Germans elect their members of parliament with two votes. One vote is for a direct candidate, who ought to receive a plurality vote in their election district. The second vote (considered as more important) is to elect a party list in each province as established by its respective party caucus.

Half of the Bundestag is then filled with candidates that won their electoral districts by the first votes and the other half by candidates from the party lists according roughly to the proportion the parties receive from the second votes according to a complex mathematical formula.

Common practice is that direct candidates are also placed on the electoral lists at higher rankings as a fall-back if they do not win their districts.

State of the Bundesstag in 2013

Christian Democratic Union (CDU) /

2013 Bundestag election result: 41.5 percent (311/630 seats) Leader Angela Merkel

Merkel: Threats, attacks against Jews in Germany ‘disgrace’ |  *Its another matter that threats and attacks are more imaginary or False flag  then true

Angela Merkel’s Historic Holocaust Speech (But Does the Pope Agree

Merkel: Anti-Semitism more widespread than we imagined

Merkel rallies against ‘monstrous’ anti-Semitism in Germany |

Social Democratic Party (SPD)

2013 Bundestag election result: 25.7 percent (193/630 seats) Leader Martin Shultz

 The Left Party (Die Linke)

2013 Bundestag election result: 8.6 percent (64/630 seats) Leaders  Katja Kipping, Bernd Riexinger


The Green Party (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen) Leaders Cem Özdemir, Simone Peter

2013 Bundestag election result: 8.4 percent (63/630 seats)

Alternative for Germany (AfD) Leaders Frauke Petry, Jörg Meuthen


2013 Bundestag election result: 4.7 percent (0/630 seats)

Any political party with more then 615 MPs (Members of Parliament) will form the Government Last time around the CDU groupjng fell just four MPs short

This is the situation in 2017

Germany was occupied in 2013 it remains occupied in 2017

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The cover story of Femen was that it was a “Feminist Movement” started in 2008 by Anna Hutol Whether (crypto) Jewish herself or not Hutol certainly had Jewish connections  The 1964 born Hutsol describes herself as an Economist who also doubled up as an assistant to the Ukrainian Jewish singer Tina Karol( born Tatania Liberman) 

As a teenager the 1985 born Karol (under her real name Tetyana Liberman) performed for four years with the dancing ensemble at the Kiev branch of the Jewish Agency, and her repertoire included songs in Hebrew and in Yiddish. In 2000 she with this ensemble traveled to the United States, where the group’s appearances raised money for Jewish Agency for Israel programs in Ukraine.

Tatania Liberman aka Tina Karol (member of the Jewish Agency)

What are the odds of the Jewish Agency using Tatania Libermans assistant  as the Goy cover (assuming Anna Hatol isn’t crypto Jewish ) ?? Pretty high

Hutsol stated in July 2010: “We are working better than any news agency. We have a photographer, cinematographer, designer and content manager.”

At first Femen used to protest in white panties then in mid 2009 they started going topless (sometimes pantyless too)

Now for the groups finances its main and some say only financier is New York Jew Jed Sunden

To recap the secretary of a Jewish singer with close ties to the Jewish Agency starts Femen in 2008 Immediately after starting she is approached by New York Jew Jed Sunden with an offer to fund Femen

Its been financed from the start by New York Jew Jed Sunden The article appeared in the Kviv post which was  owned by Sunden himself till 2009 when he sold it to Pakistani born Ukrainian billionaire Mohamad Zahoor. The article  Femen wants to move from public exposure to political power was written in 2010 so in effect Sunden was talking about his Femen links in a news paper he formerly owned I suspect Sunden also has ties to the Jewish Agency The organization became internationally known for organizing controversial topless protests against sex tourism, religious institutions,]sexism, homophobia and other social, national and international topics. Founded in Ukraine, the group is now based in Paris

In this YouTube video  the lawyer for one of the topless  creatures just happens to be a former President of of the Union of French Jewish Students which is closely linked CRIF to the French version of AIPAC

Now that Femen is based in Paris I wont be surprised if CRIF is running the show and this guy is handling the circus behind the scenes

The goy front seems to have been changed too Since 2013 Femen is led by Inna Shevchenko who initiated the international development of the movement.[ Other Ukrainian founders stopped their activity

She was probably rewarded for chopping a crucifix allegedly in protest against the arrest of Pussy Riot Its still unclear what Christ had to do with the Pussy’s incarceration

Her Jewish paymasters probably got an orgasm watching her cross cutting crucified position performance

Here are some more videos of crazy mindless Femen stunts Ading the videos to the post will slow down the site so Im just posting links with titles

Femen Cross

Femen Member Is Taking Off Clothes On Live Al Jazeera Program

Femen protest in the Vatican

Norte Dame Descecration 

Colonge Church desceration during Mass

A Tunisian Femen member Amina Shoui posted this picture in May 2013 The Arabic words mean Fuck your Morals Just two months later she quiit Femen accusing it of Islamophobia and lack of financial transparency She said she didnt want to be associated with an organization which could be running on Israeli money

The group were also attacked by their former Brazilian organizer in a dispute about allegedly mis-spent funds. The Brazilian woman, Sara Winter, said that “Femen Ukraine works as a company or a marketing agency. It is not a social movement.She released a damning email chat in which the Ukrainian leader Inna Shevchenko complained about the sub-par appearance of the Brazilian girls. “(The protest) in the embassy was not sexy because the panties were too tight and the girls appeared to be fat. Be aware of that”, warned the Ukrainian to the Brazilian. (source Opera Mundi)

On 6 March 2013, Femen activists, together with French writer Galia Ackerman, (Jewess) released their first book, Femen. The book was published by Calmann-Lévy.(Jewess)

Pussy Riot is an even bigger absurdity Its supposed to be all girl punk rock band but it did not release any conventional albums. However, their songs are freely available for download on a number of internet sites, collected together under the title Ubey seksista (“Kill the sexist”).

Their very name Pussy Riot in English makes them an oddity given their obsession with Russian issues and Russian politics

Feminist punk group Pussy Riot members, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, right, Maria Alekhina, center, and Yekaterina Samutsevich

Pussy Riot released seven songs and five videos. An Associated Press report described them as “badly recorded, based on simple riffs and screamlike singing” and stated that critics had dismissed them as “amateur, provocative and obscene”

Like Femen, the key Pussy Riot motivating force seems to be a hatred of Christianity in general and the Orthodox Church in particular. But It was the writer Israel Shamir who first pointed out that Pussy Riot’s prominent supporters from the Russian arts and media are overwhelmingly Jewish.

These include satirist and cartoonist Viktor Shenderovich, sociologist Igor Eidman, art gallery owner Marat Gelman, socialite and TV presenter Xenia Sobchak and TV station owner Alexey Venediktov.Pussy Riot’s cause has also been aggressively taken up by a leading anti-Putin opposition group called the Union of Solidarity with Political Prisoners which is led by another two high-profile Jews, Garry Kasparov and Boris Nemtsov.

Pussy Riot has open connections to the National Endowment for Democracy (US State Department ). Oksana Chelysheva, listed as the head of the group’s support campaign, also happens to have been “Deputy Executive Director” of the  Russian-Chechen Friendship Society, a strange pro-extremist outfit which is funded by the National Endowment for Democracy. Chelysheva also has other extensive US government ties through her leadership roles in other NED and George Sorosfunded outfits like the Finnish-Russian Civic Forum and the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum.

Oksana Chelysheva, head of Pussy Riot’s support campaign

Click on pic for larger image

The group gained global notoriety when five members of the group staged a performance inside Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior in 2012.The group’s actions were regarded sacrilegious by the Orthodox clergy and eventually stopped by church security officials.

This is what they are screeching

Holy shit, shit, Lord’s shit!
Holy shit, shit, Lord’s shit!
St. Maria, Virgin, become a feminist…
Patriarch Gundyaev believes in Putin
Bitch, you better believed in God



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Samsung is a huge Korean Chaebol Its goods and services amount to  nearly one fifth of the South Korean economy’s GDP

A chaebol from Korean jaebeol is a South Korean form of business conglomerate. They are typically global multinationals and own numerous international enterprises, controlled by a chairman with power over all the operations. There are several dozen large Korean familycontrolled corporate groups which fall under this definition.

Since they own banks and other financial institutions they are financually or commercially almost self sufficient

In other words they dont need Jew high finance

On August 24th 2017 after months of high profile trial A bribery and a “scandal” that  already toppled a South Korean president  a Seoul  court sentenced Lee Jae-yong, the acting chairman of Samsung, to five years in prison for crimes including offering bribes and perjury


Turns out there is a Jew in the Samsung woodpile

The Jew in the Samsung woodpile is the notorious Paul Singer owner of Elliot Finance

His business model is simple Its also been a favourite Jewish model for centuries  He buys Sovereign debt (or in some cases debt of massive conglomerates like Samsung) at a huge discount  when a nation is facing financial difficulties then with US Govt support (hes based in New York) he gets the nation to indulge in massive cost cutting measures which mainly affects poor people then he gets his debt repaid in full at high interest rates

In case of congloemerates he first takes control of the conglomerate breaks up the company and sells the parts for a huge profit

2008 Crash Delphi Automative 

Elliott Management, which bought up Delphi Automative  debt for pennies on the dollar, reaped a windfall last year when it and Silver Point unloaded billions of Delphi loans by converting them into equity and selling them off to other investors. NewYork Post


The Argentine government agreed to a settlement that would allow Singer’s fund to walk away with $2.4 billion for bonds that the government had failed to pay on, according to court documents. The bonds had a  face value of $617 million, but had been purchased for about $117 million, according to an analysis of court records by Martin Guzman, a postdoctoral research fellow at Columbia University Graduate School of Business. Argentina’s Senate is scheduled to sign off on the deal this week. Source


In 1996, Elliott bought defaulted Peruvian debt for $11.4 million. Elliott won a $58 million judgement when the ruling[was overturned in 2000,The deal itself was illegal as Singer wanst authorised to buy Peruvian debt from the Swiss Bank Corp without Peruvian Govt permission which it didnt have


The Republic of Congo was controversial for being one of the countries Singer targeted that was eligible for debt relief programs from the World Bank and the IMF.It ended up settling with Singer for $90 million, after his fund threatened to expose government corruption its investigators uncovered. Singer paid less than $20 million for those bonds. NYPost

Citrix Systems

A small precuorsor to Samsung was the much smaller tech firm Citrix where Singer & Elliot with a mere 7 percent stake in the company started  aggressive moves to knocj off the company As of August 2017 they have a broad seat for Singers Cohen associate  (Jesse Cohn )


Samsung is a massive 300 billion dollar Korean Conglomerate that started out as a trading company Its run by the Lee family

Around 2012 Elliot Management started eyeing the Samsung group Elliott Associates, which took a 7.12 percent stake in Samsung C&T

Samsung C&T Corporation was founded in 1938 as the parent company of Samsung Group. In 1975 . It merged with Samsung Construction in December 1995

On May 26,2016  the boards of both Samsung C & T and Cheil approved the proposed merger at a ratio of  .35 shares of Cheil stock for every share owned by a holder of Samsung C&T.

The Lee family which owned some stake in the holding company Samsung C& T now owned the original (unknown) stake plus 42 multiplied by  0.35= 14.7

The Lees had effectively ring-fenced the Samsung conglomerate

Whatever plan Singer had to take over Samsung and its smartphobe maker Samsung Electronics would go down the drain

Samsung smartphones are the  No 1 smartphone brand in the world The bulk of the future digital cash transactions especially in Asia and Africa will be done by smart phones This alone could be a reason for SInger to try and capture Samsung

 Singer the shape shifting Jew now changed into the crusading shareholder savior

In the words of the “Observer” it became an  “unfortunate culture war between the traditional Korean business custom of powerful “chaebol”— family-led conglomerates—and a Western style fight for transparency and competitive bidding”

Never mind that Singer is an opaque crook who has been convicted of insider trading

The Korean press knew eaactly what was happening The website (Korean)  wrote “Jews are known to wield enormous power on Wall Street and in global financial circles … It is a well-known fact that the US government is swayed by Jewish capital.” “Jewish money” also was said to explain why the independent “referees” of these deals sided with Elliott, as well. After ISS opposed the terms of the deal, Mediapen   Kim wrote that “ISS will be supportive of Elliott’s claims because ISS, like Elliott, is founded upon Jewish money. Elliott’s CEO is Paul Singer, a Jew. ISS is an affiliate of MSCI, which is owned by Jewish major shareholders. … ISS’s opposition to the merger can be interpreted along the lines of Jewish alliance. Jewish money has long been known to be ruthless and merciless.”

Oy vei said the Jew media Its Annudah Shoa

Singer objected to the Samsung C&T Cheil merger on the ground that Cheil shares were being overvalued

The de facto head of the Lee family Lee Jae-yong sought the help of  the state owned  Korean National Pension Service (NPS)—which had owned 10% of C&T and actually acquired a bunch more after the merger was announced to vote in favour of the Samsung C&T Cheil merger

NPS did support the merger Samsung C&T and Cheil merged  the Lee’s hold on the holding company was strengthened and the Jews slash and burn bid on Samsung failed

Story over Not on your life

Singer and Elliot Management used their agents in South Korea and their captive media to attack the NPS vote

Lee, , was detained in February on charges that he bribed then-president Park Geun-hye to get NHS to accept the merger In August he was convicted of the same charge

This is how Reuters spun the same story

“Lee, the 49-year-old heir to one of the world’s biggest corporate empires, was detained in February on charges that he bribed then-president Park Geun-hye to help him secure control of the conglomerate that owns Samsung Electronics, the world’s leading smartphone and chip maker.”

A President was overthrown and leading businessman jailed All because a National Pension Service voted against Jewish interests


Lee has appealed and the appeal will probably come up by Jan 2018



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Charlottesville is a small town somewhere in Virginia If the Global Media is to be beleived 5000 -6000 groups of “White Nationalists” are about to capture the Republic of America and destroy all that is good and glorious about it  There are a bunch of brave liberals from the Antifa and Black Lives Matter movement fighting them bravely


All very Nobel and Historic and Grand

Except for the fact that both the the whole sordid affair is yet another Jewish Drama and the relatively small crowds OF BOTH GROUPS are just lead /instigated by Jewish Agent Provocateurs and probably CIA/FBI agents/assets

The man who organized the march is named Jason Kessler

The surname Kessler is or  Germanic and Jewish origin

Given the number of Jews in the Alt Right movement it wont be surprising if Jason Kessler is Jewish or part Jewish

The Alt Right (like Trump) are covertly Jewish controlled  while Jewish control over the Liberal Hollywood schmoozing movement is a bit less opaque

The foot soldiers on both sides are made up of borderline idiots and naive youth

If the so called White Nationalists still beleive in the Jewish crypto turd Trump they are either retarded or paid shills


Yet the media gives incessant coverage to it

Three persons are re[ported to have died two policemen in a helicopter crash and one woman #HeatherHeyer  was killed by a car deliberately driven into the crowds by a young man called James  Fields who has a mother named Samantha Lea Bloom who seems to be related to two persons with the surname Meyer making his mother a Jewess and him a Jew

Pretty careless of the media to release the details without sanitising it …..or maybe they are too arrogant to care

The  whole thing has a LOT of similarities to another “White Nationalist” (only they went under the Nationalist Socialist name then) which came to be known as the Skokie Affair

In 1977 Frank Collin,(a Jew with the birth name of Josph Cohen)  the leader of National Socialist Party of America(Nazi)  , announced the party’s intention to march through Skokie, Illinois. a predominantly Jewish community.

That itself should have alerted any authority to check out if Collins was an Agent Provocateur or not

The Jews went to court seeking a ban on the march Now heres where things get interesting

On behalf of the NSPA, the ACLU challenged the injunction

issued by the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois that prohibited marchers at the proposed Skokie rally from wearing Nazi uniforms or displaying swastikas. The ACLU was represented by civil rights attorney Burton Joseph. The challengers (Jew cintrolled) ACLU argued that the injunction violated the First Amendment rights of the marchers to express themselves.

Besides the Nazi Party of America Burton Joseph represented everyone including the porn industry Somehow he never got round to criticizing the criminalizing of any work which opposed the official  Holocaust narrative

On June 14, 1977, the Supreme Court ordered Illinois to hold a hearing on their ruling against the National Socialist Party of America, emphasizing that “if a State seeks to impose a restraint on First Amendment rights, it must provide strict procedural safeguards, including immediate appellate review… Absent such review, the State must instead allow a stay. The order of the Illinois Supreme Court constituted a denial of that right.”On remand, the Illinois Appellate Court eliminated the injunction against everything but the swastika. The Illinois Supreme Court heard the case again, focusing on the First Amendment implications of display of the swastika. Skokie attorneys argued that for Holocaust survivors, seeing the swastika was like being physically attacked.

The actual march itself was a pathetic dud with a few hundred men following Cohen in strutting about in Skokie

The Jews got their Victimhood Drama

Check out the Jews and other Minorities unite against Fascism placard

That may very well be the agenda in 2017 too

It was a big media event The Jews milked some victimhood

This time theres no overt Jewish link to the Charolettesville event 

The more discord and racisl animosity there is the lesses the likelihood of White (or Black) people thinking about the The Jewish Question

All very Goebbelian  and Talmudic



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The Russian (Jewish )mafia is closely associated with Chabad-Lubavitch, a Hasidic movement . Although the Chabad Lubavitcher movement is often listed as a part of Orthodox Judaism, it has often been condemned as heretical by traditional Jews.Rabbi Eliezer Schach, 103; Leader of Orthodox in Israel.

Natan Sharansky, the Chairman of the Jewish Agency said that Chabad Lubavitch was an essential connector to Soviet Jewry during the Cold War.Source  Shimon Peres has stated that it’s to Schneerson’s credit that “Judaism in the Soviet Union has been preserved.”Joseph Telushkin. Rebbe (Harper Collins, 2014), p. 566.

These Russian Chabad-Lubavitcher Jews composed a substantial portion of the country’s notorious “oligarchs.”

Close to 25% of the 200 richest people in Russia are Jewish, according to a report by Russian banking website The report found that  of the country’s 200 billionaires, 48 are Jews  and own a combined net worth of $132.9 billion. Among the 48 Jews who made the list, 42 are Ashkenazi and together have a net worth of $122.3 billion, even though they comprise only 0.11% of the population . The wealthiest Ashkenazi is Mikhail Fridman, who has a net worth is $17.6 billion and is Russa’s second richest man. The Ashkenazi billionaires include Viktor Vekselberg (net worth of $17.2 billion), Leonid Michelson (net worth of $15.6 billion), German Khan (net worth of $11.3 billion), Mikhail Prokhorov (net worth of $10.9 billion), and Roman Abramovich (net worth of $9.1 billion).Source

As James Henry indicated in The American Interest, “one of the most central facts about modern Russia: its emergence since the 1990s as a world-class kleptocracy, second only to China as a source of illicit capital and criminal loot, with more than $1.3 trillion of net offshore ‘flight wealth’ as of 2016.” For ordinary Russians, as noted, this was disastrous. But for many banks, private bankers, hedge funds, law firms, and accounting firms, for leading oil companies like ExxonMobil and BP, as well as for needy borrowers like the Trump Organization, the opportunity to feed on post-Soviet spoils was a godsend. This was vulture capitalism at its worst.[The Curious World of Donald Trump’s Private Russian Connections.


A 2012 article in the Jerusalem Post titled “At Putin’s side, an army of Jewish billionaires” mentioned three Russian-Jewish billionaire oligarchs in particular who are close to Putin: Mikhail Fridman, Moshe Kantor and Lev Leviev.Under Putin, the Hasidic Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FJCR) became increasingly influential within the Jewish community of Russia, partly due to the influence and support of businessmen close to Putin, notably Lev Leviev and Roman Abramovich. See No love lost.” and Cracked De Beers.

Leviev is an Uzbeki-born Israeli citizen and devout Chabad Lubavitcher. Known as the “King of Diamonds,” Leviev has come under scrutiny by the US government and international media for, among other things, both his partnership with a Chinese business group believed to have funded North Korea and his possible role in developing West Bank settlements Source Trump and His Advisors Are Connected to a Self-Professed Friend of Putin.”

Chris Hutchins, a biographer of Putin, describes the relationship between Putin and Abramovich as like that between a father and a favorite son. (Chabad Lubavitcher) Abramovich was the first person to originally recommend to Yeltsin that Putin be his successor.Richard Sakwa. The Crisis of Russian Democracy: The Dual State, Factionalism and the Medvedev Succession. (Cambridge University Press, 2011). p. 135.Abramovich is a chairman of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (which is allied with Putin’s administration), and donates money to the Chabad movement.M. Goldman. The Piratization of Russia: Russian Reform Goes Awry. (Routledge, 2003). p. 132.

According former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko, Russia’s intelligence and security services control the country’s organised crime network Putin Welcomes the Return of the Russian Mafia.

Organized Crime like the Oligarchs in Russia is heavily Jewish…Chabad Jewish

Shortly before his death, former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko claimed that Simeon Mogilevich,  allegedly had a “good relationship” with Vladimir Putin since the 1990s, and has contacts with al Qaeda to whom he sells weapons Listen: Alexander Litvinenko’s apparent warning before his death..In the year he was murdered, Litvinenko was investigating suspicions that Roman Abramovich was involved in money-laundering and illegal land purchases.Litvinenko investigating Abramovich money-laundering claims, court told.

Trumps biggest Chabad links are via his infamous son in law Jared Kushner

In 2015, Trump’s son-in-law and chief adviser Jared Kushner, who has strong ties with the Lubavitchers, purchased the former New York Times Building in Manhattan from Leviev. Kushner, who married to Trump’s daughter Ivanka after she converted to Judaism, had become what the Times described as Trump’s “de facto campaign manager.”Quiet Fixer in Donald Trump’s Campaign: His Son-in-Law, Jared Kushner.He was principal owner in his family’s real estate company Kushner Companies, and of Observer Media, publisher of the weekly, on-line New York Observer. The Kushner’s were friends with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who stayed at their home in New Jersey, sleeping in Jared’s bedroom.[77] Trump’s foundation has donated thousands of dollars to Chabad institutions, and Haaretz also reported that the foundation of Jared’s parents gave $342,500 to Chabad institutions and projects over a 10-year period.Report: Trump, Kushner foundations have donated thousands to Chabad.“Israel wasn’t a political discussion for him; it was his family, his life, his people,” said Hirschy Zarchi, rabbi at the Chabad House at Harvard, where Jared was a member For Kushner, Israel Policy May Be Shaped by the Personal.

Trump’s mentor Roy Cohn (Cohen), who was also a mob consigliere, introduced Trump to clients including “Fat Tony” Salerno, boss of the Genovese crime family, and Paul Castellano, head , the Gambinos.For more see Just What Were Donald Trump’s Ties to the Mob?” Politico (May 22, 2016).

In 1987 Donald Trump purchased his first casino interests when he acquired 93% of the shares in Resorts International, which evolved from a CIA money-laundering front company set up by CIA chief Allen Dulles in the 1950’s. Resorts International has a sordid history which began in the early 1950’s when it  evolved from a CIA and Mossad front company which had been established for the purpose of money laundering the profits from drug trafficking, gambling, and other illegal activities. On October 30, 1978, The Spotlight newspaper reported that the principle investors of Resorts International were Meyer Lansky, Tibor Rosenbaum, William Mellon Hitchcock, David Rockefeller, and one Baron Edmond de Rothschild.See How Rothschild Inc. Saved Donald Trump 2016).

Trump found himself in financial trouble when his three casinos in Atlantic City were under foreclosure threat from lenders, he was Bailed out by senior managing director of N.M. Rothschild & Sons, Wilber Ross, who Trump would later appoint to Secretary of Commerce Along with Carl Icahn, Ross convinced bondholders to strike a deal with Trump that allowed Trump to keep control of the casinos.What You Need To Know About Commerce Secretary Pick Wilbur Ross, Trump’s Billionaire Pal“.

Ross has had direct financial ties to several leading oligarchs from Russia and the Former Soviet Union. As of February 2017, Forbes magazine lists Ross as one of the world’s billionaires, with a net worth of $2.5 billion. Ross has been Vice Chairman and a major investor since 2014 in the Bank of Cyprus, the largest bank in Cyprus, one of the key offshore havens for illicit Russian finance. His fellow bank co-chair was appointed by Putin. Since the 1990s, Cyprus has served as one the top three offshore destinations for Russian and former Soviet Union flight capital, most of it motivated by tax dodging, kleptocracy, and money laundering.The Troubling Russian Connections Of Trump Nominee Wilbur Ross.

The Financial Times FT investigation showed that Trump joined forces with the Bayrock Group, a New York property developer founded by Tevfik Arif, newcomer to the US from the Soviet republic of Kazakhstan. Jewish philanthropist Alexander Mashevich’s “Eurasia Group” was a strategic partner for Bayrock. Mashevich, who holds both Kazakh and Israeli citizenship, served as president of the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress (EAJC)  one of the five regional branches of World Jewish Congress (WJC). ”[36]

As Bayrock’s COO and managing director, Tevfik Arif hired Felix Sater, the son of a reputed Jewish-Russian mobster. Sater’s Bayrock Group was based in Trump Tower. According to a certified US Supreme Court petition, Sater’s FBI handler stated that Sater’s father was a boss for the crime syndicate of Simeon Mogilevich.

Trump had reportedly personally sold five separate condos in Trump Tower to David Bogatin. David’s brother Jacob Bogatin was CEO of a fraudulent company YBM Magnex International, supposedly a world-class manufacturer of industrial magnets, was founded by the Mogilevich. And Vyacheslav Ivankov, another key Mogilevich lieutenant in the United States during the 1990s, also lived for a time at Trump Tower, and reportedly had the private telephone and fax numbers for the Trump Organization in his personal phone book.

On January 27, 2017, the Kushners invited Cohn, Department of the Treasury appointee Steve Mnuchin and several members of the President’s cabinet for a Shabbat meal, along with Rabbi Levi Shemtov, from the local Chabad-Lubavitch house, which is only a few blocks away from their home. Also attending were Department of Commerce pick Wilbur Ross and his wife Hilary Geary Ross, and Strategic Communications Director Hope HicksThe Kushners break bread with Team Trump: Jared and Ivanka welcome several members of the President’s cabinet for the first big Shabbat meal at their new DC home.”

Shemtov heads the Central Committee of Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbis. Shemtov serves the daily governmental and diplomatic needs of the international Chabad-Lubavitch movement, flying to Buenos Aires, Moscow and other capitals. Shemtov is often at the White House, Pentagon, United States Department of State and other venues in official Washington, and maintains close relationships with numerous members of the US Congress, senior Administration officials and leaders in the international community, including a number of heads of state and government Fishcoff Sue. The Rebbe’s Army. (New York: Knopf Doubleday, 2003), p. 185.

Source David Livingstone Donald Trump, Chabad-Lubavitch and the Oligarchs



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Catalonia’s ruling coalition has vowed to declare independence “immediately” if a majority of voters back it in an October referendum.Secessionists in the north-east region have long argued that it should break away from Spain. Catalonia is one of Spain’s richest regions, both culturally and industrially. It also boasts its own distinct languageCatalan – and centuries-old customs.

Until recently, there was little support for full independence – but Spain’s painful economic crunch has prompted an upswing. BBC

The Government of Catalonia]or Generalitat de Catalunya is the institution under which the autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain is politically organised. It consists of the Parliament of Catalonia, the President of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Government of Catalonia.

It was controlled in the 70s 80s 90’s till 2003  by Jordi Pujol

Here’s his Speech at the Knesset Jerusalem, October 28, 2003

I come from a family at first rather sympathetic with the Jews, but not especially interested. However, there was something that increased, by reaction, the pro-Jewish attitude, and was that the Franco regime was anti-Jewish. And oddly enough, he mixed Judaism with Catalanism. In times of great Francoist exaltation and xenophobia of Spain, we were accused of being the Jews of Spain But as I said, I did not come into contact with Judaism alone. Also, and in a certain sense above all with Zionism. And not in a superficial way. At only 17-18 years old I read Herzl’s “Der Judenstaat” and a very comprehensive book by Chaïm Weizmann, which tells the whole Zionist struggle…………

His successor was Artur Mas He believes that  Israel is a strategic country for Catalonia and we want to continue strengthening our cooperation”

The President of President of the Generalitat of Catalonia is Carles Piugdemont



Carles Puigdemont, left, president of the autonomous region of Catalonia and former mayor of Girona, thanks Jewish Russian Billionaire Shimon Aminov, center. Looking on, from left, are: vice chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky; Rabbi Berel Lazar of Russia and Rabbi Dovid Liebersohn of Barcelona.

His Media advisor a guy called Aleix Clarió tweets saying that 32 percent of Spanish exports are to Israel and 79% of Israeli investment is to Catalonia

The Catalonian Jews seem ready to jump the Spanish ship and join the Catalonian independence crowd Five Catalan cities have decided to leave Spain’s network of Jewish quarters, an organisation dedicated to preserving and promoting medieval urban Jewish neighbourhoods.Marta Madrenas, the mayor of Girona, which is one of the cities leaving the network, told the New York Times that she and her allies would create a new network because “we think we can do better in terms of showcasing our Jewish patrimony.” Source European Jewish Council website

The official Catalonian Govt website says QUOTE From the Catalan Government Trade & Investment office in Tel-Aviv, you get tailormade information and full support for a smooth, fast and successful set-up of operations in Catalonia from start to finish. We also offer personalised assistance to Catalan companies wishing to open in Israeli markets and find new global business opportunities.ENDQUOTE  Source

The joker in the pack is a 59 year old named Alfons Lopez Tena

In 2012 Catalan leader predicts independence in about two years, and close friendship with Israel 

In 2015 he had completely changed his mind Catalonia’s independence quest ‘wishful thinking’,


“Israel sought independence, and gained it. It revived its language and has for 65 years dealt with the hostility of the nations surrounding it. That explains our support of Israel and the Jewish people. On a personal level, I define myself as being pro-Israel and pro-Zionist.  These are views I inherited, in my family.I well remember the concern that filled our house at the time of the Six Day War. I was a boy at the time, 10 years old, and we all prayed for Israel’s survival.”

Sounds crypto enough to me or as the Spanish put it a Marrano

Marrano Tena has in the same article by Haretz been described as one of the main leaders of the separatist movement when in truth his party has just 4 out of 135 seats in the Catalan Assembly

For some wierd reason crypto Tena has taken to criticizing Modi on twitter and repeatedly mentioning he fought Franco Maybe his PR people told him thats the easiest way to increase his “international image” Four seat backed Tena could suddenly be projected as the great Catalonian Anti Facist Freedom Fighter

We all know how the Jewish Media can make or break someone’s “image” these days

Come October after the probably Yes vote expect a surge of Rohingya like sympathy for the Catalan nation

Breaking Spain up Sweet revenge for the Alhambra Decree ???




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Henry Alfred  Kissinger (birth name Heinz Alfred Kissinger) was born in Kissinger was born Heinz Alfred Kissinger in  Fürth, Bavaria, Germany, in 1923 during the Weimar Republic, to a family of German Jews. The surname Kissinger was adopted in 1817 by his great-great-grandfather Meyer Löb, after the Bavarian spa town of Bad Kissingen. .

In 1938, fleeing Nazi persecution, his family moved to London, England, before arriving in New York on September 5.

Kissinger spent his high school years in the Washington Heights section of Upper Manhattan as part of the German Jewish immigrant community that resided there at the time. Following his first year at George Washington High School, he began attending school at night and worked in a shaving brush factory during the day.

Following high school, Kissinger enrolled in the City College of New York, studying accounting. His studies were interrupted in early 1943, when he was drafted into the U.S. Army at age 20.

Remember Kissinger was born and brought up in Germany for 15 of his 20 years . Japanese who had been born and brought up in the US were interned or arrested Strangely no one seemed to doubt the loyalty or allegiance of the former German Jew

This is where Heinz Loeb meets his  Jewish fairy Godfather Fritz G  A  Kraemer and becomes Henry Kissinger

Kraemer’s induction into the Pentagon was facilitated by General Alexander Bolling

Kraemer was born in Essen, Germany, the eldest child of Jewish parents Georg Kraemer  and Anna Johanna (Jennie) Kraemer, née Goldschmidt and studied at the London School of Economics[1] before earning a doctorate in law at the University of Frankfurt in 1931 and a doctorate in Political Science at the University of Rome in 1934. During most of the 1930s he was Senior Legal Advisor to the League of Nations at the League’s Legal Institute in Rome. In 1933, he married his wife, Britta Bjorkander, a Swedish citizen. In 1939 Kraemer left his wife and son in Germany and fled to America He was  drafted  in 1943 in the 84th Division

Why the Army would draft a 40 plus lawyer is not really explained by the Telegraph in its credulity stretching obituary After fighting in the Battle of the Bulge, Kraemer was captured Germans. He nonetheless persuaded the German commanding officer that an Allied victory was inevitable and the town duly surrendered. For this, he won a Bronze Star and a battlefield commission. Same Telegraph Obituary

The Guardian came up with an even nuttier explanation as to how lawyer Kraemer became military expert Kraemer Remember Kraemers two PHDs were in Law and Political Science not Military Strategy or even International Diplomacy

Unless we beleive in fairy tales cooked up by the Telegraph or the Guardian its clear that INTERNATIONAL JEWRY HAD WORKED HAD TO PLANT ITS AGENT KREAMER IN THE PENTAGON 


After the war Kraemer “retired” from the military and from  1951 until his retirement in 1978 , he worked in the  Pentagon as a senior civilian counselor to defense secretaries and top military commanders.

From 1951 until his retirement in 1978, he worked in the Pentagon as a senior civilian counselor to defense secretaries and top military commanders. His son, Sven, a Pentagon official, said that Mr. Kraemer’s title often changed but that he occupied the same map-covered office Source New York Times

Besides Kissinger, his some of his better known proteges included General Alexander Haig, General Creighton Abrams, Lieutenant General Vernon Walters, the polyglot intelligence expert, and Major General Edward Lansdale.Incidentally Landsdale was rumored to be involved in Kennedy assassination

Kissinger served with the 84th infantry division in France and Germany and then when his  division reached Germany he was moved to the G2 section of the intelligence section. He worked in the intelligence section – G2 section – for about a year.

Maybe Kissinger’s contempt for military men arose from his interactions with his “fellow soldiers” at this time


Given that Bernad Baruch died in 1965 and was an influential “Presidential Advisor” till his death its very probable that the Kraemer selected Kissinger was being pushed up by Bernard Baruch and Bernard Baruchs sponsors and higherups

Henry Kissinger received his AB degree summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa in political science from Harvard College in 1950, where he lived in Adams House and studied under William Yandell Elliott.[25] He received his MA and PhD degrees at Harvard University in 1951 and 1954, respectively

To recap this was the 1950s and Jewish control over Harvard was still tenous at best It was  practically impossible for a poor German Jew with an accounting degree to get into Harvard  without major Big Jew influence Henry Kissinger had been hot listed for a “Presidential Advisory” role and he now had the entire financal political and media might of Global Jewry behind him

In 1952, while still a graduate student at Harvard, he served as a consultant to the director of the Psychological Strategy Board. which was renamed the Operations Coordinating Board  created in 1953 by President Eisenhower’s Executive Order 10483. The board, which reported to the National Security Council was responsible for integrating the implementation of national security policies across several agencies. The Operations Coordinating Board was abolished by President Kennedy on February 19, 1961.

Kissinger remained at Harvard as a member of the faculty in the Department of Government and, with Robert R. Bowie, co-founded the  Center for International Affairs in 1958 where he served as associate director. In 1955, he was a consultant to the National Security Council’s Operations Coordinating Board. During 1955 and 1956, he was also study director in nuclear weapons and foreign policy at the Council on Foreign Relations . From 1956 to 1958 he worked for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund as director of its Special Studies Project.

Outside of academia, he served as a consultant to several government agencies and think tanks, including the  Operations Research Office, the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, Department of State, and the RAND Corporation.

Kissinger became foreign policy advisor to the presidential campaigns of Nelson Rockefeller, supporting his bids for the Republican nomination in 1960, 1964, and 1968. After Richard Nixon won the presidency in 1968, he made Kissinger National Security Advisor.

Kissinger served as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State under Nixon , and continued as Secretary of State under Nixon’s successor Gerald Ford. On Nixon’s last full day in office, he advised Ford that he felt it was very important that he keep Kissinger in his new administration, to which Ford agreed.

According to notes taken by H. R. Haldeman, Nixon “ordered his aides to exclude all Jewish-Americans from policy-making on Israel” Documents show that Kissinger delayed telling President Richard Nixon about the start of the Yom Kippur War in 1973 to keep him from interfering.

Under Kissinger‘s guidance, the United States government supported Pakistan in the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. Henry Kissinger had also come under fire for private comments he made to Nixon during the Bangladesh–Pakistan War in which he described Prime Minister Indira Gandhi as a “bitch” and a “witch”. He also said “The Indians are bastards”, shortly before the war.

He’s been “advising Presidents” since

Kissinger left office when Democrat Jimmy Carter defeated Republican Gerald Ford in the 1976 presidential elections. Kissinger continued to participate in policy groups, such as the Trilateral Commission, and to maintain political consulting, speaking, and writing engagements.

In 1982, with the help of a loan from the international banking firm of E.M. Warburg, Pincus and Company, Kissinger founded a consulting firm, Kissinger Associates,

In 2006, it was reported in the book State of Denial by Bob Woodward that Kissinger met regularly with President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney to offer advice on the Iraq War In February 2000, then-president of Indonesia Abdurrahman Wahid appointed Kissinger as a political advisor.

Kissinger Associates is linked with APCO International which has close ties to Israeli spy agency Shin Beth It also has ties to Hakluyt & Company, which has ties to British spy agency MI6  It also has ties with The Blackstone Group,]an investment and advisory firm which has 311 billion dollars Assets under management and Covington & Burling, the international law firm, founded i 1913 with offices worldwide

Like Baruch and Kraemer Kissinger has pushed out many Jewish Proteges of his own

One day one of these will become an eminent “Presidential Advisor” to multiple Presidents


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