New Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that he has some Jewish ancestry. In an interview in today’s Church Times, he revealed that there was a “Jewish element” in the family.“Going back a lot further, there is a Jewish element in the family, probably from Germany.” Source

Jeremy Corbyn’s parents were David Benjamin Corbyn (aka Corben) and Naomi Loveday Josling.

The Jewish first names of both his parents suggests that the Corbyn family knew of their Jewish ancestry and it may not have been as remote as Corbyn makes it out to be

During the Second World War his father David worked in Wiltshire  on a “top secret scientific project”Victor Rothschild was in charge of British intelligence at that time

Corbyn’s childhood socialist home

 Young Jeremy, aged six and nicknamed Jelly, was raised in a seven-bedroom Shropshire manor house called Yew Tree Manor – though he refers to it only as ‘an old farm’. Despite his parents’ socialist views, he and his brothers – Edward, Andrew and Piers – were educated privately at Castle House prep school. They were later sent to Adams’ Grammar School. Source

Corbyn’s rise to Labour party leadership has also been sudden spectacular and some say accidental

Following the Labour Party’s defeat at the general election on 7 May 2015, Ed Miliband resigned as its party leader, triggering a leadership election. On 3 June 2015, Corbyn confirmed that he would stand in the election on a “clear anti-austerity platform”.On June 15 (last day for filing ) he just scraped through the 35 MPs support needed to contest

Sudden spectacular ‘accidental” rises dont “just happen” in politics They are well choreographed and prepared and made to appear spontaneous

As stated Corbyn was contesting a leadeship contest because “Centrist Blairite”Jew Miliband had lead Labour to an unexpected loss and people wanted “someone different” to lead Labour

Thus Corbyn was as well marketed and sold to the Labour voters as say a brand of biscuits or a car


One of his earliest supporters was Jon Lansmann an orthodox Jew who went to Israel at 16 and worked in a Kibbutz for several years before returning and joining the Labour Party  From Israeli Zionist to British Socialist  Another key Corbyn aide (described as his consigliere) is Simon Fletcher   who is or was married to jewess Gaby Kagan and who became Corbyn’s chief of staff

Two of his social media organizers Max Shanly and James Elliott were investigated for “antisemitism”  at Oxford involving claims about harassment and intimidation of Jewish students The same article says Shanly is said to be a key ally of Jon Lansman Would any  antisemite be closely associated with an orthodox Jew who made Aliya to Israel and worked in a kibbutz

Such silly and obviously fake allegations of antisemitsm have dogged Corbyn just  like they did Trump

Corbyn has stated in Parliament that the Assad regime has killed more people then ISIS

On 12 September 2015 Jeremy Corbyn, as his first act as the new leader of the British Labour Party, addressed a protest in support of refugees, called Solidarity with Refugees. The protest was organised by Stop the War in conjunction with groups created or  funded by George Soros, such as Avaaz.  Source

Politicians like Corbyn can and are used as safety valves to release Public anger and  pressure on Government or when people start catching on to what is really going on

Or as Lenin would put it “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”




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Project Interchange, an educational institute of AJC,(American Jewish Committee)  brings opinion leaders and policy makers to Israel for a week of intensive travel and learning. Participants experience Israeli society, connect with their Israeli counterparts and learn about Israel’s extensive contributions in their fields.

Founded in 1982, Project Interchange maintains an alumni network of approximately 6,000 influential voices spanning over 100 countries and all 50 U.S. states. With the support of affiliates around the world, Project Interchange conducts ongoing alumni programming and outreach on key issues relating to Israel and the region. Source AJC Website

And what does the AJC do ? In their own words QUOTE For more than a century, AJC has been the leading global Jewish advocacy organization. With offices across the United States and around the globe, and partnerships with Jewish communities worldwide, AJC works to enhance the well-being of the Jewish people ENDQUOTE 

In 2013 Project Interchange took a number Policy Makers and Opinion leaders to Israel

pi2013-3 pi2013-5pi-21013-1

Yes you ‘ve guessed right among the privileged group is India’s current NSA (National Security Advisor) Ajit Kumar Doval

To the best of my knowledge Doval is the only NSA (or a spymaster of similar rank ) to have gone on a freebie paid by the AJC

Technically Doval hasnt breached any law as in 2013 he was not in Government and had retired from Govt Service in 2005 He had previously served as the Director of the Intelligence Bureau IB in 2004–05, after spending a decade as the head of its operations wing. In December 2009, he was the founder Director of the Vivekananda International Foundation, a think tank set up by the Vivekananda Kendra which in turn was founded in  1972 in Kanyakumari, India by Eknath Ranade, a senior pracharak of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

Doval with his decades as a spy should have known the nature of the American Jewish Congress Project Interchange and the Mossad habit of using visits to Israel as means to honeytrap important visitors


On 30 May 2014 , Doval was appointed as India’s fifth National Security Adviser.

In October 14, 2015 an AJC leadership delegation visited  India

Two days of consultations in Delhi , led by AJC President Stanley Bergman and Associate Executive Director for Policy Jason Isaacson, were part of a week long program of meetings and site visits in three cities, including a tour of an Indian-Israeli agricultural “center of excellence” in Karnal; interactions with university students, business leaders, and AJC Project Interchange alumni; and discussions and fellowship with the Mumbai Jewish community.

Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar, Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, Power Minister Piyush Goyal, and Minority Affairs Minister Najma Heptulla were among the officials with whom the 23-member AJC delegation met. Source

Remember AJC (American Jewish Congress) is NOT a Government body and is NOT in any way connected to the Governments of either the US or Israel . Why were such high ranking Indian Constitutional figures meeting AJC heads ?

Did Doval arrange those meetings ? Did he in any way help the AJC people who had sponsored his week long free trip to Israel ?


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Racheal Dolzeal is a cause celebre and a celebrity being furiously peddled by Mainstream media which in the “Western World” really means Jew owned and Jew agenda peddling media

She is a white woman who paraded around as black for decades on end Dolezal began working at two colleges, one in north Idaho, one in east Washington. Before long she was teaching African and African American art history, devising an Africana studies syllabus,

She has been associated with two Jewish linked the  Human Rights Education Institute (HREI), where she was soon made director of education. HREI was founded in 1981, as the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations formed as a response to the “anti-Semitism, of the Aryan Nations”. Following the successful lawsuit against the Aryan Nations, the Foundation was renamed the Human Rights Education Institute

She was also linked to Jewish front NAACP the National Association of American Coloured People She became involved in NAACP from 2011 and a couple of years later was the chief of the Spokane section of NAACP

She was exposed as a “Race faker” by the Rothschild owned Guardian “Rachel Dolezal race faker” , and within days Dolezal’s whole life “lay in ruins” according to the Guardian .

Almost immediately the Jew press started with the prepackaged agenda question

ARE TRANSGENDER AND TRANSRACIAL COMPARABLE   Which basically is a sneaky way of acknowledging that Transracism is a rational concept in the first place which most sane people agree it isnt Lets not forget it was the Jews again who have normalized (or tried to) normalize Transgenderism

Jewish media immeduately began peddling the Transracial vs transgender rubbish

Guardian There is no comparison between transgender people and Rachel Dolezal

Huffington Post  ‘Transracial’ vs. Transgender: What’s the difference? | The Huffington

Why  bother with such idiotic “concepts”? Many think that any person with an IQ in 3 digits will reject such a “concept”with the contempt it deserves

Well most peoplein the 1970s or 80s or even the 90s would find concepts like “marriage equality” equally absurd wouldnt they?




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The top five candidates in 2017’s French election are, in alphabetical order: Francois Fillon (Les Republicains), Benoit Hamon (Socialists), Marine Le Pen (Front National) and Emmanual Macron (Independent) and Jean-Luc Mélenchon (Unbowed France).

French elections are usually a twohorse with between the conservative Les Republicains (formerly the UMP) and the left-wing Socialist Party.


Fillon was born on 4 March 1954 in Le Mans, Sarthe, France. His father is a civil law notary, while his mother, Anne Soulet Fillon, is a celebrated historian of Basque descent. He is Catholic  lawyer He lives with his Welsh wife, Penelope, and their five children in a 12th-century home in Sarthe, near Le Mans in western France. He is seen as embodying the values of provincial conservative France and has the backing of Right-wing Catholics , many of whom are opposed to gay marriage. He wants a rapprochement with Russia to protect Christians of the Middle East. He was and probably is the frontrunner

Fillon was the only candidate to be the subject of a media expose during the campaign He was accused by the weekly Le Canard enchaîné  of giving ficticious employment  using taxpayers money his wife and children The total amount involved was a 100000 Euros  No other candidate suffered any media expose  No one asked Melechon about his Free masonry links or Le Pen about her nieces Mossad father or her own boyfriends trips to Israel There was a constant clamour for Fillon to drop out of the race

Fillon refuses to quit French election despite investigation – BBC News

Fillon faces growing pressure to step down as backers quit campaign  Guardian

François Fillon, Facing Calls to Quit French Race, Enjoys a Day of Gains

Hamon the mainstream traditional Socalist Party candidate is also Jew neutral As Jerusalem Post put it delicately Many French Jews were disappointed by the left-camp’s primaries results; not so much by the victory of Benoit Hamon as by the loss of Manuel Valls, considered a great friend of Israel and the defender of the French Jewish community. Hollande’s low popularity seems to have rubbed off on the Socialist candidate Hamon

The remaining three especially Le Pen and Macron have gotten massive doses of (free)media publicity

Marine Le Pen Comes from a family which seems to be either crypto Jewish or one which has been long groomed by Jewish interests  La Pen Senior had ties with the billionaire super-globalist Bloch family of Dassault  Marine (a divorcee) has a live in partner Louis Aliot who is Jewish  Marine’s niece(and rumoured political successor)  and Jean Marie’s granddaughter Marione Le Pen ‘s biological father is Roger Auque who had himself revealed in a posthumous book he wrote that he was a Mossad agent

JeanLuc Mélenchon is a socialist running on the Unbowed France platform He is also a Free Mason  The Guardian loves the FreeMason

Jean-Luc Mélenchon should be French president. Here’s why

Mélenchon puts left in contention as French election becomes too close to call

Leftist candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon shakes up France’s presidential race

Macron was educated mostly at the Jésuites  (Jesuit)de la Providence  lycée in Amien Macron the socalist ‘s career seemed to zoom off in  2007 when he came under the tutelage of Jacques Atali another of those ubiquitous Jewishadvisors” that pop up in so many “Western countries” It is Jacques Attali who created the link between the financial capital and the elite of the ruling Socialist Party, Jesuit educated Macron worked as an Inspector of Finances in the French Ministry of Economy between 2004 and 2008. Between 2007- 2008, the Attali commission produced the  “300 proposals to change France” – a plan for modernization of the economy During his stay at the Commission, Macron managed to win the sympathy of Attali, who soon introduced him to his friend, Francois Enron. Enron, in turn, is the best friend and main partner of David de Rothschild and in 2008 Macron was hired by  the Rothschild’s & Co Banque where he made quick career and in four years only he grew from analyst to partner.  His commissions exceed more than one million euros per year but much more valuable are the new connections in the business world and the reputation of “financial Mozart.” Source SouthFront Org

Amazingly he was  member of the Socialist Party (PS) from 2006 to 2009 (despite joining Rothschild as an investment banker in 2008)
He was designated deputy secretarygeneral under François Hollande’s first government in 2012 before being appointed Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs in 2014 under the Second Valls Government,where he pushed through business-friendly reforms. He resigned in August 2016 in order to launch a bid in the 2017 presidential election.In November 2016, Macron declared that he would run in the election under the banner of En Marche!, a centrist movement he founded in April 2016.


The Guardians view on the French Presidential Elections

Right now, the rise of Mr Mélenchon is the most dynamic element in the changing mix. Capitalising on the antiestablishment mood and on the weakness of the socialist party’s campaign for Benoît Hamon, he offers a rebellious wish list and may be pushing past Mr Fillon into third spot in the contest at exactly the right time to threaten the frontrunners. A wider range of runoffs is now possible, including the nightmare scenario for the established parties, a Le Pen-Mélenchon head-to-head. The chances that France may be about to add a new chapter to the disruptions of Brexit and the Trump presidency are very real indeed. The result is that three “outsiders” now lead the polls. They may take as much as two-thirds of the vote in the first round between them. Ms Le Pen and Mr Macron continue to be favourites.


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Scandinavia the northernmost part of Europe consists of Sweden Denmark  and Norway


Sweden is the most populous of the four nations with 10 million people  In 2000 82% of Swedes were followers of the Church of Sweden  , by 2015 that percentage had dropped to 63% There is a yearly drop members of the Church of Sweden of nearly 1 percent every year .One of the reasons for that could be the extremely liberal positions of the Church on most subjects The Church of Sweden is the only Church with an openly lesbian Bishop Eva Brunne

Elections are held to the Church Assembly (Kyrkomötet), i.e. the “parliament” of the Church of Sweden .The parties and church political outfits that take part in the elections are called ‘nominating groups‘ (Nomineringsgrupper).In some cases the nationwide political parties take part in the church elections.  At the end of it all a sort of a “Church Parliament ” or Synod of 251 members is formed It is this Church Synod that chose the lesbian Bishop Thus the political parties can and do set the direction the Church is taking The Church of Sweden stopped being a “State Church” in 1991 but the system of political parties being part of elections still stands

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights in Sweden have been regarded as some of the most progressive in Europe and in the world.Samesex sexual activity was legalized in 1944 and the age of consent was equalized in 1978. Homosexuality was declassified as a mental illness in 1979.  Transgenderism was declassified as a mental illness in 2008  Sweden became the seventh country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage countrywide in 2009.. Also, since 2003, gay and lesbian couples can adopt children, and lesbian couples have had equal access to IVF and assisted insemination since 2005. Sweden has been recognized as one of the most socially liberal countries in Europe and in the world, with recent polls indicating that a large majority of Swedes support LGBT rights.

There are 110000 registered Muslims in Sweden and estimates vary between 300000 and  600000 (3 to 6 percent)  Most of the Muslims are from Iran .Iraq (migrants from the 80s during Iran Iraq war ) from Yugoslavia and from Somalia  The Official Council of Swedish Jewish communities estimates that there are 20000 Jews in Sweden  thats a mere 0.2 % of the total population


The non European (Iranians Iraqi & Somali ) migration to Sweden started in the 1980s and peaked during the Iran Iraq war with the mysterious Olav Palme in charge   Palme was rumored  to be crypto Jewish on his mother’s side No real proof exists Palme looks partly Swedish which could justify the rumor He was also a strong supporter of immigration and has known family ties to the Von Sydow and the crypto Jewish Wallenberg family So there could be some truth to the rumor

No such ambiguity exists wrt to Leif Pagrotsky  who is a Jew and held ministerial posts under the Govt of PM  Göran Persson between 1996 and 2006. He was the Jewish Swedish minister of Culture and Education during the buy out of the Finland based  Alma Media by the Jewish owned Bonnier and Proventus and actively helped in the takeover  When Bonnier found out there was another potential non-Jewish buyer; Schibsted, they quickly got support from the Jewish Billionaire Robert Weil so they could secure complete Jewish media dominance in Sweden.  Source Swedish 

Par Nuder Swedish Finance Minister from 2004-2006 was one of the numerous Estonian refugees who fled to Sweden to escape the Soviet invasion at the end of World War II. During his childhood, Pär Nuder spent several summers in Israel 

Sweden also has the wonderful Paideia and its founder Barbara Lerner Spectre Barbara Spectre was born in Madison, Wisconsin. She studied philosophy at Columbia University and NYU married Rabbi Philip Spectre, and the couple moved in 1967 to Ashkelon, Israel, In 1999, she immigrated to Sweden and settled in Stockholm, to join her husband Philip, who was then serving as the Rabbi of the Stockholm Synagogue,

Paideia was created in 2000 through grants from the Swedish government and the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation as an academic and applied institute of excellence, with the mandate of working for the rebuilding of Jewish life and culture in Europe , and educating for active minority citizenship.

Why the supposedly Christian Wallenberg’s and the supposedly secular Swedish Government would spend their money to build an institution to “Rebuild Jewish Life is a question no one seems to have asked ……at least not publicly

The Swedish Government is actually funding this woman who says she wants to destroy existing European Society

Two Jewish families dominate Sweden The (crypto) Wallenbergs , and the Bonniers (original name Hirshel) The Hjörne (real name Kaplan) family is a much smaller player in the media space

The Wallenbergs are by far the most powerful of the three According to this Telegarph article

Marcus Wallenberg and Jacob Wallenberg

QUOTE The Wallenbergs are extraordinarily powerful. They control a vast business empire made up of large stakes in many of Sweden’s biggest multinationals and worth tens of billions of pounds. Through a network of shareholdings owned by foundations, the family controls or is a major shareholder in scores of companies including Saab, the car manufacturer, Electrolux, the electrical goods maker, Ericsson, the telecoms giant, and AstraZeneca, the Anglo-Swedish drugs giant.

By the late 1990s the Wallenbergs’ holding company, Investor AB, was estimated to own roughly 40pc of the Swedish stock market. In short, their influence in Swedish business is unmatched.

Control of the industrial kingdom has been divided between two cousins –Jacob and Marcus Wallenberg, and they sit on the board of virtually every large company in Sweden. The family’s tentacles also stretch to British shores, albeit indirectly. The Wallenbergs’ extensive interests include a private equity firm – EQT Partners – that is among Europe’s biggest and is about to float the fast food giant SSP on the London stock exchange. END QUOTE

All the companies mentioned were merely acquired by the Wallenbergs in mercantile stock market transactions . None was created or nurtured by them

Carl-Johan Bonnier (Hirschel) Chairman Bonnier Group

The Bonnier family  are the by far most influential media group in Sweden and in Finland. They are very influential in Denmark as well. They are also involved in the Baltic countries (LNK in Lithuania) the UK, Germany, Poland and other countries.

Of the seven largest daily newspapers in Sweden, the Bonnier family owns four, Dagens Nyheter (the Daily News), Expressen (the Express), Sydsvenska Dagbladet (the Southern Swedish Daily News) and Dagens Industri (the Industry of Today).

They also own 45 percent stake in Swedens largest private TV station TV4  Through Alma Media, Bonnier also controls MTV3, the most popular channel in Finland and Subtv, the third largest Finnish channel

He also controls the 4th largest Finland daily Iltalehti and Kauppalehti, Finland’s largest business media with a circulation of 85.000 per day. Bonnier controls the printing house Lehdentekijät, that produces 40 regularly published magazines in Finland. They further control the Baltic News Service, the leading news bureau in the Baltic region, providing the world with news about the Baltic with a Bonnier touch.

There’s the  “Swedish “(actually dual nationality other nationality being Israeli of course) Cultural Czar Robert Sam Weil He is the chairman of the investment company Proventus, which he founded in 1980. He is also chairman of Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall, and the Jewish Theater in Stockholm, and a member of the international advisory board for the Batsheva Dance Company in Tel Aviv. He is also chairman of the Jewish Cultural Heritage Foundation, which he founded in 2005.

Robert Weil

Robert Aschberg (Jewish) owns the largest production company in Sweden called Strix Television and produces programs for every major channel, especially TV3

Robert Aschberg

Other important Swedish Jews

In other words, of the seven largest news papers in Sweden, six are either owned by or edited by Jews.Source

Sweden original people were the Swedes svíar / suar a North Germanic tribe, according to early sources such as the sagas they constituted the basis of the Varangian subset, the Vikings that traveled eastwards.These were fierce proud barbaric people

When these people suddenly become the most socially liberal countries in Europe and in the world, with LGBT rights and transvestites and open borders some outside agency has to have been at work

There is only one group of people with the financial clout duplicity and more importantly the desire and will to so transform Sweden


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This is an article from the Occidental Observer by Dr Andrew Joyce Source

Reflections on the History of the Jewish Hoax

The 19th-century humorist Josh Billings once wrote that “there is no greater evidence of superior intelligence than to be surprised at nothing.” Demonstrating its superior intelligence on Jewish matters, few events shocked the Alt Right less than the recent arrest of a Jewish teenager in Israel for hoax bomb threats against Jewish community centers in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Although we are now some weeks removed from the epicenter of this hoax, the sheer scale of its attending political and media hype are deeply significant and deserve further discussion and contextualization. Of particular interest are the actions and posturing of the Anti-Defamation League, shameless in its immediate assertion that the perpetrator was a White anti-Semite, again demonstrating great tenacity in the exercise of its considerable political and cultural influence. Employing the flimsiest of narratives, underpinned by an equally suspect “history of persecution,” the ADL was able to disseminate the myth of Jewish victimhood in the media, secure top-level consultation with the FBI, and even publicly chide the President of the United States for his “inadequate” response. In particular, Trump’s refusal to automatically assume that the bomb threats were a “hate crime” was met with bitter rebukes from several Jewish organizations.

After the “US-Israeli” culprit was apprehended, the naive might have expected some humility and soul-searching from these groups. Yet, in a development that will again fail to surprise the Alt Right, the ADL was unapologetic and intransigent. With extreme arrogance, the organization issued a statement reading: “While the details of this crime remain unclear, the impact of this individual’s actions is crystal clear: these were acts of anti-Semitism.”

Although Jews themselves seem to have learned little from the episode, it does provide us with some food for thought. From beginning to end, the episode perfectly revealed in microcosm the Jewish relationship to anti-Semitism, the construction of narratives through which Jews understand themselves, and the importance of myth and deception in sustaining Jewish identity. In short, the episode revealed the core of a singular phenomenon — the quintessential ‘Jewish hoax.’ Since no language better grapples with the concept of the compound noun than German, we may even coin a term for this phenomenon — the Judenscherz.

The Judenscherz

For many centuries Jews have engaged in the construction of false narratives that act to reinforce in-group identity while simultaneously disarming or disinhibiting out groups.The most powerful of these narratives can be grouped under the broad heading of the ‘victimhood narrative.’ Victimhood narratives are important in a group context because, even though they may be in large part fictional, they allow the problems andchallenges of the group to be blamed on an outgroup, absolving the ingroup of agency in its own misfortunes and thus obviating the need for internal change.A further use of victimhood narratives is that they nurture the building of resentments, which can in turn provide the impetus and energy for aggressive acts against competitors. Although many ethnic and national groups have flirted with victimhood narratives, Jews are distinctive in their particularly strong aversion to changing their own version of victimhood. They have thus repeatedly had recourse to victimhood narratives throughout their history, and have adopted a unique worldview in which the entire non-Jewish world, the goyim, is presented as hostile — a case of ‘Jews versus the World.’ Most remarkable of all, Jews have been unique in their success in persuading competitors and opposing groups to adopt the Jewish victimhood narrative,disarming and disabling the more natural instinct of non-Jews to compete.

For these and lesser reasons, Jewish culture has come to master the art of the victimhood narrative and one often finds it remarked that the entire history of Jews is a history of constant suffering — the “lachrymose history of the Jews.” Although general acceptance of this over-arching historical narrative is a fairly recent development — not much older than half a century, its now mainstream position stands stubbornly opposed to overwhelming evidence that Jews have been a privileged, protected, and economically and politically powerful group throughout recorded history. Indeed, one struggles to find a group of comparable size, at any place and in any point in time, enjoying the same level of wealth and influence. The most obvious weakness of contemporary academic and cultural treatments of Jewish matters is that they fail to adopt even a remotely critical approach to Jewish narratives. The alleged age-old victimhood of the Jews is simply taken at face value, digested, and deeply internalized, particularly in the West where Whites of Anglo and Germanic lineage have rarely, if ever, adopted a victimhood narrative of their own.

Because the Jewish victimhood narrative is, at heart, a compound of self-interested fabrications, the details that punctuate this over-arching narrative are themselves a rich constellation of exaggerations, bluffs, swindles, and hoaxes. As explored in detail in a previous article, perhaps the earliest example of the Judenscherz is the Book of Exodus, an effort at refuting a Greek and Egyptian consensus on the undesirable behaviors of the Jewish populations in their midst. In any event, the Book of Exodus was, and remains, crucial in providing a foundation myth for Jewish victimhood narratives and thus a foundation for the Jewish hoax. The putative ‘liberation’ of enslaved and persecuted Hebrews from Egypt is commemorated by Judaism every year, in the form of the Pesach, or Passover festival. Historian Paul Johnson remarks that Exodus “became an overwhelming memory” and “gradually replaced the creation itself as the central, determining event in Jewish history.”[1] Exodus has a power that exists independently from the trappings of religious myth, acting through the centuries as a defining narrative of victimhood, group vindication, and self-validation. Exodus is a foundation upon which Jewish identity is built.

It is interesting that Josephus, the first Jewish ‘historian’ to attempt an intellectual defense of the Exodus narrative, provides us with another very early Judenscherz. In one of his more famed works, Wars of the Jews (c. 70 A.D), Josephus recounted the 66 A.D. Alexandrian riots. According to this sanitized and embellished account some 50,000 Jews were killed (Jos., Wars, Book 2). The relevant sections of Josephus are worth citing directly:

The sedition of the people of the place against the Jews was perpetual. … They were also permitted not only to kill them, but to plunder them of what they had, and to set fire to their houses…They were destroyed unmercifully; and this their destruction was complete, some being caught in the open field, and others forced into their houses, which houses were first plundered of what was in them, and then set on fire by the Romans; wherein no mercy was shown to the infants, and no regard had to the aged; but they went on in the slaughter of persons of every age, till all the place was overflowed with blood, and fifty thousand of them lay dead upon heaps. … And this was the miserable calamity which at this time befell the Jews at Alexandria.

One of the more noteworthy aspects of the Josephus account is the emphasis on alleged external agitation. The animosity against the Jews in this narrative does not arise in any way from Jewish behaviors, but rather from apparently spontaneous, unwarranted, and perpetual “sedition of the people of the place against the Jews.” The violence is described as savage and sadistic — infants and the elderly are murdered in brutal fashion — and damage to property is alleged to have been extensive. Finally, the reported death toll is both remarkably ‘neat’ and remarkably high.

The narrative of Josephus was entirely fictional. Firstly, the full context of interethnic hostility in the region is missing. Not only were the Jews of Alexandria at that time busily engaged in a military and diplomatic conspiracy against Roman rule, but their economic affairs and political power were also a cause for significant disquiet among the non-Jewish populace. Louis Feldman concedes in his Jew and Gentile in the Ancient World: Attitudes and Interactions from Alexander to Justinian (1993) that most of the hatred against Jews was “due to the importance of the positions occupied by Jews in the vast bureaucracy … especially as tax collectors.”[2] Feldman adds that Jews in Alexandria had secured a dominant position at the upper levels of the Alexandrian shipping industry, as well as monopolies in the sale and traffic of several products. In 38 A.D. a protest against Jewish power had been provoked by “displays of Jewish wealth and power,” and by “the privileged position and influence of the Jews.”[3] Jews were also accused of dual loyalty. The extremely high international level of Jewish influence during this period was demonstrated when the Roman governor of Alexandria, Flaccus, was recalled, exiled, and then executed by order of the degenerate Emperor Caligula for allowing the protest to proceed.[4] The affair would be immortalized in yet another masterwork of Judenscherz, the ancient Jewish philosopher Philo’s In Flaccum, which used the fate of Flacco as a veiled threat to non-Jews considering a challenge to Jewish power.

The level of violence recounted by Josephus was also a total fabrication, with no modern historian supporting a death toll even remotely approaching the 50,000 claimed by the Jewish author.[5] In a pattern that would re-emerge in Western Europe in the Middle Ages, evidence shows that the Roman authorities were very much opposed to wholesale action against the Jews, preferring to protect the wealthy community and punish its prior agitations with a half-shekel tax rather than the sword. Jews were seen as too financially useful to be left at the mercy of popular retribution— the recurrent theme of Jewish history in which JEWS MAKE ALLIANCES WITH NON-JEWISH ELITES IN OPPOSITION TO POPULAR INTERESTS. One might then ask why a wealthy and powerful community would, even in ancient times, assert a victimhood narrative. As described above, the Jewish victimhood narrative has a dual function — to reinforce aspects of Jewish identity and to manipulate competitors. In this regard it is interesting to consider the remarks of historian Ellen Birnbaum on Philo’s In Flaccum: “Philo may, on the one hand, wish to bolster the spirit of his fellow Jews; on the other hand, he may wish to sound a warning to Gentiles.”[6]

Early narratives like Exodus and the works of Josephus and Philo provided the template for later interpretations and revisions of certain historical and political realities. For example, references to these earlier ‘persecutions’ provided a false justification for the self-segregating practices of the Jews that were more palatable, especially to outsiders, than frank admissions that Jews felt themselves superior to the nations they dwelt among. We find this particularly during the Middle Ages in explanations for the ghetto experience. Indeed, one of the most remarkable omissions from the majority of mainstream accounts of the Medieval Jewish experience is the very privileged position of Jews during this period. To be clear, Jews had no automatic right of settlement in Europe. This was an age long before the concept of ‘immigration’ distorted the human instinct, and the settlement of foreigners in one’s midst was still perceived as usurpation of more or less severity depending on the numbers involved. Jews were able to form settlements in Europe only because they were given assistance by the Christian Church in the form of Papal decrees that approved their residence, as well as granting them freedom from efforts at conversion and protection against ‘maltreatment.’ Without a Christian theology that taught that Jews possessed a special role in the history of humankind, it is unlikely that Jews would have been able to settle in Europe in the manner they eventually did. (Some of the most influential treatises in this regard were formulated by Bernard of Clairvaux and Thomas Aquinas.) We may therefore consider the Christian settlement decrees to be the primary privilege that underlay the rise of the Jews in Western Europe in particular.

The Jews of the Middle Ages pleaded persecuted status while simultaneously enjoying unparalleled access to wealth and power. This Judenscherz has been passed down through the centuries and remains in robust condition even today. Jews were entirely dominant during the period. The Jews of France and Germany were allowed to transact business without restriction from the ninth until the eleventh century — three centuries of growth in financial influence during which, in the euphemistic language of Jacob Katz, their “involvement in the provision of credit was considerable.”[7] Jews were allowed complete judicial control over their own communities. Further, as Katz states: “A feature of the high political standing of the Jews was the permission to bear arms … This fact is perhaps to be viewed less as providing a means to self-protection than as a sign of political status. As a result of the permission, the Jews ranked with the knights and the feudatories who belonged to the upper strata of medieval society.”[8] Jews stood over the masses, working solely for their exploitation. The Jews of the Middle Ages engaged in no productive labor, almost all of them living parasitically from moneylending. Katz writes that; “The picture of the Jew waiting at home for the Gentile to come to borrow money or to pay a debt is a realistic one.”[9]

The reality of the tradition of Jewish power and economic exploitation during this period has been smothered by an extremely effective Judenscherz based, like the accounts of Josephus and Philo, on fictionalized accounts of extreme violence. Historian Jonathan Elukin writes that “violence is traditionally perceived to be at the core of the Jewish experience in Medieval Europe.”[10] Like the earlier accounts, we see multiple references to spontaneous “rising levels of anti-Jewish polemic, accusations of atrocities, physical attacks, and finally expulsion.”[11] However, contrary to the Judenscherz, violence was in fact extremely rare, and even its alleged high point, the Second Crusade, “brought with it little actual violence against European Jewry.”[12] The much-lamented ‘blood libel,’ supposedly the arch-provocation for much of this alleged violence, was in reality so sparse and ineffectual against entrenched Jewish power that “most Jews lived their entire lives without direct experience of those accusations.”[13]

All of this is of course very reminiscent of the Judenscherz of the Russian pogroms of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, also of alleged atrocities committed by the German armed forces during World War Two. In these instances, allegations of extreme violence played a key role in galvanising Jewish cohesion and manipulating non-Jews — in the case of the Russian ‘pogroms,’ manipulating Western Whites into accepting millions of Jewish economic migrants masquerading as ‘refugees.’ Then, as during the current invasion of Muslims and Africans, EUROPEANS WERE INUNDATED WITH STORIES OF SUFFERING, RESULTING IN AN OUTPOURING OF EMPATHY. During a British parliamentary consultation on the ‘pogroms’ in 1905, a Rabbi Michelson claimed that “the atrocities had been so fiendish that they could find no parallel even in the most barbarous annals of the most barbarous peoples.”[14] The New York Times reported that during the 1903 Kishinev pogrom: “Babies were literally torn to pieces by the frenzied and bloodthirsty mob.”[15] A common theme in most contemporary atrocity stories was the brutal rape of Jewish women, with most reports including mention of breasts being hacked off and mothers were raped alongside their daughters. Modern-day Jewish intellectuals and academics play a key role in the Judenscherz by repeating, reinforcing, and affirming it. For example, Joseph Brandes in his 2009 Immigrants to Freedom alleges that mobs “threw women and children out of the windows” of their homes, and that “heads were battered with hammers, nails were driven into bodies, eyes were gouged out … and petroleum was poured over the sick found hiding in cellars and they were burned to death.”[16]

It was only in the 2000s that the Judenscherz of the Russian pogroms came under systematic attack when Catholic scholar John Doyle Klier (1944–2007) began publishing on the subject, in turn revealing the mechanical and procedural elements in the development of a Jewish hoax. Whether we are talking about the ancient pamphlets of Philo, the tomes of Josephus, or the activities of Jewish scribes in the Middle Ages, control of media and the means of communication are crucial. Klier pointed out that the pogrom hoax gained momentum in the West mainly because the then-influential British Daily Telegraph was at that time Jewishowned, and was particularly “severe” in its reports on Russian treatment of Jews prior to 1881. According to Klier, one of its specialities was the spreading of “sensationalized accounts of mass rape.”[17] Other influential reporting came from a “Special Correspondent” for the Jewish World Klier remarked that the alleged itinerary of this ‘journalist’ around Russia “raises intriguing problems for the historian.”[18] While his itinerary of travel is described as “plausible,” most of his accounts are “flatly contradicted by the archival record.” His claim that twenty rioters were killed during a pogrom in Kishinev in 1881 was proven to be a fabrication by records which show that in that city, at that time, “there were no significant pogroms and no fatalities.” Furthermore, Klier argued that the atrocity stories compiled by the Jewish World correspondent must be treated with “extreme caution.” The reporter “portrayed the pogroms dramatically, as great in scale and inhuman in their brutality. He reported numerous accounts where Jews were burned alive in their homes while the authorities looked on.” There are hundreds of instances where he references the murder of children, the mutilation of women, and the biting off of fingers.

Klier stated that “the author’s most influential accounts, given their effect on world

-opinion, were his accounts of the rape and torture of girls as young as ten or twelve.”  Klier found that “Jewish intermediaries who were channeling pogrom reports abroad were well aware of the impact of reports of rape, and it featured prominently in their accounts.” All such accounts were wholesale fabrications. Provoked by atrocity propaganda, the British Government undertook its own independent investigation.  The most notable aspect of the independent inquiry was the outright denial of mass rape . In January 1882, Consul-General Stanley objected to all of the details contained within reports published by the media, mentioning in particular the unfounded “accounts of the violation of women.” He further stated that his own investigations revealed that there had been no incidences of rape during the Berezovka pogrom, that violence was rare, and that much of the disturbance was restricted to property damage. ViceConsul Law, another independent investigator, reported that he had visited Kiev and Odessa, and could only conclude that “I should be disinclined to believe in any stories of women having been outraged in those towns.” Another investigator, Colonel Francis Maude, visited Warsaw and said that he could “not attach any importance” to atrocity reports emanating from that city. When these reports were made public, states Klier, they represented “a serious setback for the protest activities” of Jewish organizations.” The Times of London was one of the foremost propaganda merchants during this period, a fact that is hardly surprising given that it was populated by influential Jewish journalists like Lucien Wolf, the anti-Russian foreign affairs ‘expert’ operating behind the scenes of several major newspapers. The Times was forced to backtrack on many of its claims, but responded spitefully by stating that the indignation of the country was still justified even if the atrocities were “the creations of popular fancy” — a retort that is more than a little reminiscent of the ADL’s response to the exposure of the recent bomb threat hoax.

The Consuls were outraged by the response of the Times and the ongoing influence of the Jewish hoax. Stanley reiterated the fact that his intensive investigations, which he carried out at great personal cost with a serious leg injury, illustrated that “The Times’ accounts of what took place at each of those places contains the greatest exaggerations, and that the account of what took place at some of those places is absolutely untrue.” Enraged by Judenscherz circulating in Britain and America, Stanley “went right to the top,” interviewing state rabbis and asking for evidence and touring pogrom sites. In Odessa, where a wealth of atrocity stories had originated, he was able to confirm “one death, but no looting of synagogues or victims set alight.” There was no evidence that a single rape had taken place.


DESPITE STANLEY’S BEST EFFORTS THE JEWISH NARRATIVE REMAINED UNALTERABLY ATTACHED IN WESTERN PERCEPTIONS OF THE ‘POGROMS, and the ‘pogroms’ themselves take their place alongside a litany of other Jewish hoaxes in the Western imagination – an imagination in which the Jewish victimhood narrative still holds great sway. It is difficult to formulate effective responses to such frauds. Exposures of individual hoaxes are almost inevitably smothered by the more visible, audible, and oft-repeated tales of the Jewish propaganda moguls. As elating as it can be to see one of these fakes exposed, and the bomb threat hoax is certainly no exception, it should be understood that it is the narrative of Jewish victimhood is what underpins and supports the collective strength of the Judenscherz. Indeed, these phenomena are now mutually reinforcing – hoaxes derive their credibility and initial believability from an alleged history of persecution — a history that is itself built on hoaxes. The government, the media, many members of the public, and even many Jews believed that the recent bomb threats were real because they have literally been indoctrinated in the idea that Jews are constantly under threat of violence — a threat of violence that is said to have long historical precedent.

Ultimately, the key to bringing down the phenomenon of the Jewish hoax will not lie in the exposure of single incidents or historical events, but in the conclusive elimination of the narrative of Jewish victimhood.  Jews are a powerful, protected, and very privileged elite— and they always have been. Their appeal to victimhood status would be laughable but for the fact it is one of the key strategies behind our decline

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Rahul Gandhi with good friend David Miliband  Modi with Netanyahu

Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee with Alon Upshitz former Israeli Ambassador ,Orissa CM Naveen  Patnaik with former Israeli Ambassador David Danielli , Rajasthan CM Raje with Israeli Ambassador Carmon

BJP Mossadick Subramanian Swamy,  Congress Mossadick Sashi Tharoor

Project Interchange politicians Jiten Prasad (Congress) Nupur Sharma( BJP )

AJC (American Jewish Congress) “Advocacy ” with GOI

Indias NSA National Security Advisor Ajit Doval went on an all expense paid trip to Israel in 2013 (when he wasnt in Government) The trip was funded by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) via its Project Interchange

On  October , 2015 a 35 member  AJC  American Jewish Council “leadership delegation” met Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar, Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, Power Minister Piyush Goyal, and Minority Affairs Minister Najma Heptulla

AJC (American Jewish Congress is not a Government body or a trade body or a Religious body It is a self appointed body which seeks to “represent the Jewish people”

No mention is made of Dovals all expense paid 2013 trip to Israel Did Doval in an way arrange for the AJC delegates meet with inportant GOI functionaries ?

ShivPal Singh bropther of Mulayam Singh of the Samajwadi Party visited Israel in 2011

In March 2017 Congress politicians Manish Tewari, Jaideep Shergill Times of India Editor Aarti Tikoo Think Tank Analysts Sushant Sareen, Abhijit Iyer Mitra and unemployed troll Rupa Subramanian went on a freebie to Israel




Israeli Embassy Funtion Regulars Subramanian Swamy (with Kirti Azad) Jay Panda with Neeraj Shekar (Ex PM Chandrashekar’s son) Sudhanshu Mittal BJP Spokesman Ram Jethmalani , Soli Sorabjee




All the Ambassador ‘s Men (and Women )

L K Advani, Gaurav Gogoi, Prakash Javdekar (Education Minister) Kapil Mishra Mary Kom


Alka Lamba






Sneaky Little Fellow Arvind Kejriwal and Ashish Khetan with Israeli Ambassador



India-Israel Delegation Visit to Israel Lead by Sajan Jindal
July 18-23, 2010

Jindal a billionaire businessman cum politician sets up  the Jindal Center for Israel Studies #JSIA at his Jindal Global Unniversity


Delegation of “Young Politicians ” to Israel 2012  lead by Conrad Sangma

Sudhir Sharma (Himachal Pradesh), Sanjay Jha (Bihar), Vani Tripathi (BJP member)., P C Vishnunadh (Kerala) and Krishna Byre Gowda (Karnataka)

On 28/9-4/10/2013 a delegation of five Members of Parliament from Lok Sabha visited Israel

Ms. Agatha Sangma RegionalParty Manipur ,  Mr. Ponnam Prabhakar,Telangana Mr. Jose Mani Kerala Congress, Dr. Anup Kumar Saha Bengal CPI, Dr. Chandan Mitra BJP ,


Is India going the JewSa way? It could if we arent careful









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