company” It was only after some digging that we reach Barry Diller and IAC


Barry Diller the Jewsh billionaire is Chairman and Senior Executive of IAC/InterActiveCorp and Expedia, Inc. Joey Levin is the CEO

Joey Levin

Both combined have more then 200 brands and websites

Barry doesn’t run business he runs brands and websites which are way easier to buy and sell

The incredible thing is that every time you go to any better known commercial website offering online travel home improvement online dating chances are you are interacting with (and financing ) the huge matrix like web run by that incredible spider man Barry Diller

In January 2016, IAC categorized its businesses into distinct segments for the purposes of financial reporting. Those segments are labelled by the company as Match Group (Online dating websites), Publishing, Applications, Video, and Home Advisor. Each business listed may have multiple brands connected to it.

The main dating apps in the Match group ICA stable include ,

Tinder ,



Sometimes shit happens on Dillers website

Suspected serial killer hunted victims on Tinder and Plenty of Fish

Plenty of fish killer stabbed woman to death – then hunted for MORE …

Michigan woman killed after meeting man on dating site PlentyOfFish

According to Wall Street Journal information that people are happily giving away to companies like ICA and its Match Group (which controls, among others,, Tinder, OkCupid and is being sold and aggregated

The same article says 40 million Americans are registered on dating sites, and that 18- to 30-year-olds spend 10 hours a week on dating apps.

Tinder has a transinclusive feature on their app, meaning users can identify as genders other than male and female.

The Publishing sections main app/website is has been criticized for its browser toolbar, which has been accused of behaving like malware due to its bundling with other software and the difficulty of uninstalling

IAC‘s board of directors consists of the following members:

IAC was established in 1986 as Silver King Broadcasting Company,linked yo  Home Shopping Network (HSN) In August 1995, Barry Diller acquired control of Silver King The company acquired several assets in the late 1990s.

In July 2001, the company entered the online travel business with its acquisition of Expedia, followed the next year by an acquisition of Interval International. Following the shift in focus to online assets, the company changed its name to USA Interactive (USAI) in May 2002;InterActiveCorp in June 2003; and finally to IAC/InterActiveCorp in July 2004

There are some 150 plus brands buying and selling all kinds of services  According to its website IAC’s family of websites is one of the largest in the world, comprised of more than 150 brands and products.

In August 2005, the company bundled together its travel-related sites and spun them off as a new public company, Expedia, Inc.

Expedia Group (NASDAQ: EXPE) operates a portfolio of over 200 of the world’s leading online travel sites and related travel services across more than 75 countries around the globe including


Expedia’s  Board of Directors

Barry Diller Chairman

Peter M. Kern Vice Chairman

A. George “Skip” Battle (Aspen Institute)

Courtnee Chun (Director Planned Parenthood)

Chelsea Clinton (Representing the Clinton Crime Cabal CCC)

Pamela L. Coe

Jonathan L. Dolgen Jewish

Craig A. Jacobson Jewish

Victor Kaufman Jewish

Dara Khosrowshahi Uber Globalist

Mark Okerstrom

.Scott Rudin Jewish

Christopher W. Shean

Alexander von Furstenberg  Dillers jewish stepson

Expedia indulges in unethical and sneaky behavior like deliberately posting hotels that aren’t its clients, listing them as “unavailable”

On May 5, 2017, two hotel operators joined forces in a false advertising class action lawsuit against Expedia. The hotel operators claim that Expedia and several of its affiliated travel booking websites have been unlawfully luring hotel customers by using a “bait and switch” tactic.

 On Feb. 22, 2018, two hotels have filed a motion to certify a class action lawsuit accusing Expedia Inc., GP LLC and Orbitz LLC ( all Expedia websites)of engaging in a “classic bait and switch marketing scheme” by redirecting consumers to book reservations at hotels that are unaffiliated with the travel-booking sites, but which provide the companies with a cut of the booking.

While a small time gentile businessman or woman would be hard pressed to raise that kind of money in he 90s Diller had no such problems His  resources in buying out brands and websites seemed limitless

Diller is responsible for what the media dubs “The Killer Dillers” – Jewish executives whom Diller mentored and who later became big-time media executives in their own right. Examples include Michael Eisner (Chairman & CEO of The Walt Disney Company), Dawn Steel (future head of Columbia Pictures and one of the first women to run a major movie studio, who worked under Diller at Paramount), Jeffrey Katzenberg (head of DreamWorks Animation, principal of DreamWorks SKG, former head of Walt Disney Studios, and a head of production of Paramount under Diller)

 Dillers kosher killers Eisner  Dawn Steel , Katzenberg

What the media calls mentoring is really just  Jewish networking using Jewish financial clout and ethnic networking tactics against the hopelessly splintered and clueless WASPS

Of the two goyim (if indeed they are genuine goyim and not cryptos) Diller mentored one Garth Ancier, President of BBC America is accused of pedophilia and raping boys , and Don Simpson, who was President of Production at Paramount under Diller and Eisner died of a drug overdose

To paraphrase Abhinav Kumar KOSHER CRAP?? BARRY DILLER

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Abhijit Iyer-Mitra was detained in New Delhi on October 23 over his supposedly derogatory remarks about the state of Odisha and the Sun Temple. He has been reportedly detained under Section 295A. He was flying in the helicopter of Jai Panda now

When he made his “objectionable” video, Iyer-Mitra was a guest of Baijayant “Jay” Panda, a former MP who was forced out of Orissa chief minister Naveen Patnaik’s political party. Many believe Patnaik was looking to embarrass Jay Panda and the video came in handy to do just that.

Later, Panda‘s chopper was seized by the police for allegedly flying over the Chilika Lake, an ‘eco-sensitive’ zone. The industrialist-turned-politician, in turn, accused the Odisha government of trying to “handicap his movement.”

Lousy media management by the BJD Meanwhile Oriya based TV channel have turned this into a big story about Oriya pride with excited anchors  excitedly blathering nonsense in what many feel is just “manufactured outrage”

This is what Iyer said in a video he posted on twitter supposedly in jest

Iyer-Mitra shot the video during his visit to the temple with former parliamentarian and his friend, Baijayant Panda. Panda took Iyer-Mitra and journalist Aarti Tikoo Singh on a chopper ride over the Sun Temple, the Puri Jagannath Temple and the Chilika Lake, drawing criticism across the political spectrum.

Later, a privilege motion was moved against the Iyer Mitra in the Odisha assembly, demanding action against him for allegedly hurting religious sentiments after he tweeted a video commentary from the temple. The assembly Speaker also approved a proposal to form a house committee, led by Leader of Opposition Narasingha Mishra to probe the matter.

Much ado about nothing but a  great opportunity to hype up a kosher asset


Incredibly on 24th Oct 2018 the state of Orissa in an act of utter imbecility and mind numbing stupidity not to mention illegality has AGAIN arrested the fat shabbot goy for ……….a twitter tread about the origin of Rasagola and Odisha more than a year ago

Its almost as if Iyer Mitra had hired the state of Orissa to give him free and cheap publicity and sympathy


Heres Tikoo in Israel with Iyer Mitra in May 2017 on a Project Interchange freebie

Other Indians in that picture Congress politicians Manish Tewari and Jaideep Shergill , Aarti Singh Tikoo (who was also involved in this stage manage “incident”) obese “defense analyst” Sushant Sareen (who probably does his bit to lobby for all thews billion dollar Israeli arms deals ) and twitter troll Rupa Subramanya

All the people were attending a one week all expenses paid trip to Israel sponsored by something called Project Interchange run by the American Jewish Committee

In its own words Project Interchange, an educational institute of AJC, brings opinion leaders and policy makers to Israel for a week of intensive travel and learning. Participants experience Israeli society, connect with their Israeli counterparts and learn about Israel’s extensive contributions in their fields.

Founded in 1982, Project Interchange maintains an alumni network of approximately 6,000 influential voices spanning over 100 countries and all 50 U.S. states. With the support of affiliates around the world, Project Interchange conducts ongoing alumni programming and outreach on key issues relating to Israel and the region. Project Interchange participants reflect an understanding of Israel that could only come from first-hand experience, and which is expressed through their news reporting and analysis, policy positions, speeches, business activities and enduring connections with Israeli leaders and institutions.

Project Interchange relies on donors who support its unique purpose and the measurable results its programs yield.

There were some measurable results by way of fawning pro Israel articles in friendly media circles

PM Modi’s Palestine Tour a ‘Game-Changer’ — But Not a Positive One

India and Israel: a tango that is still waiting to happen | Asia Times

Why Donald Trump is right on Jerusalem – Livemint

India-Israel relationship is plateauing. Can PM Modi’s visit change this

Project Interchange has an ALUMNI VENTURE FUND

The Alumni Venture Fund (AVF) supports Israel related projects and programs led by PI alumni.

• Grantees receive 50% at the beginning of the project and 50% upon completion, normally within one year.
• The AVF also provides grantees with connections in Israel and the U.S

The obese very nonmilitary like  Iyer passes himself off as a “defense expert” without any known credentials (academic or practical) to justify that tag No one in the media seems willing to call out this “defense expert”  Wearing his “defense expert” hat he naturally shills for arms deals with the Jewish state and America


Abhijeet Iyer Mitra is the son of Subramanian Swamy’s close associate Chandralekha V S He is also openly homosexual

Abhijit Iyer-Mitra ‘s mother Chandralekha VS with Subramanian Swamy

He happens to be one amongst the horde of Jewish agents who are embedded in Indian media, politics ,bureaucracy, business and finance

The American Jewish Committee is a long standing Jewish advocacy body founded in 1906 which works not for Israel but Jewish interests

Well Abhijeet Iyer Mitra kept his word to his parents and went on to become a globalist jew shill

According to his profile on ORF (Ambani think tank): “Iyer is senior fellow at the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies. He used to coordinate the National Security Programme at ORF. Abhijit has been a visiting fellow at Sandia National laboratories, Albuquerque, and the Stimson centre in Washington DC. Abhijit is a defence economist by training. He has written for national and international dailies and has several academic publications and books.”

An upstanding citizen of the Jew World Order ………….and gay to boot Thats a double bonanza in the JWO


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