Cosmopolitan : To be familiar with and at ease in many different countries and cultures.

Cosmopolitan is also the name of an international fashion magazine for women. As The Cosmopolitan it was first published in 1886 in the United States as a family magazine, it was later transformed into a literary magazine and eventually became a women’s magazine in the late 1960s.Published by Hearst Corporation, Cosmopolitan has 64 international editions, is printed in 35 languages and is distributed in more than 110 countries

It was founded by William Randolph Hearst Hearst along with Joseph Pulitzer who was Jewish  were infamous for practicing yellow journalism

Cosmopolitan (Magazine) is the crowning glory of the Hearst Communications \

Under William Randolph Hearst’s will, a common board of thirteen trustees (its composition fixed at five family members and eight outsiders) administers the Hearst Foundation, the William Randolph Hearst Foundation, and the trust that owns (and selects the 24-member board of) the Hearst Corporation.The trust dissolves when all family members alive at the time of Hearst’s death in August 1951 have died.

The current CEO is Steven M. Swartz who is Jewish He is a member of the Jewish Community Foundation and the Jewish Camden Partnership, 2007 to 2009


The editor of Cosmopolitan is a woman named Michele Promaulayko  She took over in September 2016 She is the author of Look Better Naked. Theres a good chance she has some Jewish links Her predecessor Joanna Coles worked in the Rothschild rag Guradian and has a Jewish husband Peter Godwin “I have no time for a debate,” said Coles. “I am too busy putting out a magazine and encouraging American women to have more and better orgasms.”


Michelle Promaulayko and Joanna Coles

Cosmopolitan has 64 international editions worldwide published in 35 languages with distribution in more than 100 countries The US edition alone sells 3 million copies 




These tweets and articles seem to be more suited to a Geisha training course then a young womans magazine



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The ruling Samajwadi Party was on Friday on the verge of a split after party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav expelled his son and Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and general secretary Ramgopal Yadav for six years after they put up candidates against the official nominees and summoned a party meet on Sunday Jan 1 2017 .

The follwing is a Timeline of the family feud  that lead to the Dec 30 2016 break up

By that account the troubles started in August 2016

According to an Indian political analyst In July 2016 (ie before the fued had started )  Mulayam Singh Yadav the patriarch of the Samajwadi party had hired APCO the firm used by PM Modi for the 2014 elections The hiring happened two months after notorious political fixer Amar Singh rejoined the SP Whether Amar Singh had any part in the hiring of APCO or not is not certain


22As can be seen APCO took the SP MLAs and other leaders to America

APCO has close ties with the Israeli agency Shin Beth

Mossad and Shin Bet also have a habit of providing prostitutes to politicians and then blackmailing them

Taking the relatively unsophisticated and naive SP MLAs and leaders to the US could be to entrap them

In September 2016 ie 2 months after APCO was given charge of “training” SP politicians in America Abhishek Yadav the Chief Minister and son hired a Harvard consultant , the ruling SP has roped in world-renowned political consultant Steve Jarding of Harvard University to handle the election campaign . Jarding, a campaign manager and political consultant for the Democrats in the US, was already advising SP on various issues, but is now officially on board.Harvard Professor to design SP election campaign

A BJP friendly journalist put out an email allegedly from Jardine advising the father and son to start a public spat and then sideline the Uncle just as it happened on the 30th


The media seems reluctant to discuss APCO’s role while the Professors role is being splashed about everywhere

If the APCO hire is correct the veracity of the alleged email is suspect. Rahul Kunwal the reporter who released the email is pro BJP and has in the past been caught posting outright lies An impression of a fixed fight will benefit the BJP

If indeed APCO was hired what is its status today? Who is it representing ? Why did Akhilesh Yadav decide just two months after hiring APCO to hire a different PR agency ?

What did the SP leaders “learn” in America?

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Section 26(2) of the RBI Act says

(2) On recommendation of the Central Board the [Central Government] may, by notification in the Gazette of India, declare that, with effect from such date as may be specified in the notification, any series of bank notes of any denomination shall cease to be legal tender [save at such office or agency of the Bank and to such extent as may be specified in the notification].

What few Indians know is that there is only one Currency Note in India that is the One Rupee Note

Every other note is a Promissory Bank Note issued by the Reserve Bank of India It is basically a promise by the RBI to pay the bearer of the note the equivalent amount in legal currency


one-rupee-noteThe One Rupee legal tender is signed by the Secretary of Finance Government of India


2000-rs-note-1170x480 Both Bank Notes and Currency Notes are legal tender

Every RBI Promissory Note is also guaranteed by the Government of India What this means is that the Government of India is in a way BOUND by the amount  of Promissory notes the RBI prints out

Just take out any RBI promissory note from your pocket (10.20,50.100.500.2000) they all have the same promise by the RBI Governor and the same guarantee by the Government of India

So effectively when Modi grandiloquently declared that the 500 and 1000 Rupee “Notes” were rendered valueless what he was really saying is that this series of promissory notes by the RBI will be replaced by a new  set of  promissory notes The legal liability of both GOI and RBI to the millions of holders of these promissory notes remained the same

The RBI and GOI are legally bound to pay out to the “demonetized’ 500 and 1000 Rs note holders the EXACT number of One Rupee Currency Notes whenever the holder presents the note to the RBI for exchange (under RBI Rules and Regulations)

Which makes knowing exactly HOW MANY promissory notes the RBI had printed as of 8th November 2016 very important

But the Government of India and the Reserve Bank of India dont event seem to be n the same page with regard to the number of 500 & 1000 Rs notes in existence ON 8th November 2016

On Tuesday(29112016), in a reply in Rajya Sabha, the Minister of State for Finance, Arjun Ram Meghwal, said that there were 17,165 million pieces of Rs 500 notes and 6,858 million pieces of Rs 1,000 notes in circulation on November 8, 2016, the day Modi made the announcement of demonetising the two high denomination notes. The total amount of high denomination currency circulating in the system on that day was, thus, Rs 15.44 lakh crore (Rs 8.58 lakh crore in Rs 500 notes and Rs 6.86 lakh crore in Rs 1,000). Source the Indian Express

On 19122016 an RTI response to Mumbai-based activist Anil Galgali from Reserve Bank of India said that on November 8, it had Rs 9.13 lakh crore in 1,000 rupee notes while Rs 11.38 lakh crore in 500 rupee notes . Source Hindusthan Times /PTI Thats 20.51 lakh crore (301 Billion $) Rs wiped out as legal tender

Now theres a huge gap (nearly 6 lakh crore)  between the 20.51 lakh crore bank notes the RBI says it had put out and the 14.5 lakh crore the Minister of State quoted

Both the numbers quoted were given by responsible ranking officers In case of the Goverment by a Minister in Parliament and in case of the RBI in response to a statutory (RTI) request

Strangely theres another figure that comes close to such a huge sum of 6 lakh crores

As on September 30 2016, gross NPAs of public sector banks rose to Rs 6,30,323 crore . NPA is used by financial institutions that refer to loans that are in jeopardy of default.Also note the 6 lakh figure was on September 30 2016 38 days before the demonetization announcement


The Government keeps saying it might not reprint the entire amount of 14.5 lakh crore Now it seems there were 20.51 lakh crore RBI promissory notes in existence and the Government is going to reissue less then 14.5 lakh crore new notes

More then 6 lakh crore or nearly one third of value the promissory notes in existence on 8th November 2016 have been taken out and might not be replaced


Who will be the losers in this massive WRITE OFF OF LEGAL TENDER?


Many economists are talking of an economic slowdown and possible recession

The unorganized sector will be hit the hardest and the longest

The money not coming in to the banking system will probably include small black money by small traders , small middle class untaxed money and worst of all the poorest of the poor like tribals who may have not even heard of demonatization or who might not have been on time to exchange their old notes and who dont have bank accounts so cant deposit their old notes anywhere

All of which means its the poor and the middle class who will be left handling the mess to come


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“Phoenix” is an occult metaphor. Out of the destruction, the ashes of the old world order, the New World Order will rise like a Phoenix!

In 1988 the Rothschild owned Economist had come up with a 30 year prediction Get ready for a Global Currency The Economist named this future hypothetical one world currency the Phoenix

The phoenix zone would impose tight constraints on national governments. There would be no such thing, for instance, as a national monetary policy.The world phoenix supply would be fixed by a new central bank, descended perhaps from the IMF. The world inflation rate – and hence, within narrow margins, each national inflation rate- would be in its charge. Each country could use taxes and public spending to offset temporary falls in demand, but it would have to borrow rather than print money to finance its budget deficit.

Ten years down the line ie in 1998 there was the Economist again with another title on One World Currency called One World One Money


Weighing all this, most economists conclude that the 11 countries that are about to adopt the euro are not in fact an optimal currency area. The world as a whole is not even close. So what has changed? The main thing is the current global emergency. This is so serious a crisis that it is likely to prove a paradigmshifting event, though straws were in the wind already. But what does that leave? Let’s see. Pure floating is no use. Semi-fixed is no use. So there are two possibilities. One is to turn back the clock on financial integration: then pure-floating or semi-fixed systems might once again be used successfully. Otherwise, it seems, the remaining course is to combine increasing integration with perfect fixity of exchange rates—meaning currency union.

On January 1 1999 the Euro was born It was a limited version of the glonal currency union envisaged


The euro (sign: ; code: EUR) is the official currency of the eurozone, which consists of 19 of the 28 member states of the European Union: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain.

Within the European Union area itself three nations UK , Denmark  and Sweden refused to accept the Euro

In 2016 theres an article about how in UK One in seven Brits no longer carries cash In 2015  2015Denmark moves closer to a cashless society In 2016 The Guardian (another Rothschild newspaper) informs us almost gleefully that Sweden leads the race to become cashless society  Thus all three of the countries that refused to convert to a common currency the Euro have had their national currencies almost rendered redundant by plastic money or digital money

In May 2007 nearly 20 years after the first Economist article one of the main Globalist Think Tanks came up with this

2The author was Ashenazi Jew Benjamin Steill

Global financial instability has sparked a surge in “monetary nationalism” — the idea that countries must make and control their own currencies. But globalization and monetary nationalism are a dangerous combination, a cause of financial crises and geopolitical tension. The world needs to abandon unwanted currencies,(I suspect thats a polite way of describing currencies the Jews dont control) replacing them with dollars, euros, and multinational currencies as yet unborn.  Source CFR


In 2008 twenty years after the first One World Currency article there was the Financial Crisis of 2008  crash caused in large part by Subprime lending  Growth of the housing bubble  and Overleveraging  The Paradigm shifting event the 1998 article spoke of was here on us


One of the giants and mainstays of the digital economy is VISA This is what Sarah Perry Director VISAnStrategic Investment Program had to say on VISA and a Single Global Currency

“When VISA was founded twenty-five years ago, the founders saw the world as needing a Single Global Currency for exchange. Everything we’ve done from a global perspective has been about trying to put one piece in place after another to fulfill that global vision.”— Sarah Perry,Director of VISA’s Strategic Investment Program.2001 Source The Single Global Currency (Single Global Currency Association, 2006), p.7.


There can be a new form of  Global digital money transfer systems whose main players will gradually coalesce into a handful of quasi monpolistic digital pay systems

Ownership of VISA Mastercard and smaller digital payment gateways is anyway securely in the hands of Globalists Smaller national payment gateways can always be bought out or financially destroyed

Another important aspect of a cashless or a digital economy is the use of smart phones The operating system used by 85 % of smart phones is Android  which is a proprietary software developed by Google As of July 2013, the Google Play store has had over one million Android applications (“apps”) published – including many “business-class apps” that rival competing mobile platforms– and over 50 billion applications downloaded.

Its this Android platform and its apps which will drive the so called cashless economy in countries like India China and other Asian and African countries

Once digitized money takes root the national currency will be used a lot less People will touch see and feel these notes a lot less too Your salary will come directly to your bank ac Businessmen will keep less money at hand

People will lose touch and any sense of connection to the national currency Once that happens they wont care who controls its supply or where the notes are printed or who controls the interest rates



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The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is a central government agency of India. Its objective is to collect the biometric and demographic data of residents, store them in a centralised database, and issue a 12-digit unique identity number called Aadhaar to each resident. It is considered the world’s largest national identification number project.A sample of Aadhaar card.jpg
The three private entities contracted by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) for biometric solutions for Aadhar, have strong ties with the US and the French intelligence or defence establishments. The machines that collect fingerprints and iris scans are being supplied by L1 Identity Solutions, a US security and identity company, which is a major contractor for the US intelligence and defence department. George Tenet, ex-chief of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Loius Freeh, former head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Admiral Loy, who was the acting director of US Homeland Security are among current or former members of L1’s board of directors.The de-duplication of Aadhar data is being done by MorphoSatyam, a consortium formed between Mahindra Satyam and Morpho, which is a subsidiary of Safran, a French identity and defence supplier. The French government owns 30% stake in Safran and has four representatives in its board of directors. In July 2010, Safran acquired L1 Identity Solutions and partly merged it with Morpho.The UIDAI gave contracts for processing and verifying biometric data to Morpho-Satyam, L1 Identity Solutions and software company Accenture on 30 July 2010 without a tender process.

On 20 September 2010, Morpho signed a merger agreement with the American Identity Company. In effect, the UIDAI has given two contracts to the same company. An email sent to UIDAI officials, including chairperson Nandan Nilekani, enquiring whether UIDAI was aware of the upcoming merger between Morpho and L1 Identity Solutions, did not fetch a reply.A striking instance of conflict of interest is the contract given to Syscom Corporation in Noida to enrol people for Aadhar. Syscom, which was empanelled to collect Aadhar data in all states and union territories, is an Indian subsidiary of Safran.If biometric data collected by Syscom is de-duplicated by Morpho-Satyam, you have a situation where the agency collecting the data and the one verifying it to check possible duplication by the enrolment agency, are both owned by Safran. The biometric technology used belongs to L1 Identity Solutions, again owned by Safran.Sachin Datta of Syscom, however, says there is no safety issue or conflict of interest. “Morpho and Syscom are two separate entities. The data we send to the UIDAI is encrypted and more than one company is involved in the de-duplication,” he said.

Robert La Penta, the head and founder of L1Identity Solutions, has been dogged by controversy. Before he founded L1, Penta worked for LoralSpace and Communications, which he left as vice-president in 1996, two months after the crash of a Chinese rocket which used Loral’s technology. After investigation, the US State Department accused Loral of passing sensitive material to the Chinese illegally and the company paid a fine of US $20million in 2002 to settle the charges without admitting guilt.

“If you have given the job of data gathering, verification and storage to private entities with links to foreign intelligence agencies, it makes it CHILDISHLY SIMPLE FOR THESE AGENCIES TO CREATE FAKE IDENTITIES OF INDIAN CITIZENS.What prevents any of these companies from enrolling people under multiple identities and clearing their biometric data when it is sent to them for de-duplication? Even more dangerous, if you are giving such private entities access to the database, FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES COULD ACCESS INFORMATION ABOUT EVERY INDIAN CITIZEN,” said Colonel Mathew Thomas, a former army officer, who is familiar with intelligence operations.

UIDAI has made conflicting statements about whether these companies would have access only to biometric data for de-duplication or whether they will be provided with access to demographic data as well. The demographic data collected by various registrars include highly personal information like bank account numbers, e-mail Ids, mobile numbers etc. Mails send to UIDAI officials, Safran and Mahindra Satyam asking for clarification about the data given to these companies and about the existence of technological safeguards or auditory mechanisms to prevent data theft and manipulation, were not answered.

Accenture originated as the business and technology consulting division of Arthur Anderson , before it split from Anderson in 2000. Arthur Anderson, one of the largest accounting firms in the US, surrendered its public accounting licence after it was implicated for its loose accounting in the Enron scandal, one of the biggest corporate frauds in American history. Accenture also paid millions in a court verdict against it for bribery

On 16 November 2010, Nandan Nilekani was given the ID Limelight award by the ID World International Congress in Milan. Safran was one of the primary sponsors of the event. Some anti-UID activists point out that Morpho-Satyam was given the contact by UIDAI barely three months back. In 2008, the same award was given to Tariq Malik, deputy chairperson of National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), Pakistan‘s version of the UID project.The biometric solutions for NADRA are also being provided by L1 Identity Solutions.Source Sunday Guardian 2011


Four years after the article in the Sunday Guardian an RTI activist Anil Galgali submitted an RTI query on the project  In the reply, the UIDAI officials disclosed that total project contracts worth Rs 13,663.22 crore were awarded without any tenders of which an amount of Rs.6,563 crore has been already spent on issuing 90.3 crore Aadhar Cards till May 2015.

They further informed that a total 25 companies were awarded different responsibilities for the massive project and their empanelment was done under the process guidelines of Request For Empanelment of May 19, 2014.

List of Companies Awarded Contracts by UIDAI

1 HCL Infosystems

2 HP India Sales Pvt Ltd

3 Wipro Ltd

4 MAC Associates

5 National Informatics Centre Services Inc

6  Sagem Morpho Security Pvt.Ltd (Safran Subsidiary)

7 Totem International Ltd

8 Linkwell Telesystems Pvt Ltd

9 Sai infosystem (India) Ltd (Its promoter Kakkad was arrested for fraud)

10 Geodesic Ltd

11 ID Solutions



14 Telsima Communication Pvt Ltd

15 Aircel,

16 Bharti Airtel Ltd,

17 BSNL,

18 RailTel Corporation of India Ltd,

19 Reliance Communications,

20 Tata Communications

21 Tata Consultancy Services Ltd

22 Satyam Computer Services Ltd. (Mahindra Satyam)

23 L1 Identity Solutions Operating Company (CIA links)

24 Syscom Corp (Safran Subsidiary)

 25 Morpho Satyam (Safran Subsidiary) 

Here’s a  short but incisive analysis of Nandan Nilekani in the book Servitors of Empire: Studies in the Dark Side of Asian America by Darrell Hamamoto


nilekani-2Before the 2014 election in December 2013  some media outlets  put out a rumour that Nandan Nilekani would be the Congress party”s PM candidate to replace Manmohan Singh after Manmohan made it clear he would not be leading the Congress whether it won or lost the 2014 polls .The Congress did not dismiss the rumours but termed it “hypothetical ” It was an open secret that everyone expected a BJP or BJP lead Govt to take over in 2014 Nilekani did join the Congress party but thankfully lost the elections from Bangalore He still remains with the Congress and should it do well in 2019 no one knows if such “rumours” wont resurface

As if a very intrusive biometric plus democraphic database wasnt enough the Govt has  created another massive database called the National Population Register

The National Population Register (NPR) is a Register of usual residents of the country. It is being prepared at the local (Village/sub-Town), sub-District, District, State and National level under provisions of the Citizenship Act 1955 and the Citizenship (Registration of Citizens and issue of National Identity Cards) Rules, 2003. It is MANDATORY for every usual resident of India to register in the NPR. The database would contain demographic as well as biometric  particulars. Source

The Govt has  decided to update the National Population Register  (NPR) and seed the Aadhaar number in the NPR database.

The Demographic details the NPR includes are

  • Name of person
  • Relationship to head of household
  • Father’s name
  • Mother’s name
  • Spouse’s name (if married)
  • Sex
  • Date of Birth
  • Marital status
  • Place of birth
  • Nationality (as declared)
  • Present address of usual residence
  • Duration of stay at present address
  • Permanent residential address
  • Occupation/Activity
  • Educational qualification

To this compulsory database the Govt wants to add your Finger Print and Iris Scan

By “seeding” one compulsory NPR database with a supposedly optional (Aadhar)A COMPULSORY SUPER DATA BASE IS FORMED WITHOUT THE SAFEGUARDS THE AADHAR SYSTEM HAS

In late November 2012, a former Karnataka High Court judge, Justice K. S. Puttaswamy, and a lawyer, Parvesh Khanna, filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) against the Aadhar scheme in the Supreme Court of India.On 23 September 2013, the Supreme Court issued an interimorder saying that “no person should suffer for not getting the Aadhaar card in spite of the authority making it mandatory”. The court noted that the government had said that Aadhaar is voluntary.“Aadhaar shall remain optional: Supreme Court”. The Hindu.
In March 2014 the BJP said it would revokeAadhar if it came to power “Aadhaar a ‘fraud’, will review it if voted to power: BJP”. . BJP national spokeswoman Meenakshi Lekhi termed the programme as a “fraud” perpetrated on the people of the country while seeking the probe.A thorough CBIprobe is needed on the moneyspent and why Aadhaar was made mandatory,” she said.On 8th April 2014 this is what the BJPs Prime Ministerial candidate tweetedmodi-aadharOn 1 July2014, the former UIDAI Chairman Nandan Nilekanimet with the Prime Minister  Modi and Finance Minister  Jaitley to convince them of the project’s merits.On 5 July 2014, Modi announced that his government retain the project and asked official to look into linking the project with passports.


On 11 March 2016, the Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and other Subsidies, benefits and services) Act, 2016, was passed in the Lok Sabha.The Globalist Finance Minister Arun Jaitley actually used a stratagem of passing the bill as a Money Bill to avoid voting the Rajya Sabha where the BJP was in a minority

In an Op Ed piece in the Indian Express Why Supreme Court judgment on Aadhaar calls for an appeal Nilekani peddled UIDAI like a good marketing man

Sifting through the op-ed’s verbiage, one finds Nilekani reiterating the old claims of the biometric lobby that Aadhaar will effectively eliminate leaks in the welfare schemes, which is bleeding the country’s economy.In addition, Nilekani says:

  • He’s okay with Aadhaar being declared voluntary by the SC but not okay with the SC limiting Aadhaar usage to only cooking gas and public distribution system (PDS) benefits
  • Aadhaar database is “ignorant” (meaning neutral) about how it is used
  • Aadhaar’s system is federated and secure, and privacy-respecting by design

All three points can be refuted

First, in prioritising the need to plumb leaks in welfare subsidies, Nilekani, like most business czars of this country, lays bare his obsession with policing the poor and schemes that benefit the most vulnerable rather then much larger leaks by the rich industrialists for example   .States like Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu and Bihar have shown that leaks in the PDS can be plugged using non-tech methods like colouring food-grain trucks bright yellow or low-tech methods like sending one-time passwords to mobile phones.

Second regarding Aadhar database being “ignorant or neutral” Nilekani is being disingenuous  The UIDAI website declares that agencies who wish to use the database will have to declare purpose and nature of business.So if UIDAI knows Corporation X is a payment processing agency, when Corporation X does a Know Your Customer (KYC) call, the UDIAI system knows a payment was processed on behalf of the citizen whose data was queried. And because Aadhaar wants to become the one-stop identity shop for all types of work from clinics to banks, employment, crime, voting and so on, it’s trivial to connect the dots of individual KYC calls made for a certain individual and build up a complete surveillance image of that person. Imagine the potential revenue that can be made from mining and selling such data.

His third claim is that Aadhaar data is federated and, therefore, secure and privacy-respecting by design couldn’t be further from the truth . The Central Identities Data Repository (CIDR) is anything but decentralised. The CIDR stores both the demographic and the biometric data all in one place — that’s how Aadhaar is designed and does its KYC. So anybody who has (or gains) access to that one point has access to all of the data. Keeping so much data in one place is a recipe for disaster.

Instead of following his own advise laid out in the April 8 tweet Modi keeps linking newer schemes everyday with the Aadhar biometric  database Source Aadhar News Why Nandan Nilekani’s sales pitch for Aadhaar is hard to buy?

One of the more interesting mysteries of Aadhar is how Modi has gone from (rightly) being a critic of Aadhar and its security issues to an active supporter of it He’s in a sense actively going against the Supreme Court extortion’s to limit its use by advocating linking Aadhar to bank accounts

indexnilekaniThe top part says link your Aadhar card to your bank account The tagline in the blue square says My mobile my bank my wallet The Prime Minister of India extolling people to link their Aadhar cards to their bank ACs AND their mobiles

Modi has of late been extolling the virtues of a cashless society which he claims (without any iota of evidence) will miraculously help the Government wipe out poverty

Imagine the nightmare if a database of all three (Aadhar biometric plus demographic data, bank ac details and mobile details) get hacked  using the linkages Modi speaks of
The possibilities for misusing this system are mind-boggling It only takes one hack of the CIDR to get a massive billion plus biometric AND demographic data bank (if such data isnt already in foreign hands) The linkages to bank and mobile acs is just the icing to the cake


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028fidelcastro                                                     cuba_hanukkah_pl102673627_wa

Fidel and Raul Castro’s parents Ángel Castro y Argiz and Lina Ruz Gonsalez The mother could easily pass of for an Ashenazi grandmother in Jerusalem The father looks Jewish too Comrade Fidel looking angrily Jewish or Jewishly angry and Comrade Raul Castro celebrates Hanukkah with Cuban Jews

Fidel and Raul Castro were  born out of wedlock at his father’s farm on August 13, 1926. Raul was born in 1831 after the parents had married The father, Ángel Castro y Argiz, was a migrant to Cuba from Galicia, Northwest Spain.The Castro’s mother was from Spains Canary Islands

Galicia was an ancient province in the northwestern part of Spain; a barren, mountainous region where Jews settled sparsely in the eleventh century. There were Jewish communities at Allariz, Coruña, Orense, Monforte, Pontevedra, Rivadavia, and Rivadeo, besides individual Jews scattered here and there. Jewish Encyclopedia

Since the Canary Islands were taken over by Spain after the Expulsion of 1492, the first Jewish immigrants to the Canary Islands were *Conversos from Spain and Portugal seeking refuge from the Inquisition and persecution.  The Conversos from southern Spain were the first Europeans to join the small local population of Berber-African origin. In the 17th century, many Conversos, largely from Portugal, settled in Palma and Tenerife. Many of the Conversos who settled in the Canaries led a Jewish life. During the 17th century the islands witnessed a revival of Judeo-Converso life. The islands were a convenient stepping stone to the New World and London. The number of Conversos increased considerably. Jewish virtual Library


The Secret Fidel Castro: Deconstructing the Symbol By Servando Gonzalez pg 316

Aged six, Fidel was sent to live with his teacher in Santiago de Cuba, before being baptized into the Roman Catholic Church at the age of eight.

(Normal Catholics are baptised soon after birth The “baptism” after 8 years may have been an attempt by the parents to cover up their crypto legacy)

He was then sent to the Jesuit-run Dolores School In 1945 he transferred to the more prestigious Jesuitrun El Colegio de Belén in Havana.

Like Fidel, Raúl also  attended the Jesuit School of Colegio Dolores in Santiago and Belen Jesuit Preparatory School (Spanish: Colegio Belén) in Havana.

Thus BOTH Fidel and Raul spent their entire academic life with Jesuits  The Jesuit order is full of crypto jews and the founders of the order are believed to have been cryptos themselves

That Lina may well have been of jewish origin is suggested by some comments that Fidel made in 1941 at the elite Jesuit school of Dolores that he attended. As Symmes puts it:

‘He was never an ideological fascist, Cubenas said, and was definitely not an anti-Semite. Fidel had explained at the time that he could not be ‘with’ the fascists because they were against the Jews, and he could not be against the Jews for the simple reason that he was one. He volunteered that he was descended, through his grandmother, from Jews. Fidel was Catholic, not Jewish, and Cuban, not European, but he told anyone who would listen that the Jews were his own people.’ Source  Patrick Symmes, 2007, ‘The Boys from Dolores: Fidel Castro and His Generation – From Revolution to Exile’, 1st Edition, Robinson: London, pg. 335

There are other clear tell tale signs that point to Fidel Castro being a Chosenite


Take Castros relation with one of Mossads most obnoxious and efficient spy masters Rafi Eitan who according to the Jerusalem Post has been at the heart of the Israel story since before the creation of the state. A photograph of Fidel Castro hangs in Eitan’s office. The two met in 1994, when Eitan received a medal for agricultural investment, and from that time Castro’s door has been open to Eitan. Eitan has enormous citrus lands in Cuba , amounting to around the size of Gaza. He set up an enormous real estate project in the country, together with an associate, including 18 residential buildings and a commercial shopping center, at around USD 200 million. Until he became a minister in Israel, Eitan would frequently visit Cuba, where he lived in a beautiful villa, and where he would sculpt in the basement. Fidel Castro to light  Menhora

The only other Cuban revolutionary leader with the same (if not more) popularity as Castro was Ernesto “Che” Guevara who seems to have been of Spanish and Irish origin ie another Socialist Catholic His execution while still in his late 30s in Bolivia paved the way for Castro’s complete ascendancy  The then Bolivian President who gave the order to execute the captured Che Rene Barrientes was rumored to be a CIA asset. Willingly or unwillingly by killing Che the CIA killed of any inside challenge to Castro’s rule

Castro in a five hour interview with Jeffry Goldberg said “I don’t think anyone has been slandered more than the Jews. I would say much more than the Muslims. They have been slandered much more than the Muslims because they are blamed and slandered for everything. No one blames the Muslims for anything.” He added: “The Jews have lived an existence that is much harder than ours. There is nothing that compares to the Holocaust.”
Asked by Goldberg if he would repeat his comments to Ahmadinejad, Castro said. “I am saying this so you can communicate it.” Fidel Castro tells Ahmadinejad: Stop denying the Holocaust  Netanyahu in return said that Netanyahu: Fidel Castro Has a Deep Understanding of Jewish History

The MEDIA Loves Fidel Castro Lets put things in perspective  Cuba is a smallish Latin American nation with a population of just 11 million The whole of South America has been full of Communist/Socialist leaders Allende, Daniel Ortega , Hugo Chávez,Lula Silva ,Evo Morales,Nicolás Maduro,Rafael Correa,  are just some of the socialist leaders who have popped up in South America since the 1960s when Castro took over All have gotten a bad press   from the “mainstream media” Some like Chavez and Maduro of Venezuela have consistently gotten a bad press with some media groups actually using fake news to tarnish the leaders and their governments They all have one thing in common They are Socialist and Catholic The only exception was Salvador Allende whose mother Laura Gossens Uribe was Jewish

A New York Jewish journalist named Herbert Matthews grandson of a Polish Jews hyped up a virtually unknown Cuban communist using his NYT byline and assured Americans Castro wasnt communist The Castro articles were full of factual errors mistruths and deliberate distortions   Very much like all the Iraq WMD stories and the Iran and Syrian lies by Jewish (and non jewish ) journalists now.How the grandson of Polish Jews ended with a name like Herbert Matthews isnt known


Herbert Matthews and Castro

Again the CIA has either assassinated or helped topple many socialist leaders in South America The latest CIA tactic would seem too bizarre to even suggest but it has been suggested by the late Hugo Chavez Hugo Chavez says US is giving South American leaders cancer They seem to have succeeded in case of Chavez as he died last year of fast acting cancer Now compare all that with the CIA’s handling of Castro From poisoned cigars to exploding seashells: How Fidel Castro survived ‘more than 600’ CIA assassination attempts before passing away at 90 Yes thats right Castro survived SIX HUNDRED CIA attempts on his life .Anyone believing that story is very naive

Castro was at the heart of an event which nearly lead to the first nuclear war between the USA and the USSR Cuban Missile Crisis Whether Castro did anything to precipitate the crisis or not is not known

Jew run Hollywood loves Castro Jew run Hollywood LOVES him  Fidel: Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant“..Hollywood Loves Fidel—But Why?



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Anil Bokil is a Founder/Director of a body called Arthakranti Pratishan

These days, he is happy that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set in motion one of the big ideas that ArthaKranti Pratisthan , the Pune-based think-tank he founded 12 years ago, has the demonetization of Indias high value notes

“It is a surgery done without administering the patient the dose of anaesthesia,” Bokil says about demonetisation of the currency notes of Rs500 and Rs1,000. He calls it “currency compression”, not demonetisation. “We have proposed compressing the currency so much that the Rs50 note becomes the highest denomination in circulation. We are not there yet but eventually we will,” prophesies Bokil with the easy certitude of a pragmatist.

“We are not saying we go completely cashless. Some cash will have to be there, but we need to set the bar at Rs50. For a country like us where 70% of the population survives on just $2 per day, why do we need currency notes upwards of Rs100?” asks Bokil.

The 55-year-old mechanical engineer has been an employee, employer, entrepreneur, economic theorist, and activist. “He has done many things in life and all of them in his own unique and fundamental way,” says Prashant Deshpande, Bokil’s colleague at ArthaKranti .


Bokil comes from Latur in Marathwada, Maharashtra . Though ArthaKranti as an organization was registered in 2004, Bokil had started working on these ideas in 1999.

Otherwise chatty, Bokil is reluctant to speak about himself and insists several times during the conversation that it is the people at ArthaKranti Pratishthan, and all Indians themselves, who should be credited with the beginning of this task of currency compression. “ It is the campaign that we all started 16 years back” Meet Anil Bokil, the man who gave Narendra Modi the idea of demonetisation


Here is the Bokil cure for all of Indias ills pictorially(from his own website)






Here are Bokils ideas in writing

1: Complete abolition of taxes, direct and indirect by the Central or State governments and also the local bodies.

2: The taxes were to be replaced with Bank Transaction Tax (BTT), wherein every inward bank transaction would attract a levy (say about two per cent). It would be a single point tax deducted at source. – The deducted amount would go into the government kitties at various levels (Centre, State and Local, broken up in perhaps a ratio of 0.7 per cent, 0.6 per cent and 0.35 per cent, respectively). The concerned bank will also get a share of say another 0.35 per cent. Of course, the BTT rate would be decided by the finance ministry and Reserve Bank of India.

3: Cash transactions (withdrawals) would not attract tax.

4: All high denomination currency (anything above Rs 50) should be withdrawn.

5: Government should create legal provision to restrict cash transactions to Rs 2,000.

Effectively for all practical purposes India becomes a Cashless Economy if his proposals are taken in toto

All transactions above rs 2000 must be through banks both due to legal compulsion and the impracticality of entering high value transactions with the highest denomination being Rs 50

Effectively there will be TWO economies one for the poor daily wage workers and their families who live their daily lives with the low denomination currency cash and the other for the middle class and the wealthy who will only (or mostly) transact using banks and banking transactions

Since most important transactions are valued at over 2000 Rs they will all have to pass through the banking system to have any legal sanctity. People will be totally tied to banks

Their whole lives will become cashless and they will become dependent on bankers and banking intermediaries (both private and public)

Indian Banks both private and public have a reputation for corruption  Managers give loans to undeserving businesses after getting their cut There are reports of management posts being “sold” to the highest bidder in high profile bank branches.The probability of bank scams big and small goes up if all transactions above rs 2000 have to go through banks

Ridiculous though the whole “system” sounds, what might actually happen is Modi might ignore the taxation part of Bokil’s proposals and just go with proposal 3 and 5 ie withdraw the high denomination and place restrictions on cash transactions above a certain value

Which will effectively make India an almost cashless society and reduce the cash economy to daily wage labourers and the real poor

Bokil’s proposal no 5 ( ridiculous though it now sounds )assumes significance in the light of a report by a Special Investigation Team on black money which recommended a ban on cash transactions of above Rs 3 lakh and restricting cash holding with individuals to not more than Rs 15 lakh to curb illegal wealth in the economy in July 2016 Ban cash transactions of above Rs 3 lakh to curb black money: SIT

Modi could use that report to ram through a ban on cash transactions above 2 lakhs (which is what Bokil is saying only with a lower ceiling of 2000)

As of today 70 percent of banking transactions are via Government owned banks (PSU Banks) However gradually there will be another clamour from people like Bokil to privatize Indias Public Sector Banks

A Few years down the line there will be clamour for Foreign private banks to come in

A new version of the East India Company will begin


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